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A New Life Ch. 01

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Riiiinng! Riinnnnng!

“Hello. This is Pastor Bursman.”

When Paul Bursman, pastor of Thomasville Community Church in Thomasville, AZ, answered the phone on that fateful Friday afternoon, he had no idea that it would set off a chain of events that would change the life of his whole family forever.

On the phone was Frank Pierce, the owner of the local garage. Two business men had been traveling through the area when the water pump on their car went out. He could get the part and have them fixed up by noon the next day. But they needed a place to stay the night. Little Thomasville did not have a motel; just a small bed and breakfast, and it was already full for the night. Could the two men stay at the church?

This was not an unusual request. In fact it happened a lot in this small community. The church had even purchased several cots to be used in the fellowship hall when needed. Pastor Bursman agreed to come and get the men and set them up in the church. Then he told his wife, Mary, the situation and suggested they invite the two men for supper. She readily agreed.

It took Paul about half an hour to drive to the garage, pick up the two men, and get them set up at the church, before they all went over to the house for supper. By then Mary, with the help of their two children, Lydia and Timothy, had the table set and supper ready to be served.

Paul introduced the two men to his family. Ron Thomas and Tom Baker were from California and said they worked as salespeople for a computer company. They laughed about being stuck in Thomasville, since both of them had Thomas in their names. They seemed friendly and everyone enjoyed the table talk during the meal. After the meal was over Tom asked to use the bathroom before they went back to the church. While he was gone Ron helped Mary and the children clear the table.

Suddenly, it happened. When Tom came out of the bathroom, he was no longer the nice, friendly salesman from California. His face was stern, almost angry. He shoved the barrel of a gun in Paul’s face.

“Sit down and be quiet. Do exactly what we say and maybe you’ll all live through this.”

Ron grabbed Lydia from behind and thrust the point of a knife against her neck. As she screamed Tim made a move to help her.

“Easy, boy.” Ron said. “She’ll be dead before you ever get here. Just back off and sit down on the floor where we can keep an eye on you. Mom, you sit next to him.”

Mary, who was by now white as a sheet, quickly sank to the floor. “Please don’t hurt her.” she cried.

Just that quickly Ron and Tom had the Bursmans at their mercy. Ron stood holding Lydia and the knife. Tim and Mary were on the floor and Paul sat on a kitchen chair nearby. Tom looked around.

“Think you can control things in here while I go see what I can find?” he asked Ron.

“Sure, no problem. They aren’t going to try anything fancy as long as I’ve got the girl here.” Ron replied, pressing the knife blade into Lydia’s neck a little for emphasis. “Isn’t that right, folks?”

Tom left the room. Ron settled back, drawing Lydia with him. “Now, everybody just stay put where you are and your little girl here will remain OK. Try to get up and I’ll spray her blood all over the place.”

“What’s going on?” Paul asked, his voice a little shaky with fear. “Are you robbing us?”

Ron smiled. “You could say that. Actually we need your car. That idiot at the garage could still check on our car and find out we stole it. We need to get out of here tonight yet. But since you invited us into your house and we have the opportunity, we thought, what the hell. We might as well see what other goodies we could find to make it worth our while.”

“Then take what you want and leave us alone.” Paul begged. “Just don’t hurt anyone. Please!”

“Do what we say, when we say it, and no one has to be hurt.” Ron replied. “Now, just sit there and shut up.”

After about a half hour of waiting, Tom returned with a pillow case which was about a third full of stuff. “Didn’t find much,” he said. “Only about $200-300.00 worth.”

“Well, that’s better than nothing.” Ron replied. Then he turned to Paul. “OK, give Tom your car keys. It’s time we got out of here.”

Paul reached into his pocket and tossed his keys to Tom. Anything to get them away from his family, he thought. He could see the fear in his daughter’s eyes. And Mary looked like she might faint at any time. Even Tim looked sick with the strain of the last half hour. And Paul realized he didn’t feel too good either.

“Wait a minute,” Tom said, as he caught Paul’s keys. “We can’t just leave them here. They’ll have the cops on us in no time. We have to tie them up or something. … Hold on. I’ve got an idea. Be back in a minute.” With that he headed out the back door. A couple of minutes later he was back, carrying the clothesline from the back yard. “We can use this,” he said.

