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A Different Version

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My filthy rich family had recently engaged me to attend one of those bygone social blights known as a debutante for the much harangued daughter, my cousin Esme Valkhorff. For this extravagance, they even invited the estranged black sheep of the family, or in this case a pink-triangle bespeckled one.

I should describe myself I guess. I’m 5’10” blonde, with big brown eyes and a nice thin figure. I’m especially proud of my breasts, and to judge by the opinion of others, rightly so. I wear my hair long and my skirts short and cause no end of bereavement to my male friends because of my condition. I’m lesbian and my socially important family cannot admit my presence in ‘The Family.’ Of course only my mother knows, my other relatives would die of embarrassment. So on that fateful eve I had waylaid one of my friends, Allen, into being my date. He was a sweet most intelligent boy, the kind I prefer to associate with, but very sarcastic and enamored of the coffee-shop life. Allen himself was quite handsome, being 5’8″ with brown hair and eyes and devastatingly attractive in a boyish way. At least I wouldn’t be alone in the sublime misery of the faux-aristocrat atmosphere. These people are so damned sure of their superiority. I’m sure I have an uncle somewhere hoarding piles of Confederate currency in case the South should rise again. Baton Rouge is full of them.

After the arrival Allen and I made the requisite kisses and congratulations to my loathsome cousin and her friends. These girls had grown up around me and were quite fond of me, though we hadn’t seen each other for years. I looked around and was stirred by the difference in them; Angelie and Josie had matured in a pleasant way, and were attempting to show the high school boys their charms. For the most part I was disgusted by the fakeness of it all, but at least I got to see some well-dressed young tail. If those preciouseuses had any idea… “I love your dress, turn around for me. Oh!” And Allen smirked in the corner with his drink.

“Jennifer,” he said putting his arm around me in mock affection, “I had no idea your cousin had such adorable little friends.” The girls giggled, it’s not every day a College guy takes notice of them. He was trying to maintain his aloofness, but the tightness of their dresses ruffled even his composure. As for myself, I’m glad I didn’t drink, or I may have said something to one of them, especially Angelie, the short brunette I had known as a feisty compatriot in times past. She was still feisty, but now it was with a bit more suggestion. She leaned over a few times too often in Allen’s direction. He merely gripped me a little tighter and said to me, “How nice your friends are Jen,” with clenched teeth. That tight black skirt of Angelie’s was perhaps a size 0 on a girl size 2.

A little later I had made the rounds. Telling my cousin all the glad societal garbage so required, and went over to the guest room to see what was going on. Most of the acquaintances had left, and the parents had retired to their ‘wing’ so there was no one around except my cousins 3 girl friends, chatting about senior high school crushes and cetera. Allen couldn’t leave until I did but he amused himself with being the only guy in a situation that could have gone any number of pleasurable ways. I pressed myself against him and said, “Dear, if I can’t touch them neither can you. Besides, the family would die!” He laughed and told the giggling troupe not to worry, Jen was just his friend. Their feigned ‘dreadful’s’ and ‘horrid’s’ had dissolved like their personalities after a few hours of sipping their ’90’s mint juleps, rum and coke. I was an abstainer and Allen was a veteran so our faculties were in full possession.

“Where’s my cousin?”

“She got a bit tipsy Jenny and she went to bed. But we’re staying over, come and tell us all the wonderful things that you’re doing at college.” We sat. I looked over at Allen and uncrossed my legs, maybe that slit was a bit high as he had told me. Anyway, on chairs I’m sure the girls could get a nice view of the possibilities from their vantage point on the floor. Angelie in particular got a bit quieter, as she was directly across from me. Allen had his eyes all over Gabrielle, the shy one with short blond hair and a cute face. I don’t know why she always had a problem finding boyfriends; she was short and thin and had that innocent look that so appeals to predators like Allen. I was going to have to watch him. Angelie on the other hand just exuded ‘Sex’ and you could see she was in the mood. Absently fingering the button on the front of her shirt. It was already undone once and her perky little 34 C’s could be seen if you were so disposed to look. Josie was the prissy one of the bunch, red-haired and know-it-all, but she erzincan seks hikayeleri didn’t know much about this. Allen and I were going to have a bit of fun. Josie included.

