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A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 22

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I woke up to a hand gently stroking my back and felt a warm, soft body against me. Jerking away, I let out a yelp as I rolled onto my back and the pain in my bruised ass brought back my memories of yesterday. Rolling back into Kiera, I snuggled in and tried to block out the pain.

“Would you like to nurse on me Gianna,” Kiera asked quietly. “It might help distract you.”

I smiled up at her and nodded before scooting down and latching on to her nipple. I had been fantasizing about sucking on her breasts from the first time I saw them, but I was not aware she was lactating. Her sweet milk flowing into my mouth made the experience all the more erotic, and I could easily understand how people developed a fetish for it, but it was also a very intimate thing and made me feel a special closeness with her.

Vivianna scooted down and smiled at me before latching onto Kiera’s other nipple. Her ass was probably feeling about the same as mine now that the flare of rolling onto it had passed. I didn’t regret playing with kitten yesterday, but the throbbing sensation was a reminder that I would never chance an untested partner again.

“Keep nursing Gianna, I am going to check your bottom and put more aloe on.”

Alonso’s warning was enough to let me relax into Kiera as I felt the cool gel being smeared on my ass. It felt a lot better than it had when I went to sleep, but it was still sore. I kept suckling as his hands left my ass and I heard him give Vivi the same warning.

A couple minutes later I heard him clear his throat. “Once you are done draining Kiera’s breasts, you can go back to your rooms and get dressed for the day if you wish. You can wear loose dresses, but no panties, as we don’t want any extra pressure on your bottoms. They are looking better, but are still very red with some signs of light bruising. You need to speak with Sonia if she has not already given you your duties for today, but once you finish you need to find Jaden. I don’t want you driving, so he has agreed to take you in to get your test results. When you get back, I will take your collars off and you will be free to play with the girls, but try to stay off your bottoms as much as possible today.”

“Won’t we be allowed to play with you as well,” Vivianna asked. “We both understand why you punished us so severely yesterday and we don’t blame you for the pain. It was a bad choice on her part to play with an untested partner and we all learned the lesson. We even controlled ourselves last night and did not play with ourselves at all.”

“Yes, you will both be allowed to play with me as well, but you may want to wait until your bottoms heal up a bit more,” he told us. “I prefer to use my partner’s ass as a hand hold and I don’t want to hurt you more. If you will excuse me though, I have a kitten to wash. Kiera, I will be expecting you to join us so I can give you a shower when they are finished.”

I kept feeding on Kiera’s breast until the milk stopped flowing and smiled up at her. “Thank you for sharing your milk with me. It was a special experience, and I don’t know if will ever be able to express how it makes me feel.”

“You’re very welcome,” she replied as she reached up to stroke my cheek. “I love sharing and it makes me feel closer to lovers than just sex can, not that I would turn down sex with either of you. I am actually looking forward to playing with both of you in the near future. If you will excuse me though, now that Vivi is finished I need to get in the shower. You should really ask Master to give you a shower sometime. It is a very invigorating experience.”

I watched Kiera bounce off the bed excitedly, Not that I blamed her for being excited. All of his pets admitted that they would climax when he washed them. I was looking forward to experiencing it, but I knew it would not be today. I glanced over at Vivi and shook my head. If my ass looked as bad as hers did, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try wearing clothes.

“Were you in a hurry to get dressed, or do you want to just start work naked,” I asked her. “They have already seen everything and are probably going to see a lot more of it after today. We already know what we have to do, so we could just get started in here as soon as we get off the bed and grab our dresses before we start cleaning bathrooms.”

“I guess I don’t need clothes, but I would like to put my bra on before we start. I need to ask Sonia and Kiera their secret, as they are the same age I am and their boobs sag a lot less,” she replied. “I would love to firm them up so they stayed perky when I am not wearing a bra.”

“I wish I could worry about sagging,” I said as we crawled over to our pile of clothes and dug her bra out. “The only reason I ever wore a bra is to keep my nipples from standing out too much. I don’t mind the attention most of the time, but try going to a new work site with your nipples poking out. The sexy maid porn shoot jokes get old really quick.”

