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A Sinful Swap

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It was a wonderful day at work. I was on my way home and I was now on vacation for two weeks. As I drove home I thought about all of the stuff I was going to have to pack for our vacation. My wife and I were taking our daughter and new son in law to Colorado to do a little skiing. As I got off of the interstate and I made my way through the neighborhood I had my list formulated in my head.

Once I was home, I was alone so I showered and began to pack my bags. I saw my wife already had her bags packed and looked ready to go. I decided to peek into my wife’s bags to see is she packed any of her sexy stuff. She certainly did. She had a pair of sexy red 5 inch heels, a couple of her red and white teddies, Some stockings and garters, and her vibrator. Wow I thought to myself, it is going to be a fun vacation. I finished packing and put my bags along with my wife’s in the living room by the front door.

About 15 minutes later my wife came home from the neighbors house. She asked the neighbor to watch our house and to get our mail to make it look as if we were home so we wouldn’t have a break in. The neighbors were happy to do it. My wife, who is only 37 came over to me and sat on my lap and kissed me. She told me she was glad we were going to take a trip to get away from home. She kissed me again and again and she said she wanted to show me how much she appreciated it as she slid off of my lap onto her knees in front of me. My wife unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my zipper down. I raised my ass so she could pull my jeans down to my ankles.

She crawled between my legs and began kissing my belly ever so slowly kissing her way down towards my now rock hard cock. I felt her soft lips as they touched the head of my cock. Then I felt the hot sensation of the inside of her mouth on my cock as she went down farther on me. I told her that our daughter and son in law were going to be here any minute. Her head began to bob up and down a little faster. I ran my fingers through her hair and held her head. I knew they would be here soon so I figured I better cum quickly. I closed my eyes and began to fantasize that it was my sexy daughter Adriana giving me head. Our daughter Adrian is very pretty and sexy. She looks very similar to my wife.

I soon felt that tingle in my balls and I fantasized Adriana was looking up at me with those green eyes as her tongue slid across my cock from my balls to the tip. Just then I began to cum. I pumped jet after jet of cum into my wife’s mouth. Her head never came off of me and she swallowed the entire load. Just then our daughter and son in law pulled into the driveway. I pulled up my pants and stood up. My wife stood up and grabbed her bags and walked out to greet them. If only they new that my cum was in her mouth. We all piled into their car and left.

It was going to be a long ride there. We had to drive well into the night and then into the early morning hours. My wife and I were in the back seat while our son in law was driving and Adriana sat next to him. My wife decided to lay down to get a nap. She positioned herself so her head was in my lap. Well, my wife didn’t have a nap on her mind. She quietly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my zipper down. Oh my god I couldn’t believe how wild my wife was acting inside the car with our daughter just a couple feet away. My wife pulled my stiffening cock out and began to quietly suck it. Bingo! I was hard as steel again. My wife just laid there licking the underside of my cock. It felt wonderful. Soon I felt pre cum dripping down my shaft but my hungry wife licked it clean.

I felt that familiar feeling in my balls and my wife knew I was about to cum. She pulled my cock into her mouth just as I came. Again my wife swallowed everything. I looked up to see if they had noticed and I thought I saw Tom, our son in law looking at the action in the read view mirror. My wife quietly tucked my cock back into my jeans and quietly zipped them back up. With the position in which my wife was laying allowed me easy access to her most private parts. I started by massaging her breasts through her sweater. Soon however I had to slide my hand up under her sweater. I quickly found the front clasp of her bra and skillfully unhooked it. Now I was able to slide my fingers under her cup and caress klasbahis güvenilirmi her soft breast. I could feel my wife’s nipples harden under my palm. I played with her breasts for a few moments like we were two kids in high school again.

Finally I removed my hand and unbuttoned her jeans. I quietly pulled the zipper to her jeans down. Now I was able to slide my hand into her jeans. It was a tight fit but when your daughter and son in law are in the front seat and your trying to be inconspicuous about it well, that’s about as much as I was going to get. I wasn’t able to get good penetration from this position but I was able to rub her slit and clit. Using my hand which was down her jeans and inside her panties I quietly began to slide my hand up and down. Her slit became very wet. I could feel her clit stiffening as I continued.

Her breathing became a little heavier. I don’t know if it was the thought of being in the car with other people or what, but my wife came quickly. Now this was difficult for my wife because she is a screamer and moaner. When she cums she usually lets everyone in the neighborhood know she is cumming. But this time was different. Our daughter and son in law were in the car with us and my poor wife had to cum and not make a peep. My wife buried her face in my lap and came. My lap muffled the little sound she made and I don’t think anyone up front heard her. I withdrew my hand and zipped her jeans up and buttoned them.

