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A Surprise

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You look so beautiful lying there, your face turned to the side, your hand tossed high above your head on the pillow, you just look so peaceful. Kneeling down on the floor beside you, my hand reaches across and wipes the stray hairs on your forehead. I can’t help but kiss your slightly parted lips, dragging them across yours with just a whisper of a touch. Sitting back on my heels, I just sit and watch you, the rise and fall of your strong chest, the gentle way that your eyelids flicker, showing me a mind full of dreams.

Are you dreaming of me lover, are you thinking of the way we are, do you see that vision in your mind now of how our bodies are perfect for each other? Do the ears of your mind hear the cries of delight as we entwine? Do you feel the way I feel right now as I see you so clearly, can your mind see me as purely? Does your heart skip a beat of joy even though you are asleep? If only I could see, if only we could share. But you sleep.

Sighing to myself, I sit on the floor with my legs crossed, my crossed arms cushioning my chin as I rest on the bed looking at you. Oh, I’m bad I know, but I so want to wake you, see the shock register in your eyes as you see me sitting here. But you have work early in the morning.

Running my fingers down the outline of your arm showing through the quilt, I dreamily watch my finger running back and forward, I can’t help but think of the special times we have shared together. My face lights up with a smile as I remember the times you have made me laugh so hard that it has hurt, the way you have had me in tears with the tenderness halkalı escort of your words. My mind drifts to the times you have had me lost in the strength of your passion. I have to move as my cunt starts to tighten with the thought of you like that, passionate, hungry, wild, slow, crazy, lusty, insatiable…can you feel how much I need you? Can’t you see what you do to me when you say my name, can you feel this tight ball in my stomach as we speak because of how I feel when you are around?

Pushing myself up, I walk to the window, it’s dark out there tonight, the roads are quiet, very few people about, there’s a couple of dogs barking in the distance, it’s blacker out there than it is usually this time of year. I’m sure there’s rain coming, I can smell it in the air, the smooth scent of October air filling my nose, colouring my thoughts in the golden hues of Autumn. Turning my head, looking back at you, you still lie there fast asleep, the sound of your quiet breathing floats across to the room to me, that sound almost cramps me with desire as I think of your breathing in my ear, the way that your breath almost stops as you cum for me. Oh, God why don’t you wake up?

Shuffling my bare feet across the pile of the carpet, I’m back beside you again. Lifting the covers I slip into the bed beside you, tossing my robe to the side as I do. Shifting my body ever so slowly I lay my skin next to yours. Can you feel my nipples poking your skin? Do you know I am here? Do you feel the warmth between us? Do you feel how my hips are just haramidere escort bumping against your thigh now? Do you understand that I can’t stop it my body just needs you?

My arm snakes around you, flat hand resting over your chest, fingers brushing up and down your smoothness. My mouth kisses at the soft skin between your shoulder blades, I nuzzle against you, my face so close, you smell so delicious.

Oh, God how long do I have to wait till you rise from your slumber? Can’t you feel the need in me? My cunt is so wet; don’t you smell the sweet smell of my desire? My nails run over your chest, pausing to twist and play at your nipples, tweaking and pulling at the soft nubs.

Oh no, I’ve blown it, your eyes flicker open, shocked as you see me here. Laying my finger on your protesting lips…shhhh…shhh… it’s OK, it’s just me, thought I’d surprise you. My lips touch yours and we melt into a kiss, my lips part to toy with your tongue, and I am lost. I have waited so long for this, so very long and now I am here, this is how it should be.

Our hands cover the skin we have waited to touch; our mouths kiss the lips that we have always wanted. My body rubs against you in the growing want I have now to finally have you in me. Rolling you onto your back, lifting my leg over till I rest on your hardening cock, it’s nestling so wonderfully against the heat of my sex. I whimper as your hand grasps your hard cock and you guide it against me, pushing the smooth head to where I have longed for it to be for so long. ikitelli escort Raising myself as you direct me with your strong hand, I pause as your cock head kisses my cunt lips for the first time, and I know that this is right. I know it was right to walk in your unlocked door while you slept, it is right to be with you. Lowering down ever so slowly, savouring each millimetre of your cock pushing into my dripping sex, my head falls back as your thrust up deep into me; my scream drowns out everything as you stretch my tight hole. Beginning to move together our bodies in unison of equal yearning. Our bodies undulate in a primal animal need, each of us fucking as hard as we can, so as if to cram our built up longings into a short time.

Gasping as you take my nipple into your lusty mouth, watching you suckle on me like a hungry child, whimpering loud as your teeth rake my sensitive nubs, as they draw them hard and tight from my tit…oh yes…so good…that’s it babe…more oh fuck me babe…fuck me…mmmm…my words seem to urge you on, you throw me to the bed raising my legs by the ankles, you stab into my cunt with a ferocity that exhilarates me.

Our, hot, steamy bodies thrash about as our need becomes deeper, as our climax draws close. You fuck me with such power that we are thrown about…you are killing me…making me die…my body is not mine…it’s yours…where do you start, where do I begin? Oh babe, it can’t be this good…too good…beyond my dreams…you are what I have needed since time began.

Collapsing as I leave my body to enter that place of consciousness where nothing exists except you and I, and the pleasure that we are in, your cries bring me back to earth, as we both explode into and onto each other, our co-mingled completion wetting us. You fall to me, your breath hard against me; our panting lessens as we wallow in the ecstasy left behind. A chuckle leaves my lips…surprise, babe, surprise!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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