“Yeah!” Ron smiled lewdly. “And I know just how we’re going to do it to buy us even more time. Come on.”

At Ron’s direction, kadıköy escort he and Tom herded Paul and his family into the master bedroom. He instructed Paul and Tim to bring two of the high-backed chairs from the dining room with them. Tom removed the bedside phone and threw it into hall.

Still holding the knife to Lydia’s throat, Ron said, “Now, all of you get your clothes off. Strip naked!”

“What!??” Mary said in unbelief.

She could not believe her ears. No one had ever seen her naked since her mother stopped bathing her when she was a child, not even her husband. Both she and Paul were from very strict religious homes. They had been taught that nudity led to lust which was the root of all sexual sins. Even when they were trying to have children (the only reason for any sexual contact at all) she was fully clothed in pajamas that had a special hole in them at the proper place. Her mother had provided them for her as a wedding gift. She would put lubrication on her vagina and close her eyes while Paul rubbed himself until he was ready. Then he would insert the head of his penis through the hole in her pajama bottoms and into her vagina and rub himself until he shot his sperm into her. She would stay in a prone position with her legs up to allow his sperm the chance to find her egg and make her pregnant while he went to clean up. They only did this at the height of her fertility cycle, which she kept an accurate record of. Otherwise they had no sexual contact at all. In fact, since she had “female problems” and had to have her ovaries removed several years ago, she and Paul had not had any sexual contact at all for over six years. And that included no nudity. They even slept in twin beds so they would not be tempted to sin.

“I can’t do that.” she exclaimed, fear showing in her eyes.

Ron smiled lewdly. “It’s either that or watch your daughter’s blood splatter all over this room when I slit her throat.” He pressed the knife blade tight against Lydia’s throat, causing her to cry out in pain.

“No!” Mary cried in panic, holding up her hands in an attempt to stop him from hurting her daughter. Sweat broke out all over her forehead as her trembling hands reached up to begin unbuttoning her blouse.

Tom shoved the barrel of his gun into Paul’s back. “Well, what are you waiting for?” he barked. “You heard Ron. Get naked. You too, kid.”

Knowing they had no choice, Paul and Tim bowed their heads and slowly began to remove their clothes. Paul and Mary had taught their children just what they had been taught by their parents. Nudity and sex were wrong. Their bodies were something to be ashamed of. As more and more of their bodies were exposed, tears began to fill their eyes in shame. Soon all three were down to their underwear, Paul and Tim in boxers, Mary in plain white bra and panties. They paused, hoping this would satisfy their captors.

When they stopped, Ron grew angry. “I said, get naked!” he yelled, once again pushing the point of the knife into Lydia’s throat until she cried out.

Quickly Paul, Mary, and Tim removed their last articles of clothing and stood naked before each other for the first time in their lives. Tim, at age eighteen, was in the height of his battle with his hormones. He had always thought that the female body was supposed to be some ugly, hideous thing that they had to keep covered. But as he looked at his mother’s naked body (and he couldn’t help but look) he was amazed at how beautiful she was. Her breasts stood so proud on her chest. They were capped with dainty pink nipples. Her hips flared nicely from her narrow waist, leading to wonderfully shaped legs. At their junction was a mat of dark hair that hid her vagina from his view. He forced himself to look away. It was wrong for him to look at his mother this way.

Even Paul was stunned to see his wife in all her naked glory. He had always thought she was pretty. He knew she was a wonderful woman on the inside. Now he realized she was also a beautiful woman on the outside. Could he ever look at her again without seeing her gloriously naked in his mind? He wondered.

Mary stood there, her head bowed, shaking as she felt the eyes of the others staring at her nude body. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life. Slowly she looked up and gasped. There were her husband and son naked before her. She could not take her eyes away from their penises. For some reason they fascinated her, especially her son’s. She blushed deep red and forced herself to look away, back down at the floor.

“Wow!” said Ron. “What a gorgeous body. I sure wouldn’t mind fucking her right now.”

“Come on, Ron. We haven’t got the time for that kind of thing now.” Tom said, anxiously. “That guy at the garage could already be checking on that car, or he could have done it and be contacting the police even now. Let’s get this over with and get out of here.”

“OK! OK!” Ron replied, frustrated. “Now you guys sit in those chairs. Tom, üsküdar escort use some of that rope to tie their legs to the legs of the chairs.” Paul and Tim sat down and Tom tied their legs to the chairs.

