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18 Today Ch. 02

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Nov. 8, 2004

The following story is just a figment of the sexually twisted mind of the author. And, in no way has a connection to any persons living or otherwise. It is written purely for the enjoyment of the reader.

* * * * *

Chapter 2: The Gift From Sylvia

Julie had decided that she wasn’t going to school. It was her birthday and she wanted to have time to spend with Sylvia and then later with her mom again if time permitted. She picked up the lace front panties that she planned to wear today and slipped them on. As she pulled them over her thighs she felt a slight tingle from the touch of the lace on her still sensitive inner thighs. As the panties settled into place over the soft, sensitive skin of her outer lips she realized that they were already starting to get damp from the wetness still evident from her mother.

She then picked up and slipped into the bra that matched her panties and she realized that her nipples could be seen clearly through the material of the cups. This, she thought, will drive Sylvia crazy because she just loves seeing my nipples. She then pulled on the stockings and prepared to put on the garter belt that went with the set. She put it around her waist and dropped the straps down the front and back of her panties. She wanted to make sure that she could get her panties off without having to take off the belt.

After this part of her outfit was complete, she began to style her hair. She dried it and the put the gel in that would help keep it in place during her play time with Sylvia. After that she began the task of putting on her makeup. Which she knew would have to be light in order to look right with her mini. The dress was a soft pink under with a covering of lace. And the underskirt was shorter than the lace that covered it. So that even though you could see the tops of the stockings that she was wearing if she was sitting. They would be covered when she stood. The final touch for the outfit was the pink pumps that she had gotten to go with this dress.

As she looked at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom she began to get wet again just from the sight of herself and the thought of the reaction she would get from Sylvia when she got to the house. Julie picked up her purse and headed for the front door. On her way out she remembered that she had not put on perfume yet and she ran back to her bedroom to apply the scent that she knew was Sylvia’s favorite. She dabbed a little on each wrist, then behind her ears. Then just a touch between her breasts, and she pulled up the front of her skirt to apply a little on each of her inner thighs. A little on the front of her panties and a little on her butt. She knew that would be just the thing to drive Sylvia over the edge and make her attack Julie without even thinking about it. “Now I am ready for the day” she thought.

Julie got to her car and drove the block to Sylvia’s house. As she pulled up in the drive she began to feel a damp spot forming in her panties and she knew that if she didn’t hurry she would have a wet spot on her skirt. She slipped out of the drivers seat and started up to the door. As she reached the front door of the house Sylvia opened the door with a look on her face that could only be described as wanton lust. They kissed in the doorway before Julie could even get in the door. And as the door closed Sylvia went to her knees and began to push Julie’s skirt up her thighs and over her hips. Julie knew with that action that she wouldn’t get a chance to bed her mother again today but, that was ok because they would have time tomorrow before school.

As soon as the skirt was up far enough for Sylvia to see the panties that Julie was wearing, she buried her face in her young lovers steaming crotch and began working through the panties to give her the first of many orgasms. Sylvia could only think of one thing. And that was to get Julie to pee in her cute pink panties so that when Sylvia put them on while they made love. Sylvia loved wearing the young girls dirty panties and it drove Julie crazy to see her older lover wearing panties that were made for teen girls to wear.

It wasn’t long before Julie her the peek that Sylvia was pushing her toward and as the orgasm hit her she released a quick gush of juice and pee that immediately soaked the crotch and front of her panties. As Julie sighed from the release güvenilir bahis Sylvia stood and began to lead her toward the bedroom. Julie walked into the room first and was greeted by the sight of a room filled with candles and flowers. Sylvia had spent a far amount of time after her children went to school getting ready for Julie’s visit. There was soft music playing and the room smelled of the soft scent of vanilla. Julie knew that this was all for her and she immediately knew that she would never have another lover that was as soft and caring as Sylvia.

Julie was guided to the edge of the bed and Sylvia began to slip the dress of that Julie had just put on more than 30 minutes before. Sylvia carefully pulled the top down of Julie’s shoulders and got her first look at the bra that went with the set she was wearing. At the first sight of the bra, Sylvia gasped and immediately went to licking Julie’s nipples through the sheer cloth of the bra cup. At the same time, she continued to push the dress down over Julies hips and it dropped softly to the floor around Julies ankles. Before Julie had a chance to start to undress her lover, she was pushed onto the bed and Sylvia began to slowly strip for Julie.

Sylvia knew that Julie love this, and she made sure that it was slow and deliberate, to maximize the effect. In all the time that the two had been lovers there had been very few occasions when Sylvia had preformed for Julie. She felt that she on longer had the body for such things. Anyone who saw her naked abdomen could tell that she was a mother and she did not like the way her body looked. But, Julie had shown her that at least on person did like her body and that is why she was doing this now for her.

