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Wife Turned Sluts by Relatives Ch. 01

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Chapter One – Lactating Guest Turned Family Slut

Myself Wasim Siddiqui, I am 24 years old working in an Insurance Company as Senior Sales Manager. I joined the job when I was in college itself. It was like a part time job but when it started to cherish my needs, I quit college from regular basis to distance learning and joined full time for job. Result was rapid growth in just two years and when I was 22, I was well established. My family started to search a bride and soon it was being found with the name of Rukhsana. She was a mind-blowing beauty, tall of height, oval shaped face, puffy and pink lips, fair skin, and long hairs.

She wore tight salwar kameez and my goodness the boobs were round and firm. She had wide waist and thick thighs, but it was matching to her body ratio. She belongs to a poor family was cultured girl and followed every type of rituals dutifully. Beyond this, she was very shy of nature, hardly spoke and never abused anyone. She was a perfect bride for me, I had a joint family and I wanted a girl who can hold my family still. She belongs to a poor family, which was my first condition, so that she does not find the guts to raise her voice in the family. We got married, I plucked her virginity but this is not a part of story. She being so shy usually didn’t opposed even to wrong things and so she felt depressed.

Therefore, I suggested her to write a daily about her daily activities, if she pens it down, she will not feel depressed. She picked the idea and started to write one. Soon she was pregnant and she delivered me a boy. I was happy like anything and the boy started to grow well. When he was a year old we started alternative food, she breastfed the baby yet supplementary food was being started. One tragic day my grandfather expired and we visited the village. After he was being buried the will was being read. My grandfather had farms and he distributed all the land in two parts. One was for me and other was for my uncle. My uncle was a greedy man, elder to my father but as per her nature we did not had good relation with them.

His family consisted of four sons but the youngest of them was also elder to me. We never visited them even their place was just 3 hours from us. He was farming the land until then, and was very much frustrated with the division. He never shared anything from the produced and now his thinking was that his production would be reducing to half. Therefore, he passed the offer to me to sell the land to him only and offered a rate. The rate was market rate but still I discussed it with my father. My father said that we never cultivated anything and we will usually sell the farms, so it will be better to sell him only. We have a bad relationship with them, this way we can make our relationship healthier.

The deal finalized on family lunch, the paper submitted with cash. Instantly the family relation developed good, being brother-in-law to my wife, all four brothers started to have little chitchat with my wife. They were decent all the time so there was no suspicious thinking about them. However, the behaviour was not as we heard previously. We had heard them to be rowdy and abusive. I told my father about it, he said that it was wrong publicity of peoples as most of the peoples envy rich peoples. After returning from village, all four brothers started to pay visit at our home including their parents.

However, we never got time to visit their place. Therefore, one day my aunt came with a complaint that it is rude that we don’t pay them a visit. They started to force and my father surrendered to their demands. However, the schedules were hectic so my mother was the only candidate free for the visit. Aunt suggested taking Rukhsana along, this way she may have a little outing. My mother accepted the thought gracefully and the schedule was set. Next day they all departed along with my mother and Rukhsana. The whole tour was expected for 7 days starting from Sunday to Sunday. They reached their safely and Rukhsana called me to confirm that how much she liked their behaviour and place.

Unfortunately, my mother got sick next day, the doctor declared that water change was the reason. Therefore, the doctor suggested returning home. The plan was all ruined and so I was being summoned to bring them back. I went there to bring them back; both were ready but Rukhsana did not seem happy. Aunt noticed it and asked me to leave her there. They were planning to visit us on next Sunday so they would bring her along. Mother seemed convinced too so, I talked with Rukhsana and she felt delighted.

We came back and on next Sunday, their family came along with Rukhsana. The amount of delight she had on staying was not there on her face. Her happiness was vanished and she looked dull. Returning to normal life holidays, everyone’s behaves the same. But she didn’t come back to normal Rukhsana even after 15 days so it seemed suspicious now, I asked her but she said that she was fine. The visit of my uncle’s family reduced too. Now they visited separately and did not stay beylikdüzü ucuz escort overnight. One month passed and I started to doubt even more. However, Rukhsana was not telling anything.