“Now, mom, go sit on your son’s lap.” Ron commanded.

Mary’s head jerked up in surprise, her eyes wide. “You mean my husband’s lap, right?” she asked hopefully.

Ron laughed out loud. “No. I mean your son’s lap. And hurry up. I don’t have all day.”

Mary could see it in his eyes. She had no choice. Slowly she went over and sat on her son’s lap, facing away from him.

“No. Not that way. Turn around.” Ron commanded. “Face him and straddle his lap. Tom, tie her legs to the back legs of the chair. Then tie his hands together behind her back and her hands to the back of the chair. Then tie their chests to the back of the chair, too. That ought to hold them for a long while.”

Mary turned and faced her son. She blushed as her naked breast brushed his face as she spread her legs and sat on his lap. The touch of her naked body against that of her son was almost electric, sending tingling sensations up and down her body. She was especially conscious of the feel of her breasts as they pressed into his chest. “Tim, I’m so sorry.” she said, as she sat down.

Tim had to stifle a moan as his mother’s weight came down on his lap. He had almost reacted without thinking when her breast brushed against his face. He caught himself just before he kissed it, turning beet red at the thought that he could even consider such an act. And now he could feel his mother’s breasts pushing against his chest, her nipples tight against his skin. He tried to concentrate on anything other than his mother in an attempt to regain control of his emotions.

Once Tim and Mary were securely tied to their chair, Ron pushed Lydia away from himself. “Your turn, girl.” he said. “Get naked and go sit on your dad’s lap, just like your mother is doing. Tom, tie them up just like you did the others. I want to fix the bedroom door.”

Paul and Tim could not help but watch as Lydia removed her clothes. Her pert breasts, capped with large dark pink nipples looked mouth-wateringly good. And her vagina had only a light covering of hair. They could clearly see her vaginal lips beneath. With her slim waist and long shapely legs, at age nineteen she was a vision of sensual beauty.

Without realizing it, Tim licked his lips. Paul stared transfixed as his daughter shyly walked over to him and placed her beautiful naked body in his lap. Quickly Tom tied them to the chair. Now Lydia and Paul were experiencing the same kind of sensations that Tim and Mary were feeling: naked skin rubbing against naked skin, firm breasts pressed against naked flesh. All four were beginning to feel the heat of aroused bodies as they rubbed against each other.

While Tom finished tying Lydia and Paul, Ron removed the bedroom door handle from the door and turned it around so that the lock was on the outside instead of the inside. He and Tom took one last look at their handy work. “That ought to hold them for awhile.” Ron said. Then they left, taking the pile of discarded clothes with them and locking the door behind them.

The Bursmans heard them bang around in the house for a few minutes, then leave. They heard their car doors slam, the car start and leave the driveway. Suddenly they were alone and all was quiet.

After waiting a few minutes in the quiet to make sure they were really alone, Paul began to work his hands in an effort to free them from their bonds. To do this he had to rub his naked body against that of his daughter, Lydia. Lydia squirmed against her father.

“Dad, don’t move like that. It tingles.” she said as her body began to respond to the friction of naked flesh against naked flesh. Her nipples grew hard as they pressed into her father’s chest. She could feel moisture beginning to collect between her legs. She had never experienced these sensations before. The feelings coursing through her body felt oh, so good. But they also scared her.

“I have to, honey.” Paul said as he continued to struggle against his bonds. “This is Friday. Nobody will think to check on us until Sunday when I don’t show up for church services. If we don’t get free on our own we could be here all night, all day tomorrow, and all night tomorrow night. Now concentrate on getting free. Tim, you and your mom need to try and get free too.”

“Right, dad,” Tim said as he began to struggle against his bonds.

Mary and Lydia joined in the struggle to free themselves, but the ropes were securely tied. They could do little to loosen them. All their struggling did was cause them to rub against each other’s naked flesh more, sending sensual sensations tingling through their bodies.

Mary could not believe the pleasurable feelings that were racing through her body as she rubbed against her son. She had been taught that sexual feelings were horrible and bad. But what she was feeling was anything but bad. tuzla escort Her whole body seemed alive, hungry for the sensual feeling of intimate contact with another human being. She could feel her nipples harden as she moved against Tim’s chest. Goose bumps formed on her arms and legs. Her vagina became wet for the first time in her life. She moaned as the sexual energy flowed through her body.

