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We Didn’t Know

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First of all, big thanks to dj for editing and being the final review, we appreciate you!

Also thank you to all the people in Darths discord for helping us get this started as well as being genuinely nice people. Hopefully you enjoy our story!

Friday evening


“Wow you actually did it.”

Nick turned around to see Anna, his best friend since the 4th grade, with a surprised look on his face.

“Was there ever any doubt?” Nick grinned as he looked at the school formal returning to its glory. The awkward silence that fell over the gymnasium as the school’s sound system failed was lifted. Groups reforming, students resumed their partying paying no attention to the person who saved their night from being cut short.

“Okay you don’t have to be so full of yourself” Anna said playfully slugging Nick on his arm confident in knowing if something needed fixed Nick was crazy enough to try.

“Come on let’s go back!”

Dragging Nick through the crowds he couldn’t help but watch her. Anna has been his best friend for so long he never really stopped to think about how beautiful she was.

Her 6ft lithe body bounced with barely contained energy as she weaved through the crowd to their friends. Her dainty feet hidden by short black heels leading up to those beautifully tanned legs. Those legs melted into a gorgeous ass that bounced and rippled in her tight red dress. She looked back at him, those bright blue eyes glinting with such joy and her smile. That smile that made his world stop. Those smiling ruby red lips, glinting in the low light. So inviting… such kissable….

Stop!”…… “that’s your best friend, you can’t be thinking shit like that”

Nick letting his conscience get the better of him he broke is examination of her and continued to where “their” group of friends were standing. Truthfully, they were all Anna’s friends, but they were pretty much the only people Nick talked to on a regular basis.


There was nothing like watching Nick work. The schools sound system died and less than a minute later Nick was already walking back in from his truck with an arm full of wire and a weird looking box and he quickly started to tear out equipment.

“God he’s so good at that, always fixing something.”

She chuckled quietly to herself watching him work, pulling out his laptop and messing with some weird program, “How does he understand that?”, while adding in the weird box he brought in and just like that, almost as quickly as the party died it was back up and going.

“Wow you actually did it!”

After they both laughed about his confidence in being able to get the music back, she led him through the crowds back to their friends, stealing a glance back at him she couldn’t help but let her gaze linger, looking at Nick most people may not see much but that’s because he was always so casually dressed in a baggy black tee with some metal band on it and jeans. But she knew when the rare occasion he dressed up he was really cute.


But still she looked at him and she couldn’t help but smile, looking at the hand she was holding, and the long muscular arm attached to it. Nick’s not the kind of guy to go to the gym, he’s too nervous and insecure on the inside. Instead, when he turned 15, he started at his uncle’s construction company and quickly started to change. The once tall, skinny kid she knew was gone. 6’2″ now with strongly defined muscles he was actually pretty hot and could give most of the guys she knew a run for their money.

“If only he’d stop wearing so many loose shirts damnit!”

Surprised at her thoughts she quickly turned away continuing their walk until they found their friends.

“Let me guess Nick went all MacGyver and got the party started again?”

They both turned to the source of the question to see Kelly staring at them both with a smile

“He sure did!”

“Of course, he did.” Kelly said swapping her drink to her other hand and wrapping her arm through his. “Nick why don’t you just have fun for a night and let someone else do the work?”

“Oh, it wasn’t too bad, I don’t mind!” He said taking his arm free from her and rubbing the back of his head.

“He always does this when he’s nervous.” Never taking her eyes of him, Anna couldn’t help but think about how he looked when he did that. That silly, eyes closed, grin with his hand on the back of his head “Why does he have to be so cute?”

Realizing she was blushing Anna tried to look away and focus on something else before anyone noticed, but it was too late, Kelly was looking at her with a mischievous smile. “Shit.” Anna knew she would never hear the end of it. Anna changed the subject before Kelly could start teasing and tormenting her.

“Nick, your Girne Escort cousin’s throwing a party tonight, right? Think you can take us?”

