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Yard Work

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The grass was slippery and wet as she ran across the back lawn. The sun had set over an hour ago, and the moon glistened off the ground. The light afternoon rain left the entire world bathed in the scent of lush vegetation. The grass, just cut that morning, stuck to her feet as she walked up the wooden ramp to the door of the old barn. She reached up to the worn wooden handle, and pulled. Nothing. She pulled again. Still nothing. She considered running back to the house, but suddenly remembered the old lock was still fastened at the top of the door and that key was on her father’s key ring. And his key ring was probably in his pants pocket on the floor of his room. She couldn’t go get it. Her mother was a light sleeper and would wake at the slightest creak in the hall.

The hoot of an owl startled her. A mix of fear and exhilaration flooded her body; she shuddered with anticipation. The night sky was clear as glass, as the light breeze blowing in from the east shifted suddenly to the north. The faint smell of a farmer, far away, burning the stubble of his field drifted into her nostrils. The wind shifted back, and the sweet smell of grass, and the thick musk of falling leaves returned. If she wasn’t standing on the step to her barn, she might have closed her eyes and imagined herself by the dim light of a smoldering campfire.

The door! She had been caught up in the moment. She knew that she had to get inside the dusty old barn, or all her last week’s planning would go to waste. She walked slowly around the perimeter of the rustic structure. The shutters in the loft had been nailed shut after the last big storm had torn one from its hinges. The hay shoot would be the only way inside.

Carefully she climbed the old wooden frame of the fence that beside the barn; a remnant of times when animals were still kept on the old farmstead. She crawled across the ledge, and lifted herself up to the opening of the shoot. She lifted one arm inside and found the lip of the inside. She lifted her other arm, held on tight, and lifted herself off the fence, just inside. She finally got her elbows up onto the ledge, and heaved her body upwards. After several long moments of struggle, she finally managed to get inside. He arms scraped and sore, she collapsed on the floor of the loft.

The floor smelled of hay, and the dust lay thick on everything. The owl hooted once again, and with its call, stirred her from her short rest. She knew she couldn’t stop and rest now, she had a long night ahead of her, and she intended to be fully awake. She stood carefully, and moved slowly along the loft to the ladder. The floor creaked as she moved. Rung by rung she descended the old wooden ladder, being extra careful so as not to hurt her bare feet on the cracking wood. The newer wooden planks, having been recently replaced after the flood, felt sound and solid beneath her feet. The moonlight filtered in through the slats of the nailed shutters, illuminating thousands of tiny dust particles dancing to and yenidoğan escort fro through the air.

She stepped quickly and carefully through the clutter of yard equipment and other storage that was scattered about the barn. Upon reaching the door, she only had time to unfasten the bolt when she heard his footsteps on the drive. She hurried to her place, seated atop the riding mower. She fidgeted with her nightgown and tried to ignore the slight stinging of her scratched arms.

The footsteps got closer at a steady walking pace. Time seemed to stand still for her as they paused, just before the ramp. She waited for the sound of his feet on the weather worn wooden ramp. She yearned for him to burst through the door, cross the room, and take her, right there on the torn leather seat of the John Deere riding mower. For him to carry her up to the loft, lie her down in the hay, and make love to her for hours. But the sound never came.

She sat and waited. For what seemed like eternity, she waited; her heart pounding in her throat. She wanted to shout out to him, but was afraid to open her mouth. Finally, she sat up, crossed the floor, and reached for the door. It swung open gently at her touch, with a soft, but distinct creak. And there on the ground, was a pair of shoes. She stepped out into the soft breeze, and looked around, letting the door close behind her. She would hear it if it opened again. He was nowhere to be seen. She heard a noise; a soft scratching on one side of the barn. She stepped slowly and cautiously onto the wet grass, and crept along the side of the barn. Then she quickly looked around the corner. The wind shifted once more. The faint smell of a still burning field swept through the air. She continued around the entire barn, pausing at each corner to look back and see if he might be sneaking up behind.

Upon completing the circuit of the barn, she opened the door once more, to the sound of that same familiar creak, and stepped inside. Turning around to close the door, she was suddenly pulled back into a shadow with a hand cupped over her mouth. Her scream was muffled as she struggled against arms… his arms. The sudden realization that she was finally wrapped in his loving embrace caused her to nearly faint with relief. She sighed softly as he removed his hand from her mouth and let them caress her sides. Reaching around backwards, she grabbed his ass and guided him along the floor to the mower, but he resisted, and guided her off in a new direction. He led her up to the workbench in the corner. He let her go and lifted a few cans and tools off the top, and set them on the floor. She slid her hands over the smooth top, and put her back to it. He stepped in front of her, moving between her legs, and in one smooth motion, helps her up onto the table.