We dozed off for a while and then when we woke up we were pulling into the ski lodge. We all walked into the main office together and waited behind another couple at the service desk. Finally the other couple left and went to the desk. We signed in since we already had reservations. The man at the desk gave us two sets of keys and told us we had cabin 237. He told us to just drive up that secondary road as he pointed to it and it would be the last cabin on the left. We piled back into the car and drove down the road. Soon we were at our cabin. It was a small quaint looking cabin from the outside. We entered and were amazed at how nice the place was. We were all so tired from the drive and it was really late so we just crashed and fell asleep.

The next day came and we all hurried up to get to the ski lift. We had a fun filled day skiing. The resort also had a sled run so we headed for that. It was a blast. My wife and I went down on the sled together and nearly wiped out on the first turn. Soon we were all tired from the days events and we decided to make our way back to our cabin. On the way back Tom asked me if I minded switching room with them. He said he just preferred sleeping in the back of the cabin as opposed to the front. I said sure, no problem. When we arrived at the cabin it was already dark. We all took showers one after another and some how I was last one. The water was lukewarm at best. What a bummer. After freezing my ass off all day I was really looking foreword to a hot shower. I just dealt with it and showered quickly. We all decided that we would eat then sit around the small table and play cards. By the time I got out of the shower and dressed the women already had dinner prepared. Tom and I quickly switched our luggage from one room to the other. We made our way into the living room of the cabin and sat down to eat. We ate hamburgers and chips. My wife and daughter were sitting in their nighties and Tom and I had on just sweats and tee shirts.

Dinner was over and we broke out the cards. We also broke out the alcohol. Adriana walked over to the counter and brought a fifth of Bacardi rum and a two liter of Coke back with her. Let me tell you my daughters nightie left not much to the imagination. The hem was just below her ass and left quite a bit of cleavage showing. Come to think of it as I looked at my wife they had the same exact nightie on. I asked them about the matching apparel and they said they went shopping for them the other day. I complimented them on their purchase and we started playing cards.

Soon we were nearing the end of the first bottle of Bacardi and we were all feeling quite well. My wife went to the counter and brought another bottle and another two liter of coke back to the table. As we played cards we continued to drink. About klasbahis yeni giriş half way through the second bottle I couldn’t drink any more. The wife and daughter were just giggling and carrying on. Tom and I both had enough and we excused ourselves to go to bed. The ladies said they would be in shortly and they wanted to finish their drinks first. Tom went to his room and I went to mine. I undressed to nothing as my wife and I always sleep naked. I climbed under the blanked and closed my eyes. The room had a slight spin to it from all of the alcohol. Soon I dozed off.

I was awakened shortly when I heard the bedroom door close. I heard footsteps leading to the bed and I heard a nightie falling to the floor. I dozed back off for a moment only to wake up again to the feel of a soft hand caressing my chest. Soon the hand slid down my hip and thigh and then back up to my chest. The hand slid down my thigh again. By now my cock was nearing full attention and rock hard. This time the hand slid across my balls. I felt my wife’s finger nails drag along my balls and then up the underside of my cock. It felt magnificent. She kept using only her finger nails to tease my cock. I was enjoying the sensations when I realized something. I froze. My wife doesn’t have long finger nails. In fact she chews hers off. I thought to myself for a moment. Could it be??? Could it be the long finger nails scraping the underside of my rock hard cock were those of my daughters??? Could my fantasy be coming true? If this was my daughter then where was my wife??? I thought to myself, Oh my god, my wife and daughter must not have known we changed rooms!!! Then I realized where my wife was. I heard moaning coming from the next room! Tom was fucking my wife and didn’t know it.

I couldn’t stand it any more. The thought of my daughter dragging those sexy long red nails over my cock was all I could take. She must have sensed I was going to cum. Adriana re-positioned herself on the bed. I was about to blow a wad on her sexy fingers when I felt something out of this world. Just as I came I felt something warm sliding over my cock. I started pumping cum out and I realized my daughter had taken my cock into her mouth about half way. She sucked on my cock and swallowed every drop like she was drinking through a straw. The thought of my daughter swallowing her fathers load kept me rock hard. Especially since she thought it was her husbands cum.

Before I knew it my daughter got up and straddled my chest. I could feel her wet pussy sliding across my chest as she made her way up to my face. As soon as she was in position, my daughter sank her pussy down on her my face. I reached up and cupped her ass, her oh so soft and firm ass. I pulled my daughter closer to me as I tongued her pussy. She tasted magnificent! I could hear my wife moaning next door and that really turned me on even more. I probed my tongue into my daughters hot wet hole as far as I could. I kept caressing her ass as I lapped at her pussy. I let my hands wander down the back of her legs and then down to her calf’s. God my fantasy was coming true. I slid my hands back up her sexy legs to her ass and pulled her closer to me. I began flicking my tongue over her now engorged clit. I heard my daughters breathing getting heavier. I continued using my tongue to lick from the base of her clit to the top. She began to moan loudly. I pressed my lips over her clit and sucked on it. That was it. My daughter began to tremble and cum. Right in the middle of my daughters orgasm I pressed a finger on her ass hole. She just about screamed from the sensations. I did it! My daughter began to shoot off a string of multiple orgasms. Soon she came a fourth and a fifth time. By now the tip of my finger was inside of my daughters ass hole and she came again. I drank all of her juices as they flowed out of her pussy and onto my mouth.

