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A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 17

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This story involves bodily functions, so if that offends you, you should read no further. It also features some strong disciplinary scenes, so if you dislike that, you should also not proceed with reading this story. All characters are well over 18.


After hearing from Annette about her meeting with Sgt. Denise, Eleanor decided that it was time to encounter this woman who had been assigned to re-train her husband twice. She asked Annette if she might set up a lunch date for her with Annette’s colleague in the corrections service and Annette duly proceeded to schedule a lunch for just the two of them at The Lounge.

The Lounge was a ladies’ restaurant that featured a ladies room outfitted with various punitive facilities where women could take others who had earned punishment to have it imposed. The practice derived from the age-old tradition where mothers had taken their disobedient children to the ladies room to be disciplined. Men were not barred from The Lounge but nor were they welcomed.

Sgt. Denise was a bright young woman who had come from a rural background and was still not all that comfortable in the city. She had spent much of her career at Re-Education Camps for men and now had been assigned to the Training Center in this city, the second-largest urban area in the Women’s Republic.

As was expected, she wore her correctional officer’s uniform to the lunch and Eleanor dressed in a stylish navy skirt with subdued gold blouse, sheer hose and burgundy pumps. Sgt. Denise was waiting at the table Eleanor had reserved when they met for the first time.

“I do owe you a good deal for your efforts to re-orient my husband,” Eleanor began. “So, thank you for that and thank you for coming to lunch with me.”

“It’s a pleasure,” Denise responded. “Your relationship with Maj. Annette did excite me, because those of us in corrections are not always regarded as suitable company in the business world, it seems, or in the civilian world.”

“I first met Annette, as unfortunately may be well-known because of the notoriety I found thrust upon me, after my horrible trial,” Eleanor related in an even tone. “She was one of the few involved who while doing her job, tried to make a really awful situation slightly more bearable for me. It was not something she had to do, and I understood she did that because it was in her nature.”

“I appreciate your feelings,” Denise replied, “and I entered the corrections service because I did want to help people. I’ve found that the power that comes from being in charge of people, especially men, is also something that keeps me going, but at the same time, I’m finding more and more that I don’t like most men.”

Eleanor looked surprised at Denise’s last statement and took a deep breath.

“I suppose that the way I was treated by three women judges made me a bit cooler on women back then,” she declared, “especially since the man who got me into the trouble got away with it, at least he has until now. But now my feelings for women are coming back big time.”

Denise smiled and said, “I’m so glad you’re opening up your marriage to include Maj. Annette. She strikes me as a wonderful person.”

“She definitely is,” Eleanor said immediately. Then she thought, “You don’t know the half of it. She is the perfect partner in that we can make fabulous love together as women and then she can fill me by fucking me.”

Eleanor realized that she was being attracted to Sgt. Denise. Her uniform gave her an authority that Eleanor craved under her independent exterior, and she fastened on Denise’s gorgeous blondish red hair with her glistening ponytail.

“You do have the opportunity to put men in their place,” she said, “and I compliment you for how effectively you appear to do that. I’m very much in your debt for whatever you’ve managed to do in bringing my husband along. He did treat me wonderfully after my crisis, but he seems to need re-orientation almost as much as many other men.”

Denise smiled again and thanked Eleanor. She elaborated on her own feelings, especially in her newest job assignment.

“I’m already finding that my environment is a lot different from when I was at the camp,” she related. “I had the whole structure headed by a commandant and commissioned officers as well as my non-com cadre supporting me and teaching me at the same time.

“Here at the Training Center,” she explained, “I do have a supervisor who is the senior officer at the Center. But we all have individual duties with the men referred to the Center, and there’s not much occasion to confer. Capt. Susan is a strong woman, but she seems to be bogged down in administration most of the time.”

Eleanor listened carefully and now knew that her own situation at Goose Cookers was a really exciting one. Janet had been a terrific mentor and supporter, as well as having incredibly good commercial judgment. She only hoped she could emulate the amazing executive v.p.

