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Warm Summer Night

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All participants were over 18. True story, but names and locations have been changed.

My wife had always been a drinker. I didn’t mind much as she was pretty willing to flash a bit of skin when she had a few too many. As exciting as that was, it was usually just among friends. Mooning people occasionally or removing her shirt as she was leaving a room to go get a different top. The infrequent strip poker game with the same people each time. Over time it would occur more often, for longer times, or in front of others that weren’t in our safe circle. After a few years it had become my personal game to see how far she would go each time.

We had decided to relocate to the southeast. My wife’s brother had talked her into moving near him after not seeing each other for a decade. We didn’t know anyone else in the area and for a short while were living with her brother and his family.

Shortly we had our own crowd as the wife was somewhat of a social butterfly, and were back to normal. She getting drunk and not noticing when her top was so loose you could see a tit everytime she bent down, or thinking no one noticed if she came out of the shower in a too small towel and walked through the room with myself and a work friend or two hanging out.

She frequently didn’t wear a shirt at home, especially in the evening. One night she was just lounging on the couch watching tv in just a thong. The windows and front door wide open to help cool the house down. From my position I could see the entire living room but she was facing away from the door. I noticed one of the neighbor boys walking up to the door. As he approached I gave him a signal to be quiet. When he got in the doorway his eyes popped out of his head. He just stood there in the door watching her watch tv. After about 10 minutes she got up to get herself another drink. When she turned and saw him there she screamed out and started bitching at me for letting him see her like that. She left the room and came back with a t shirt on. He hung around for a bit talking to me about this and that but kept looking in her direction.

She asked “How long have you been in the door?”

When he told her about 10 minutes, she said “I guess you saw enough already then” and took the shirt back off, but this time instead of laying down on the couch she walked around in just the thong acting like she was wearing a full on snow suit.

She did tell him “I dont mind you seeing me like this but from now on you better at least knock on the door so I know you’re here.”

“Oh yeah, and don’t be bringing any of your high school buddies over looking for a free show.”

One day she calls me at work and says that she and her brother were going to drive over to Alabama to pick up her nephew. She hadn’t seen him since he was a boy, and her brother hadn’t had the chance to see him for a couple years. I worked 24 hour shifts and told them after I got out of work I would go with them. I ended up working an extra 8hrs to cover someone so we didn’t leave until mid day. meaning we would be on the road all night and get back just before I had to return to work.

We made the uneventful trip and I slept in the back of the van while she and her brother drove through the night. We got back Kıbrıs Escort just in time for me to go to my shift. When I returned the next morning it was my weekend so we did the family things. They got caught up and were drinking all day. By nightfall she was feeling quite buzzed. I could tell because although she was wearing a mini skirt she kept sitting side saddle on the picnic table bench clearly showing her panties. She had done this on several occasions but never in front of family members. it was at this point the wife, her brother, his son, and myself. Our kids had gone to bed and his wife had gone home.

Nephew and brother had taken positions that allowed them quite the view. To this day I don’t know if she was truly teasing them or completely oblivious that her own brother and his son would be interested in looking up her skirt. Either way my favorite game was starting.

We moved to the backyard deck and continued drinking and having a good time. I said “I’m going in the pool” and pulled my shirt off.

The wife says “That’s a good idea, why don’t you boys go next door and get changed while we get our suits on.”

I said “That’s bullshit. Its dark, no one can see back here, the kids are asleep, I’m just going in.” I dropped my clothes on the deck and climbed down the ladder. The only light on the deck was the one coming through the window from the kitchen so it was truly dark out there.

Nephew and brother hesitated for a minute, but basically said fuck it and joined me.

At this point I guessed they were just a little freaky also.

Wife sheepishly took off her clothes covering herself with her hands and told us all to turn around while she climbed down the ladder as she would have to take her hands off her tits and pussy. we all turned sideways but as soon as she got to the ladder turned right back again.

She was freaked out that we were watching but believed that the dark was enough to keep her brother and nephew from seeing anything.

Her brother took up position by the ladder while the rest of us moved around to the other side. It was later that I realized the ladder was on the deck side so the light from the kitchen was shining on the other side of the pool.

She kept her tits under the water for the most part but they would peek up when she walked around. She told us she needed to use the bathroom and would be right back. When she got out I followed her telling the others I was getting more beers for us.

When she came out of the bathroom I told her “You should show your nephew some attention, hugs, kisses etc.”

She looked at me like I was nuts. “You want me to hug my nephew while we are skinnydipping?”

I told her “He has been staring at you all day and deserves a little treat.”

As she walked out onto the deck I flipped on the lights to the deck. She was there in all her glory in front of them both now. She looked at me through the door with daggers coming out of her eyes but kept going to the ladder as they had seen all of her now there was no reason for modesty. She went back in and went up to her nephew.

She was standing, he was squatting in the water so her tits were right at face level. She reached out and pulled Lefkoşa Escort him in for a hug that brought his face right into her tit. Sh kept him there telling him how much she had missed him etc. After a while she had some excuse to go back in the house and motioned me to follow her.