I copied Angelie and undid a button or two on my white blouse and leaned over. “How about a ghost story?”

“Oooh yeah that’s a good idea Jen!” Angelie popped up and said, “I’ll turn off the lights.” Josie went to put a few candles on the wall holders and Gabrielle just sat there shyly smiling. They arranged themselves in a semi-circle around me in the chair, still leaning over and Allen placed himself next to Angelie, with Gabrielle a few feet behind him against the wall.

“I’ll tell the one about Wedgwood Manor Preparatory School, it has all the goodies, a ghost, a dead teacher, and frightened girls.”

“Excellent choice Jen,” Allen said and got comfortable. He knew this story and me and had a shit-eating grin. I looked at him and noticed Angelie’s hand was already on his thigh and I hadn’t even started the story. So I decided to slide down on the floor myself to be a bit closer in order to prevent anything I told myself, and got nearer to the girls. I started the story about the evil teacher who often took girls to hidden areas of the old school building for punishment and how some didn’t like it, but others enjoyed it. The key of the story was a jealous girl who wanted the teacher for herself and killed him to prove it, but the story isn’t important. I kept looking at cute Josie every time I said something spooky and she kept jumping; I wanted to scare the primness out of her. Of course the fuzzy sweater she was wearing drew my attention too. What is it about those kind of girls with their hair in their ponytails that just drives me wild? I don’t know, I used to be one myself and teased unmercifully. Allen was trying to behave himself and Angelie wasn’t, so he leaned back so her hands wouldn’t be quite so far up his thigh, and I could see some parts of him weren’t ignoring her. I kept the story going and put my hands on Josie’s legs to frighten her during one part and she leaped, and tried to regain herself, but she fell forward into me and we laughed.

My hands lingered a bit longer on her than I should have let, and I glanced over to Allen. Now! I couldn’t believe it. He was all the way back and Gabrielle, shy Gabrielle with the cute short hair was petting him! (He loved being pet.) I stopped the story and said that was a good idea and since Angelie was pouting I moved behind her and told her to lie on my lap and I’d tell the story from there. The story continued, along with the petting and Josie, who wasn’t getting any attention, announced that if everyone was going to get comfortable, she would too, nervously. She pulled off her jeans first and we all pretended not to look while she grabbed some umbros and pulled them over her white cottons. Next came her sweater and she put a little shirt over her before taking off her bra underneath. She was trying so hard to be like Angelie. Now that she was in little umbros and a too-tight tee-shirt she moved in-between where I was petting Angelie and Gabrielle was petting Allen and lay down. “Is everybody comfortable?” Angelie cooed as I ran my hands through her short brown hair and I almost lost it, but I looked at Allen instead. He was smirking while Josie nestled herself close to him pressing a bit of her chest into his side. I continued the story, the good parts were coming up. I got to the part where the girl in the story has the teacher in a closet and is running from something. And there was Allen’s hand rubbing Josie’s thigh.. slightly pushing up her umbros while she moved around nervously and Gabrielle kept the petting, only to lean over and whisper something to him.

She knew, and I knew that Allen was just teasing Josie because she was such a prude who was trying to pose as being in control and enjoying herself. I winked at Gabrielle and took one of my hands off of Angelie’s head and started petting Josie’s other thigh, she started a bit then settled down, after giving me a strange pleading look. This stupid girl, if she wanted to tease, she’d better be ready to accept the consequences. Angelie, however was more upset and took the one petting-hand she had left and boldly put it on her neck. I was to rub there; so I did! Anyway, I was getting near the end of the story and the girls were getting near the end of their drinks… it had only been about 20 minutes and already my hand was snaking down to Angelie’s full breasts… oh, I was going to do this. My little friend with her short brown hair and her too big breasts for her size, was bad enough. But when she pouted like that, and oozed sex… it was too much for me. I leaned over and Allen saw what I was going to do. The bad bad girl in the ghost story, she bites her teacher to death. I knew, Allen knew. Angelie definitely knew something was going to happen, and even exquisite, gentle Gabrielle knew. She and Allen had settled quite tightly, his forehead and face pressed to her chest, her hands had gone beyond just petting him, to almost erotic touching.

