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A Victorian Sex Fantasy Pt. 03

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Author’s Foreword: This is the third part of much longer story, if you haven’t read the previous parts the story will make much more sense if you go back and start at the begining. The first part is mostly background so its probably a bit boring, the sex gets started in the second part.

This story is in the form of a memoir written later in life by a man looking back on his sexual adventures. As such he has the advantage of being able to use knowledge acquired over time to describe things that at the time he probably didn’t have words for.

Warning, this part and future parts will be filled with explicit incestuous activity between initially reluctant but then willing participants, all over 18 years of age. If fictional incest offends you, please don’t read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off. I have set this story in a historical setting rather than the present for a couple of reasons: 1) I like historical novels; 2) It makes it more believable that people in their late teens and early twenties would be sexually innocent and that even older women who have been married and had children could be unaware of the rich variety that sex has to offer willing participants.

I will be interested in hearing from readers what you think about the story. Constructive criticism is fine but please no feedback about how terrible incest stories are, if it offends you, please don’t read this story. I do want to say this: this story deals with two very taboo subjects, initially participants forced into sexual activity but not someone forcing themselves on other people, and incest. Neither of these things are okay in real life, when they do occur they cause immense pain and suffering. So do not take this fictional story as something that would work in real life.

I want to thank dezurtdawg for the inspiration for this story. I found his story ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, very hot, but from my personal prejudices, I didn’t totally like the fact the view point character initiated the forced sexual contact with his family and shared his family with his friends (they then had to share theirs in return). I decided I would try to come up with a story where the ‘hero’ is truly forced into sexual activity with his family but doesn’t have to share them with any other males.

Chapter Four: My Oldest Sister is Next

The woman now moved to my sister Gail and began unstrapping first her legs and then her arms and then assisted my sister to her feet. Again I got flashes of her legs when the woman raised my sister’s dress a little to get at the straps on her legs. She then made my sister step forward so she was directly between my mother and me. After she had undressed my mother directly in front of me, I expected her to turn my sister to face me but to my surprise and I think our mother’s she was turned to face Mamma. The woman did stand to one side of my sister so that I had a clear view of her back as she began cutting her clothes from her as she had done with my mother.

She went faster this time, the outer layers were quickly removed leaving Gail in her chemise, corset, drawers and stockings. I could see the upper part of my sisters smooth back, her legs and a bit of the shape of her derriere where the drawers clung to them. From what I could see, she looked less fleshy than our mother, while still having wide hips and shapely buttocks with a narrow waist.

‘Turn slowly in place so your brother and sisters can get a good look at you in your pretty under things.’

My sister began rotating to her left until she was facing toward her empty chair which was between Cathy and Beth’s chairs. ‘Stop’ My sister obediently halted and I got a good look at her in profile. I could see immediately that her corset wasn’t designed to support her breasts, which didn’t look like they needed support, but was instead designed just to cinch in her waist. They were still covered so I couldn’t see details but her breasts seemed to be firm and upright on her chest. Of course, they were definitely smaller than our mothers, with, as far as I could tell from the dents they made in her chemise, smaller nipples. Her buttocks weren’t as prominent as our mother’s either but still showed the promise of pleasing curves.

‘Go on’ Gail continued rotating toward me. The woman stopped her when she was facing me. Gail’s eyes seemed to be downcast but she didn’t seem to be looking at her feet. Was she looking at my erect cock and my balls? She had been somewhat side on to me in her chair, this was her first opportunity to get a good look and she seemed fascinated. Her color was high in her checks, neck and what was visible of her shoulders and bosom, which wasn’t much, her chemise being more modest than our mother’s had been.

I was equally fascinated, but disappointed sakarya escort that more of her body wasn’t visible. However, I figured that that would be remedied soon enough. Sure enough, the woman began snipping her way down my sister’s back with the scissors, soon the corset fell away from my sister’s body and the woman kicked it away. The chemise was now only supported by the shoulders, the woman grasped the neck of the chemise in the front supporting it and then snipped the shoulders and pulled the chemise away and threw it to the side.