Inside she told me “hes got a hard on out there”.

I said “Well no shit, you keep putting his face in your tits. Go a head and tease him if you want, it will give him something to jerk off to tonight.”

She said “Since you mention it, my brothers hands haven’t been out of the water since the lights came on.”

“I think he has been stroking himself.”

So I said “Show yourself a little more and see what he does.”

We went back in and she goes back to the nephew, this time standing next to him so that her pussy is right next to him. They are talking and having fun when she turns around facing him and lowers herself in the water. basically sitting on his lap facing him. They continue talking but I notice I cant see her right hand anymore. It is no longer on his shoulder steadying herself, it is in the water between them.

Later we decide the water is too cold to stay in, so we all get out at the same time, All three men have hard ons.

She says “My, my what have we here?” She wraps up in a towel and goes inside.

Her brother says “I’m beat, think I’ll head to the house.”

We both know he is going home to jerk off after watching his sister naked all night.

We invite the nephew to hang out for a while longer and finish off the beers. We all get dressed as the brother leaves, but I know it wont last long.

I ask “Does anyone want to play cards or something?”

Wife says “By now we have all seen each other so lets play strip poker.”

Game goes as normal until she loses everything and is there naked in front of me and her nephew. She loses the next game and says “I have nothing to lose.”

I told her “That was her freebie, but from now on anyone without clothes has to do whatever the winner tells them.”

Our nephew and I both lose one but then she loses again. Nephew is the winner but hesitates on his dare to her.

Finally he dares her “Walk out to the roadway and circle the mailbox before returning to the house.”

Bad timing for her but extremely satisfying to me was that as she approached the mailbox, the high school boy from down the street happened to be driving by. He stopped and talked to her for a moment but instead of running back she stayed and exchanged pleasantries.

She came back in and play resumed.

Nephew lost and it was her time to dare him. She told him: I dare you to look right at me while you stroke your dick.”

He looked at me for guidance.

I said “It’s him it was her dare and if you refuse, you lose.”

He looked right at her pussy and started to jerk off for her.

She stopped him after a minute to keep him from dying from embarrassment.

We went to the kitchen for beers, she asks me “Are we really doing this, or should we stop now?”

I told her it was up to her and I was good either way. My personal game had already been won, this was just icing on the cake.

She said: “Okay then, Magosa Escort this game just went down and dirty, you may have to convince him its ok though.”

I told her “Lose the next hand with the possibly worst hand she could put together and hopefully I win.”

Win I did. The look on his face when I dared her to suck his cock was hilarious.

He says “Are you shitting me?

I said “Nope, this is the down and dirty version, and anything that happens tonight stays here.”

He took a seat on the couch and she moved between his legs. I watched my wife take her nephews cock into her mouth and slide it in and out for several minutes.

She could tell he was getting close so she stopped and told him “Save it for later.”

He lost next and when I told him to “Lick her pussy until we tell you to stop.” he didn’t hesitate for a second. We left him there for quite a while with no complaints from him as we made out.

This went back and forth for a while until I decided to up the ante and when she lost I told her it was time for her to fuck him cowgirl style.

She had been having fun but now it got real. She looked at me, “Are you sure?”

I told her “We have been having fun all night, we know your own brother was jerking off in the pool to her and she would be the loser if she declined.

Her nephew almost choked on his beer when he heard me say his father had been jerking off in the pool.

“Why didn’t you say something?”

I told him “If he hadn’t left he may have been invited to play the game with us, but he wanted to go home and jerk it apparently.”

My wife was shocked that I might have included her brother but I reminded her he was so drunk when he went home he probably would have thought it was a dream when he woke up, but yes I would have let him play. We might have stopped before it got to this level, but maybe we would’ve kept going.

She climbed on her nephew and started to fuck him. He was in heaven. She was going to town on his cock bouncing up and down, leaning in for a kiss now and then.

I stood next to her and she took my cock in her mouth. As she was sucking me I looked up and saw the neighbor boy walking up towards the door. We hadn’t closed it as usual since the house was set back from the road but it was about 1 am at this point.

I told her “I think someone is coming up the walkway.” but she was to into getting fucked and giving head to care. A moment later he was at the door and about to knock as she had told him before when he saw what was happening.

He just stood there so I told him “You either need to leave or join in, no spectators allowed.”

He dropped his clothes and walked up to my wife.

She turned her head and said “I thought you might stop by when you saw me in the street earlier.”

She sucked him rapidly until he shot allover her tits. He apologized and gathered his clothes to leave.

We told him there was no need to apologize and come by another time.

Our nephew and I flipped her over and over each taking turns in her mouth and pussy until the wee hours. Each of us cumming many times.

The next day she and her brother brought the nephew back home, A short time later he moved west and we never saw him again.

The neighbor stopped by on many occasions but never got more than the occasional view of her tits.

Her brother never found out what he missed but was quite obvious in his stares when her clothes weren’t behaving. All in all it was a great time and a frequently visited memory.

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