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Adventures with Penny Ch. 03

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Chapter 03 — Bachelorette Party

As the next week passed, I did not see much of Brooke. She was running around like a chicken with no head as she worked on finding a house to Penny’s liking. She already had a buyer for Vivian’s condo and was working out the finer points of that deal. She buzzed around the house like a woman possessed most of the time and it felt very much like she was avoiding spending too much time alone with me.

I was slightly depressed by the recent turn, but pushed myself through the week. I was delighted to have Nikki back in the game. She was a breath of fresh air as she had not had to endure with the Sienna ordeal like the rest of us. Nikki remembered the fun and excitement of the early days when the game was still developing. Plus, she was a knockout.

Thinking back on the ordeal, even as infrequently as I did, still bothered me. It still made me cringe when I though about how Sienna pushed so fast and so hard to get to power. She was one interesting woman, who scared the shit out of all of us for a little while. I preferred to concentrate on the women still in this game and I liked focusing my thoughts on them. I was consistently wondering when my next assignment would arrive.

I had made it through another day and was driving home from the office on Thursday evening when my cell phone rang. The caller id indicated that it was Emma and Leslie’s office calling. These days there was no telling who would be delivering the orders, so I answered politely.

“Good evening,” I said as I put the phone to my ear.

“Hey you,” Nikki’s cheerful voice surprised me.

“Well hello, Ms. Barns,” I toyed with her. “What can I do for you this fine evening?”

“Stop being so formal, silly,” she laughed. “Actually, I am calling with your next assignment.”

“Let me ask you something, why wouldn’t Penny call me with it herself,” I inquired.

“Penny is a busy woman,” Nikki informed me. “And, I am the office admin after all. The phone is sort of my area of expertise.”

“I would beg to differ about your area of expertise,” I countered, referring blatantly to her skills with her body.

“Yeah, I am good at a whole lot of things,” she disclosed. “But seriously, be here at the office tomorrow at 8pm. Wear a suit.”

“Yes ma’am,” I accepted. “Any idea what the plan is?”

“Not a clue,” she admitted. “See you tomorrow night.”

I knew she had hung up even before the line disconnected. This was a specialty of all the women in this game. They enjoyed keeping me guessing and begging for more. I was so used to the hang up by now, that is no longer bothered me. It was very much a calling card of the women I dealt with. They were good at that aspect of the game. I was always on my toes around them. Curveballs were their specialties and I think they competed with each other to see who could confuse and amuse me the most.

That night at home was boring. Brooke wasn’t there when I arrived and when she did get home; she spent most of the night on her computer, hammering through contracts, dates and proposals. She was motivated but it still felt like avoidance, which was wounding my pride. The growing space between us made me sad. I couldn’t sit and think about it for too long without getting angry, so I retired to my room and begged for Friday to arrive.

I pressed through the next day with no problems. I wore my suit to work, which raised some eyebrows. Most people would have sworn that I was interviewing for something, but when I arrived at the office early and left well past quitting time, confusion seemed to brew amongst my co-workers. Good. At least I was not the only one who was kept guessing.

8pm seemed to arrive in a flash and as I pulled into the parking lot at Emma and Leslie’s office building, I wondered what tonight’s task would be. I exited the elevator and entered the office suite to a wonderful sight. Seven gorgeous women stood before, all dressed to kill. My imagination raced to places reserved for the world’s luckiest men, of which, at this moment, I was one.

I soaked in the image of each woman, one more amazing than the next. They were standing in a semi-circle in front of, what I assumed now, was Nikki’s desk. To my immediate left was Vivian, dressed in a tight white, halter mini-dress with matching white pumps. She looked fantastic in white. To Vivian’s left was Emma, who was the founder of this game and still had the distinct ability to take my breath away when she wanted to, without much effort. Emma had on a purple halter dress, which fit looser than the form fitting version Vivian had on. Emma’s dress was cut very deep between her ample breasts and fraid at the bottom. She had on strappy, silver sandals with a 4-inch heel to compliment it nicely.