And there were my sister’s beautiful firm breasts, tipped with nipples much smaller than our mother’s but still sticking our significantly from the surrounding flesh. Her breasts sat high on her chest, firm looking mounds with the dark flesh of her nipples. Surrounding her nipples was a small slightly raised circle of rose colored skin. Like our mother’s breasts I could see veins just under the white skin of her breasts. Was I going to get to suck on her nipples also? Would I ever get the chance to feel their firm texture in my hands? Would she want me to? I looked up and found that her eyes were now watching my face.

‘Do your like them? They aren’t as big as Mamma’s.’

I was honest with her ‘They’re just as beautiful, only in a different way.’



‘All right, its time for the final reveal’ and the woman snipped the waist of my sister’s drawers and then pushed them down, leaving my sister, like our mother clad only in stockings and garters. Her garters were yellow, with what looked like red hearts on them. And there was my sister’s pubic mound, not as prominent as our mother’s, the hair maybe a bit more sparse and a slightly darker shade of blonde. The cleft was also tighter with less of a gap and there weren’t lips showing below. Like mother she had a narrow waist and broad hips. Her hip bones were more apparent than our mother’s were.

God, my cock was aching from being hard for so long and this certainly wasn’t going to help.

The woman now said ‘Abigail, it is now time for you to go around to everyone and let them suck on your nipples like your mother did. Start with your brother and your left nipple and I’ll tell you when it is time to change nipples and when to move on.’

My sister stepped forward and got as close to me as she could with the chair in the way. With her smaller breasts that put them still a little out of reach, so she leaned forward and for balance put her left hand on my shoulder, then pressed her left nipple to my mouth. I opened and drew it in, tasting her skin with my tongue and then attacking her with it, licking around it first gently and then hard, pressing it back into the flesh around it and then releasing it. My sister gasped and then her free hand came up and she ran her fingers into the hair on the back of my head and pulled me harder against her. I was in heaven, getting to suck on the hard nipple of my sister’s beautiful breast, one of the four people I loved most in the world. All too soon, the woman called time and my sister sighed and then switched nipples, groaning as I attacked her right nipple. Far too soon, it seemed to me, time was called again and Gail moved around in front of Cathy to my left.

I took the opportunity to glance at our mother who I saw seemed uncertain as to where she wanted to look, she kept looking over at Gail feeding her nipples to Cathy, then her eyes would dart back to me and she wasn’t looking me in the eyes, she was staring at my erect cock. Her tongue kept darting out and wetting her full lips.

‘Time’, I quickly looked back to my two sisters and realized I’d missed the time Cathy had spent sucking on Gail’s left nipple but now I saw her shift and present the right nipple to Cathy. Gail again had her left hand on Cathy’s shoulder supporting herself and her right was buried in Cathy’s hair holding her against her breast. I again decided that there just wasn’t anything prettier or more exciting than watching my relatives that I loved so much doing naughty things to each other.

Time was called again and Gail moved down two chairs this time, bypassing her own empty one, before presenting her left nipple to Beth, who seemed quite eager to suck her sister’s nipple. I couldn’t see as well as when Gail was right next to me, now she was more turned away from me and her body was blocking a lot of the view. Looking downward I saw I did have a better view of her derriere now and realized that when she moved on to our mother, that I wouldn’t have much of a view of the action but would have a straight on view from the rear of her buttocks and maybe even what was between her legs.

Now time was up again and Gail moved to our mother’s chair. Because our mother was naked and her legs were spread by the straps holding her to the chair, she was able to move in closer than she had to her sisters. ‘Mamma? Do… Oooh!’ I think our mother had just latched escort sakarya on to her left nipple and was sucking vigorously from the sucking sounds I heard. ‘Ooh Mamma, that feels so good! Please don’t stop!’

I looked across at Gail’s derriere and it was a spectacular sight. She relatively broad shoulders for a woman and then they narrowed down to a slender waist, that really hadn’t needed the corset to cinch it in, that then flared out into broad hips, just above which were two cute dimples in her back, below were tight firm buttocks which then tucked inward to her firm thighs with a definite gap showing between her thighs where I could just make out the bottom of her pussy slit. Her thighs tapered down to her knees and then her trim calves. It was killing me that I was restrained in the chair and couldn’t touch any of the beautiful, luscious flesh that I was looking at.

