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Waking Early

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Female Ejaculation

I’m sleepy, rousing from a warm delicious slumber. It’s still not light but there’s bird song so it’s after sunrise. It’s warm in our room and I’ve pushed the sheet off me in the night. I hate the heat; it makes me tired and grumpy. The quiet hum of the oscillating fan at the end of our bed is reassuring and then it hits me, the cool breeze blowing gently over my legs and back. It feels so good and then it’s gone again. I wait for it to come back and then…oh yes…cool serene bliss. I try to find sleep again, not sure why I’ve woken. I snuggle further into the bed trying to find a cooler part of the sheet. I’m lying on my belly, my head turned to the outside of the bed, my left leg bent, my arms under my pillow.

Then I feel the light touch of your fingertips stroking the backs of my legs. Aha! This is why I’m awake. It’s you! Your desire for sex or for me, either way I don’t care, has roused you early. I’m a night owl who lays next to you at midnight, watching you sleep, wishing you’d wake to play with me. You’re an early bird who lies awake watching me sleep wishing I’d play with you. I love that you’ve made the first move.

I don’t stir or change my soft sleepy breathing. I don’t want you to know I can feel you just yet. Your fingertips trace the outline of my butt cheeks, stroking at the crease between the tops of my thighs and my ass. You stroke from the outside of my hip to the dip between my thighs where my pussy lips are and back again. It’s all I can do to hold back the sigh that threatens to escape when your fingers brush over the outer edges of my pussy. I’m wearing a pair of lace panties that sit high across my hips so my cheeks hang out. They are so sexy to wear that they’ve become my favourite pair. Goose bumps trail where you’ve been and I wonder if you think I should be awake yet or do you know I’m feigning sleep.

You lean over me and I feel your warm breath on my ass and then you tongue is on me lightly flicking over my cheeks. You kiss me too, sweet little kisses across my tender skin. I can feel the walls of my pussy warming and moistening. I hear you growling under your breath, as you smell the aroma of my sex, which is slowly lubricating me from the inside.

You slip your finger under the edge of the lace and trace it’s path down between my legs where you find my pussy lips swollen and sweet. I can’t take it any more and I groan lightly and spread my legs apart a little. I hear your breath quicken.

“Good morning.”

I respond with a sleepy murmur and slide my leg out a little further. You’re excited now and sit up to pull the tight lace over my hips and down past my knees. Then you lay down again, half on me and pull my ass cheeks apart, your fingers digging into the fleshy mounds of my ass, your thumbs on either side of my pussy. You slip your tongue into the furthest part of my pussy, wetting the folds, moistening me from the outside so you can get to my sweetness. Your tongue flicks over my tight perineum and I cry out, not loudly, just enough for you to know that you’re in the right spot.

You flick your tongue up and down, from my pussy to my ass, every now and then it slides a little further to my ass hole and I’m twitching like mobilbahis güvenilir mi crazy as you do. Then you press yourself between my legs and attempt to reach my clit with your clever tongue, I lift my hips for you, pressing my aching nipples into the mattress and before I can blink you’ve found it. It’s heaven what you’re doing to me. Up and down my slit, probing inside my pussy.

“God you taste so good,” you mumble.

I wriggle a little to let you know that it’s working for me. You chuckle.

“How’s this then?”

You slide your middle finger inside my wet canal and I squeeze against you in response to your intrusion. You grunt as I massage you with my muscles. I think you’re remembering how it felt when I did that to your cock yesterday. Your index finger has settled into my ass crack and with every thrust into my pussy you slide up against my puckered hole. I can feel the edges of my climax but know that I’m going to need your expert mouth on my clit too.

“Let me roll over,” I whisper huskily.

You thrust faster into me in response to my request. You obviously don’t want to stop. The wet juices from inside of me are lubricating your finger and making the most delicious slurping noises. The outside of my pussy lips are wet too as your thrusting spreads my sweet musk over me. Every now and then your tongue licks at my pussy. I’m trembling. And then you abruptly pull out of me and I’m remorseful that you did as I asked. I flip over onto my back and scoot down the bed to where you are, spreading myself wide, pulling back on my knees so my pussy is in your face and you can see my ass hole too.

You grin up at me from between my legs.

“A bit slutty aren’t we?”

I giggle and reach down to spread my lips apart, showing you my clit and hole. Your gaze is fixed on my dark pink folds. I can see your pulse in the vein in your neck. It’s fast.

“Go on then big boy. Make me cum!”

You grin and shake your head, crawling between my legs, bypassing my wet pussy and hard clit. You tower over me; hands on either side of my arms as you lower your face to mine, kissing me softly, insistently, with your pussy sweet tongue. I hungrily suck my aroma off you. You pull away and you have the deepest look of desire and love in your eyes. It makes my want to weep and hold you to me and then the moment is gone.

You dip your head to my creamy full round breasts taking one of my soft brown nipples into your mouth. Your passion for my tits reminds me of how much you love them. You love everything about them. The way I can go without a bra and you can’t tell until my nipples harden. The way they have a natural roundness and natural feel. You’re pleased I love my breasts too and don’t want to change them. I’m nervous they’ll not hold up over time but at 45 years old they’re still very good. I love the feel of them myself and I can feel your jealous gaze on me when I’m kneading them and pulling on my nipples.

I gasp as you bite down on my nipple, sucking on it harder and harder. The pain is at once awful and then so fucking good. I can feel my pussy twitching as bolts of pain go directly to the core of me. It’s so good I can’t mobilbahis help but cry out.

