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A Sauna Surprise

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I always find it interesting when I look at other people. I often wonder what goes on behind the façade both in terms of what they think and what they do. I am especially curious about what people really desire sexually and what their experiences are. I am sure others wonder the same about me.

By the looks of it, I am as straight laced as can be. I am both successful professionally in a very conservative career and considered to be an upright member of the community. I am 45, tall and fit. But it is behind my own façade and where I am trapped by both my desires and experiences that people would be probably shocked.

The craziest experience of my life started on a weekend skiing in Europe where I was on business. My niece, the daughter of my wife’s brother, was a 19 year old studying for a year in Germany. Jenny was a smart pretty athlete that I had known since her birth and watched her grow up. Although we never lived in the same town, we vacationed together often at a family cabin where I was able to watch her grow from a girl into a woman. Always very athletic, she had a strong lean body, pretty face and beautiful hair. She blossomed in high school when her chest began to grow and her body filled out. Even then, I used to watch her frolic at the lake in her bikini admiring her tight physique.

We met the day I arrived for my trip. I took a train from the airport to the town where she was studying because I had the day to myself. She looked healthy, happy and confident with colorful cheeks, a warm sweater, and tight form fitting jeans that showed her strong legs and tight little butt. We enjoyed a nice lunch at the train station together, but it was quickly time for me to depart. After eating, we said goodbye and I could feel her firm breasts press into me as we hugged and I got went back to my connecting train. Not only was she a great kid, but she was also hot and the feel of her pressing into my chest and smell of her hair left me excited. I thought as I boarded the train that whatever guy got a hold of her was lucky.

We spoke on Wednesday and made plans to meet either Friday night or Saturday morning in the mountains so we could ski. Her plan was to catch an early train and then a cab to the guest house, but she hadn’t locked in a schedule.

The guest house was located in the mountains with a nearby sauna and steam bath. I always liked the casual attitude of the German people with regard to nudity. After my Friday meetings I drove to the resort and checked into the room. The room had two beds and I dropped my bags and headed down to the restaurant for a bite to eat and a couple of beers. Feeling the urge to get naked, I paid and walked to the sauna bath. Once there, I changed into a robe and proceeded to shower before entering the sauna.

Being ski season, the sauna was filled with both men and women sweating and relaxing. There is very little if any talking, so the room was quiet. There were bodies of all types and I enjoyed looking at the people, both male and female. Looking around discretely I was struck by a fine looking 40- something German couple who were sitting next to each other on a bench. They were both very good looking and I admired their bodies. She was dark haired with a small chest and dark patch of hair on her pussy while he was strong and fit with a large cock and an almost transparent patch of blond hair in his crotch. Not wanting to stare, I closed my eyes and relaxed deeply.

After a few minutes I felt the need to shower in order to cool down. I got up and walked to the door. As I opened the door I walked out and was behind the cute ass of an obviously fit and younger female. The look of her ass made me smile on the inside as I knew why I really enjoyed the sauna! I followed the cute little ass into the shower and I turned the water on and began to run it over my body. I turned my head to watch her pretty little bottom and as I looked at her, she turned towards me. My first view was of a pert set of tits with puffy istanbul escort nipples turning in my direction followed by well trimmed dirty blond bush below her tight stomach. When I looked up toward her face I realized she was looking at me and to my disbelief it was my niece Jenny! Shock would be an understatement as our eyes met. All I could say was “What are you doing here?” as I turned back to the shower. Jenny looked equally surprised and said “I didn’t expect to see you here.” She turned away showing me only her side and ass. An older women walked in and we both quickly exited the shower and grabbed our towels and robes. We were both surprised and embarrassed. After some stuttering, she explained that she had traveled on the afternoon train and was going to come by the hotel later so she would not have to catch the early train. I told her that I was just coming to the sauna to relax before heading back to sleep. We sat on benches with towels across our laps and I told her we were lucky to have bumped in to each other, but we should finish our sauna and steam bath first.

We entered the steam room and sat near each other at the corner of the room. She said she was surprised that I liked the steam bath and I told her it was something I love, but only do when I travel. I also said that I enjoyed the views. Jenny smiled and said she thought they were pretty cool and that she also enjoyed the views. When she said that she glanced down at my partially erect cock. During our conversation and by looking at her pert tits, my cock had begun to wake up with the beginning stirrings of arousal. I pulled the towel over my cock in an effort to hide it while she just looked down with a slight smile. In the silence that followed I began to wonder where all of this was going to go.

