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$20 Million Ch. 07

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It’s been about six months since my husband Rick last told our story. Life has been great since then. After a lot of initial spending we started investing and getting involved in some business opportunities and now we’re worth about five times what we won. Kenny is still working for us (THANK GOD!!!) and Rick hired a beautiful Chinese girl by the name of Lily as our housekeeper. She keeps him very busy when Kenny and I get together and it seems like a perfect arrangement.

I had almost forgotten just how bi-sexual he is when recently he started looking for a personal assistant. He was leaving on a two-week business trip to look in to our investments in a couple of days and needed someone to help him.

I just assumed he was trying to work another woman into his life when I saw the applicants that had made the short list. He had them all come to the house. They were all well-dressed men, between 18 and 25 years old, and absolutely gorgeous. Any one of them could be a model.

Rick’s eyes just brightened as he saw them and I knew the worst thing about this for him would be having to pick just one. It became evident as the five men walked in that they were either bi or gay because none of them gave me more than a passing glance but all smiled and gathered around Rick.

As I looked them all over one really began to stand out. He was Hispanic, 24 years old, about 6’3″, lean at about 190 lbs., with dark eyes and shoulder length black hair. He introduced himself to me as Juan, and I felt weak in the knees as he looked deep in to my eyes. He smiled, no doubt used to having this effect on women and turned back his attention to Rick.

It was then that I noticed Rick’s bulge. The luscious males standing in our front room visibly excited him. He then said, “did everyone bring shorts?” With a bunch of affirmatives he added, “then lets go take a dip.”

He led the way outside to the pool where he started to undress. I was about to point the way to the change room when they all just slowly started changing in to their swimsuits right in front of me. If only I had had a camera at that moment. I just about got whiplash trying to take in all of that man flesh around me. All different body styles but they were all perfect.

Each of them had a nice tight ass, some slender and some muscular. Their cocks were all different too. Not one of them was small, but some were bigger than others were. There was short and thick, long and thin, long and thick, cut and uncut, all of them looked great to me. Only one of the men had a hard-on though, and that was my beloved Rick, the smallest of them all.

As a side note, Rick likes to think his cock is eight inches. Maybe once it got that long but normally he never gets past about six. Also, it’s thinner than Trent’s. I guess it’s hard for him to tell that though.

They were all wearing tight, revealing shorts and stood there talking for few minutes. For the first time, Rick spoke to me and asked me to grab them some beers. I quickly headed to the poolside bar and opened six bottles. It wasn’t long before I was grabbing more, and more, and subayevleri escort more. I turned on some music and the party was going full swing.

They were all starting to get a buzz going and Rick was pulling them aside one at a time to talk privately at one of the tables. Each time they would sit quite close and there was always some type of contact. Rick’s hand would touch an arm, or a shoulder, or even rub a thigh. As he was finished talking to them he would get up give them a handshake, and tell them he would let them know his decision. I would then watch as they got dressed and then I would show them out.

He kept Juan waiting the longest. I didn’t mind though, as he was the only one that started talking to me; that and the fact he was fucking hot. I was quite wet as I got up to show the second to last guy out. By the time I got back, Rick and Juan were standing in the pool.

The sexual tension was palpable as I neared. Neither of them acknowledged my presence, as they were too interested in each other. It was then that I noticed the shorts on the ground. As I brought them fresh drinks I could see that Rick’s erect cock was pointing straight towards Juan’s bigger, but still only semi-hard, uncut prick. At that moment, that was the only thing “straight” about my husband. I could tell that Rick had made his choice.

As much as I wanted to get in between those two dicks right now I knew that I wouldn’t be welcome.

I headed for Kenny’s room. He wasn’t there but I soon found him in the workout room.

He was doing bench presses and the sight of his huge muscular body made me forget about my husband. His every muscle tightened as massive arms moved some unnaturally heavy amount of weight up and down. I stripped down and waited for him to finish his set.

Ever since the first time I had sex with Kenny I have loved the way my entire cunt tingles when I know it’s coming. He was leaving on holidays for three weeks the next day, and I knew I would truly miss him.

As he rested the barbell on the support I sauntered up to him. He always made me feel so tiny and meek. I looked at his shorts as they started getting tighter and tighter. I peeled them back to reveal my favorite cock. While I do truly love Rick, he just cannot in any way compare to Kenny as a lover. His dick size, endurance, technique are all so completely overshadowed. For that matter Rick doesn’t really compare to any man I’ve been with in bed. That includes my son Trent; and he’s only 18. Maybe penis size doesn’t matter to some women but it sure does to me. To be honest, Rick’s little dick can’t even get me off anymore, but I’ll never tell him that.

As I leaned forward to kiss and lick Kenny’s anaconda it leapt up to meet me halfway. He has more muscle control than anyone I’ve ever met does. I spent some time with it and then licked my way down to his sweaty, musky balls. His scent makes me even hornier. There’s nothing like the smell of a real man to get me worked up.

Another thing I really like about Kenny is the fact that he’s 100 percent straight. yenidoğan escort While I find Rick’s bi-sexuality interesting at times, it’s nice for a change to be with a man who’s not begging to be fucked up the ass by a dildo or another man while you are in bed with him. Not to mention the fact that Rick is kind of a pussy. That’s just another way that my husband can’t compare; there’s not a single thing wimpy about Kenny. I always feel safer when I’m with my giant black lover.