Therefore, one day a thought hit my mind. Rukhsana wrote daily journals, maybe she had written about the trip. I searched her diary but the dates didn’t have anything. She started few words but then she cut it down. As I was looking in the dairy Rukhsana came in the room. She looked at me for a while then took her towel and went for bath. I kept the dairy back and went to the market for some fruits. When I returned from the market, she was getting out of the storeroom.

The storeroom was just adjacent to our main house and usually was been locked. I didn’t say anything but after she got inside the house, I went in the storeroom. It was all dusty and I observed closely, it had her footprints, which went to an old chair. The chair had her footmarks too and so I climbed on her footmarks. It had an old Elmira so I searched above it. I found a notebook and so I kept in my coat pocket and went back. I went to a garden, usually isolated all the time. I took a bench and pulled out the notebook. Indeed, it was Rukhsana alternative dairy and I read it. After reading the whole diary, I was fascinated with rage and anger.

The events happened there I’ll tell you all in my own words. First, let me tell you about the names of members of my uncle family. My uncle name is Imraan, his eldest son is Shohaib around 32 years old, then is Firoz around 30 years old, then comes Wajir who is around 28 years old and the youngest one is Salmaan who is 26 years old. While living there she was being allotted a separate room, the room had bathroom and toilet attached. The house was big and the ground floor consisted to four bedrooms and hall, along with kitchen. The 1st floor had four more bedrooms, Rukhsana was on ground floor with baby and the rest three bedroom was being occupied by Uncle-Aunt, Salmaan &Shohaib.

Rukhsana room was used as guest room along with two bedrooms on 1st floor. Next morning after I returned, Rukhsana went for a bath, baby was sleeping, but the tap was dry. She came out to the room and found Uncle-Aunt leaving. She looked worried so aunt asked what the matter was. She told her issue, so aunt suggested using Salmaan room as it had tidy bathroom, and Shohaib room and bathroom usually wasn’t tidy at all. She told her that all the guys had gone out and would be late, they were going out too, and were expected late. She said alright and they went away. She went to bathroom and found that it didn’t have hangers. She thought for a while and went to the front gate. She locked the gate and came back to Salmaan room.

She kept her clothes on the bed along with towel and went inside the bathroom. She had her bath and when she was about to exit the bathroom. She heard a knock on the gate. She was dumbstruck about it. She was all naked and who might be at the gate. She shouted who it was. Salmaan was on the gate, he said that he urgently needed to pee and couldn’t hold a second, so she must come out. She said to pass her clothes and towel. Salmaan said that there were no clothes and towel on bed. She was spellbound. She kept it there and it wasn’t there. Salmaan said her to open the gate of bathroom and he passed her another towel.

She pulled it inside and dried her up. When she wrapped the towel it displayed the problem. The towel was short in width. It covered only 30% of her thighs to 30% of her breasts. Salaam was continuously asking to get out soon. So she came out in that outfit. Salmaan didn’t even look at her and went inside the bathroom. She went to the gate and found few peoples taking in the hall. The voice said that they were four to five peoples. She stood stoned until Salmaan came out of the bathroom. Salmaan came to her and she inquired about peoples outside.

He said that they were Shohaib friends. She said to ask them to move inside so that she could get back to her room. Salaam said that it wouldn’t be possible as Shohaib don’t take any of his friends to bedroom. He offered her to sit until they go away. He pulled a chair for her and she sat on the chair, trying to hide her modesty. While sitting down, lower end of the towel raised even more to display her 90% of her thighs, and the upper end was slipping even more. Salmaan lied on bed and was humming some song.

Rukhsana was tensed all the time, her condition was the issue, modesty was the issue and she was sweating all the time. Suddenly Salmaan got up and came near her, she got up shivering. He was looking at her from head to bottom. And she was slightly scared with her sudden change in approach. She was standing when he reaches just in front of her. He said that he needs to tell ask her something but if she makes any sound then Shohaib friends may come inside. He asked that whether she understands that. She nodded her head. He asked whether her breast still lactates milk and is it full with them. She looked beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort confused with his question and didn’t reply anything, just kept on staring him.