The woman called time again. She had to say it twice. I’d only vaguely been aware that she’d already called time and nipples had been switched and now Gail’s nipple suck session was over. She seemed a bit distraught, breathing heavily and her breasts and nipples seemed distended. Later, when I knew more about women’s bodies and their response to sexual stimulation, I realized the unlike my mother who had eventually cum just from having her nipples sucked in such a naughty way, Gail hadn’t and she was very frustrated.

She made a step toward her chair, expecting to be restrained in it again as our mother had been. Instead, the woman took her arm and lead her over to the bed. ‘Sit on the edge in the center’ the woman told her. Gail complied and the woman knelt down and put her calves in the restrains prepared for them, pulling her legs apart so they were widely spread. Now I was disappointed that I was off to the side instead of directly in front of her where I could have look straight up between her wide spread legs. ‘Lie back.’

When my sister lay back on the bed, the woman moved around the bed and attached the wide strap to my sisters left wrist and then drew up the slack and adjusted a buckle further up to make it taut. She then came back around and did the same to the other wrist. Our mother observing this, became agitated. ‘Please don’t hurt my daughter! You said if we did what you wanted you wouldn’t hurt us!’

The woman came back around to my mother and put a hand on her naked shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

‘And I keep my word, unlike your husband. The only one who is going to touch your daughter right now is you. Can’t you see she is hurting, being naked in front of her family, sucking on your nipples and having her nipples sucked has made her very aroused and she needs to cum. Unlike her naughty mommy, she didn’t cum just from having her nipples sucked, so she needs some more help.’

‘I don’t understand, what do you want me to do?’

‘Haven’t you ever used your mouth to make another woman cum? If nothing else I’m sure your husband must have used his mouth on your pussy to make you cum, so you should understand what to do.’

‘Oh my god, no. I can’t do that, it would be so wrong.’

‘I’m afraid you must. Or do you want one of us to give her relief?’

One of the woman’s daughters spoke up ‘She’s really pretty Mamma, I’d be happy to do it.’

Our mother squeezed her eyes shut and then opened them again ‘No, No! I’ll do it.’

‘Girls, move her over in front of her daughter.’ The two daughters went to my mother and one on each side reached down and took hold of the front legs of the chair and dragged it over so that it was right up against the bottom edge of the bed, centered between Gail’s legs, and then they retreated to the positions they’d been in against the walls of the room.

The woman moved so she was next to my mother on the side farthest from me, my guess was so that she didn’t obstruct my view of what was to come. She looked at Gail between the legs and said in a casual voice like she was just talking about the weather ‘Doesn’t Abigail have a beautiful pussy? I envy you the chance to enjoy it. Look at how aroused she is, all that pussy juice oozing out of it, I’ll bet it will taste really delicious!’

Our mother looked distraught and hesitated. ‘Come, come, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it once you get started. After all, look how much you just enjoyed sucking her nipples and how much you enjoyed having your children suck on your nipples. And I’ve seen you staring at your son’s cock, imaging how it might feel inside your pussy. Go on, give your daughter’s pussy a kiss.’

Mamma moaned and then leaned forward and kissed Gail’s hair covered slit. She had to strain a bit to reach it. The woman observed the difficulty and said ‘Stop, this isn’t going to work well with your arms restrained, you need to be able to lean forward more. Will you promise to behave if we let your arms loose? You’ll be able to use you hands and fingers to spread your daughter’s pussy open so you’ll sakarya escort bayan have better access. Just think, you’ll be able to see your daughter’s virgin hole and stick you tongue in it!’

Mamma nodded, she didn’t seem to be able to get any words of agreement out in the face of such salacious comments. The woman quickly leaned over and unbuckled the straps holding Mamma’s arm to the chair back upright on my side and then took care of the one on her side. I then watched as Mamma reached out trembling hands and drew the lips of Gail’s pussy apart to expose the interior. The flesh gleamed wetly in the light and I could see for the first time a woman’s inner slit, with a little bump at the top and then ruffled flaps running down, ending where a bright pink hole was, what I later learned was the opening to her vagina.