Her arms wrapped around his neck as he kissed her full on the lips. He moved his tongue over her lips, and she let it slip inside her mouth, swirling around it with her yenikent escort own. He slowly let his hands move up and down her sides. Their lips parted and he let his tongue drag down over her chin. He kissed along her neck, and down over her collarbone. As he did, he slid one hand slowly down onto her thigh, and up under her nightgown. She watched his eyes light up when his fingers found nothing between them and her perfectly shaved mound. He kissed down as far as he could in her low cut gown, and then lowered himself down onto his knees. He slipped his thumbs under the edges of her nightgown, and slowly lifted it. She assisted by raising her hips slightly to let the material pass over her waist, and as she lifted, he moved his lips to her wet mound. She almost screamed. She had been waiting all week for this, and finally he was here. She wrapped her hands around his neck as he dragged his tongue, slowly and carefully along her pussy lips. He sucked one lip into his mouth, swirling his tongue along it, then the other. His tongue darted in and out of her pussy, tracing up and down along the inside of her inner labia.

Excited, she placed her hand on the back of his head. He felt her thighs pulsing lightly against his cheeks, slightly rough with a shadow of bristle. The feeling was exquisite and she squirmed in ecstasy. He let his tongue drag slowly up to her clit. Touching it, ever so gently, and letting it flick back and forth over it. She writhed against him as he swirled around and around. She felt his fingers on her thighs and knew that even more was about to come. He moved his fingers over her pussy, lightly massaging her mound, getting his fingers nice and wet. Then, he slipped one finger slowly inside her to the knuckle. She pressed against him, wanting more inside her than just his fingertips. He slowly let his finger slide deeper, and deeper inside her, as his tongue swirled faster across her clit.

Soon he was moving in and out of her with a constant rhythm, licking her as he moved his finger inside her. Slowly he moved another finger inside her, curling it on the way out along the upper wall of her warm pussy. He licked quickly up and down her clit as he alternated in and out of her pussy with his fingers. Her moans filled the air as she convulsed against him; her mound became even wetter as he swirled and curled his fingers inside.

“Please… Please… take me now!” she whispered. He looked up into her eyes, still licking, and lifted her nightgown up to her shoulders. She flung it off, and he let his tongue drag up along her stomach. He paused, and swirled around her navel. Slowly, he kissed further and further upwards, along the breastbone. She felt his tongue drag lightly over to her left breast, while his hand drifted up over the right. His tongue traced slow, delicate circles around her nipple. Moving closer and closer to the tips. She almost screamed in pure ecstasy as he quickly flicked his tongue over the nub. She shuddered as yenimahalle escort his finger grazed ever so lightly over the other breast. He took her nipple into his mouth, letting his warm breath wash over it. After swirling around it for a moment, he moved his mouth away, and blew light, cold air upon her nipples, wet with his saliva. Shivers ran up and down her body, and she moaned as she let her hands move all over his back. She reached down and pulled his shirt up off his head. He kissed his way up her chest, along her collarbone, and up the side of her neck. She smiled, as he looked her in the eyes. In them she saw more love than she had ever known before, and it made her feel safe, there in his arms.

He reached around her legs, and picked her up. He walked her over to the ladder, and set her down. He patted her lightly on the bum, and motioned up the ladder. She quickly scurried to the top as he admired her from below, and then he rushed up after her. She laid herself back on the warm hay in the corner. He walked over to her, and she reached up and undid his pants. He let her slide them down, and then stepped out of them, and then slid off his shorts. He knelt down, and then moved his arms on either side of her as he shifted his body over hers. He kissed her once, then smiled.

“I love you,” he whispered. She leaned up and kissed him full on the mouth, pulling his body down onto hers. She felt his hard cock press up against her, and she ached to have it inside. She moved her hands all over his back as she kissed him.

“Now,” she thought, and as if he could read her mind, he slid his member down, and then let it move up inside her. She gasped as it moved within her, letting herself fall back against the hay. He began moving in and out of her, gradually gaining speed. He let one of his hands drift down, and massage her clit as he rocked against her. She knew that she wouldn’t last much longer, and neither would he. His back arched, letting his cock grind hard against her g-spot. His fingers ran faster and faster over her clit, and her body began to shake with the immense pleasure she was experiencing. She wrapped her legs around him as she felt her body pass the point of no return. She came with such convulsions that he could feel her shaking hard against him, and then he came, letting loose his cum inside her. Their breathing was short, as they gasped, moaned, and shook against each other. Finally, he collapsed on top of her, and she curled up with him, a glazed look in her eyes, and a content smile on her face.

He moved over slightly, and lay there beside her, wrapping his arms around her still quivering body. He had been dreaming of this day since she had told him to come last week. It had been all he thought about. Now, as he lay there utterly spent next to her, he hardly noticed the scrapes he had suffered climbing in through the old hay shoot. He knew it had been well worth it to surprise her. He kissed her softly on the neck, as they lay there, absorbed in one another.

She felt a twinge of pain as she let her arms wrap around his. The scrapes had started to heal. The hoot of the owl was more soothing than it was before. She would know better than to leave the door locked next time; and after this wonderful evening, there would certainly be a next time.

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