After a few minutes in the sauna, I asked if she was ready to go and she said “yes” and we exited the steam room and went to our respective locker rooms where we both showered and changed. I waited for her in the lobby as she dressed and grabbed her bag from a locker. She came out with a nice turtleneck and sweater accenting her pretty face and wet hair.

I grabbed her bag and we walked across the street to my hotel and up to my room. Our discomfort from our nude encounter began to fade as we entered my room and I put her bag by the other bed. She said she was hungry and we headed down to the restaurant so she could grab some dinner and while there we both started to drink some beers. After a couple of drinks I began to feel a bit light headed and our conversation turned from school and living in Germany to me asking her how often she went to the saunas. She told me that she went at least once a week often after swimming and that she thought they were fun and enjoyed the casual nudity. She said she wished that Americans weren’t such prudes. I could only agree with her. She asked if my wife knew that I went and I told her we had not talked about it, but that I went on every trip overseas if possible. I told her that I felt like a nudist at heart but contained it in my mind at home.

Since there was not much to do, we decided to grab deck of cards at to sit at our table playing a simple game while chatting. Jenny said she was enjoying her time in Germany and the nightlife it allowed. It also allowed her to be her own person away from her controlling mother. We continued to drink while playing and then eventually decided to head up to the room so we could ski the next day. While feeling both a bit buzzed and horny, I was determined to act as a gentlemen with her. After entering the room, she went into the bathroom and soon exited wearing pajama bottoms and a tee shirt. Her chest swayed in the shirt and the outline of her panties was clear in her pajama bottoms. I went into the bathroom and changed into some sweats and cleaned up before climbing into bed. While it would be exciting to say something happened that night, it did avcılar escort not. We shut the light off and soon were both fast asleep.

Night turned into morning and the next day we got up and hit the slopes. It was a fun day of skiing and it wore us both out. We had ample time to talk on the lifts and Jenny told me that she was doing yoga and learning how to give massages. I told her that I enjoyed both yoga and massages and loved to both give and receive them. Before exiting the lift she said that maybe we might have to trade massages. My response was simply “Sounds good to me.” My muscles were sore at the end of the day as we returned to the room. We decided to take a quick nap before showering and planning to head down to dinner. As we lay down on our separate beds Jenny asked if I was interested in a massage. I told her that it sounds good and maybe after we showered we could exchange massages.

Jenny sprung from her bed and said that she would shower first and then after we were cleaned up we could try a massage. As she finished in the bathroom, I got undressed and put on my shower robe while waiting. Jenny exited the bathroom wearing her shower robe and told me she would be waiting. While getting into the shower I saw her dirty clothes on the floor and enjoyed the view of her silky tiny panties and bra. My curiosity got the best of me and I picked them both up. I looked at her bra and saw she was wearing a 34C. A nice size cup. I sniffed her panties and enjoyed the faint scent of her womenhood. I love the scent of pussy and there was a faint one there.

After showering, I dried myself off and looking into the mirror began to wonder what was about to happen next. Upon exiting the bathroom Jenny was sitting on her bed with a towel laid out on it. She told me that she would massage me first and then I could massage her. She turned away while I laid down on my stomach and she placed a sheet over my body before kneeling over me with her ass on top of mine and her warm crotch at the base of my spine. Her massage, even though through the sheet felt wonderful. She had strong hands and I was very relaxed. After working my back and shoulders she stood up and at my side and began to work my legs starting at the feet and working up to the thighs and eventually to my ass. I was aroused at the feeling of her fingers digging into my cheeks and she would alternate from firm to soft finger strokes up the crack of my ass. The way her fingers ran up there left no doubt in my mind that she was teasing me. I lifted my ass slightly and she pressed her finger gently into my asshole before giving my cheek a squeeze and asking me to turn over. Rolling over, even under the sheet, it was impossible not to hide the fact that I was aroused. Jenny glanced at my crotch and ignored my excitement and began to massage my head, face, chest arms, and stomach. I was less aroused and more relaxed over time as she massaged my front and moved down to my feet and began to work her way up my thighs.

