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A Fantasy Realized Ch. 1

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I was living most young men’s hottest fantasy ! my stiff, throbbing cock was ball deep in a hot juicy pussy ! – my mother’s hot, juicy pussy !! and she was calling out for more ! It hadn’t happened in any of the exotic ways that I’d imagined in my dreams and fantasies, in fact it had happened totally by accident!

Earlier this evening mom and dad had gone off to a party, I’d stayed at home to finish my homework, then had watched some TV and made a few phone calls. The last call had been to Cindy Rogers down the road, I’d bumped into her earlier in the day on the beach and she’d really caught my eye and turned me on with her hot little bikini number, so knowing her quite well I’d decided to ring and tease her a little about how grown up and sexy she looked. She teased me right back ! and by the time I came off the phone I had a hard on trying to burst out of my pants ! I retired to my room and took off my clothes and lay on my bed thinking about Cindy and stroking my hard cock at the same time, so engrossed in my sexy thoughts I didn’t hear the front door or the steps as someone came up the stairs, the first I knew I wasn’t alone any longer was when I heard a sharp intake of breath. My head jerked round and I froze ! my hand gripped halfway up my swollen cock ! standing in my open doorway staring at me wide eyed, was my mom !! For a moment it was like time stood still, I lay frozen on the bed and mom stood frozen in the doorway, then she moved forward towards my bed, and I waited for her to start yelling at me and telling off or even demanding to know what I thought I was doing, but none of that happened, she just walked over to the bed and looked down at the cock gripped tight in my hand and softening slightly, then she leaned down and picked up the box of tissues I always made sure were close by when I played with my cock so that I wouldn’t mess on the bed clothes, cause mom washed those ! she looked at the box and smiled slightly, then looked up at my face and shrugged, “It seems an awful shame to waste good cum juice on a paper tissue, doesn’t it ?” she asked, and I kind of choked and flushed, not really believing that I’d heard what she said correctly. She tossed the tissue box aside and as my eyes widened in shock, she knelt on the side of the bed, took my hand from around my cock and replaced it with her own ! then looking over her shoulder at me she said, “I think you’ll find this much nicer !” and she lowered her mouth straight onto my cock !!

Well, I jumped like a thousand watts of electricity had just rushed through me, but all that did was push my cock deeper into her mouth, and she clamped it shut and sucked hard ! my body bucked again !! then she lifted up so that the head of my cock was just brushing against her lips and ran her tongue from the top to the bottom and back, and again she twisted to look at me, “Do you like that Johnny ? do you like your momma sucking your cock ?”, my whole body shuddered and shook as waves of fire rushed through me, and I groaned, “Oh yes, momma, yes, it feels so good !!”, she grinned and turned away and began to lick and suck my throbbing cock with a vengeance ! but not for long ! her hot mouth and snake like tongue soon drove me to the very edge of my control, but she still didn’t stop ! and with a howl of agonized joy I erupted, shooting my hot juices deep into her throat !! and she sucked kadıköy escort and she sucked until I was sucked totally dry, and my cock finally slipped from her lips like a collapsed balloon !

Then momma straightened up to stand by the bed once again, looking down at me with some of my cum juice oozing from the side of her mouth, and her tongue came out to lick it up ! an erotic sight that sent shivers right through me ! then she sat on the bed alongside of me and grinned down at me, “Mmm, that was real nice, did you enjoy it, cause I certainly did !” I was still in a state of semi shock, so could only roll my head from side to side a silly grin pasted on my face. She reached over and brushed her hand over my flaccid cock, “Being so young, I should think this beautiful cock of yours will be standing tall again in no time at all, but perhaps we should help it along !” and she stood up again and reached behind her and I heard the sharp sound of the zipper on her dress being dragged down ! and with a quick shrug of her shoulders it cascaded to the floor ! she stood there in a brief pair of red lacy panties that did little to hide her bush of jet black hair on her pussy, and an equally brief red lacy half bra that lifted her breasts, but again did little to hide them ! my eyes were almost popping out now, I hadn’t realised just what a fantastic body mom had ! she was slim and trim and about medium height but everything seemed to be in perfect proportion ! she made no attempt to cover up and my eyes roamed back and forwards from her hot pussy to her high, firm, exciting breasts ! and I could feel myself starting to get turned on all over again !