“Uh sure I can drop you guys off” he said looking around at the group. The other two girls standing quickly backed out saying they had work early in the morning. Kelly turned to Nick replacing her arm in his. “Well looks like you are going to have to stay at the party now, you can’t leave us there by ourselves.” Giving Anna a wink, Kelly had that dangerous smile she gets when she’s plotting something. As much as Nick hates parties, he agreed he couldn’t leave just the two of them there.

“Okay I guess I can take you guys.”

Both girls danced with excitement, especially Anna. After a little over an hour of dancing the formal started to empty until there were only a handful of people left in the gym. “You girls ready to go?” Nick said already looking like he was dreading the rest of the night. It’s not that he hates parties, rather the people at the parties. There’s always a few fights and broken hearts after everyone and the parties his cousin Jack throws were prime examples.

“Yes!” both girls answered in unison.

Chuckling Nick retrieved his laptop and his amp from the equipment rack, silencing the music once again. “We can just take my truck and I’ll take you girls home after.” Nick looked around but didn’t see Anna or Kelly anywhere. Shaking his head, he quickly figured out they didn’t wait for him to offer to drive as they were already in his truck laughing about something.

“Come on I saw the way you looked at him, why don’t you guys just date already?”

“It isn’t that simple Kelly I don’t even know if he likes me that way, besides we’ve been best friends for so long I don’t want to mess that up.”

Kelly, not appeased by this answer attempted to question Anna more, but before she could Nick jumped in having loaded his stuff in the bed. “Here we go.” He said with nervousness in his voice.

Anna and Kelly laughed quietly looking back at each other.


The drive to Jack’s house wouldn’t take long but Nick couldn’t get her out of his mind.

“What was that look she kept giving me? That was different than all the other times, almost like she wanted to….”

“No that’s not it.” He assured himself.

“She doesn’t like you that way.”

Unsure what to do with his feelings Nick tried to focus on the road, but with not much luck. He kept stealing glances at Anna, her beautiful brown hair running just past her shoulders, the streetlights occasionally casting a warm glow on her face.

“She’s perfect.”

Not knowing why, he was thinking like this he turned his attention back to the road hoping she hadn’t noticed. Little did he know Anna was doing the same, but she took more time with her looks, admiring the way the shadows made his short jet-black hair somehow even darker, his big brown eyes that melted her heart every time she saw them look her way. Anna didn’t know what was coming over her, but she didn’t want to fight it.

In the back of the truck Kelly watched the two avoid eye contact but continued looking back and forth. Longer and longer each time. And she knew, no matter what she had to get one of them to make the first move.

To anyone on the outside it would have looked like a very awkward, silent car ride but to the three inside it was quite amusing. A few minutes later they arrived at a very large 3 story house with an excessive amount of people coming in and out of the front door. Nick stepped out to open the door for the girls before moving to the bed to lock the cover. Returning to the girls they each took a side of him and wrapped their arms through his.

“Really guys come on, if we walk in like this Jack is going to make a scene.”

Neither Anna nor Kelly seemed like they were willing to budge. Nick sighed. Knowing these two were going to do what they wanted, and he couldn’t stop them. Entering the large double doors, he led them over to the kitchen to grab them some drinks. Unfortunately that’s where Jack and his squad of college dropout friends were camping out, each one of them making questionable and crass comments to any girl that walked by.

“Ahhh so you don’t speak to me for a whole year and think you can just crash my party huh?” Nick spotted Jack coming up to him with a mock scowl on his face. Seeing Nick flip him off Jack’s face switched to a smile as he started laughing coming in for a hug.

“It’s good to see you’re still acting like a child Jack, even after you graduated.” Nick said separating himself from his cousin. Stepping back Nick looked at Jack. Still the same tall, skinny, punk he grew up with. Except for his newly dyed blonde hair. Nick just laughed and made a drink for each of the girls. Finally noticing Anna and Kelly, Jack did exactly what Nick Magosa Escort thought he would. He made a scene. And a loud one as well. Turning to his group of friends he started laughing.