To Emma’s left was Nikki, who looked tremendous. She had on a tan tube-style dress with a large black patent-leather belt across her midsection. The fabric hugged her body like I wished I could at that moment. She had on black, patent-leather pumps with a 4-inch heel to bağcılar escort match the belt. Next was the woman I recognized the least in this crowd. Monica was Nikki’s fiancé and quite an attractive woman. She had short, curly red hair that complimented her pale complexion. Her body was curvy and highlighted by her large chest. She had on a black skirt suit and white blouse, accompanied by black stockings and black heel, slingbacks that were only about 3-inches tall. She was a nice compliment to Nikki.

Next to Monica was Penny, who had her hair up in a bun and was wearing a spaghetti strap checkerboard patterned minidress. She had on black 4 inch pumps to match her dress. She looked lovely and I was taken back by how much her beauty struck me at that moment. Leslie was standing to Penny’s left, wearing a black, off the shoulder long sleeve dress that clung to her gorgeous figure. She too had on black 4 inch pumps and her hair was very big. Leslie was meticulous in her appearance and it did not go unnoticed. She was, in every way, a woman.

Finally, next to Leslie was her sister Brooke. Brooke had on a very similar dress to her sister, except hers was turquoise and the sleeves were slightly flared. She had on silver strappy sandals with a steel heel that was easily 4 inches, though I suspected higher. She was breathtaking and I was mesmerized by her.

Taking in all over these beautiful women was overwhelming me greatly. Each of them looked amazing, their makeup applied to perfection and each wearing a different fragrance, one more intoxicating than the next. I felt underdressed in my pinstripe, navy blue suit. I looked at the beauties before me and was very conflicted. Each of these women held a place inside me and each place was different. Passion, loyalty and empathy consumed me as my eyes danced between. Penny cracked my haze, after what seemed like hours but was only a few seconds in reality.

“Ok, tonight’s event is a bachelorette party for both Nikki and Monica,” Penny announced.

The women clapped, yelled and whistled. I glanced at Penny, crookedly.

“There is a stretch, Hummer limo waiting outside for us,” Penny continued, as did the clapping and whistling. “So I want to set the rules before we go. I want everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Emma and Leslie have decided that the firm will be paying for everything tonight, so enjoy but let’s also be considerate.”

Each of the women nodded and seemed to understand what Penny was saying.

“Now, there is a bonus to our party,” Penny added. “Our favorite man, here, will be our chaperone tonight. We have the limo until 3am, when it is schedule to drop us off back here.”

This all seemed like a great girl’s night out to me, I still wasn’t sure what my role was actually to be. Penny seemed to get that when she looked at me.

“We will be making 3 stops tonight,” Penny went on. “Emma is holding some special passes. At each of the stops, there will be a challenge. The lady who wins each challenge will be awarded the special pass for that stop. The pass is good for 20 minutes alone in the limo with him. Anything goes. Emma will award the pass at each stop since she is the only one of us not competing.”

The women hooted and hollered like alcoholics at an open bar. I was surprised but not shocked. Penny was getting really creative and playful. I could clearly see Emma’s influence showing up in her. This evening should be very interesting.

I held open the door of the office suite as the seven women passed in front of me to exit. We all gathered onto the elevator and made our way out of the building. As promised, a white, Hummer H2 limo was parked just outside the lobby, waiting for us. The driver held open the door as the seven dolls climbed into the car. I was the last to enter the vehicle, sitting on the back seat next to the door.

The driver closed us in and we were off to our evening. The women began drinking immediately. The champagne and vodka flowed throughout the car and the women prepared to party. Using my better judgment, I refrained from drinking. I thought it wise to lookout for any of the women who might need a hand if they had “too much” fun tonight.

We drove for about 25 minutes before the car came to a stop. The women continued to giggle and whistle as we reached our first stop. The driver opened the door and I exited first, helping each of the ladies step down from the oversized vehicle. When we were all out of the car, I turned around to notice we were downtown at a strip club called “Moonlight.” I had been here before with several friends for typical “boys nights,” though I was confused as to what seven women would want with a strip club?

Penny led the way and the women followed her inside as I brought up the rear, ensuring that all were accounted for. We proceeded past the bouncer and into the dark club. It glowed of blacklight and the stage was dead in the center. I could see some of the dancers standing on the bahçelievler escort outskirts of the stage, looking for customers.