“Honestly, Denise, if I may call ankara seks hikayeleri you that,” she said, intending to show respect for the younger woman, “do you think my husband can be reformed? You know that many women feel that there is little likelihood that most men will change the way they see us and behave toward us. Even though mine, as I said, did provide amazing support, you know better than anyone else that he keeps needing correction.”

“I keep doing what I do,” Denise answered, “because I do think they can be changed. Like most things of this nature, however, my experience has shown me that it is a long-term project. You will have to play a major role if you expect to obtain real results.”

“I suppose I haven’t taken the lead as much as I should,” Eleanor said in a confessional tone. “You’ve made me understand that I can’t just delegate this problem and depend on others, even those like you who are supremely qualified, to do what I have to be responsible for myself.”

“I do like that attitude,” Denise grinned. “Perhaps you’d like to get together like this now and then on a regular basis, so we can update each other. I’ll begin by letting you know how I feel after my latest intervention.”

“Please do tell me,” Eleanor said anxiously.

“Your husband definitely seems capable of changing,” Denise said, “but he needs steady reinforcement at home from you, and perhaps from Annette as he becomes accustomed to her presence. I think it is good to learn that he is not the only object of your affections. This may prompt him to do more to secure your approval and even love.”

Eleanor felt good at hearing this but also negligent. She knew she had not taken the lead in making sure her husband was behaving the way he should. She feared she would not be a good enough partner for Annette, for whom this was her first experience with marriage and had her own sexual issues.

“Denise,” Eleanor said in a plaintive voice, “I know this is happening quickly, but I would really feel happy about what I’m facing at home if you were to exercise your skills in the ladies’ room here and discipline me. I know that you have primarily been dealing with men, but do you think this is something you might do for me?”

Although she wasn’t shocked by Eleanor’s request, Denise was somewhat surprised that it arose right now. She decided first to let Eleanor know how she had disciplined Jackson.

“Let me first tell you what exactly I did to discipline your husband, both at the camp and at the Center,” she began, as Eleanor nodded in her willingness to hear the sergeant outline her experience that Eleanor had hitherto not known much about.

“I first caned him for staring up my uniform skirt,” Denise said, “which is not that unusual at the camp for new arrivals like him. They always need to acquire some basic respect for us and he was fairly typical. The men are immediately made to wear panties upon arrival. This tends to start calming down their arousal by shaming them.

“At the Center the other day,” she went on, “I used my small martinet on his bottom and then gave him a suppository in his anus that predictably resulted in his losing bowel control in the panties he had been given to wear. I spanked him over the resulting bulge in his panties and required him to provide oral and nasal service to me anally over my own underwear. Then I subjected him to my release of gas into his nose and mouth.”

Denise paused. She realized that despite the incredible punishment Eleanor had received, she was not accustomed to hearing about this kind of serial disciplining that Denise had related to her. She held off discussing the most severe steps—chemical or surgical castration.

Eleanor was mildly taken aback by the extent of discipline awarded to her husband that Denise had described for her. She herself was not especially prone to employ much and realized this had doubtless resulted in her husband’s failure to show proper respect to both her and her new female spouse.

Now, Denise looked at Eleanor and asked her if she truly wished to go to the ladies’ room with her. She did not tell Eleanor anything about how she might discipline her there.

Eleanor was now in a sort of trance and felt that she needed to be disciplined by Denise to expiate this feeling. She was somewhat sorry she had subjected Jackson to all this discipline. She also felt she needed to experience this in order to deal with Annette, who was older and had so much experience but now was subject to Eleanor’s status as head of the household. Since Denise was younger than Eleanor and quite dominant obviously, this would be the kind of rite de passage that Eleanor craved now.

Eleanor finally managed to nod her assent to Denise’s inquiry. The sergeant then stood and asked Eleanor to accompany her. She took Eleanor by the hand and led her to the ladies’ room. This was noticed by many of the women in The Lounge, but it was not that uncommon, so nobody was likely to intervene or even comment.

They reached the ladies room and Denise sat on a chair. With her finger she beckoned Eleanor to stand in front of her and gave the order Eleanor expected but feared: to lift her skirt. Eleanor did just that and this exposed her rather stylish Goose Cooker undies. Denise made no comment on them but very deftly inserted her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down to Eleanor’s knees.