Sylvia knew that it wouldn’t be long before Julie left for collage and she would be alone again. So she wanted to make sure that this birthday was one that Julie would never forget.

The last thing for Sylvia to remove was her panties and as she slid them down over her thighs, Julie got her first look at Sylvia’s freshly shaved pussy. Never before had she shaved herself completely. She always kept her bikini line shaved and the rest trimmed but she knew that Julie loved to see a woman completely shaved. A soft moan rose from the bed and Sylvia knew that Julie had seen the shaving and was extremely excited by the sight.

Sylvia then began to kiss her way up Julie’s stocking covered thighs to the point were she had to push open Julie’s legs to get access to her panties and her sweet young pussy. With the first touch of Sylvia’s tongue to the crotch of Julie’s panties Julie began to writhe on the bed. Sylvia knew that there would be a long time spent in this position before she gave Julie a chance to taste her freshly shaved hot spot. She could not believe that it had been four years since the first time that they had made love and that after all that time Julie had never insisted on her getting rid of the hair between her legs. As these thoughts passed through her mind she shut out everything in the world except the sounds that were rising from Julie’s lips as she pushed deeper into Julie’s sweet pussy. She could smell the perfume that Julie had put on and as she inhaled the mix of Julie’s natural perfume and the added scent of the perfume that she had bought her for Christmas she lost sight of everything and focused on the pleasure that she was giving. She knew that before long there would be another gush from Julie and then it would be time for the next surprise.

When Julie’s second orgasm hit she nearly sat up on the bed it was so strong. It was so strong that she could feel the wet spit under her bottom spread past her hips and even above her waist. It was then that Sylvia pulled her panties down over her thighs and off her legs in one smooth move. Sylvia then stepped into them as if she was just getting dressed for a day out. But the biggest surprise was when Sylvia reached into her dresser drawer and pulled out a package. Julie saw that it was beautifully wrapped in a very erotic paper that was very suggestive of where the present had been bought.

Sylvia handed the package to Julie and stood waiting for Julie to open it. She pulled open the paper and saw that the package was a plain white box. As the excitement built inside of Julie she pulled open the box and found inside a strap-on harness and dong that was at least 10 türkçe bahis inches and shaped just like a mans penis. Sylvia saw her lovers eyes light up at the first sight of the gift and she knew that she had made the right choice at the adult gift shop.

Julie immediately pulled it from the box and held it out for Sylvia to put on. Sylvia showed her how to adjust the harness so that it would fit and hold the dong in the proper position for their lovemaking. As Sylvia looked into the eyes of her young lover she saw only a desire that she had never seen in the young girls eyes before. Before their lovemaking and never included penetration in any form except with fingers. Sylvia had several dongs but had never pulled them out because she didn’t want to scare Julie or make her think that she was a pervert. Now she realized that she had been wrong in her assessment of her lover and realized that she should have done this sooner.

Julie slid herself up onto the bed and put her head on one of the pillows that was already out and ready for their use. She held out her arms in an open invitation to Sylvia to join her on the bed.

As Sylvia climbed onto the bed she went straight up between Julies legs and kissed her pussy as she moved up Julies body to kiss her on the lips. As they began to kiss Julie reached down between their bodies and began to guide Sylvia’s large rubber penis toward her opening. Without even thinking Sylvia pushed with her hips to enter Julies body. The push was all it took to get inside her lovers hot wet hole and as she entered, Julie pushed her hips up to meet the thrust that Sylvia was giving. Julie moaned with the entrance and began to work her way down the shaft until she could take no more.

They both knew that this would be the final step in their lovemaking. There would be nothing that they could not experience together after this. Sylvia began to increase the speed and pressure of the thrusts that she was using to bring Julie closer to orgasm. She had learned that Julie was a truly multi-orgasmic girl and she enjoyed the sights and sounds of the orgasms that Julie had. She had also discovered that when she was with Julie she could also have multiple orgasms. But only with Julie and only then if she was careful to make sure that she had spent plenty of time giving Julie the attention that she needed. Otherwise, it didn’t matter what Julie did she could only have one orgasm ad then she became so tender to the touch that she couldn’t even wear panties. Within just a few minutes Julie was ready for another orgasm and she gladly mad another puddle on the bed.