Their faces were so close already as I leaned in to push my limits with Angelie. “She bit him… like this!” I said. And gave a deep bite to Angelie’s neck, sucking hard and licking at the same time. I couldn’t help it, her back arched up and pushed my hand right over her left breast and her nipple was hard.. I squeezed.. she was enjoying this, and I was enflamed. I kept licking and biting her neck and moved to her cheek, she turned her head, with her boyish cut hair still entwined in my fingers, and began kissing me full on. My hands kept moving all the way down the neck of her shirt and she was basically climbing on top of me. Tentatively touching then forcefully grabbing at me too. “Oh my God, ohmygodohmygodohmygod…” I heard whispered over and over in the background. I grinned and stopped the kiss. Angelie blushed and laughed a little.

“Jen, I think we just scared poor Josie to death, I’m too scared to look. I’d die laughing.” Now I couldn’t get over the fact that my young friend was saying this, whilst on top of me.

“Babe, I’ll look,” and I did. “Oh MY God!”

Ok, I wasn’t surprised that Allen and Gabrielle were kissing with a passion. Not even that he had his hand up her little shirt and was cupping her oh so nice little chest. I involuntarily squeezed the tit that happened to be in my hand when I saw that. But! There was Josie, pushed up completely against the wall, with her legs sprawled out, next to the little pervert and his accomplice. His other hand! It was completely under the umbros. “Oh my god Angelie.. Turn around slowly and don’t say anything.” Josie was sweating a bit with her hands flat on the ground and her face flushed, with her eyes closed. She kept alternating the “ohmygod’s” with the occasional, “pleasedon’tstopplease.” But what really shocked me was that Gabrielle’s hand was working on Josie too!

“NRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!” and Josie tensed up and came hard. She shook and sweated and pushed against their hands as Angelie and I looked on. Just watching them melting all over each other with their hands up that prude’s shorts was turning me on even more and I started to nibble at Angelie’s neck and we were soon taking off our shirts, she had such nice large tits to suck on, pressed against my own smaller ones and she was grinding into my hips. I felt her fingers traveling up my own thigh and stopping over my skirt. I thought she was going to put her hand up it but she lifted me up and pulled my skirt down to my knees. All I had on under there were some tight white silk panties and her hand was kneading my most sensitive area with an expertise I hadn’t known she had. I lay back to enjoy it, as I couldn’t even concentrate on the kiss anymore and got wetter and wetter. Angelie was licking my lips and laughing then she pulled my panties aside for better access. She touched, I came. I couldn’t hold out, it was too good. I slid down prone on the floor before looking back at the scene with the other three. Angelie curled up next to me, my hand on her rising chest, hers in my wet slit, and I bucked at the sight. Allen or Gabby had removed his pants and she was in her bra and panties, Josie was passed out from exhaustion next to them and Gabby was petting him, but not on his head. I watched as she slid her hand across his boxers, making him get even harder then she pushed it back up and went under them. She was giving him a handjob right there! I could almost see his dick as she pumped her hand back and forth and I certainly saw when he came, then afterwards she licked her fingers and pulled herself up next to him. His arm was around her back and I was hot again. I had a sexy girl squirming next to me, he had an innocent (I had thought) girl, cute, light, and blonde, next to him, and neither had gotten off.