Penny led us to a corner table that had piece of paper on it which read “Reserved.” We all sat and the ladies ordered a round of drinks and shots. This party was hitting full stride as the waitress returned and the seven beauties fired back their shots. Penny slammed her shotglass to the table loudly when she was done.

“The first challenge,” she screamed over the loud music, “is to get the phone number of one of the dancers. The first woman back with a legit number is the winner. Emma will call the phone number to make sure it’s not a fake.”

The women hollered and yelled as they began moving away from the table.

“ONE CATCH,” Penny yelled to them as they disbanded. “YOU CAN”T TELL THEM WHY YOU WANT THEIR NUMBER.”

My eyes widened when I heard this. I sat at the table, left with only Emma, who was holding the business card that would serve as the winner’s pass for this stop. I was watching Emma as she watched the women disburse all over the club. Emma was still stunning to behold, but tonight she was playing the role of team mom, which was also very attractive.

“I will give you 3 to 1 odds that your sister wins this one,” I said to her over the music.

“No way,” she countered. “My money is on Penny. That dress could get an eskimo hot.”

We watched together as the women worked their magic on the dancers. Penny had a hot blond girl corner and was making lusty eyes at her, while Leslie was at the bar doing shots with a curvy brunette. Vivian was sitting at the stage dangling dollars towards the current performer, while Nikki was seated on one of the couches getting a lap dance from another girl. This was shear amusement and perversion at the same time. I was stiff in my pants watching these events occur.

“They are enjoying this too much,” Emma leaned over and said to me.

“I thought this was so Nikki and Monica could have some fun,” I countered.

“To Nikki, nothing is more fun than this game,” she replied.

“Did she tell you that,” I asked.

“Yes, when she asked to come back,” Emma admitted. “She said she missed us and that you were one great lay.”

“That is unreal,” I stated.

Before I could continue my thought, Monica stood before us and handed Emma a slip of paper. Emma opened it and I was stunned when she laid it on the table, revealing a number. I looked up at Monica who smiled back at me, patronizingly. Emma pulled out her phone and dialed the number. I waited as Monica continued to glare at me. Emma snapped her phone shut and nodded at me. She handed Monica the card, declaring her the winner.

I clapped my hands in jest, but Monica grabbed my right hand and dragged me out of the club. Our driver was waiting and he opened the door as Monica climbed up into the big limo. I followed obediently, the door closing behind me. I sat on the back seat and Monica sat on the bench seat to my left. She stared at me intensely.

“We really don’t know each other,” she said to me after several long minutes of silence.

Her Australian accent was charming and warm. I felt more at ease after she spoke. Her voice very much cracked the tension that I felt lingering between us.

“You’re right,” I confirmed. “What would you like to know about me?”

“Well, let’s start with some things you should know,” she countered. “First, you will not be getting any action from me tonight. Nikki cares greatly for the people you are associated with but I am not sold on this ‘game.’ I will do what I have to do in order to keep her happy, but I can not state that I will ever be comfortable with this situation.”

I thought about what she said for a moment, gathering and organizing the points of my response. I wanted to be clear but not condescending. I wanted to try to do what I could to help Monica feel comfortable, if not for herself, then for Nikki.

“I understand how you feel, I really do,” I admitted. “The only way you can start to be comfortable with the situation is to get comfortable with the people. These ladies are nothing short of amazing, as is there care for Nikki. Take the time to see them for who they really are. They define the game; the game does not define them.”

“What about you,” she asked.

“What about me,” I repeated.

“Do you care for my Nikki,” she pressed.

“Of course I do,” I revealed. “I care greatly for Nikki. She is an amazing woman and I am happy that she has someone that makes her happy and will let her be herself in this game. You mean the world to her. That is a nice thing to see.”

“So, you don’t want to take her from me,” Monica stuttered.

“Why would I want to do that,” I retorted sternly. “I care for all of these women. I want them to be happy and you clearly make Nikki very happy. I would not want to take that from her at all. Are you worried that this game will take her from you?”

“Yes,” bahçeşehir escort she admitted shyly, dropping her head into her hands.

