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A Wet Afternoon

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Big Tits

He arrived at her door wearing a sexy tight black t shirt and dark blue jeans, he was tall, about 6ft 2″ and his big muscles were glistening in the afternoon sun. She invited him in and he shut the door behind himself, locking it. She knew she was in for a good time.

Alice hadn’t always been into kinky sex, but after marrying a man who’s idea of a night of wild sex was leaving the light on, she realised life was too short not to try everything out there. Three years in and her marriage was over, she was a slim, blonde, sexy 27 year old, back on the market and looking for fun.

She didn’t know this man at her door, she had called a well known agency and booked him for the afternoon after seeing his picture in a magazine. She explained everything she wanted on the phone and they told her they could arrange it for the following week.

After a week of furious masturbation fantasizing about her mystery man, the day had finally arrived.

He stood in front of Alice, no introductions were necessary, he was a complete stranger and she wanted it to remain that way. He told her to strip naked and without uttering a single word in reply, she did as she was told.

After watching her take off every item of clothing, from her light green thigh length summer dress which showed off her curvaceous size 12 figure perfectly, to her matching black and red bra and knickers set which again perfectly accented her full, round 34C breasts, he took his jeans off, tempting her with his large package neatly hidden away artvin escort in tight pair of white Calvin Klein Boxer shorts.

He did as Alice had requested in her description of the afternoon on the phone, he pulled his soft cock and balls out through the button up slit in the front of the boxers, a pretty impressive 4″ she would have guessed and with that he said,

‘Without touching my cock, like I know you want to slut, make me hard!’

With that Alice sat on the floor and leaned back against the sofa, spread her slender tanned legs and teased his delicious cock from across the room, leaning forward and sliding her hands from her calves slowly up her legs, past her thighs to her plump, wet pussy lips. Using both hands she parted them giving him a full view of her glistening cunt. Her clit was swollen and she took great pleasure in gently rubbing it, watching his cock, now completely hard, jump as she masturbated herself, spread legged on the floor for him, a complete stranger, she felt so dirty.

He crossed the room wearing only a black t shirt and a pair of tight boxer shorts, his cock and balls tight and swollen in front of him, he stood watching her up close and started to rub his cock in front of her, she looked up to watch him, it looked about 8″ hard and his hand moved effortless up and down making delicious sloshing sounds, she loved the way his hand moved quickly back, hitting his balls each time, a feeling she could tell he enjoyed by the deep breathing and twitching artvin escort bayan of his cock each time he did it.

He got to his knees in front of Alice, bent forwards and moved his face towards her silky smooth pussy, taking in the musky scent as he stretched out his tongue and licked her from her slutty little fuck hole dripping with juice to her engorged clit making her whole body shake. he quickly started lapping up the taste of her pussy, swirling his tongue over her clit, probing in and out of her, she let out several little screams and moaned continuously, she had never been eaten this well she thought, as she started to rock her hips back and forth, riding his face as he tongue fucked her sweet tight hole.

‘Fuck me, please fuck my aching little cunt!’

With that he grabbed her legs, pulled her from the couch and laying her flat on the soft carpeted floor, he pushed her legs apart and thrust his throbbing cock deep inside her pussy,

‘Don’t speak again you fucking slut!’

Alice simply nodded, trying best not to make a sound, he fucked her hard, pushing his big cock in her as far as it would go, pulling out right to the tip and forcing it in deep again. He fucked her violently for six minutes, not caring about her pleasure, she was nothing more than a wank toy and he wanted to cum fast. Alice had never felt so filthy and she loved it, she loved the filth he was saying to her as he rammed his dick into her tight hole

‘Your my slut, your so horny escort artvin for my big cock I could make you do anything whore!, I’m going to squirt my cum so hard when I’m finished with your tight cunt.’

With one final thrust inside her his body started to shake and his balls tightened up, Alice could feel his cock spasming. He quickly pulled out rubbing his throbbing hard on, Alice’s pussy juice smeared all over his cock, dripping from the tip, and moved up her body on his knees, she watched and rubbed her cunt as he squirted hard all over her face, pumping out squirt after squirt of cum in her mouth, in her hair and all over her neck and chest.

As his cock softened Alice’s pussy dripped at what was to come next, she watched excited for it and soon enough she saw it, his cock lifted and he gripped it harder, controlling it as he started spraying hot piss all over her face, she closed her eyes and enjoyed as the hot liquid soaked her face, filled her mouth and flowed through her hair, completely drenching her. His stream washed any remaining cum from his cock, firing it straight into Alice’s scrunched up face, she was swallowing as fast as she could, tasting his sweet piss. Her body contorted with ecstasy as she stuffed 3 fingers in her stretched hole and came all over them, soaking them in her sticky sweet juice, her body shaking as the flow of piss softened from the gorgeous cock above her face.

When she finally came out of her orgasm dream-world and looked over to him, he was putting on his jeans. Alice stood up, covered in cum and piss, took her purse from her handbag, handed him the money for her session, and he left, with a smirk on his face. Alice went on to masturbate 3 more times before showering. She did worry how she was going to get the piss stains out of her carpet though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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