‘Go on, kiss your daughter’s pussy again.’

My mother again leaned forward, having a much easier time now and placed a kiss inside my sister’s inner slit, right over the pink hole. Gail moaned and then ‘Ooooh, don’t stop Mamma, do that more, it feels so good.’ My mother hesitated a moment and then did just that and then did it again. And then again.

‘That’s better but you can do better than that’ the woman said, ‘use your tongue, lick up her sweet juices, stick it into her virgin hole, then when I say, take her clit in your mouth and tickle it with your tongue.’

Our mother followed the orders she was given but soon, it didn’t seem like she minded. Her eyes were closed but the expression on her face suggested that it was so she could savor what she was doing. Gail certainly seemed to be enjoying it, moaning nonstop and trying to thrust her hips up into my mother’s mouth, which the straps mostly defeated. The moans became higher and higher pitched until the woman said ‘Now, the clit’ and I could see Mamma take the bump at the top of Gail’s slit into her mouth and I assume that she followed directions and was using her tongue on the bump, which I guessed was her clit. Gail arched her back and lifted her buttocks off the bed and screamed ‘Oh god, somethings happening! Oooh!’ and then she collapsed back onto the bed, with her eyes closed and a blissful expression on her face.

I also saw our mother moan and shake and so did the woman. ‘Oh, did making your daughter cum excite you after all? Did naughty mommy cum again without even being touched?, Well? speak up!’

Mamma mumbled something and looked very embarrassed. ‘Go on, speak up so your children can hear you’ the woman commanded.

‘Yes’ ‘Yes what?’ ‘Yes, I came.’ So licking and sucking your daughter’s pussy excited you?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Did you like her taste? ‘Yes’ ‘Would you like to make her love to her again? ‘Yes’ Would you like to do the same thing to your other daughters?’

Our mother squeezed her eyes shut but then admitted ‘Yes’.

At the start of this interrogation, I’d seen Gail open her eyes and she listened with great interest apparent on her face.

‘That was amazing, I’d love to have you do it again, Mamma. But could I do that to you? I love you so much and I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel.’

‘Oh my sweet baby, yes, if that is really what you want to do. Its so wrong, but it would feel so good.’

The woman reached down and started unstrapping my mother’s legs. ‘Sorry, you will be able to do that soon Abigail but it will have to wait a little bit, first your mother needs to take care of your brother, he must be really suffering with all this going on and not being able to touch his cock and no one else doing it for him.’

My mother looked over at me and blushed but eyed my hard cock and I saw her tongue wet her lips again. The woman was right, all this was driving me crazy. I was a bit surprised that I hadn’t just spontaneously cum without my cock being touched.

The woman told my mother ‘Okay, you’re fee, unstrap your daughter and put her in her chair again. When she’s standing, I want you to teach her how lover’s kiss before you put her in the chair then I want you to repeat the lesson with each of your daughters.’

My mother didn’t say anything but soon had Gail unstrapped and then on her feet. She leaned toward Gail and kissed her gently on the lips. Even though at that moment the kiss was a closed mouth one it looked as erotic as hell. Her larger breasts pressed lightly against Gail’s and their hips came together. She pulled back slightly and looked into her daughter’s wide started eyes. ‘This time when I kiss you I’m going to have my mouth open, when you feel my tongue on your lips, open your mouth also and then imitate with your tongue what I do with mine.

‘Yes Mamma’

Our mother again placed her lips on Gail’s but this time I could see that her mouth was open and just before there was contact she tilted her head a little so that their noses didn’t collide. Soon it looked like both of their mouths were open and both moaned into each other’s mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my other two sister’s looking very intrigued.

‘Okay, that’s enough for now, put her in her chair and put the straps on’

‘Is that really necessary? We’re doing everything you ask.’

‘Do it, its safer for all of us, there can’t be any surprises.’

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