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Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 03

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Continued from Part Two:

—-I was in Joe’s house on all fours on the couch; I was sucking Joe’s cock and Tony was fucking me in the ass from behind with his huge cock.——

Joe held my head and directed the pumping and bobbing of his stiff member in my mouth and throat.

The head pushed past my tongue into the back of my throat now with ease. My nose tickled when it touched his short pubic hairs.

Soon my nose was flat against his pelvis as all of that nine inch cock went down my throat.

I could feel Tony’s balls slapping against my ass, and he exclaimed how wonderful it felt to have his entire huge cock up my tight little ass.

I was so stretched and his monster cock felt so good inside my innards. Then the flame of being ass fucked took over and it was like a thousand volts of electricity coursed through my cock that was much better than when Joe fucked me earlier.

I had to pull my head up to breath and then Joe’s hands forced my face back down again. His cock had stretched my throat ardahan escort channel and was down my gullet. I was a little feint from lack of air.

I began to feel my cock oozing cumm again. My cock had lost some of its rigidity when Tony first began to penetrate my ass but now it was hard and throbbing in time with his strokes.

It felt like one long cum in my cock. My ass was in sheer ecstasy.

Joe asked Tony if my ass was good. Tony said it was great and that made me feel better about being ass fucked by a man.

I was enjoying the cock in my ass and mouth and my cock was now hard and throbbing in unison with Tony’s strokes and being face fucked simultaneously.

Tony plowed in and out changing rhythm from slow strokes to fast pounding. I was cumming without ejaculating any sperm.

My cock spasmed and felt like I was spurting at each and every thrust of his huge cock.

I was pounded like that for four or five minutes. My cock dry spasmed as though ejaculating ardahan escort bayan but no sperm came out.

I was totally drained from the video booth fucking earlier.

It seemed like an eternity of hard pounding with that enormous cock and hearing the squishy sounds it made as it pistoned in and out.

Tony pulled almost all the way out causing the head to re-stretch entry inside my sore rectum. My ass hole felt like it was falling away.

Tony gave a grunt and yelled out that he was cumming. Then Joe spurted a little cum in my mouth.

I didn’t swallow his cum and after Tony came he pulled out and I scrambled up to the toilet and spit it out.

I sat on the toilet while Tony’s cumm squirted out in big globs of creamy white cum.

I folded toilet paper like a Kotex between my ass cheeks.

I stood up staring in the vanity mirror. Joe stood behind me and I could feel his spit soaked limp cock on my ass cheeks. He placed his hands around me pulling escort ardahan and pinching my nipples.

I remarked how good it was but I was too spent and sore for any more fucking. We both giggled and went in the living room still naked.

Tony was laying back on the couch his eyes closed and his long fat cock limp between his legs.

We finished the joint and I promised Joe to try and find some good weed for my new fuck buddies and told him that the going price per ounce was 100 if I found any.

They said that was OK and just drop it by soon.

That dude Tony had one big ass huge cock. It was just enormous and even flaccid it was big.

My butt hole was sore but it still felt good. It was a strange sensation but I now realized that I had been missing a good thing for a long time.

Joe gave me some ointment for my ass hole and I thought that was nice of him.

It was a great time but I also knew that I would have to be extremely horny to really enjoy it. I still preferred pussy.

I rinsed my mouth in Joe’s bathroom with mouthwash. I thanked them for a good time and left to go home and rest. My legs were wobbly and my ass hole was sore.

I really slept good that night and remembered that I was invited back for a party on Saturday night.

Hmmm, wonder if I’ll go.

Continued Part 4.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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