He smiled and said that it seems she was confused, and he’ll check himself. He pulled the towel bond just in front of her chest. The towel was hardly wrapped around her body and it fell down instantly. But she was shocked to hell. Before she could respond he lowered himself down and grabbed her both boobs in both hands. Within seconds her one nipple was in his mouth. He started to suck and draw milk from it instantly. Rukhsana recovered from shock immediately and she tried to get herself free, but he was too strong for her. She tried to pull the towel up but towel lying on floor was far from her reach. He left her nipples and said the milk was so tasty and he had never tasted any woman milk before.

He thanked her to let him achieve his wish against their hospitality. He started to suck the other breast and she was standing there, facing somewhere else. He drank the milk for ten minutes and then left her. She was standing shivering, with few droplets on her cheeks. As he got aside she tried to get the towel back. But he stopped her, saying that he has already seen her nude and he finds no harm staying like that only. He makes her turn around and viewed her completely. She was keeping her eyes closed; he viewed her completely and turned her back to front.

He asked her to open her eyes and she opened after little force. He said that Wasim Bhai was lucky to have wife like her. He asked that would Wasim Bhai mind if I could do something which Wasim Bhai does with his wife. He said that he had never done any of those things as he doesn’t have girlfriend. Rukhsana eyes widen in terror, she tried to run to the door but Salmaan caught her from behind. She started to whisper not to do that and was forcing him away.

When someone shouted from outside that did anything happened to him, and should they come inside. Rukhsana voiced settled immediately, and the force she was applying reduced also. Salmaan was looking at her and asked in silent lips, that should he call them inside. Rukhsana nodded her head in no, and till then he was able to deposit her on bed. As she was on bed, he removed his entire clothes. And without wasting time in foreplay, he directly plugged his dick inside her pussy.

All the resistance of Rukhsana was gone immediately. She settled immediately and Salmaan started to give her push. Rukhsana understood that it was a setup for her, as he wasn’t behaving like new fucker. He was fucking her passionately and enjoying every moment of it. After 10 minutes he forced his dick inside to the root of the pussy. Rukhsana whispered meekly, not inside. He flooded her inside and said, don’t worry Bhabhi if something happens, Wasim Bhai will take care of it. He won’t know that it isn’t his.

He continued that even if it won’t be his, then also our bloodline is the same. Rukhsana got up and went inside the bathroom. She washed herself and when she was about to come out, she saw few guys joining in the bedroom. She was peeping outside, when she saw Salmaan coming to the bathroom. She opened the bathroom and let him in. She begged him to let them out so that she can go to her room. Salmaan smiled and said, that he was thinking to send them in one by one. She shivered with the thought but Salmaan laughed and said that he needs something in return. Rukhsana looked at him and he said that she’ll have to go for outing in the late afternoon with him.

She thought a while and nodded her head. Salmaan went outside and called her in five minutes. She peeped out and saw no one, she came out of bathroom. Then she peeped in hall, no one was there. She rushed to her bedroom immediately in nude state. Her clothes and towel was lying on her bed. She quickly got dressed and went for a nap. In afternoon uncle-aunt came and she joined them on lunch. Salmaan was sitting side to him and was continuously playing with her thighs all the time. She looked at him angrily; Salmaan asked that they will go around 3 pm. She said she won’t go anywhere. Salmaan passed his mobile to her. It was a video running with no sound. It was her video, Salmaan fucking her. So he recorded also, she shivered in terror and looked at him with teary face. She understood that Salmaan is going to use her now, as her slut.

Around 3 pm he was ready to go; he called his mom and asked to take care of the baby. He told her that he was taking Rukhsana out for city view. His appreciated the thought and they were out in a car. Salmaan stopped the car on an isolate stop and asked her to get rid of her clothes. She looked at him angrily and then finding no way she removed her clothes. He put all her clothes in the back side of the car and started to drive again. The road was isolated and both sides were having thick shrubs. After a few minute drives, Rukhsana panicked as two guys were standing on either side of the road. beyoğlu escort She tried to hide her modesty and drive away but to her dismay, the car stopped just in front of them. They both opened the back doors and got inside the car. Rukhsana froze in terror, shame and started to shiver immediately.

