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20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 09

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The summer following what came to be known as “The Christmas Eve Incident”, a group of us decided to meet along the Colorado River near the Grand Canyon for a week long camping trip. There had never seemed an appropriate time or circumstance to talk to my cousin about what had transpired during our little mutual masturbation session. For other reasons I didn’t feel quite able to tell Jenna about it either, so it was basically swept under the rug for a while. Occasionally, during a lull in a dinner conversation, I would give Denise a meaningful look, but I never really got any acknowledgment that anything unusual had passed between us.

Denise was now dating a law student named Dan, and of course had to bring him along on the trip. Jenna and I came from Phoenix, and rounding out the trip was Denise’s high school friend Heather and her husband Lee.

Unlike us, Lee and Heather were real go-getters, into several different sports and outdoor activities. As such, they were both in great shape. Lee was tall, blond and muscular, while Heather, half Chinese and scarcely over 5 feet, had flawlessly smooth tanned skin and shoulder length black hair.

Denise’s new beau annoyed me from the first minute I met him. Any boyfriend of hers probably would have, but I found Dan to be smug and superior, very much in the vein of her prior companions. Even though he was tall and physically impressive, I could tell that he was no match for my cousin either intellectually or romantically. Then again maybe I was just plain jealous.

The campground was right on the river, and we were able to snag adjoining sites. Lee and Heather had a small pop-up trailer in one spot and the other two couples pitched tents on either side of the second site’s fire pit.

It was late afternoon when we arrived, and the remaining daylight was spent setting up camp and checking out the neighborhood. After a dinner of hot dogs and baked beans, we all hung out at the water’s edge and caught a spectacular Western sunset.

Even at that hour, it was warm enough for a swim, so of course Heather and Lee were the first in. Lee opted for the tight Speedo, naturally, which was a treat for the womenfolk, but Heather didn’t disappoint in a silver one-piece cut high on her hips, with an open back. The suit had the uncanny ability to become sheer when wet, and the dark areolas on her perky little breasts showed up clearly when she stepped out of the water.

The other two girls wore black bikinis, and Jenna seemed to have no problem showing off her bodacious backside in a thong, strolling nonchalantly down to the river in flip-flops. Lee and Dan tried hard not to stare, but I caught them stealing glances several times, when I wasn’t staring myself.

My cousin Denise, always the more demure of the two, had on jean shorts over her bikini bottom, but a finely sculpted top showcased her fabulously large tits; another visual feast for the men in the group.

We made it back to the fire as darkness took full hold. Several beers were produced, as well as a bottle of Pendleton Whiskey that was slowly passed around. The conversation was of the sort only found around campfires: deep, philosophical, and drunken.

At one point, Denise got up to pee, but didn’t want to walk the 30 yards to the brick lavatory building.

“I say just venture outside the firelight a ways and find a bush,” Jenna offered. “We promise not to tell on ya.”

Denise apparently agreed with that idea, and it was all I could do not to get up and follow her out into the darkness. My bathroom encounter with Jenna a few years earlier had awakened a bit of a pissing fetish in me, I’m afraid. One of my favorite activities was showering with Jenna and sucking on her clit while she peed under the steaming hot water.

One by one, each couple retired, Jenna and I sealing up our tent and preparing to crawl into our big double sleeping bag, cushioned with ample foam underneath. She was still wearing the black thong bathing suit, dry now, and an oversize t-shirt that had replaced the wet bikini top earlier. She had started to change for bed when I grabbed her and lay her face down on top of the bag.

“I’ve been wanting to do this all day long,” I said, hooking two fingers in the crotch of the thong and pulling it aside. I dove right in, tonguing her pungent asshole and running the tip of my tongue along her shaved slit, tasting the fresh river water. In fact, in seemed I could taste the whole of the great outdoors along with her familiar sweet tang.

After a few moments, I realized that with the light on in our tent, we were probably providing a heck of a silhouette for the other campers, so I switched it off and continued dining on Jenna’s sweetness in total darkness. I felt her arch her butt up in the air, giving me full access to her moist labia, and after a few minutes she came with a quiet intensity, her juices coating my tongue, my nose buried in the crack of her ass.

“Mmmm,” she mumbled into the pillow. “Let me suck your cock, honey.” But I could tell she was fading and that her heart was not in it. kadıköy escort I chalked it up as a compliment to me that she was satisfied to the point of catatonia, and told her not to worry. She moaned again and was instantly asleep.