The thought of her getting closer to my cock made me excited and as she massaged my thighs I told her it was almost her turn and that we should change it up. She said okay and finished with a glancing move across the head of my penis.

I stood up and told her to lie down. As I put on my robe, Jenny took hers off and laid down nude with the small exception of a towel covering her ass. Her skin looked delicious and she told me that she preferred a lighter touch.

I climbed onto the bed and kneeled with my knees outside her thighs. The towel covered has ass and I tried to keep from pressing my cock into her. It felt nice to massage her and Jenny said that it felt great. I intentionally lightly touched the sides of her breasts and then massaged her lower back before moving to the foot of the bed to begin working on her feet. From the foot of the bed I could see most of the way to her pussy and certainly to the bottom of her ass cheeks. In massaging her şirinevler escort legs I worked the inside while slowly spreading them hoping to see her pussy. Soon it came into site and was beautiful while being softly covered with hair. It was at this point that I was now determined to try to play with it although still unsure how far this would go. I massaged her thighs and moved up to her butt cheeks with my thumbs spreading them underneath the towel that was all but useless. As I finished up her ass and backside I spread her cheeks so that her pussy lips would gently part and then tickled up her inner thighs lightly touching the hair on her pussy but not her pussy itself. I could tell by the gently movements of her hips and ass that Jenny was getting excited and then told her it was time to turn over.

When she turned over, Jenny made no motion to cover any part of her body. She smiled at me and told me that the massage felt great. I knelt over her hips with my semi-hard cock pressing behind my robe into her pussy mound. I massaged her front and enjoyed the view of her pert puffy nipples that looked perfect to me. She had light pink aereolas that were the size of a silver dollar and her nipples were puffy. I worked her inner chest and outer chest avoiding contact with her nipples for the most part except for the “accidental” touch. As I finished her chest I gave each breast a nice squeeze and tweaked her nipples between my fingers. I worked my way down her stomach and to the top of her pussy before moving to the foot of the bed and working on her feet. Jenny said the massage felt great as she soon spread her knees slightly apart exposing her perfect little pussy. As I sat at the foot of the bed I gave her some full leg massages from her ankles to her inner thighs working my head low so that I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy with my face only inches apart. My robe spread slightly as the tip of my now hard cock touched her leg near her knees. I ran my hands up her stomach and onto her tits while running my nose up her stomach. As I sniffed her stomach, Jenny pressed her pussy skyward into my chest. It was at this point that we both knew were this was going to go. While squeezing her tits I moved my head down to her pussy and between her legs and began to lightly lick her wetness. Jenny cooed with excitement and soon was holding my head as I went down on her. Her pussy hair was soft and she smelled fresh and beautiful. It was clear that Jenny was excited and well on her way to cumming. While I wanted to do many things, I decided to just keep working her pussy with my tongue with tweaking her nipples with my hand until she came. Soon, Jenny was squirming and her stomach began to quiver as she came. She held my head into her wetness while coming and soon crunched her body while pushing my head away and asking me to stop.

I crawled up beside her and held her and she turned and planted a long deep kiss into my face. It felt great to kiss her and to run my hands across her tight young smooth skin. I loved the feel of her ass in my hands as we began making out. Her warm soft hands soon worked their way to my cock and she pushed me onto my back and went down on me. As I looked down at her beautiful hair and watched her lick the tip of my cock before putting it in her mouth, I felt only lust with very little guilt. Jenny was no expert, but her warm mouth and soft hands on my balls soon had me cumming. I told her that I was getting ready to shoot my load and she pulled her mouth off and finished with her hand while deflecting the cum with her other hand. She watched in amazement as I sprayed my load before coming back up to make out with me. We made out some more and then I fell asleep as she went to the shower. When she finished I awoke and then I showered and we went to dinner and the bar.

The conversation with her was slow to start and we both said how much we enjoyed that. She told me that she had always felt I was attractive and how she liked older men. I only told her that I had never expected that to happen, but that she was a prize piece. As we ate dinner and then drank a few beers we began to openly ask questions of each other. The questions were eye opening as well as the answers. She learned that there was much more to me than being her uncle and I learned that she was not as innocent as I had thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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