Tim could feel his mother’s breasts against his chest, her hardening nipples pressing into him. As she continued to struggle against her bonds, her arms and legs rubbed against him. He seemed extra sensitive to her every touch. He could even feel her pubic hair brush against his stomach. His body seemed on fire with her contact. He couldn’t help it. His cock began to harden and rise. The harder he tried to think about something else, anything else, the more his mind focused on his naked mother’s body sitting on his lap. And his cock grew bigger and bigger.

Paul was experiencing the same problem his son was. No matter how much he tried to focus on what he was doing to free himself, he was acutely aware of his naked daughter struggling on his lap. He, too, felt hard nipples poking into his chest. The intimate touch of her naked arms and legs sent sexual feelings flowing through his body. Never in his life had he dared feel what he was feeling now for his own daughter. To his utter shame he wanted to grab her, pull her close and kiss her, deeply and passionately. He was horrified to realize that his cock was beginning to rise and harden at the thoughts that were going through his mind as Lydia rubbed against him.

As she struggled to free herself, Lydia enjoyed the feel of her naked flesh rubbing against that of her father. Her body tingled in a most pleasurable way. Her vagina began to dampen. She became more exaggerated in her movements in order to enhance the feelings flowing through her body. She couldn’t help it. It all felt so wonderful. Soon she began to feel something hard pressing against her naked butt. It took her a couple of minutes to realize what it was. When she did, a hot flush rushed through her sexually excited body and her pussy flooded with her juices. Her dad, her proper and prudish pastor-father, had an erection. He was just as turned on as she was. She blushed as she realized that her naked body was making her dad sexually excited. With a wicked smile she churned even harder against his rising penis. When he groaned aloud, she got so excited she squirmed with joy, causing him to groan again, even louder.

Mary was caught up in her own sexual world. Her parents were wrong. This felt wonderful, beautiful, loving. She looked into her son’s eyes. They were filled with wonder, lust, and confusion, all rolled into one. Now she was not even trying to free herself anymore. She was brazenly rubbing her naked flesh against her son, hungering for more and more of the powerful sensations that were setting her body on fire. When she felt his hardening penis press against her butt, her vagina seemed to erupt with moisture. She began to rotate her hips, stroking his manhood with her naked flesh.

“Oh, mom!” Tim groaned as he felt his mother churn against his naked body. “What are you doing? Mom, we have to stop for a minute. We have to get control of ourselves and get free. Mom!!!”

Mary continued to move her bottom against her son. Using a back and forth motion she managed to work his hard shaft up between them. Now it was pressed against his belly and her vagina. As she rubbed against it the head pressed on her clit.

“Oh, yeeeeessssssss.” she moaned, as new, even more intense feelings erupted in her body. Her movements became more excited. She leaned into her son’s body, stroking herself harder and faster against his hot member.

“Mary! What are you doing?” Paul was shocked, watching his wife rub her naked flesh against her son like a shameless whore. “Stop that, right this instant!”

Lydia was also shocked to see what her mother was doing. But more than that, it really made her hot. She could feel her father’s hard shaft poking up at her. He was just as turned on as she and her mom were. She began to mimic her mom’s movements, as she rubbed her hot body against that of her father.

“Come on, dad.” She scolded. “I can feel your hard penis poking me down there. Don’t yell at mom for the same things you’re thinking and feeling.”

“Lydia, stop talking like that. Don’t squirm around so much!” responded Paul. He was trying very hard not to respond to the motion of his daughter’s body. “We can’t do this. It’s wrong. We have to concentrate on getting free.”

And then he groaned, “OOOOOhhhhhhh!” as Lydia’s movements brought his shaft up between them and she pressed her hot, wet vagina against it. His mind was losing the battle as his building sexual lust grew.

When Paul groaned loudly, Mary looked over at her husband and daughter. What she saw sent new stabs of lust shooting through her body. Paul’s face showed his struggle between lust and fear. Lydia’s face was all lust and love as she openly rubbed her naked flesh against her father. Both bodies were flushed with the excitement of the moment. “Beautiful, simply beautiful,” she thought. Then she turned her attention to her son. She could see the lust and confusion on his face as he looked at his father and sister in the midst of their sexual dance.

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