As I lay there debating whether or not to stroke myself off to never never land, I realized I could hear faint voices coming from Dan and Denise’s tent. Soon the talk slowed and the syllables elongated, and then there came the distinct low sound of male pleasure. Mixed in were faint female gasps, and it pained me to realize that the law student was at that moment fucking my cousin not 10 yards away. I consoled myself in the knowledge that he definitely seemed to be enjoying it more than she, and when his grunting finally peaked and died off, I was unable to tell whether she had in fact climaxed at all. It wasn’t that I didn’t want Denise to find sexual gratification; quite the opposite. I just didn’t want her to find it with this Cro-Magnon and therefore stay with him when he wasn’t the right guy for her. I decided that he was just plain ill equipped to make her cum, and that thought helped me drift off to sleep.

The next day was given over to a long hike, which was fantastic yet relatively uneventful save for one incident which will forever stick in my memory. We were all spread out on a trail through a fairly heavily vegetated area, and Jenna and I were lagging quite a bit behind the rest of the party. She was in the middle of admonishing me for forgetting the camera back at the campsite, from what I recall. As we rounded a corner, we saw Denise trudging down the hill on her own. She wandered through the brush, then disappeared behind a tree and stopped.

Jenna leaned in close, panting from the exertion. “I think she’s going to pee.” Then, dropping her voice dramatically, “Hey…follow me.”

“Oh, you sick and twisted chick,” I whispered, eagerly following her down a deer trail until we were about parallel with Denise’s tree. We crouched behind a fallen log, crawled a few feet, and carefully peered over the top.

There, about 20 yards away was my cousin, her back to us, half squatting, holding her shorts and white lace underwear just above her ankles. Her feet were about a foot and a half apart, and a thin stream of pee was watering the pine needles between them and running down the incline. It was one of the sexiest things I’d ever laid eyes on, and apparently Jenna felt the same way.

“Awww,” she whispered. “Would you just look at that beautiful fuckin’ ass…” Her New York accent was always more pronounced when she cussed, but for me it was just a reminder of her “street” sex appeal.

Denise’s ample hips curved upward into her slim waist, and the twin teardrops of her ass caught the shadowy sunlight at just the right angle.

“I really wish I had the camera,” I said, mostly to myself. “Or the binoculars.”

“Well,” Jenna replied, giving me a playful shoulder punch. “We all know whose fault it is that you can’t get a closer view. However…”

She knelt down behind the log and gave me one of her ‘something great is about to happen’ looks. I looked back at Denise just as she was pulling up her panties and shorts and stomping back up the hill. I turned back to Jenna to see her unzipping her khaki shorts and bunching them down to her knees.

“I’ve got your close-up right here, mister,” she said coyly.

Next off were her light green satin panties, crumbling into her shorts. Leaning back against the log, she squatted right there in front of me. Her right hand snaked between her thighs and she spread her pussy lips apart with two fingers. I quickly hit my knees and got in close just as a chaotic stream shot out of her, landing with a hiss of steam on the dry dirt. I stared, endlessly curious about the mystery of the female waterworks, even though I’d seen it happen so many times.

Jenna finished and, still dripping, stood up, her shorts and underwear falling to her ankles.

“Your turn,” she commanded. “Get ’em off.”

I wasn’t even sure I had to go, but I clumsily dropped my shorts and Jenna took care of my boxers, turning me around to face the log. She knelt down behind me, reached around and grabbed my dick, which was semi-hard already, and began stroking it, her mouth caressing my naked thigh.

“That’s it…right over the log, Tommy Boy.”

Soon I felt the stream coming, and with Jenna directing the flow, I angled a jet over the dead tree and into the bushes on the other side. I’d never associated the act of peeing with sexual gratification, but with a hot brunette massaging your balls and guiding your rod, it gets to be quite a rush. When I was done she turned me around and stood up, our naked hips coming together as my last drops mingled with hers.

We locked into a deep tongue kiss, after which she whispered in my ear, “You liked spying on your cousin’s sweet bare ass, didn’t you, dirty boy?”

“I did,” I admitted. “But right now all I want to do is bend you over this log and clean your sticky cunt with my tongue.”

“Well, üsküdar escort that can certainly be arranged,” she breathed, turning around and assuming the position.