Then her hands moved behind her again and there was a soft snap before she leaned forward slightly and her bra slipped off her breasts and cascaded to the floor, and I sucked in my breath in amazement ! taking off the bra had made absolutely no difference to her breasts, they still stood proud and tall and firm, god, she had tits that would make Cindy jealous ! and nipples, my god I’d never seen nipples like that before, they stood a good inch out from her breasts and were a deep, deep pink colour ! I drooled as I imagined taking them in my mouth ! and mom seemed to know what I was thinking as she lifted her hands and lightly trailed her fingers over her nipples and I saw them jump and swell a little more, “Mmmm, I just love to have these sucked !” she said, and another shudder ran through me !! Then her hands moved down and slipped inside the waist band of her panties and slowly peeled them off and stepped out of them, but not content with just standing up and letting me gaze at her naked pussy, she straightened up and immediately lifted her left foot and rested it on the bed, moving her knees apart, so not only was I seeing her pussy lips, but right up deep inside !!!! “You like ?”she whispered, “Oh Mom !” I croaked “You’re absolutely beautiful ! and hot ! and sexy !” a huge smile came to her face and her hands moved up to brush over her breasts once again ” I’m glad you like what you see” she said, ” but there’s a couple of thinks you forgot ! you forgot to say that I’m horny – which I am !! and you forgot to say you wanted to fuck me – which I can see you do !!” and she glanced down at my now extremely rampant cock !! Her words inflamed me even further and I knew üsküdar escort the moment of truth had arrived ! so reaching out I grabbed her by the waist and tumbled her on to the bed beside me ! her naked body came willingly to mine and our lips sought each other’s out in a frantic sucking, tongue twisting kiss ! there was not a semblance of fumbling ! it was as if each of our bodies knew what the other body was going to do, and within seconds she was lying beneath me, her legs spread wide, and her hands were guiding my throbbing cock to the mouth of her pussy ! then I was thrusting inside and she was lifting to meet me so that my first stroke took me right to the deepest point of her writhing pussy and she cried out so loud that I stopped momentarily, “Oh no. don’t stop” she moaned “I want it so bad, I want your big cock deep inside, I want your big cock to fuck me hard !! please Johnny, please, fuck me good !!” I must admit that at one stage in the proceedings I thought that maybe mom had had too much to drink or even something else ! and didn’t really know what she was doing, but her use of my name told me she knew exactly who she was with and what she was doing, or should I say what she wanted me to do !! and the excitement exploded in me ! my mom really wanted her son’s cock in her ! my cock !! so I gave it to her ! long and hard ! having had my cock blown by mom not that long ago, I was in no hurry to cum on this occasion ! even though her pussy was incredibly tight and incredibly hot and the walls of her pussy seemed to be trying to milk my cock dry !! Her head was rolling from side to side and her ass was lifting and thrusting up as I was thrusting down and she was moaning and whimpering “Oh yes Johnny, that feels so good, your cock’s so big and hard ! give it to me, give it to momma !!”

None of my dreams or fantasies came anywhere close to the reality ! as I continued to fuck my cock hard and deep into mom’s pussy I began to lap and lick over her breasts, occasionally flicking one or either of her stiff and swollen nipples, causing her to jump and cry out even more !, then I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked hard ! well ! you would have thought I’d plugged her into a power point !! her body arched and she screamed loudly, then her body crashed back to the bed in a series of shudders and shakes that threatened to toss me from her body ! and I felt a cascade of super hot juices blast across my thrusting cock and she was screaming out “I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming !! cum with me, cum with me !!” and I did !! spurting my juices deep into her pussy ! and the juices kept pouring and we kept cumming, and she kept shuddering and I kept thrusting ! and then we were kissing again, hot and passionate, our tongues doing mad dances that lit even more fires in our bodies!

The orgasms seemed to go on for ever, but eventually our bodies wilted and our juices dried up and we slumped exhausted from each other’s arms and lay looking dreamingly at each other ! I still couldn’t believe what had happened, but the proof was before my eyes, one very naked mom still spattered with my cum juices and looking incredibly beautiful, and incredibly sexy ! and maybe she was thinking the same thing, because she suddenly grinned at me and leaned over and brushed her lips across mine, “sorry” she said, I just tuzla escort wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming !” I grinned back at her, “Yeah, I feel a bit like that too ! but right now I think we both need a tall, cool drink !” and I rolled from the bed and padded downstairs to the Kitchen to fetch them. I think mom used my absence to take a quick trip into the shower, because her hair was wet when I returned, but she was back on my bed, still naked, and still smiling ! so I knew there wasn’t going to be any wailing and gnashing our teeth over what had happened between us, in fact, from the way her eyes dropped down to my cock as I walked over to the bed with the drinks, and the sultry, saucy grin that came to her face, I had the feeling there was more to come !

As we sipped our drinks Mom explained that halfway through the party Dad had got an emergency call to fly to head office to deal with an equipment breakdown that had to be up and running by the morning, so she had rushed him straight to the airport to catch the late night special flight. Dad had wanted her to go back to the party, but she wasn’t so sure, she’d been getting quite a bit of attention from Dad’s best friend William over the evening, compliments on her beauty, on the clothes she was wearing, on how much she always managed to turn him on etc, Dad thought it was a huge joke, but Mom wasn’t so sure, she felt there was a little more to it tonight than normal, and if she went back alone ! well, she was honest enough to admit to herself that she enjoyed the attention and was even feeling a little turned on by the attention, because she did quite like William. But then she thought of me home all on my own and decided to come straight back here instead, then she chuckled, “Of course I wasn’t exactly expecting to find my son in a turned on state too !” I chuckled too, “were you very angry ?” I asked, “Maybe I should have been !” she answered, “But all I could see was this fantastic big, beautiful cock, and all I could think of was how much I wanted that cock right at that moment !”, “My cock, or any cock” I asked impishly, and she flushed “I guess initially it was just the sight of a rock hard cock ! and it could have been anybody’s ” and she giggled, “even William’s !!, but as I walked over to the bed the realization came that I was looking at my son’s cock and the excitement just exploded in me, and I knew right at that moment that I wanted my son’s cock inside me and that I’d been wanting it for quite some time !!” and she grinned again, “and what about you ?” it was my turn to flush ” Oh, I’d been talking on the phone to Cindy down the road and I’d got kind of turned on, but when you came in, I thought I was really for the high jump ! but when you came over and took my hand away and put your own hand on my cock, it was like all my dreams had come true !, I’ve fantasized about you for so long and wanted you for so long !!”, “and were you disappointed?” she asked quietly, “are you kidding ? you were much. much better than any dream or fantasy ! you have such a fantastic body and you fuck like crazy !!” she grinned, “Well, I’d have to say that you have a pretty good body too, an absolutely gorgeous cock, much bigger than I expected, and you sure fuck like crazy too ! and since your dad’s been incredibly busy lately and things have been a bit neglected in the sex department, it would sure be nice if you fucked me like crazy again !!

So I did !! and it was even better the second time, and the third time, and the fourth !! and Mom made me promise that whenever dad has to go out of town in future that her son will look after her real good ! and I always keep my promises !

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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