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A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 02

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Wednesday. I get home from work and I knew tonight is going to be interesting as soon as I walk in the door and see my wife. She is standing at the stove making dinner. Usually that would be no big deal except today she is wearing a tee shirt and yoga pants. Inside her stretchy pants is a huge bulge running from her pussy almost down to her knee. It is obviously a strap on and I ask what is up? She says I’ve been thinking of you all day. Tonight I want us to have anal sex. I say by the looks of you I think you mean I get it up the ass. She says no I get to fuck you up the ass with this, as she rubs the bulge along her thigh and you can fuck my ass with yours. She turns back to the stove and says great dinner is ready.

We have dinner and relax in the living room for a short while. She says to me why don’t you get cleaned up and I’ll throw some porn on. I agreed and head to the shower. Once finished with my shower I walk into the living room and my wife is laying down on the couch stroking lube up and down her huge strap on. I don’t know the name of it but it is brown, must be three inches wide and at least a foot long. She says for me come on over and sit on this, pointing to her fake cock. I make my way there and position my ass over the top of its huge head. Slowly I wiggle my ass down as my hole stretches to accept it’s girth. tuzla escort I stop to let my ass get used to it for a second and then back off of it till it is out of my butt. After a few deep breaths I go ahead and spread my ass cheeks as my wife steers the rubber club back into my ass. Down I slide inch by inch till I’m on it balls deep. Wifey poo says go ahead ride it some. I bounce up and down the strap on sliding in and out with my raging hardon waving in the air a testament to how great it feels.

My wife says okay get off and lay on your back so I can plow your butt with this. We reposition and she is shoving it back up me. She rams it all of the way in its full length in one powerful stroke, out she pulls it and again drives it back to its base into me. She quickly pounds my ass with ferocity and her face tells me she is definitely enjoying herself. My cock tells the whole story of if I enjoy it, It is dribbling huge amounts of pre cum all over my belly. She slows her pace and drives it home one last time and asks me if it feels good as it’s buried totally inside my ass. I tell her it is awesome, she says good, pick up your legs and assume your cum eating position. I protest and say you said I get to fuck your ass tonight. She responds you will, but first you can eat your cum then you can lick my pussy till you are ready and hard again, tuzla escort bayan after that you can plow my ass as hard as you want to. She helps me into place, sticks about four inches of her strap on up my ass and starts jacking me off towards my face. It’s just a matter of minutes or so and I’m spurting cum into my mouth and all over my face. After I’m finished cumming she helps me by wiping all of the sperm off of my face and into my mouth. She says now swallow it all, I do and she says open your mouth and let me see. She asks where did it all go? I reply it’s in my belly to which she says well there is going to be more in there later so be prepared.

After she has taken the monster strap on off she says it’s her turn to cum now. I lay down as she squats over my face and lowers her wet pussy onto it. She rides my face as I lick for all I’m worth. I dig my tongue in her box and could tell she loved fucking my ass because she was sopping wet. As she grinds her pussy into my face I feel her tense up and know she is about to cum. Seconds later my face is flooded with her cum. I keep licking till she relaxes momentarily and again she shutters and another wave of her cum is soaking my mouth and face.

She squeals take my ass now! She tumbles off of me and spreads her legs I get on top of her and put her ankles on my shoulders and escort tuzla grab my throbbing cock, I slid it through her sopping wet pussy lips and rest it on the entrance to her ass. I grab some lube and work it into her ass as she squirms and tell her, here it comes. She says drive it home baby, drive it home, I want to feel it hard. I bury my dick into her with one pile driving stroke. She yelps out with I can only assume is pleasure because she grabs my cheeks and says more, harder. As she forces my dick deeper. It couldn’t have been more than ten or twenty strokes deep in her ass and my cock is tensing up getting ready to cum. I shoot cum up her ass for all I’m worth. Spurt after spurt deep up her ass as I’ve thrusted as deep as my cock will go. Finally the last of my cum is drained into her butt, she lays beneath me and says okay now suck that jizz out of me. I laid back on the floor and let her again squat her wide open hole over my face, as it eases closer to my mouth I notice a huge drop of sperm starting to drip out of her ass. A big glob falls on my nose right before she pushes her ass onto my waiting wide open mouth. I suck on her asshole and dig hungrily with my tongue as deep as I can. The sperm drips down into the back of my mouth as I swallow as fast as I can. I eat all of it and continue to lick her ass clean.

We both collapse on the floor and just bask in the afterglow. She asks is my belly all full now? Yes is my reply that I can probably not fit another drop in even if I had any more, I was fully drained.

Thursday to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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