Eleanor now felt both exposed and ridiculous, standing there with her panties at half-mast. But she was not in that position for long because Denise had her bend across her uniform skirt and had indeed placed a towel over that skirt for its protection.

Now Eleanor saw that a few women were in the room, two emerging from the stalls as toilets flushed and two others at the sinks and mirror.

Denise seemed oblivious to these bystanders who of course were onlookers though they tried not to peer too obviously at Eleanor’s bare bottom on Denise’s lap. Denise began to spank, alternately on each bottom cheek, and with increasing power. Eleanor started to feel some discomfort and began to spread her legs, exposing her bare pussy and asshole.

The spanking continued and Eleanor began to have feelings that she was going to need to pee soon. She hated to plead with Denise for permission at this moment but was also really afraid that she would lose control and stain Denise’s uniform skirt even with the protective towel.

“I’m sorry,” she said to Denise quietly, “but I really need to pee.”

Denise smiled and said that she would allow Eleanor to get up and pee in the nearest stall. Eleanor then did stand and left her panties down and hobbled the short distance to the stall. She started to close the door, but Denise nodded negatively, indicating that she was not allowed to pee in private.

It now took her a few moments to get started. Then her pee stream sounded quite loud as it poured into the toilet. Denise and the other women were also staring at her, seeing her pubes and hearing the pee if not seeing it stream out of her cunt.

She finished, wiped herself, threw the toilet tissue into the toilet, stood up, and flushed. Then she looked at Denise, walked over again in a hobbled way, and asked if she was going to be punished for interrupting the spanking.

At that moment, a younger woman, who looked to have just graduated from college, came into the ladies with a somewhat older but still middle-aged woman who looked to be her mom. Much to the surprise of both Denise and Eleanor, the younger woman sat herself down in a straight chair and had the older lady stand in front of her.

“Mom,” the younger woman said sternly, and they could easily hear her, “you know why you’re here. We agreed that if you were ticketed once more while driving, you would be spanked here in front of whoever else was present.”

“Yes, Glenda,” the woman who apparently was her mother replied, “I know I said that you could spank me here if I messed up again. But…please let me keep my panties on. It will be too embarrassing to have people see my bare bottom.”

“Lift your skirt,” Glenda said, just as sternly as she had spoken before. Her mother complied with the order. Then Glenda reached over to her mother standing right in front of her and slipped her panties right down.

Her mother’s rather full black-haired bush was on full display. She was clearly shaken by the forced exposure and pleaded for her daughter to spank her and get this done with.

Glenda just as obviously had other ideas. “You really need to trim that fur, Karen,” she said condescendingly to her mother. “I may decide to have your bush shaved. Now spread your legs for me and I want you to hold your cunt lips open. It’s hard to see your pussy under all that hair.”

Karen, her mother, was even more upset now by this humiliating command but she did reach down and hold her labia open and Eleanor and Denise were able to see her pinkish pussy flesh on lewd display. There were still the other women in the ladies and they all found it impossible not to turn towards Karen and Glenda and stare between Karen’s spread legs and labia.

“If you’re a bad girl again,” Glenda said threateningly, “I’m going to whip that naughty pussy.”

Karen flinched and again asked her daughter to spank her now.

“Since you’re so anxious to be spanked,” Glenda said curtly, “get across my lap right now.” She reached for one of the towels stacked near her and lay it on her lap before Karen lay across it.

“You tend to get wet down there when you are spanked,” Glenda said so everyone could hear her, “so I need this towel to protect my skirt from your sopping puss.”

Now Glenda began to spank Karen’s ample bottom cheeks. Eleanor noticed that there were faint red lines on Karen’s bottom, so she surmised that Glenda had probably caned her mother in the not-too-distant past.

Glenda definitely knew how to spank. She alternated cheeks and gradually increased both the tempo and intensity of the spanks. Karen began to cry and then to scream out until her daughter told her to keep quiet because she was making a scene.