Then it was her turn to pleasure Sylvia and she knew that it would be an even greater pleasure for her because this time she got to taste her lover without the hair getting in the way. Julie pulled the strap-on and harness off of Sylvia and began to kiss her way back up the long smooth legs that she had so many times explored in the past four years. As she got closer to Sylvia’s pussy she could smell the mix of her own scent, Sylvia’s scent and the perfume that she was wearing and she discovered just how intoxicating the mix was. Julie reached out with her tongue and lightly licked the crotch of her own panties that her lover was wearing and she could clearly taste the mix of their juices. Before she knew what she was doing she had pulled the panties out of the way and she was pushing her tongue as deep into Sylvia’s pussy as she could. Julie loved the taste of a woman’s love juice and it was intensified even more by the fact that it was Sylvia. The one that had taught her so much about love and lovemaking.

Julie knew just how to make her hit the roof in the shortest amount of time and she was determined to do just that. As she licked and sucked on the clit that was so well hidden between the folds of Sylvia’s pussy, she could hear the building intensity of the orgasm that she was causing. Within just a few minutes Sylvia was trying to push Julies head away from her pussy and the more she pushed the more Julie held tight to her firm ass cheeks and pushed harder to stay between Sylvia’s legs. Then as if out of nowhere the orgasm hit her and she screamed in pleasure. And for the first time in the four years that they had been lovers Sylvia had such a strong orgasm that she lost control of her body and peed in Julie’s mouth. Julie knew that she had done well in her fight güvenilir bahis siteleri to stay between Sylvia’s legs. She had finally caused a hard enough orgasm that Sylvia could not help but pee.

With this she knew that it was time for her to learn to use the gift that she had gotten and she began to put it on. Without so much as a word of warning she entered Sylvia with one smooth thrust. Sylvia let out a long low moan and thrust her hips up from the bed to meet her lover. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to take all of it but to her surprise she took enough that she could feel the harness lightly brush against her pelvis. Sylvia then reached up and took hold of Julies ass to guide her through the movements to bring her to another orgasm. It didn’t take long before Julie and Sylvia had found a perfect rhythm and they were once again working together toward another mind blowing orgasm. By the time the orgasm hit Sylvia the second time, she had caught her second wind and she began to show Julie the different positions that could be used to allow access to a woman for penetration.

The lovers spent the entire morning trying new things and exploring each other like they had never done before. Around noon they stopped to rest and cuddle. Sylvia held Julie close as they lay in the bed. She knew that she had only a short time left to her before Julie went off to collage, and she wanted every minute that she spent with Julie to be special and memorable for both of them.

After taking a nap together the lovers woke and went to the bathroom for a soak in Sylvia’s garden tub. With Julie sitting between her legs, Sylvia began to wash Julie’s hair and upper body. As she did they began to talk about what was to come. Julie was excited about the prospect of going to collage and making new friends, but she also looked forward to spending more time with her sister Kathy.

Julie and Kathy had spent precious little time together since she left for school. Kathy only came home once a month, and when she did there were always planned visits for her. She had to make sure that she had time to spend with her friends that were still in town, as well as time for the family. So they only had a few hours at night to spend on their passion. Julie had already decided to make sure that she had time for each of her lovers. That meant that she would have to come home more often. Julie also suggested that Sylvia come to school from time to time to visit her and they could spend time together that way as well.

Julie didn’t care if people knew that she was bi. She knew that it would come out eventually so why try to hide it. She and Kathy would spend time together during the week and she would spend the weekend either at home or looking for new lovers at school.

After a long hot bath the lovers climbed out of the tub and dried each other off, before beginning to dress each other. First came the stockings and garter belts. Then Sylvia picked up Julies panties, which were still quite wet from they hours of passionate lovemaking. As she slide them up Julies legs there came a soft moan from Julie. Sylvia knew that of all the steps it would take to get the two of them dressed, this was the step that they both enjoyed the most. It had always been the one thing that kept them coming back to each other for more.

It took about half an hour for them to get dressed and then it was time for Julie to head for home. With one final passionate kiss the lovers parted until the next visit, which they both knew would not be very long in coming. Julie walked out the front door and headed for her car. As she climbed into her car she knew that Sylvia was watching, so she made sure that her lover got one final look up her short skirt at her stocking covered thighs and wet panties.

Julie drove home with some in trepidation. As she drove she looked at the clock on the dash of her car and realized that she would have about an hour before her father arrived home from work. She hoped that she and her mother would have time for a quickie before he arrived. She knew that her father would never approve of the new found love between her mother and herself. He had never fully accepted the idea that Julie liked girls as much as she did boys. But, he never put her down for it. He simply wouldn’t talk about it or give any recognition to the fact that she went out on actual dates with girls as well as guys. She had come to accept this but she didn’t like it.

She pulled into the driveway and headed for the house. Julie opened the front door to the house and was immediately greeted by the sight of her mother.

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