They got inside and the car started to move. Both of them asked Salmaan whether she was really lactating and Salmaan nodded his head. They forwarded their hand and pulled Rukhsana to the back seat. She was sure that there was no way these guys were going to leave her. She was resisting but still as they pulled her back both caught her reach nipples in their lips and started to suck her dry. She was well aware that after making her breast dry they will fuck her too. It took 20 minutes to make her breasts dry. After drying her breast, they announced that she was dry now and they need to relief themselves. The car was being parked at an isolated place, side by the main road. She was being turned on her fours, between two of them. They both started to get rid of their clothes.

Within minutes they were bare and the guy behind her climbed on the seat on his knees and was inside her. He kept his entire weight on her and started to pump his dick inside her pussy. The guy in front demanded to suck him up, Rukhsana never sucked anyone before not even me, but she knew about it. With disgusting face she managed to gulp it down and started to suck him up like beginners. Even though she was a beginner in that yet the guy was having all sort of fun he ever imagined. After getting treated for 10 minutes from both sides, she was turned around and guy getting blow job was getting pussy fuck and guy getting pussy fuck was getting blowjob.

They kept on switching places for two three times and flooded her pussy one by one. She was exhausted but now Salmaan was ready for his time. He came to back side, opened the gate and pulled her half out. Her legs were out of car and body was on the seat. He turned her around and pulled a gel tube from his pocket. It had a nozzle which he inserted in her asshole and poured it out. Rukhsana shivered with the cold gel and his intentions. She turned around and requested not to do that as it pains a lot. Salmaan asked whether she had been fucked in ass before, which she denied.

So he asked how she knows that it will pain. He lubricated his dick and pushed it in her ass. She screamed of pain, but Salmaan managed to hold her mouth tight. She was muffling but he kept her mouth shut. He started to bang her in her asshole; it was hurting her but still the pain reduced along with her crying. So as it reduced to limits he left her mouth open. She was weeping while Salmaan was thumping her to core. After solid 20 minutes of ass fucking, due to the tightness he flooded her inside. They got back inside the car and the car returned back. Rukhsana saw that a video camera was attached on the dashboard, which means Salmaan has recorded that too, but she didn’t say him anything.

In the way until those guys destination came, both guys were playing with her all the time, sucking her dried nipples, fingering her pussy and ass, kissing and biting her lips all the time. When they reached their destination, they got out of the car and went away. Salmaan passed her dress and asked to get ready. She got ready in the back side of the car and they reached home. No one asked her anything and neither had she said anything. They had evening snacks and tea. Then she went for a nap and woke up around dinner. While having dinner Salmaan asked her to come to his room after the baby sleeps.

She looked at him angrily but Salmaan showed her the mobile. She nodded her head and went to her bedroom. After an hour Salmaan knocked the gate and she came out in a nightie. Without a word she followed him in his bedroom. As soon as she was in the bedroom her nightie was shredded along with her bra and panty. She was deposited on the bed and Salmaan was lying above her, sucking her nipples alternatively. Next 20 minutes he was drawing the milk out of her breasts and then got naked. He spread her legs wide and got inside her. He started to bang her aggressively until he flooded her inside.

In the last 12 hours he had already fucked her three times and he was exhausted. He rolled to the side and started snoring. Rukhsana was lying naked thinking what to do next when something terrible happened. The bedroom gate opened and Shohaib came inside. He picked up Rukhsana from the bed, naked in his arms and went to the gate. The gate was already opened and so he came out. Salaam managed to get up naked and close the gate behind. No words were spoken and Shohaib got inside his bedroom.

He pushed the gate with his knees and got inside the bedroom. He deposited Rukhsana on the bed and got rid of the gown he was wearing. He was naked inside. He climbed on the bed, above Rukhsana and started to kiss her lips. Rukhsana didn’t utter a word and he was pressing her boobs side by side. As he left her lips, he attacked her breasts immediately. He started to suck her nipples and draw fresh milk in his mouth. Soon he was satisfied with what he was doing. He kept his one knees between her legs and managed to spread her legs apart. He managed to bury his dick inside her pussy but instead of giving her thumping, he kept on sucking her nipples. He wasn’t in a hurry and he waited for nearly 10 minutes.

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