I never have figured out why some guys aren’t into cunnilingus, since for me the pleasure is equally mine, immersing my senses in the best place on Earth while making a gorgeous creature squirm with just a flick of the tongue or slight suction on the clit. And from behind, the pleasure is magnified by the necessity of one’s nose being buried in a girl’s musky ass.

By the time Jenna tensed and went limp on the log, her legs weak and trembling, I had practically cum in the dirt underneath her, my erect cock hanging inches above the ground. The true orgasm would have to wait until the evening for me, however.

We stumbled back into camp a disheveled pair, Jenna walking unsteadily and me with her sweet and salty taste still on my lips. As it happened, we arrived just in time to see Dan’s car heading off through the campground at a high and angry rate. Heather was sitting with Denise at a picnic table, trying to console her, but didn’t seem to be having much luck.

Lee explained that the couple had been arguing for much of the last portion of the hike, and that Denise had essentially told Dan to go home. The specifics we got from Denise, who was close to tears, weren’t really that specific. She described the problem as Dan wanting to take the relationship “to the next level” and her resisting, but I couldn’t help wondering if her lackluster response to sex with the man wasn’t a microcosm of the whole thing. Good riddance, as far as I was concerned, but I certainly felt bad for my cousin.

Through dinner she seemed to perk up a bit, and the addition of Lee’s strong margaritas went a long way toward helping her to get over the jerk. Around the fire the guitar came out, more liquor was consumed, and by 11 o’clock no one was feeling a whole lot of pain. After a particularly rousing singalong of “Free Fallin'”, Denise got slowly to her feet and announced, with a pronounced slur, that she was going to bed. Hugs were given all around, and she stumbled away into the dark as we speared a few more marshmallows and thrust them into the flames.

Sometime later all four of us decided to call it a night, and Jenna and I made our way to our tent. I stopped outside it and looked around with the flashlight.

“Did you leave the flap open like this?” I asked her, finding the zipper halfway undone.

“I certainly did not,” she answered. “I’ve been well trained.”

I stepped into the dark tent and hit the battery operated lamp hanging from the ceiling bar. There, on the far side of our double sleeping bag, was Denise, fully clothed. She was sprawled out on top of the bag, wearing her dark green Khaki shorts and white v-neck tank top with a thin beige jacket. She had managed to get one hiking boot off, but had apparently passed out while unlacing the second, unaware that she was in the wrong tent.

“Denise,” Jenna called out. “Girlfriend, are you still with us?”

No movement. No sound.

“I take that as a ‘no’,” I said.

There we sat, cramped on our side of the the sleeping bag, pondering the situation.

“Well,” she said, “Looks like either you get your wish and sleep in a drunk girl sandwich or we go sleep in her tent.”

“As good as the first option sounds, I don’t think either of us would get much sleep,” I countered. “I guess we go to her tent.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying, but I was fairly inebriated and totally exhausted.

Jenna got to her knees. “We can’t leave her like this, though. She’ll catch cold sleeping on top of the bag. Get that other boot off.”

I complied, leaving Denise’s white ankle socks on, while Jenna removed the jacket.

“Okay, lover boy. We have to get her undressed. No girl wants to wake up with her bra on. I’ll get that if you get the shorts.”

Wow. Christmas in July, indeed.

“And Thom?”

I looked up innocently.

“No funny stuff. She’s practically unconscious.”

“Now come on,” I protested. “I’m not that bad.”

Her look told me she was less than reassured.

Denise was on her back, so I leaned over and undid her small black belt, unsnapped the top button and unzipped her shorts. This was certainly not how I imagined undressing my cousin for the first time, but there was a taboo element to the whole thing that set my hands to shaking.

Jenna had her hands up the back of Denise’s shirt, trying to unclasp her bra as I slowly peeled open her fly. Underneath was the white lace front of her panties, the same ones we’d seen her pull down to pee earlier in the day. As I slid the shorts down over her thighs, I was pleasantly surprised to note that the lace was partly sheer all the way down to just above slit level, where they turned to satin. Dark shades of her thin black bush were just visible through the fabric. I must have paused there for more than a moment, for Jenna swatted me on the arm and gestured for me to keep tuzla escort working. I had gotten her shorts all the way off when Jenna suggested we roll her over, so she could “get this fuckin’ bra off already.”