“I know what you mean,” she chuckled. “You want to start stripping the pillows while bostancı escort I grab the clean bedding out of the closet?”

I nodded and jumped back up on the bed, tossing the pillows off to the side as I piled the cases on the bedspread. The bed was huge and the bedding was an entire load of laundry by itself, but I could understand why they insisted on having the beds changed every other day. The top spread still smelled like wet pussy, and I knew they always laid on a towel from the number of them we washed every day.

I had pealed the bottom sheet up and was rolling them down the bed when Vivi came out with the new bedding. We finished stripping the bed and were almost done remaking it when Kiera’s scream rolled through the room. I met Vivi’s eyes and we both giggled as we put the pillows back on the bed.

We carried the giant roll of bedding out and made sure no one was below us before tossing it over the banister. Have you ever tried to carry the bedding from a twelve-foot custom bed down a flight of stairs? We did the first time and I almost fell down the stairs. It was hard enough getting them back up the stairs that Alonso was already talking about putting in a lift.

As we carried it to the laundry room, Zara called for us to come over when we were done. It took a few minutes to unroll everything and get it stuffed in the washer, but once we got it started, we wandered over to the kitchen.

“Okay, I have two questions for you,” Zara said when we got there. “Am I going to be the only woman wearing clothes around here now, and are the two of you alright? Your asses look like you sat down in a puddle of red dye.”

“Well I can’t speak for Gi, but I know I am only naked right now because my ass hurts too much to put clothes on,” Vivi replied. “We will be getting dressed before we start the serious cleaning though, just in case we splash some chemicals around. As for being alright, I am actually doing better than I thought I would be after how my ass felt last night.”

“I might actually start running around naked after I finish work,” I told them. “I can see why the others enjoy it, as it’s a nice feeling to be unrestricted. I’m not going to be naked in front of company or anything, but when it’s just us, why not?”

“I still can’t believe you agreed to be punished like that,” Zara said, shaking her head in confusion. “I’m just glad you are doing better. Breakfast will be ready in about half an hour, and after seeing your bottoms last night, I decided on something you could eat standing up. It may get my husband worked up again, but I’m not complaining. Our sex life has been pretty amazing since we started working here.”

“That bulge in his pants when the two of you leave the dinner table gives a clear indication of what is going to happen when he gets you alone,” I smirked. “He looks like he would be fun, but I am looking forward to playing with you even more.”

“The feeling is mutual, for both of you actually,” she replied with a grin. “I have to wait though. I would feel bad, playing with you before my husband can, and I won’t allow him to play with the girls until I get to play with the other men. He is very motivated to get me pregnant now. I have cooking to do if we ever want to eat though, so go do whatever you’re doing for today and I will see you at breakfast.”

Not knowing if Marian and Jaden were up yet, we went back upstairs and changed our own beds before pulling on our dresses and cleaning the bathrooms. When we brought the linens down, everyone else was coming in for breakfast so we swapped out the laundry and joined them.

Zara’s Breakfast calzones are amazing when your ass hurts too much to sit down. Fluffy homemade dough, stuffed with a mix of sautéed mushrooms and onions in scrambled eggs with a layer of cheese and homemade marinara sauce to dip it all in? I thought my mouth had died and gone to heaven. The best part was it was hand held, so I didn’t have to sit down to enjoy it.

After breakfast, we did the common bathrooms before we started on the downstairs Master suite. That over-sized bathroom takes forever to clean, but the one upstairs was worse. Even so, we were done with the cleaning and had the last load of linens in the dryer by eleven. With everything else already folded and put away, we rushed out to the great room where I pounced on Jaden.

“Alonso said you offered to take us into town so we could get our test results,” I said as I pushed my breasts into his face. “We are ready to go whenever you are. I would like to say I could reward you when we get back, but my ass is too sore to do much of anything. I guess you could feel me up if you want to, but I think your wife’s breasts are nicer.”

“From what I saw at dinner, you have lovely breasts, but I didn’t agree to drive you for any reward,” Jaden replied. “Alonso was worried you might have a hard time driving with your ass so sore and I agreed with him. Go get some pillows to sit on and I will meet you out front.”