My daughter pulled off of my face and moved down my body. She straddled my lap and then sank her hot wet pussy down on her dads cock. My baby leaned down and kissed me. It was no father daughter kiss that’s for sure. After the first kiss I had my tongue in my daughters mouth. My baby was a very skilled kisser. Our tongues continued to dance in each others mouths. My daughter began to slide her hot klasbahis giriş cunt up and down on my rock hard cock. Soon Adriana sat upright and began to do some serious riding. I reached up and cupped her breasts and fondled her nipples. Her nipples were slightly longer than my wife’s and I couldn’t stop playing with them. But my daughter lowered them to my face as she rode me and I lapped at her hard nipples.

I bit on her nipples and scraped my teeth against it as I pulled my mouth away. My daughter moaned her approval. I reached up and cupped both of her tits and pressed them together and took both of her nipples into my mouth at the same time. This time I sucked on both nipples at once and my daughter began to cum again. Her pussy was slamming up and down on her dads cock as I sucked her nipples. I felt her whole body trembling as she climaxed. My daughter rolled off of me and rolled onto her back. I rolled over and was in between her legs. Her legs were parted and I slid my cock right into her wet hole. I began to pump my cock in and out. I lowered my head and again kissed my daughters mouth hard. I reached to my sides and grabbed her by her ankles and raised her legs up to my shoulders. As soon as her legs were up on my shoulders she began to cum again. I thought to myself that my daughter is a real nympho. I kept pounding her wet hole and soon her orgasm subsided. Adriana got off of me and positioned herself on her hands and knees. I grabbed a hold of her hips and moved closer. My daughter reached under and grabbed my cock and pulled it to her wet opening. I pushed a little and was back into her hot pussy. I got into a good rhythm as I thrust my cock in and out of my daughter. But now my daughter stopped. I just froze as she pulled off of my cock. I thought to myself, did she realize that I was not Tom? Instead she reached under and took my cock in her soft hand. She guided my cock back to her but only this time it was at a higher position. I couldn’t believe it. My daughter wanted me to fuck her in her ass. Since my cock just came out of her pussy it was well lubed. She lined up the head and it was pressing on her ass hole. Immediately I heard her breathing change.

I pushed a little and I felt my daughter relax as my head slid into her ass hole. I could hear the head board banging up against the wall in the other room and I knew my wife was getting hammered good. I continued to use mini strokes. Slowly in and slowly out. Soon I was half way in my daughters ass. I proceeded slowly and in no time at all I was in all the way. I began to slowly fuck my daughter in the ass. Soon she began to push back at me as if to get fucked harder, so I began to thrust a little harder. I reached under my daughter and pinched her nipples. Her heavy breathing now changed to soft moans. I continued to tweak her nipples as I fucked her ass.

Slowly and seductively I slid my hand from her breasts to her stomach and then down to her navel. I ran my fingers through her pubic hair until I reached her pussy. It was dripping. I rubbed the slit of my daughters cunt as I rocked back and forth pumping my cock in and out of her ass hole. She began to moan loudly. I started rubbing her clit with my finger. Just then I felt that familiar tingle in my balls. I was going to explode soon. Just then Adriana started to cum violently. I rubbed her clit while I filled her ass hole with my cock. I thought to myself my god my own daughter was kinky. That was all I could take. I began to cum again. This time I came in my daughters ass. Wave after wave, spurt after spurt I came inside my daughters ass. Adriana collapsed onto the mattress and I rolled off to the side and laid next to her.

I fell asleep. When I awoke I was alone. I put on my sweats and went to take a shower. After showering I went to the living room and there were my wife and daughter, each one sleeping on two separate couches. Both of their asses were exposed as their nighties were up high around their waists. Soon Tom came out of his room and we all met in the living room. Everyone acted like nothing happened. I think Tom thought he fucked his wife and I think my wife thinks it was me banging her last night. But I know that’s not how it was. The women never knew Tom and I swapped rooms last night.

As we ate breakfast I looked at my daughters hands and sure enough she was the one with the long nails. I looked at my wife’s hands and there were no nails. Looking back at my daughters hands I could see my dried cum on her red glossy finger nails. It was then that I knew for sure that we sinfully swapped partners.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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