“Damn boys Nick brought two chicks and you guys couldn’t even land a single girl tonight.”

Each one losing their confidence looked away embarrassed at being called out.

“Don’t be starting shit man, we’re just here to have a little fun.” Nick called out from the other side of the kitchen. Walking back over with two margaritas, handing one to each of the girls he put and arm around each of their hips guiding them out of the kitchen to the living room where people were dancing. Nick was perfectly content just watching the dancing. But the girls were having none of that. Kelly slid up behind Nick running her hand around to his abs pulling him close to her while Anna turned her back to him grabbing one of his hands with her free hand leading him to place it on her lower stomach. Both girls still expertly holding onto their drinks began to dance. Nick trapped in the middle was quickly losing his composure.

“Oh shit, I mean I always knew Kelly liked to tease people, but Anna too? I’ve never seen her like this.”

Nick gasped as Kelly moved her hand to pull Anna in closer to Nick. He knew she could easily feel his growing excitement now. Expecting her to pull away, she did the opposite, she backed into him even more causing his erection to be even more obvious to both of them. Then she did something he never saw coming, she turned around still keeping herself tight to him, leaning her head on his shoulder. Unsure what to do, still shocked by her move, he continued following the beat of the music. Kelly grinned knowing one of them would soon give in.

The song ended and he offered to get them more drinks. Trying not to laugh at his attempt to escape them the girls accepted. Anna made eye contact with Kelly and knew what she was doing, that troubling smile let her know that Kelly pulled her closer on purpose, blushing at the thought of what she felt between her and Nick she tried to look away. At that moment Nick came back hold two jack and cokes for the girls and a regular soda for himself. Handing the drinks to them he tried to take a sip of his own but was stopped my one of Jack’s friends bumping into him, obviously on purpose, causing him to spill the entirety of his drink all down the front of his shirt.

“Watch where you’re going bitch.” Said the guy Nick only knew as Carter even though he was sure that’s just what his friends called him.

For a second Anna thought they were going to fight, but Nick calmly smiled and hand Carter his now empty cup. “Sure thing bud.”

Carter who was ready to fight was shocked at how he reacted and just stood still holding Nick’s empty cup.

Letting the girls know he was going to change shirts, he asked Jack to keep an eye on the girls for him. Now Jack was still a dick most of the time, but Nick knew that Jack respected him and would make sure no one messed with them.

“Fuck man I should have beat his ass!”

Nick walked out the door to his truck.

“No that would have been a mess, and I don’t want the girls to see that.” Digging through his truck he found the spare set of clothes he kept with him just in case. Stripping off his button down he used the clean side to dry off his chest, reaching for his clean shirt, lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t notice someone come up behind him. Before he could put on his shirt, he felt a soft pair of hand pull tight against him, tracing the muscles on his stomach up past his ribs along his chest. Shivering at the touch Nick completely forgot about putting on his shirt.

“Come on Kelly let me get dressed.”

Nick sighed, leaning his head back in a trance from the roaming hands. Figuring it was Kelly because she loved teasing anyone and everyone who let their guard down, the person leaned in close, being tall enough they lifted their lips up to his ear.

“Would you rather me go get Kelly instead?” The hands never leaving his body, working their way along his tall frame.

Nicks eyes shot open wide, suddenly snapped out of his trance. “Oh my god! It’s Anna…. what the fuck do I do?” Realizing that Nick knew it was her, she didn’t stop, instead she brought her face to his back. Inhaling she thought he smelled so good. After a few minutes she turned him around, laughing at the look on his face she slowly looked up and down his body not caring if he saw her admire his cut, toned chest. Still not sure what to do Nick just put his hands on the small of her back, wanting to grab her ass but he wasn’t sure how she would react. Instead, he watched her eye him with a look he had never seen on her before… Almost like she needed him.

“Kiss her. Do it.”

Nick’s thoughts drove him wild trying Kıbrıs Escort to convince him to pull her close and kiss her. He wanted to. He needed to feel her lips on his. She looked back up and their eyes met.

“God she’s so fucking hot.”