“You don’t have to be worried,” I said. “This game isn’t about that. It’s is tough to believe that from the outside, but watch, from a distance and tell me if you can’t see it. This is a group of people that cares for each other. Nikki is a big part of that and it’s clear she wants to remain part of it. Her choice to return because it meant something to her is evidence that this is more than it appears to be on the surface. You also mean something to her. She can care for both, trust her, even if you don’t trust the rest of us.”

“You are different,” she stated. “Different than I thought you were.”

“Let me guess,” I replied, “you thought I was a simple, horny guy who wanted to fuck all these women as much as possible. You thought that I was just some lucky loser who stumbled into a sex fest.”

“Honestly, yes,” she acknowledged. “That is exactly what I thought. But you are not like that. You are quite real.”

Before I could respond my cell phone rang. It was Penny. I knew that meant that my time with Monica was up. I opened the door of the limo and all of the other women were waiting for us. I stepped out and helped each of them back into the car. When we were fully loaded, we headed to our next destination.

We were only in the car about five minutes when the car stopped again. The door opened and I was out first to help the ladies along. At this point I could see the alcohol starting to hit a couple of them harder than the others. Brooke was swaying when she walked, like a leaning tower on high heels. She was adorable. Vivian was also starting to feel no pain as evidenced by her slurred speech. She was struggling to make complete thoughts at the moment.

When the car was empty, we all followed Penny into what I recognized as one of the hotter dance clubs in the city. I had seen it in several magazines; this place was quite the night spot. The line was around the block and there was a large black bouncer wearing an earpiece at the door. He looked much like a linebacker in full pads, although he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Penny approached him confidently and said something to him quickly. Her tiny stature next to his impressive frame was quite the contrast. The large gentleman then said something into the collar of his shirt, where I am guessing his mic was, and then he waved us all to enter.

We again followed Penny as she led us inside. She led us to a table on the far side of the huge dance floor, which had four small, circular stages on the corners. We sat down and a waitress greeted us immediately. She already had a tray full of drinks and shots for the ladies.

“These are from Bill,” the waitress said as she began putting the drinks on the table in front of us. “He says to have fun tonight.”

I looked at Emma and then at Penny. What did Bill have to do with this? That was not something I was expecting. I sat, quietly, as they toasted Monica and Nikki before firing back their shots. Emma seemed to be the resident professional, keeping pace with all the ladies though she continued to appear stone cold sober. She was wonderful to watch.

“Challenge number two,” Penny called to the women. “I just ordered three bottles of champagne that cost about $300 each. The first one to find a guy to pay our bar bill wins this challenge.”

I looked up to see the waitress return with a tray of champagne glasses and followed by three young dudes each carrying a bucket full of ice and a bottle. I could not help but laugh to myself. Penny was beyond creative now; she was being down right sadistic. The ladies were starting to see that they needed to be on their toes at all times, but I had a feeling this was going to be an interesting challenge to watch unfold.

The ladies had a large champagne toast before setting out on their mission. The champagne seemed to make Vivian very hyper, as she was now bouncing all over the club, running into young men. Brooke, on the other hand, had not moved. She sat at the table with Emma and me, with her head down. I felt for her, we’ve all been there. Nikki was talking to a young guy in the far corner of the place, while Monica was dirty dancing with two guys on one of the small stages. Her wild side was quite attractive. Penny was seated at the bar, surrounded by several guys, while Leslie was standing at the end of the bar, sipping a drink that was either water or vodka. She seemed to be letting the game come to her.

I watched all of them in delight, turning my focus from one to the next, as if flipping through the channels on a television. These ladies were far more entertaining than generic programming though. I looked back at Brooke, who had not moved, and then at Emma, who was rubbing Brooke’s back.

“Brooke,” I called to her across the table. “Are you alright?”

Brooke did not move anything but her right arm. She raised it from the table and gave me a thumbs up signal, but somehow I didn’t believe her.

Before I could dwell on this any longer, Leslie reappeared at the table. She whispered something in Emma’s ear and then pointed to the end of the bar. A young guy in sharp, grey suit waved at us. I shook my head in disbelief. No way. She did not get that dude to pick up almost a thousand dollar bar bill. No shot.

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