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A First For Us Both Ch. 4

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When we last left off Matt had just come home for the summer and Julie had told him she was pregnant with his baby. Their parents were out of town taking care of a sick aunt so the kids had the house to themselves for a couple weeks.

* * *

Julie and Matt fell asleep in each other’s arms after that intense homecoming of pleasure and love making. The next morning the phone woke them both from their blissful sleep. Matt answered the phone hearing his mother’s voice on the other end. She apologized for them not being their when he got home from college, but informed him that things with their father’s aunt were worse than they expected and she wanted them to spend the summer there with her. Their father had taken a leave of absence from work and all other details were being worked out. Julie and Matt her plenty old enough to take care of themselves as well as the chores around the house so they ensured their parents they’d be fine and then all was settled.

As he hung up the phone Matt looked over at his smiling little sister. He leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips and told her everything their halkalı escort Mom had just said. What luck, they had the house to themselves all summer long and could do anything they wanted.

“It’ll be just like we’re married and in our own house!” Julie exclaimed excitedly.

“This is wonderful sis. Now we can be together any time we want and we’ll also have longer to work out what we’re going to tell mom and dad about your pregnancy.”

They kissed again before Julie slipped on top of him and right onto his naked cock.

“Ohhh” Matt moaned in surprise. I love when you take charge sis. She rocked back and forth on his hard cock for nearly an hour before either of them let the other come to full orgasm. Grabbing her hips Matt pushed her down completely impaled on his cock and let out a loud moan as his hot thick cum shot over and over again into her waiting pussy.

This was how the next few months went. They would spend their days hanging out and enjoying each other’s company then making sweet passionate love all night long. taksim escort By the end of August their fantasy of a happily married couple was coming to an end as their parents would be home in just a week and Matt was due back at college within a few weeks as well.

“Aagghhhh, oh god I’m cumming, oohhhhhh!” Julie screamed as her brother thrust hard and deep into her tight viselike pussy. They both lay panting and out of breath as Matt looked at his sexy little sister. His fingertips ran lightly over her hot skin, stopping at her tummy. By now Julie was about 4 and a half months pregnant and was starting to show a little. Her small frame with the slight bulge in her tummy turned him on more than he ever thought possible and he would become rock hard instantly just looking at her.

“You look so sexy like that sis. We do need to figure out exactly what we’re going to tell mom and dad though.”

“I know you’re right” Julie replied, “but they’re going to be so upset with me and who do I tell them the father is?”

Matt was silent for a moment then answered. “Here’s what I’ve şişli escort been thinking. We’ll tell them you met a guy at the beginning of the summer and he talked you into having sex. Once he found out you were pregnant he left town and you’ve never heard from him since. You’ll tell them you know it was a stupid thing to do and you’re very very sorry and beg them for forgiveness. Hopefully they won’t throw you out, but even if they do I’ll suggest to them you come and stay with me when I go back to school since I have my own apartment this year instead of the dorms. Now that you’ve graduated high school and aren’t going to college right away they’ll have to agree to it. Once the baby is born in early next year we’ll figure out where to go from there. What do you think?”

She immediately jumped up and hugged him as hard as she could. “That’s perfect!!! You’re right they’ll probably be upset, but how could they argue with that plan. I’ll tell them I’m sorry for letting it happen, but I plan on taking full responsibility. This is going to be great. I’ll get to come live with you and be with you forever.”

“That’s all I want sis…for us both to be happy and be together for the rest of our lives.” And with that being said he moved down the bed, spread his sister’s legs, and started lapping up her sweet juices thinking about the future and all of the erotic fantasies they would be able to live out with each other very soon.

To be continued…

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