Only a couple inches shorter than Nick, Anna had a tall, tan, slender body with an ass that pulled her dress tight around her curves. Feeling a little bolder, he slid his hands down just a little to rest on her ass. She closed her eyes enjoying being so close to him. Nick couldn’t take it anymore he leaned in softly pushing his lips against hers. She quietly moaned into his mouth as she slid her hands from his chest up to his face. Then to his hair running her fingers through as they continued their kiss, sliding their tongues against each other. Anna let out a little squeak as Nick pulled her tighter against him, his bulge strongly rubbing against her causing another soft moan to escape her lips. She melted feeling how hard he was getting and how wet it was making her. Slowly pulling apart from each other she giggled as the world came back around them. Looking around to see no one was paying attention she let him finally get his shirt on before gently kissing him again.

“You ready to go back inside or do you need a minute to cool down?” she said looking down at the now fully stiff erection she had caused. Blushing uncontrollably Nick stumbled to form a sentence.

“It’s okay, just don’t keep us waiting too long.” She said not letting him think about it, walking back to the door of the house leaving him standing there still in shock. He couldn’t help but watch her ass sway in the tight red dress she was wearing.

“Holy fuck…. She just… I mean we just…” Not able to finish his thoughts he instinctively started towards the house not knowing what just happened, all he knew he didn’t want anything else but her.


Walking back into the party, head still swimming from the feeling of kissing her best friend she found Kelly expertly avoiding a group of guys trying to hit on her. Kelly, the more social of the two, always knew how to stay just out of reach of them. Kelly must have seen the mixture of emotions on her face because she quickly ducked away from the group and came up to Anna with a worried look.

“Hey is everything okay? You look a little worked up.”

Anna blushing even more tried to stay calm. “We kissed….” Kelly’s eyes widening not expecting this so soon, she couldn’t help but break out laughing, taking a surprised Anna into her arms Kelly brought her face close to Anna’s and whispered, “Was it everything you’ve been dreaming about for all these years?” Surprised at her question Anna could only nod with a suppressed smile on her face.

“How did she know I liked Nick? Have I been that obvious?” Panicking at the thought of Nick having known about her crush on him, she didn’t even notice him come up next to her until he slid a hand slowly across her ass stopping at her hip where he left it.

Letting go of Anna, Kelly saw what was going on and there was no way she was letting them get away without a little tormenting for her own entertainment.

“Wow did you have to go home for that shirt Nick? It took a little while for you to get changed!” Feeling nervous again Nick tried to move his hand a little higher, but was stopped by Anna, she pushed his hand down further than it was before. His hand now fully grabbing her tight right cheek, before he could answer Anna spoke up “We just went for a walk.” She said, shooting a look at Kelly telling her to not make it any harder on them.

“Ahhhh I see, well must have been a nice walk.” Kelly said, either not getting the meaning behind Anna’s look or just not caring, which knowing Kelly it was probably the latter.

A moment later Nick got them all drinks and they went back to dancing and talking for the next couple hours until the music and crowds started to die down. Satisfied that they had danced and drank enough, the girls wrapped their arms around Nick expecting to be escorted again. Chuckling he just shook his head and walked them back to the truck, opening their doors before climbing in himself.

They all lived in the same suburb so taking them home was no issue, but Anna’s house was the first stop. She knew she wouldn’t have the chance to talk to Nick about their encounter until tomorrow, but she didn’t know if she could wait. All she could think about was how warm and safe she felt in his arms.

“What I wouldn’t give to kiss him again right now… maybe I can ask him to drop Kelly off first… no she would definitely give us a hard time if I did…”

The short drive to her house was already over, trying to figure out what to do, should she say something? Almost as if Nick could see the internal battle she was having he laughed and then put his hand on her face, squeaking as he turned her face into his. The kiss not as strong as the first but still just as passionate. Separating, Anna looked into his eyes and saw nothing but love and desire sending chills down her back, she chuckled and collected her things letting Nick come open her door and walk her up to her house.

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