Karen’s bottom was now quite red. Glenda had her stand in front of her again with her panties still down at her knees. She saw that Denise was wearing her correction officer’s uniform and asked her in a very respectful voice if she would come over.

Denise stood up and straightened her uniform skirt as she strode over to the dominating young woman, who remained seated.

“Sergeant,” she said, noting Denise’s chevrons on her collar, “if you would be willing to discipline my mother, we would both be in your debt. She could truly benefit from the kind of disciplinary caning that corrections officers administer when such punishment is ordered by the court. We would very respectfully ask if you would cane her here as a fitting reminder to her of the seriousness of her bad behavior that could have resulted in her being sentenced to such a caning by a court. I know you have business of your own here but hope you would be willing.”

“I’m afraid that this is not something I would feel comfortable in taking on,” Denise responded to Glenda’s request. Then Glenda’s mom, Karen, intervened, “Sergeant, I’ve behaved very badly, and this punishment has been imposed in lieu of my being taken to court as the officer agreed that if my daughter punished me properly, there would be no proceedings. So, if you would agree to cane me, you will be sparing me a possible further punishment by someone in your service. I hope you will agree, as this is a far more amendable place to have this happen.”

She looked so forlorn that Denise reconsidered. “All right,” she told Glenda, “I’ll cane her.” She turned to Karen, “Please unzip and take off your skirt, ma’am, and then slip your panties down and off and give them to her,” pointing to Glenda.

As Karen complied with the order, Denise and Eleanor noticed that Karen had been wearing fairly snug control panties and had a bit of a bulging midriff now that she was naked below her waist.

“Now stand next to the table there,” Denise commanded in her non-com tone, “and hold on to the far side and spread your legs well apart.”

Karen went to the table and assumed this position, which exposed her deeply-set, darkly-crinkled anus and vulva to everyone’s gaze from her rear. Eleanor thought that this was one of the most shameful postures she had ever seen anyone assume to be punished.

Denise went to the side cabinet where the management had thoughtfully placed a range of castigating implements for use in the ladies’ room for discipline. She selected a fairly thin cane and brandishing it in the air, stood behind Karen as Glenda watched attentively.

As if this were an official punishment, Denise announced, “You are being disciplined for your violation of the motor vehicle code, ma’am, upon, in this instance, the decision of your daughter, who has assumed responsibility for you in this matter. Please do not move or there will be extra strokes.”

Following usual corrections practice, she did not indicate how many strokes would be given or how many extra strokes could be awarded.

She deftly held the cane, drew it back in a confident motion, and flicked her wrist to impart a stinging stroke on the middle of Karen’s red bottom. Glenda’s mom screamed but Denise proceeded in normal rhythm to deliver similar strokes to the top and bottom of the red cheeks. Each time Karen screamed but the ladies’ room was well insulated in anticipation of this kind of reaction.

Denise now applied crisscross diagonal strokes to leave a gate pattern on Karen’s posterior. This did cause the mother to scream out even more since where those strokes crossed the earlier horizontal ones, she experienced severe pain.

The attractive correctional officer now placed her cane down below Karen between her spread feet. There was a dead silence among the onlookers because they knew that this was the preliminary to imposition of a dreaded Mistress’s stroke, where the cane would snap up between the legs to strike the open vulva.

This was the prescribed finale for most court-ordered punishments or for punishments imposed in correctional facilities on women inmates. Denise saw that Karen’s legs remained spread and that the labia were apart as well. She waited as tension rose and then snapped the cane directly up into Karen’s cunt.

Karen screamed and began to dance in agony. She reached down to soothe her sensitive flesh and lewdly had her fingers inside herself trying to calm the insistent pain.

Denise stood absolutely straight and, looking at Glenda, said, “This completes the caning, ma’am. I return your mother to your direction.” She then walked back to Eleanor and said in a very low voice to her, “I don’t think we want to remain here for anything further. You do understand that you should have some punishment coming for requesting a pee break during discipline but let’s deal with that later.”

The two waved good-byes to Glenda and Karen and departed the ladies’ room.

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