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Wet T-Shirt Competition

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It was wet t-shirt night down at the local pub. Feeling adventurous one night I decided to give it a go. I signed up and they gave me a white t-shirt and told me to be prepared to get wet. It was a quiet night maybe only twenty or so guys there along with the two other woman joining me on the stage.

I could see Hank sitting at the bar drinking a beer and videoing my first wet t-shirt competition. I was so excited. There I was standing in front of a bunch of guys waiting to be wet down and see which one of us girl’s tits they liked the best. I looked the other two girls up and down, I already had them beat on size. My large round DD tits stood out under the tight top. They both had rather small chests.

The MC paraded around us, introducing us and asking for a comment.

“This is Carly her first time and I might add an amazing set of tits you have my dear!” he said.

“Thanks, I’m doing this for my hubby Hank who loves to see a wet pair of tits.” and I rubbed them around. The crowds cheered bakırköy masöz escort and starting shouting ‘bring on the water’.

With that three guys came out with spray bottles and starting wetting us. My nipples were rock hard from the cold water. The MC then came along and asked the guys which they liked best. First was Nikki her small tits barely showing from beneath the wet shirt. She got a small round of applause from the men. Then it was Kara’s turn she lifted up her top to show all the men her wet tits. She got a big round of applause and cheering for that. I had to do something to top that.

I was glad it was a hot night and I was wearing a short denim skirt and no panties hoping to get some action from Hank on the way home. The MC came up to me,

“How about Carly and her big wet titties?” I then turned around lifted my skirt and bent over. Giving the crowd a view of my nice firm tight ass and pussy. I got the biggest applause and cheers bakırköy otele gelen escort for that.

“And I think we have our winner!” the MC shouted above the cheering.

After quite a few celebration drinks, I was getting pretty drunk. The pub had become quieter only about ten guys including two bartenders were still there. I kept whispering into Hank’s ear how I wanted to suck his cock. That being up there in front of all those guys had made me so horny.

When a tall handsome guy came over to ask if he could have his photo with me. I thought sure I was up for that. He put his arm around me and squeezed me in tight with his other hand he squeezed my tit as his friend took the photo. He started talking to Hank but kept his arm around me. Hank leaned in and whispered to me

“Would you like to suck his cock?” I grinned at him and went down on my knees in front of the tall handsome guy. I undid his zipper and pulled his big 9-inch cock bakırköy rus escort out of his pants. He didn’t seem to mind at all.

I began licking his shaft up and down then took his cock into my mouth. I could see a few of the guys had come up to cheer him on, this only made me hornier. Being drunk time flies and soon I had cocks all around me and was going from cock to cock sucking them all while Hank was standing by videoing it all. When I was sucking off one guy I could see the others stroking their cocks waiting their turn.

Then they lifted me onto a table laying me on my back, immediately I had a cock back in my mouth while another guy was spreading my legs open. His tongue felt great on my throbbing clit as he lapped it up. I was so hot and wet I wanted a cock so badly. He then thrust his cock into me hard, just the way I like to be fucked. Having just wanted to be fucked hard, I didn’t care when they all took turns fucking me.

I had cum all over my face, in my mouth and my pussy. Having about twelve guys fuck me and treat me like the slut I am was amazing. Looking over at Hank now and then he had the biggest smile on his face. Hank loves to watch me get fucked.

So I then became a regular contestant in the local’s wet t-shirt comp. I looked forward to those nights when I got my tits all wet and then fucked till I couldn’t walk!

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