As I finished up tongue-bathing his giant sac, he lifted me off the floor, spun me around, and planted my cunt on his oversized mouth. Sometimes I feel like he’s going to swallow me whole. His huge tongue never fails to drive me to orgasm. Believe it or not it’s thicker than Rick’s dick and almost as long. He even hits my g-spot with it.

Once I was sufficiently soaked he again hoisted me, this time suspending me above his immense, and completely vertical, mammoth dong. It never fails to amaze me how incredible the sensation is as it plows it’s way through my now stretched opening. At that moment I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else with anyone else. No matter how much I love Rick, I am so obsessed with the jumbo schlong in my cunt that I probably couldn’t tell you his name to save his life.

Kenny fucked me all over that room that day, spinning me like a top on his pole. After he had cum in me three times, and two hours had passed, he carried me back to my room and told me he had to go pack. As I watched his awesome ass walk away I sighed, missing him already.

After a long bath I figured I would see what Rick and his new friend were up to.

It took a while to find them but I finally located them in Lily’s room.

Juan was lying back on the bed with Rick, ass in the air, trying to deep-throat his meat. Lily was underneath Rick sucking his cock and fucking him with a dildo.

While I was tempted to join in, I wasn’t about to disturb them. Besides, I’d just fucked Kenny and there was nothing better than that. I was content to just watch for a while.

Juan looked so hot grabbing my husband’s head; his flawless body tense as Rick did what he loves most; sucked dick. As Rick came up for air, I finally got to see Juan’s tool. It was probably over eleven inches long, quite thick, and as I said before, uncut. Like Trent’s, it curved upwards. “Well done Rick!” I thought to myself, “you got yourself a nice big toy.” The problem was, his girlfriend Lily was already eyeing up Juan’s big dick. “Won’t be long before she’s thinking of him while you’re fucking her.”

As if on cue Lily slid Rick’s member out of her mouth, flipped over, and wiggled her way up to lick Juan’s big balls. A moment later she even went so far as to pull Juan’s cock out of my husband’s mouth and start sucking it. Rick looked a little hurt as she had just deserted his cock and left the dildo up his ass, but he just moved over a little and let it all happen.

Juan saw the look on Rick’s face though and roughly grabbed Lily by the hair, pulling her away with a yelp. “Sorry Lily, yenimahalle escort you’re cute and all, but I prefer men. Stick around though, we’ll still need you.” Lily just bowed her head in shame but did as she was told.

Then Juan got up, walked around behind Rick, removed the dildo, and proceeded to slowly and gently fuck his ass. I could tell Rick was in instant ecstasy. It had been months since he’d actually had a real dick in him, and this was a very nice dick. Juan then grabbed Lily’s hair again and told her to lick his anus and balls. She complied without argument and started to fuck her own pussy with another vibrator.

Juan’s rhythm slowed and quickened and I could soon tell he was a great lover. I would really have been thinking of fucking him but that stopped when I saw what happened when Lily tried to push her way in. She was continuing her rimjob and looked ready to cum.

Her cunt was so wet and tasty looking that my instincts took over. While I had decided to leave them alone I couldn’t refuse that sweet Asian pussy any more. I walked straight to the bed and buried my face in Lily’s juicy crotch.

After about 15 minutes had passed I licked my way up and kissed her sweet eraser nipples and looked up to see, not a foot from my face, Juan’s love missile fucking my husband’s ass. My eyes traveled slowly up his taut, hard body until I reached his eyes. I was surprised to see that he was looking at me too. He flashed a quick grin, and motioned me up. As I came up beside him he leaned over and kissed me hard. Then he began whispering to in my ear.

“Your husband loves my cock.”

“My husband loves all big cocks.”

“What about you?”

“I love all big cocks, too.”

“Then why are you with him?”

“Because I fell in love.”

“Do you mind me fucking him like this?”

“No, because he loves it. Fuck him harder. Rape his ass. He loves it.”

With that he just gave me one more kiss and said, “soon it will be your turn.” He then turned his full attention to giving Rick the hardest fuck of his life. For the next 20 minutes Rick screamed with pain/pleasure as he took it like a man. Then Juan slowed his pumping and loosed his load deep in to Rick. As he pulled out he grabbed Lily and had her suck his slowly shrinking cock clean. Then Lily slid up beside Rick, said sorry, and kissed him deeply.

There I was, sitting on the corner of the bed, watching this sweet girl making out with my man, still horny as I didn’t orgasm. Ah well, I guess I’d just have to go interrupt Kenny again. The problem was, tomorrow morning, Kenny and Lily would be on their separate holidays for three weeks. Rick and his Latino superstud would be leaving at the same time. I’d already talked to the kids and they all had plans. What the hell was I going to do to keep busy?

On my way to Kenny’s room the phone rang. It was my ex-husband Dale.

I’d never really stopped loving him. Our relationship was just too explosive. Our fights were legendary but so was the lovemaking. After he smacked me around though I just couldn’t stay, so I grabbed the kids and left. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in years. I wondered what he was like now.

“I’m going to be in town tomorrow,” he said. “I was wondering if maybe we could meet for coffee or something?”

It didn’t seem to take me very long to say, “Here’s my address, be here around three…”

To be continued..

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