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Weird Fantasies 19: Made to Have Sex with Your Boss

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Um, just to say – this has some stuff with consent and could be trigger.


I’m in a swimming pool, topless, wet, and you’re holding my arms behind me. I’m wet because I was underwater, being silly, blowing you while holding my breath. I’m topless because the same, actually, and you’re holding my arms because three other guys just turned up, and were watching, and you’d seen them but not told me, and when I glanced up and saw them I jumped and panicked a bit and was all, “Fuck, dude, thanks for warning me.”

I was annoyed. I started to get out, and leave you there, but you grabbed my arms to stop me. You grabbed my arms, then grinned kind of nastily and turned me around, still holding me, so the other three can see my tits.

I struggle. I try and shake you off. I’m still really annoyed you didn’t warn me.

We’re at a party, and it’s late, and we thought everyone else was inside, so we started doing this. And yes, I was sucking you off half-naked in a swimming pool, but I still didn’t want to be watched by strangers, necessarily.

I’m angry, and you’re teasing me anyway, and then you start pushing me over towards the three guys. And you’re strong enough I can’t stop you.

You push me right over to them, as I struggle, and they reach down and grab me and help pull me out the water. You all stand around, all of you holding me so I can’t get away, all looking at my tits.

It’s starting to get a little creepy.

“Let me go,” I say, but you all ignore me.

You all just hold me, and look at my chest.

Then you grab a cushion from a chair next to us, and drop it on the ground, güvenilir bahis and then push me down onto it, onto my knees. The others help.

I’m looking at your cocks. They’re hard, noticeably. Yours is still out, from me sucking it a moment ago, and is hard. The others look like they are too, through their clothes.

I look at your cocks, and you all look at me.

You hold me there, and I look up at you and say, “You aren’t serious? You can’t make me do this.”

You wrap your hand around my hair, and pull me closer. Pull me, so your cock bumps on my face, and kind of rubs over my mouth, all hard and hot and right there.

I give up. I don’t mind that much. I’d started this, and I hadn’t finished either. I open my mouth, and you pull me onto yourself. Pull me, so I suck.

I suck you, while all four of you hold me, and watch.

Then you push me off, and turn my head, still by my hair, and push my face towards the guy beside you.

“Oh no,” I whisper. “No way.”

A kind-of forced blowjob of my boyfriend while other people watch, that’s dark and wrong but a little sexy. Being forced to suck all of you off, that’s just not something I want to do.

I struggle. I try to pull my arms free, but can’t. I try to stand up, but can’t. I keep my mouth closed, but this new guy’s cock is rubbing against it. Some man I don’t know is wiping his cock on my face, and it’s awful.

Then it gets worse.

Then you reach over, and hold my nose, so I have to open my mouth. And then that guy puts his cock in my mouth.

Some guy I’ve never met before just forced his cock into my mouth, and I’m angry and scared türkçe bahis and don’t like that at all. I almost bite him. I think about it, and almost do.

Then you push my head forward, push my mouth onto his cock.

And weirdly, that’s sexy.

That’s unspeakably sexy, you pushing my head down onto another guy’s cock. It’s sexy, and wrong, and horribly dark, and turns me on more than I can stand.

I suck the guy. I move my mouth, without you making me. I suck him as well as I can, with my arms still held, and he seems to like it. He seems excited he’s doing this.

He comes. I get a surprise, and jump, but he comes in my mouth, and I kind of choke a bit and swallow it and let some drip out, and then I turn the other way, towards the next guy.

You all look at me, waiting.

“Make me,” I say. And feel some semen drip out of my mouth. “I’m not choosing to do this. You have to make me.”

You reach down, and push my face onto the next guy. This time I help a little. This time I open my mouth. I suck again. I make him come too. Then I do the other guy. Then you.

You all come. You come on my face, and in my hair.

After the last has, you keep holding onto me. I look up at you all, panting, and say, “You’d so better be able to again. All of you.”

No-one says they can’t.

“I want more,” I say. “I want to fuck.”

You all kind of nod.

“But you have to make me. You have to make me do this. Four of you’s too many, I’m not fucking all of you. And I’m not doing this by choice.”

You seem to understand. You lift me onto a chair, and hold me there, and one of you takes off my bikini güvenilir bahis siteleri bottoms. Or undies. Whichever they are.

He slides them down, and licks me out. You all take turns licking me out, still holding me, until I’m moaning and panting and desperate.

You don’t let me come. None of you do. You keep stopping, and switching around when I’m close, so I don’t ever quite get there. I want to bite you all and scream, but I just struggle instead.

You hold me, and lick me, and soon one of you puts his cock inside me.

“No way,” I gasp. “Don’t you dare,” as he slides deep inside me, but then I start fucking him.

I fuck all of you. You stop, and lick me, and then fuck me again. None of you seem to mind licking where another guy’s cock has just been, which is actually kind of sexy. A couple of you come, and that doesn’t seem to matter either. You keep licking, making me frantic with wanting to come.

You all lick me, taking turns, and then one guy licks my asshole. He pushes my legs up, and the rest of you hold me differently, so he can slide his tongue onto me, around me, inside me. I get shaky and gaspy and exited, and then he moves and I realize why he did that. He slides his cock into me there, with just my wet and spit for lube.

He fucks me, and someone else licks my pussy as he does. I get fucked, and licked, and I finally, desperately, I come.

I come, and then you all let me go, and we’re finished.

You and I leave together, and we go home.

I tell you I’m not speaking to you as we get into the car, and that you’re an awful person. Then I whisper I am speaking to you and really I loved doing that.

Because we planned it. It was a game. I like horrible games. I make you join in. I like to pretend to be made to do horrible things, like that. And you let me, even though it bothers you. And I appreciate that.

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