I whispered to Angelie that I knew what she wanted and stroked her shorts in the right place, the middle, and told her that Gabrielle needed a kiss. She smiled and looked over at Gabby, who was staring at the resting Allen. She seemed to be really intent on him but that was alright. She had one hand rubbing him back to life, and her other touching herself without the slightest hint of self-consciousness. She needed to get off badly. Angelie crawled over to their corner and pushed her hand away from herself while she gave a wide-eyed look in response. Gabrielle had a little moue on her lips as her hand was placed next to her, but she didn’t stop Angelie. The little angel smoothed her hair and proceeded to kiss her passionately and pulled her shorts down to her ankles while doing so. Such a nice tight slip in between her legs, and natural blonde, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it, like Angelie couldn’t keep her hands. They were on the floor, Angelie holding her down, kissing her and fingering her and Gabrielle spreading her legs pushing against the magic hands. Angelie took her own shorts off, revealing a trim brown bush, and matched it against Gabby’s blonde one and started grinding her. I had to finger myself to keep from going crazy. Allen’s eyes opened at the moaning coming from those two and his mouth dropped. He also regained use of his favorite pieces, but stayed and watched. They went and went and Gabrielle came twice before Angelie did, but when she did I thought she would wake the adults one wing over, instead she only woke up Josie, who was in shock from her previous experience and even more so from this view.

The two shorthaired girls lay grinning on the floor with Allen next to them excited again. Angelie gave her impish grin and looked up his shorts from her vantage point and saw his problem. “What have you got there?” she mocked. Then she tilted up and reached under Gabrielle to remove her bra. She pressed herself back down, two naked pretties, pressed and undressed ready to help a boy. Angelie told him to kneel next to them then she pulled down his shorts, even he blushed at this forwardness but didn’t move away. She slid her finger down the underside of him and tasted a bit of his cum before grabbing him by the behind and pulling him closer to them. His length was positioned by their mouths and they started kissing again, but around the end of him this time. He was stroking their backs and fronts and all overs while Josie and I sat by and watched. She was so engrossed by this that I managed to come up behind her and put my hands on her shorts before she realized what was happening… again. I fingered her and myself while the two gorgeous vixens sucked the life out of Allen, making him squirt in record time, covering their chests. They lay side by side, Angelie smiling, chest heaving, Gabrielle contented, with her smaller breasts dripping a bit with Allen’s essence. She was so cute! I pinched and Josie squirmed and started breathing more heavily, but she didn’t blink. Allen pulled up his shorts and moved to watch what was going to happen, and he heard me tell Josie to clean the girls up, with her tongue. I kept stopping the rubbing until she agreed to do so, then while she was bent over I cupped her chest and started rubbing her little red snatch from the rear, her crotch was fire in more ways than one. She licked faster and the two on the floor were smiling a mile wide, and Josie took her time ‘cleaning’ the nipples, perhaps more thoroughly than what was warranted, but left a set of four hardened peaks to go with four lust-filled eyes. Then I made her cum again whereafter she promptly passed out on the two on the floor. We moved her out of the way and by this time I had to at least taste the light blonde I knew as Gabrielle. She didn’t mind but Angelie did, going around removing all clothes from everyone in the room, including the sleeping Josie before pressing her chest against my back as I licked and licked little Gabby’s hole. Allen retained his shorts and watched, while I sent Gabrielle to another planet, which in turn pushed me over the edge, and further because Angelie didn’t stop her ministrations and I came twice rapidly before I couldn’t sit up anymore, it was so good! We were all tired by this point and I had Allen bring us a large blanket so we could sleep on the plush carpeting that had held up so well, then pulled him in next to us, with him, Gabrielle, myself and Angelie all in a row. We left Josie tied up in my silk panties because we didn’t know how she would behave in the morning.

Well, in the morning we had to convince her everything was fine, it was better than fine and when Allen and I were leaving Esme came down to see us off. “I hope you all had a good time, sorry I couldn’t stay up with you guys Jen, I drank too much and didn’t want to make a fool out of myself,” my cousin said. I saw Josie turn scarlet and Angelie smile. Allen and Gabrielle were holding hands behind their backs where Esme couldn’t see, but Angelie wouldn’t hold mine. She didn’t want to move it off my ass where it had stayed all morning. I gave Esme a chaste kiss goodbye, and Angelie a real one (when no one was looking), then my date said goodbye to his new friend and we left to go back to our regular lives, hanging out at Coffee Call. I’ve run into Josie from time to time and she pretends nothing ever happened, and Angelie who pretends it never stopped happening, but I don’t see much of Allen, who now sees quite a bit of Gabrielle.

Merry Christmas Jen. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

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