Okay, sancaktepe escort he was right. Even with a pillow, sitting down hurt. It wasn’t as bad as it was at dinner last night, but any pressure on my ass was painful. Thankfully, the trip was mostly smooth and we only had to wait in line to pick up our test results. I would have hated to wait in one of those hard plastic chairs they have at the clinic.

When we got back to the house, Jaden helped me out of the car and I leaned in to kiss him. It wasn’t much of a kiss, but I still needed to talk to Alonso before I did anything else. Taking Vivi’s hand, we went inside to find Alonso.

Everyone was already sitting down for lunch, but he took our test results and told us we would talk after we ate. Keeping with the stand while eating concept, Zara had made fresh pizza with spinach and artichoke hearts, smothered with our fresh local mozzarella and fallone di gravina. As delicious as it was, it just gave me more time to worry about what was going to happen upstairs.

Once we finished dinner, I was surprised when everyone except Zara and Marcello followed Alonso up to the bedroom. Alonso sat on the edge of the bed as everyone else crawled up on it. I met Vivi’s eyes and we both shed our clothes before going over to kneel in front of him.

“I am very happy with how well the two of you behaved. I was a bit surprise that you took your punishment so well and learned the lesson I was trying to teach,” he told us. “I love my family and would hate to see them put at risk. I trust you understand how dangerous an outside playmate could be to our family and will take proper precautions if you choose to have one. Vivianna, would you like to lie down on the bed so I can check your bottom again?”

When she crawled up on the bed, I could see how well her bottom had healed already. It was still red, but the color had faded and the bruising was already clearing up as well. Alonso ran his fingers lightly over her skin for a moment and smiled as he put another layer of the aloe gel on her.

“It looks as if you are healing well my dear,” he told her as he reached up and removed the collar. “You are free to play now, but remember to ask one of the girls to put another layer on before you go to bed tonight and try to stay off your bottom for the rest of the day. It will take a couple days for the soreness to completely fade, but you should be able to sit down again tomorrow.”

She sat up and gave him a very passionate kiss before pulling back. “Thank you for taking such good care of me. It’s easy to see why your pets love you so much. Even after that strapping, you were very gentle to avoid hurting me more. Once I am healed enough, will you still grant my other request?”

“Tomorrow night or the day after, depending on how you’re feeling, I want the pain mostly gone before then as I want you to enjoy it,” he told her. “You have several people who have been looking forward to his moment, so go play while I talk with Gianna.”

She crawled farther into the bed, stopping to whisper to kitten for a moment before kissing her. Neither one could lie back, but they seemed determined to get each other off with their fingers as the knelt in the middle of the bed. When I looked back to Alonso, he smiled and patted the bed next to him.

I shook my head and crawled up, lying across his lap. “Can we do my inspection like this instead?”

He just smiled as his fingers trailed over my bottom before he gently applied more of the aloe. “Your bottom is healing nicely and you have fulfilled the terms of our deal. You are free to play with the girls if you wish, but as I told Vivianna, try to stay off your bottom tonight and ask someone to put another layer on before you go to bed.”

He slipped the collar off and I quickly got back down on my knees in front of him. “Now that you have released me as you promised, may I please have the collar back, properly this time Master?”

I was expecting him to hesitate and waited, chewing my lip nervously. The girls had mentioned he was thinking about this and had told me to as well, but I may be moving too quickly. His response shocked me though and I had to stop and think for a minute. I knew his pets would never lie to him, and if I wanted to be his, I had to tell him the truth.

“I don’t know if this is what I really want,” I replied slowly. “I have discovered a lot of things I never knew about myself in the past day, and I need to take the time to find out more. The best way for me to do that is to become one of your pets so I can experience what it is to be submissive. The only thing I am sure of is I have never felt as free as I have wearing that collar, knowing that you were taking care of me.”

“You can have the collar back, but I will not claim you as a pet right away. When Felicia first came to me, she was not sure about being a pet. I gave her a trial period, to discover if this was what she truly wanted before I claimed her,” He explained zeytinburnu escort as he put the collar back on me. “I am going to give you the same chance to discover your desires. Your trial period starts now and will go on for two months. I will treat you as if you were one of my pets, but you are free to stop at any point. If you still wish for me to claim you, return this collar at the end of your trial and ask for a real one.”