I placed my hands on my cousin’s smooth waist and rolled her on her side and then over, coming face to face with her white panty covered ass and feeling an increased tightness in my crotch immediately. Jenna slid Denise’s tank top up and undid the bra, pulling the straps off her shoulders and finally freeing it through a complicated arm maneuver. As she caressed the frilly thing in her hands, her demeanor seemed to soften, and she began slowly running her fingers around inside the large cups.

“Oh, to have tits this big,” she sighed. “Maybe you’d love me more then.”

“Oh shut up,” I said. “If you get implants, I’ll disown you.”

Jenna giggled and inhaled the scent of Denise’s bra, then handed it over to me.

“A little present for you, hon. Maybe to complete the set?”

I grinned, thinking of the little pink panties we still had back in Jenna’s drawer. Her eyes suddenly lowered to my crotch as she noticed for the first time the distinct bulge that had been growing since we entered the tent. Her left hand went instinctively to it, and she traced the length of my erection through my shorts.

“What do you say we take care of this little situation before we adjourn to the bedroom?” she purred, licking her lips.

“Um,” I stuttered, glancing down at Denise, half naked at my knees. “What if she wakes up?”

“She won’t,” she answered, already dragging my zipper down, shoving my underwear out of the way and wrangling my thick shaft out through the opening. She bent down and took the whole thing into her mouth, rolling her tongue around to the underside, stimulating the most sensitive areas. I ran a hand through her dark curly hair and closed my eyes in bliss. I guided her head when I needed it deeper or harder, and she cupped by balls in her left hand and massaged them gently.

Before I got too close for cum-fort, so to speak, I pulled her lips off of me with a suction sound and kissed her passionately.

“Lie back,” I said. “And raise your legs for me.”

She made a surprised little noise and lay on her back next to my cousin, both legs tightly together in the air. I didn’t bother to unbutton or unzip anything this time. In one fluid motion I grabbed the band of her shorts and panties and pulled them off of her hips and up her legs to her knees, exposing her glistening pink twat and releasing its sweet and tangy aroma.

I knelt down and went to work, tonguing her warm slit top to bottom, then sliding down to the beige star of her asshole and giving it a good soaking.

I was now lying on my stomach, stiff against the cool sleeping bag, with my right hand cupping Jenna’s left butt cheek as I slurped her swollen pussy. She had her head back on the pillow, moaning softly with the occasional louder gasp escaping her pouty lips.

I became very aware of my left hand, however, and didn’t know quite what to do with it. I ended up laying it softly on my cousin’s smooth, tanned thigh. I felt the warm skin beneath it ripple slightly as I touched her, but she didn’t wake up.

I was only mildly surprised when I looked up and saw that Jenna was absentmindedly stroking Denise’s long black hair while I ate her out.

I decided to live dangerously and let my hand slide slowly up my cousin’s thigh until I felt the gentle rise of her ass and the edge of the satin panty. Hesitating for a moment, my fingers ranged up underneath her panties as my tongue explored the depths of Jenna’s snatch. I had reached all the way to the sloping canyon between Denise’s velvety cheeks when Jenna began to demand, quite insistently, that I fuck her – now and hard.

Almost at the same time, I reluctantly slid my hand out of my cousin’s panties and my straining cock into Jenna’s tight slot. I drove into her, plumbing the far reaches of her cunt while holding her legs in front of me, squeezing them together and creating a vise-like grip on my shaft. She continued to caress Denise’s silky hair, and the sight of the two of them beneath me was enough to complete the illusion that I was in bed with them both. I scissored Jenna’s legs apart a few times, bringing them back together and feeling her hold on me tighten with each thrust.

The vise must have been working for her as well, because soon her left hand grabbed my ass cheek and squeezed hard as she came with a shudder, flooding her cock-filled canal with juices and chewing hard on her lower lip. After a few seconds, she lifted her head off the pillow and gave me a smoldering look.

“I want you to fucking cum for me, baby… I want you to pull out and squirt your cum all over this tent!”

“All over…” I repeated, out of breath. “You mean…everywhere?”

She looked me straight in the eye. “Everywhere.”

A few more strong thrusts was all it took, and I slid out of her just as the first jets began to shoot from the tip of my cock. The underside of Jenna’s thighs got the opening salvo, then I turned to the right and painted the side of the tent sticky white. As the torrent got stronger and the climax invaded my entire body, I veered left and shook the final load onto the back of my cousin’s creamy thigh and up onto her satin panties.

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