“Oh yes, oh God yes. Fuck … ah ah ah.” I pant.

You pull up and kiss my open mouth and I’m at once submissive. The pain I need. I love it. Not every time but most times. Sometimes my nipples are so sensitive you can’t touch them without my pussy moistening but mostly they need a hard pull, a twist, and a squeeze. I can feel warm juices leaking out of my pussy. Not floods of juice, who does that anyway? But leaking down the crack of my ass. It feels good.

You kiss and lick your way down my belly and I again pull my knees up, splaying them wide for you, my fingers holding my pussy lips apart. I want your mouth on my clit, your tongue inside me. Without me having to ask, you do it. You suck on my hard sensitive clit and again thrust a finger into my pussy. I push my head back into the pillows arching my back, pushing myself onto your face. You’re an amazingly generous lover, always wanting me to be pleasured. You say it brings you as much excitement too but I can’t imagine for a minute that it does. You blow my mind. Sometimes you bring to orgasm and the strength of it has me in tears.

You slip another finger inside me and are now stroking the walls of my cunt, probing and twisting, thrusting and fucking me over and over. The edges of my orgasm are now upon me and I can feel my legs tense, my ass clench, my breathing becoming more rapid. I’m crying out now, keeping my voice hushed, focussing on my body’s internal cries of pleasure. You look up at me with your dark brown eyes and I reach for my nipples, clamping them hard, twisting them how I like it, crushing my breasts together. And then I’m there, falling into the abyss that’s just fireworks inside my head, my hard nipples screaming out in sweet desperate agony, my dripping clenching pussy pressing against your fingers.

You place little kisses on my thighs and belly, sweet gentle kisses that belie the ferocity of bringing me to climax.

“Turn over.” You demand.

I whisper, “Are you sure? You don’t want me to go down on you?”

You shake your head and move as I roll over onto my tummy. You help me up onto my knees, my legs are shaking, and my wet thrashed pussy is in your face. You stroke you hands over my round ass, up and down the backs of my thighs pressing my legs apart.

“I want to cum inside you,” you growl.

It sounds like you’re struggling to keep from cumming. You’ve cum before while enjoying my pussy. It amazes me that my pleasure can do that to you. I think it’s because we have a deeper connection that’s grown over the years of our marriage.

I lean down onto my elbows, my ass up high, and my pussy tight. I can feel you gripping your hard cock in your hands and feel the velvety soft head at my entrance. You rub yourself up and down my wet slippery cleft. I can smell your salty pre-cum mixing in with my juice. I wiggle my ass ever so slightly and your cock head slips in between my lips but you’re still not in me yet. You grab hold of my round full hips, your fingers digging into my creamy flesh.

I learned very early on, in my teens that I’ll never tan. I’ve never been mobilbahis giriş able to. I just go very pink or burnt and then back to creamy white again. It does mean I don’t have the aged lined appearance of women my age. There’s no discolouration on my face, no sagging skin around my neck, no leathery looking skin on me at all. I look a lot younger than I am. All those years of me worrying about how I looked so white and pale and sickly has now paid off for me. You love my soft creamy skin and pleasing you is all that matters.

I sink back against you as you pull me hard up to your hips. Your cock slides into my slickness, all the way to the top of my pussy. I can feel you in me, thickening. You shudder and your grip on my ass and hips is tighter, almost painful. I slow my breathing and wait, not moving. I can hear you groaning as you hold yourself back from cumming.

“Fuck me. You feel so fucking good.”

I smile and still I wait. I’ve had my fun. This is about you. Whatever you want, whatever you need. It’s yours.

You pull yourself back out of me. I can feel you looking at your cock coming out of my pussy. Your hard length is wet and slick with my warm juices and then you groan and thrust back into me, your balls slapping against the lips of my pussy, brushing, every now and then on the tip of my clit. I push back with my hips, matching your passion and your thrusts. You don’t need it though and soon my movement’s throw you off beat so I stop and passively let you pull me onto you.

I can feel another orgasm coming from deep in my belly. I don’t often cum from you fucking me. I sometimes rub my clit or use the vibrator we bought together to bring me to climax. But every now and then I can cum just from you fucking me. This morning is going to be one of those days. My brain is now mush with sensations that are stronger than it’s will power.

I can feel you near my ass hole, can feel the curly hairs on your belly brushing over my sensitive crack. You thrust harder and faster into me and I can tell you’re near to cumming. It feels like your cock is getting bigger inside me. Is this possible? I can feel this only when you fuck me from behind, when my ass is up in the air, my breasts pressed into the mattress.

My ass and thighs are slapping against your thighs now and you are quietly calling out, yes, yes, oh God yes. And then you’re there, Nirvana! Your cock is spurting inside me and you’re shuddering with the force of your ejaculation, your hips pressed up hard against me. You’ve spread my ass cheeks apart with your grip and your belly is rubbing up against my hole. You’re making me cum and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Why would I? I cum again but not so quietly this time as I’m panting and crying out in unexpected delight as my pussy crushes against your softening cock. You growl in agony as it squeezes your sensitive length and you slip yourself from me.

Cum is dripping down my cleft wetting my slit, my clit and the trimmed hair at the top of my pussy. You’re sitting back on your knees, your wet slippery cock hanging between your legs. You reach up and stroke our combined passion into my folds, stroking and stroking me, making my climax last longer until I push your hand away. No longer able to stand being touched.

We both lay down together, sweating and puffing on the bed as the fan comes around again to blow cool air over our weakened hot bodies.

You take up my hand and kiss it.

“Same time tomorrow?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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