I reached up to touch the collar and smiled. “Will you keep me as your pet if I decide to stay?”

“Yes, if you decide you wish to remain a pet I will keep you and get you a proper collar,” he told me as he looked back at the bed. “Kiera, Marta, I need both of you.”

They surprised me when they crawled up and kissed me, taking the time to welcome me as their new sister before turning to face Alonso…Master, I have to start thinking of him as Master now if I want to be a good pet.

“I want you to take your new sister in and get her properly cleaned up and groomed. I want her smooth, and she will need a training plug for now,” he told them. “If she decides to stay, we will let Katherine properly outfit her then.”

They took my hands as he dismissed us and led me over to the footlocker by the mounting block. I watched Kiera kneel in front of it and lovingly trace her hands over the top before opening it. “This used to be my training chest, but with all the punishment tools on the wall and my harnesses in the closet, Master decided it would be better used as storage for other training supplies.”

I looked down and saw several types of restraints alongside a wide array of sex toys. “Have you ever tried anal sex before sweetie,” Kiera asked as she ran her fingers over a collection of butt plugs.

I started at the question and shook my head before reconsidering. “Well, I can’t actually be sure on that. I have never done it by choice, but I think it may have happened one night. I was at a college party and got really drunk. I ended up in one of the rooms having sex with some guy I met. All I can remember is I made sure he was wearing a condom when we started, but I passed out at some point and woke up with my bottom a bit sore. There was no cum anywhere, and he was gone, but I think he may have finished in my ass.”

“You understand that as his pet, Master will take your ass when he wishes to,” she asked. “He will be gentle if you have never done it before, but it will happen. The plug is to help keep you ready for him when he wants you.”

“I’m not against the idea, I have just never let any man I was with have that,” I explained. “I have had fingers and tongues in my ass more than a few times with female lovers. It’s just that most of my male lovers were casual flings that I didn’t trust enough to try anal sex with.”

“Then we will start with the second smallest one as you have at least been penetrated back there,” She replied, puling one of the plugs out of the chest. “You are expected to wear this at all times when you are up. Master will usually put it in after your shower in the mornings and take it out at night before bed. It will be a bit uncomfortable at first, but your body will adjust to wearing it.”

Taking my hands again, they led me into the bathroom. As Marta removed her lace teddy, my curiosity got the better of me. “Marta, why is it you wear lingerie all the time when the others have far less on?”

“Alonso is my Master, but he is not my owner. I am actually one of Master Julien’s little birds and he sent me to live here so I can continue my schooling in the fall,” she explained. “My outfit reflects my status, just as Kiera’s boots and pony tail reflect that she was one of Master Julien’s ponies before she became Alonso’s pet. Kitten chose her own outfit, and Sonia’s was a gift from Julien around the time she chose to become Alonso’s pet. Alonso will choose something appropriate for you if you choose to become his pet permanently. For now, we need to get you prepared for Master. He wants you shaved and cleaned, so we have some work to do. Since you can’t be on your bottom, I am going to help you balance while Kiera takes care of you.”

I saw Kiera was fully naked and had a shaving kit set out on the counter. Marta stepped up beside me, put her arms around my waist and leaned in to kiss me. “Put your arm around my shoulders and kick your far leg up on the counter so Kiera can shave your pussy. As sparse as your hair is down there, any design would be too faint, so he wants you smooth.”

Putting my arm around her was easy, as was putting my leg up on the counter. “I don’t really need the help to balance, but I won’t ask you to let go. I was active in a gymnastic club up until a few years ago when I had to put more time into working.”

“Master sent both of us for a reason sweetie. If you fell and landed on your ass, we would both be sitting gently for a few days,” she replied. “Just hold on to me and let Kiera shave that pretty pussy of yours so we can start the fun part.”

I gave her a curious look, but she just smiled enigmatically as Kiera dropped to her knees in front of me. Using a small pair of scissors, she carefully trimmed away the longer hairs before rubbing shaving cream all over my pubic area. With a practiced hand, she quickly removed every hair from my pussy before running her hand over my leg.

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