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A Midnight Snack – The Main Course

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Although this story stands on its own, I encourage the reader to read the first two parts of the series – “A Midnight Snack – The Appetizer as well The Entree” to get an introduction to the characters – Mike and Kat.

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to people, places and events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Moondrift who read the various drafts and suggested numerous improvements to increase the eroticism in the story. Any errors are mine alone.


A thin sheen of sweat enveloped Mike’s body, shimmering in the kitchen light.

When he gazed at me there was a new look in his eyes, which I recognized as a mixture of lust and love.

“Let me return the favor, Kat!” Mike implored, after I had fucked him with my mouth.

Without waiting for an answer, he lay me down on the kitchen floor.

I opened my legs wide, exposing my pulsing wet cunt to his lust filled eyes.

He squatted between my legs.

His hands moved gently across my face, caressing me with a feather touch.

He took one of my hardened nipples between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it, squeezing it.

“Just the right size!” Mike commented as he fondled my breasts.

He ran his tongue over one firm nipple, now taking it between his teeth, biting on it.

I felt no pain, just pleasure emphasized by the moan that escaped my lips, much like my dream, except I could now feel Mike’s hot breath over my face, across my neck and throat.

His hands continued their gradual descent down my body, pausing at my navel, and then moving down slowly.

I shivered in anticipation when his hands rested slightly above my pubic mound. His fingers touched it, massaging it gently, while blowing his warm breath over my bare pussy.

My hips moved up in response to his caress, as if afraid to lose touch with his marauding fingers.

Mike’s searching fingers lifted the hood, exposing my engorged clit.

He brushed his fingers over my clit, sending waves of pleasure through me.

“Mmm,” I groaned, my eyes half closed.

His fingers plunged kayseri seks hikayeleri into my dripping wet cunt, while he bowed his head and touched my clit with his tongue.

I squirmed as wave after wave of pleasure flooded my body. I moaned ecstatically, wishing the experience would go on forever.

“Beautiful,” Mike murmured in my ears, “simply beautiful!”

He continued moving down, exploring my thighs, down my legs, much to my disappointment.

He crouched at my feet and lifting one leg in his hands, kissed the sole of my foot, running his tongue over it, tickling me.

He took my big toe into his mouth, sucking on it, bathing it with his wet spit, while his hands were kneading my smooth legs.

And then he abruptly pulled my toe out with a popping noise, causing a moment of hilarity.

He ran his tongue over the length of my legs; his wet tongue mixed with Mike’s hot breath was seductively erotic.

My insides were churning, my breath coming in short bursts. A flash behind my closed eyelids, a million bursts of light exploding in my brain.

A searing wave of heat spreading through my body, culminating in my pussy as a flood of wet cum threatened to ooze out of my cunt.

I had never been more aroused.

Time appeared to stand still as slowly Mike’s tongue found its target, my sopping wet cunt.

His tongue invaded my slit, pumping in and out, exploring the depths of my vagina.

My hips involuntarily jerked upward, anticipating the next thrust.

I met his tongue in mid-air then my hips gyrated downward, my pussy locking his tongue within its hungry lips.

His tongue probed ever deeper, twisting and turning, ravaging my cunt mercilessly.

Mike moved his tongue to my clitoris, stimulating the nub. He massaged it gently first, while I writhed in pleasure.

He slipped a couple of fingers inside my pussy, moving them in circles, looking for my g-spot.

As his tongue massaged my clit, his fingers found my special spot.

His fingertips moved ever so slowly teasing my g-spot.

Every time he touched it, my heart raced, as I tightened my hold, reluctant to let go.

My insides churned, my whole body went rigid and I grabbed Mike’s hair keeping his head close. With a sudden sigh, I released my passion in one major explosive orgasm.

As my breathing gradually returned to normal and my moans subsided, I was afraid to open my eyes and find that all this was just another dream.

A light nibbling on one of my earlobes, followed by a kiss caused me to reluctantly open my eyes to find a grinning Mike, his face coated with the outpourings of my joy.

The sweet smell of passion was permeating the kitchen.

“Tell me I am not dreaming!” I murmured.

“That was some orgasm Kat,” Mike smiled, “you almost yanked the hair off my head.”

I fumbled around, trying to raise myself.

My hand stumbled onto something hard and throbbing. I squeezed it, with a smile, thinking of the pleasures that Mike’s cock would give me.

“Ouch!” Mike groaned, “don’t rip my dick off too!”

“Get up baby!” I yanked on his stiff organ, “I want you inside me; fuck me hard with your big cock.”

“Glad to oblige,” Mike responded with a wide grin and getting to his feet.

I rose up and then went down on all fours, exposing my ass to him.

“I want you to fuck me doggy style,” I hissed.

I loved being taken doggy style, but Jim, my ex-boyfriend’s cock was so small that it never satisfied me. I knew that this time Mike would more than fulfil my fetish.

“You know I love your ass,” Mike said as he positioned himself behind me.

I dribbled a bit of spit on my hand and grabbing his pulsing cock, spread it all over the rigid shaft.

I guided the pleasure rod into my waiting wet twat.

Mike grabbed my hips and started pumping his love piston in and out of my sopping wet love tunnel.

“Faster! Harder!!” I urged feeling his cum-filled balls knock against my inner thighs.

“Make me cum baby!” I moaned; “make me cum hard!”

I could feel him go rigid, as my own passion began to boil over.

He stopped suddenly.

“What happened?” I asked in dismay, looking over my shoulder.

“Turn around Kat,” Mike commanded, “I want to see your face when we cum.”

I turned around, lying on my back and spreading my thighs wide open.

Mike penetrated me again, his monstrous shaft easily entering my wet cunt.

I embraced him; holding on to his butt cheeks as he pumped urgently and my hips gyrated in perfect harmony with him.

I could feel him tense, as his strokes slowed and became more intense my body was racing towards the big “O”.

The dam burst and Mike’s seed pulsated into me while I gripped him tighter, desperate for sweet release.

Our love juices mingled, and as Mike withdrew from me our sticky melange slowly seeped down my thighs.

Mike fell down beside me, exhausted by his powerful orgasm.

I embraced him again, showering him with kisses.

“I love you Kat,” he whispered into my ear as my eyes fluttered closed.


The first rays of morning sun penetrated my eyelids and I opened my eyes slowly.

I wondered where I was as I took stock of the strange surroundings and the warm body beside me.

I sat up with a start when I realized that I was still in the kitchen and my brother Mike was lying next to me.

I stood up, yawning and stretching the stiffness away.

My thighs were still coated with the dried crusts of our love making..

I filled the kettle and turned it on, heading to the bathroom to relieve myself.

As I raised myself off the toilet to wipe off the last droplets of pee and cum, Mike barged in, pinching the tip of very erect cock with his fingers.

“Gotta go,” he announced gritting his teeth.

I had barely gotten out of the way, when he let loose a stream of yellowish liquid, relief written all over his face.

We burst out laughing.

“I need to take a shower,” I announced, “Why don’t you join me?”

“Great idea, reduce water waste,” he responded smiling.

We stepped under the shower rinsing off the caked cum stains from my body. What began as soaping and rinsing each other’s bodies culminated in love making in the shower.

Over the course of the week of his stay with me, Mike and I made love in every room in the house including outside in the backyard.

It was a tearful goodbye at the airport, but we both knew that this was not the last of our new found love.

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