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Alan – The Continuation

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This story and its predecessor, “Alan — The Beginning”, are autobiographical and I have only changed a few details from reality.


Alan had been fucking me for 3 weeks. He was much more confident now and he took what he wanted, my bum mainly. It was great for me too, as I love being fucked, and having a gorgeous young man who wanted to be in me several times a day was wonderful. However I wanted more, in particular I wanted to get into Alan’s bum. But, whenever I touched him there, he shrunk away from me. He liked me licking his anus but that was as far as it went.

Then one evening he phoned me. “Chris, I’ve injured my leg playing football” he said.

“Is it bad?” I asked.

“It’s a thigh strain and I can’t really put any weight on it.” He replied.

“Shall I still come over tomorrow? I enquired.

“I’d like to see you” he said “But we might not be able to play all our games!”

“I’ll think of something” I laughed.

That night I made my plan and, although I wanted to masturbate, I didn’t, telling myself that I needed to preserve my strength for tomorrow.

The next morning, on the way to Alan’s house, I stopped at the shops and bought something to help his thigh strain.

When I got to his house, he opened the door and hobbled back so I could come in. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. Our tongues entwined and an observer would have known immediately how much we cared for each other and lusted for each other’s bodies.

“Look what I have bought you” I said handing him my shopping bag.

He opened the bag and said “Baby oil?”

“Yes, baby oil. I’m going to massage that bad leg of yours. I know how Eryaman Escort to look after my man!” I said through my smile.

“Let’s get you upstairs.”

I found some towels and spread them on his bed.

“Come on! Strip and lie down.” I told him.

He did as he was told and I stripped too. “I don’t want to get oil on my clothes! I said.

Now let’s see that leg.”

I put some oil in my hands and gently massaged his leg. He lay back and gradually relaxed.

“Does this help?” I asked.

“Yes, Chris. It’s great” he said.

“Good let me do the other leg too” I replied.

I worked on his legs, oiling him from toe to crutch. Whenever I got to the top of his legs I kissed his cock which was semi-hard and stirred as my lips touched him.

“Roll over” I ordered and he complied.

I oiled the backs of his legs kissing his bottom whenever it was in reach. He was very relaxed now and there was no tension in his muscles at all.

“Roll on your side and pull your top leg up towards your chest.” I said.

I put some oil in my hand and reached between his legs to hold his cock. Then I pushed my face into his lovely bottom and pushed my tongue into his anus as I slowly wanked him. God, he tasted wonderful and his firm young cock felt great as it slid between my fingers. I kept this up for some time, exciting him but not taking him too close to his climax.

“Turn over” I said and he rolled towards me.

Now, I’m not that fond of the taste of baby oil but this was going to be worth it. I poured some more oil into my hand and taking his cock into my mouth I reached between Sincan Escort his legs and rubbed the oil onto his buttocks. Gently I sucked him and gently I rubbed his bum. Slowly, slowly my fingers strayed into the cleft of his buttocks teasing his anus sucking a little harder every time a finger tip touched him there. Then I left my little finger there and rotated it a little. He remained relaxed although his cock was throbbing.

I looked up and asked “Is this ok?”

“It’s great Chris” he said.

So I poured some more oil in my hand and dipped my head to his cock again. My finger went straight back to his anus and this time he shifted his leg a little to give me better access. I pressed gently and my finger slipped into him. His cock twitched in my mouth so I stayed very still not wishing to push him over the top. Then I moved my mouth back and forwards a bit and gently, oh so gently, finger fucked his bum.

I kept this up for a few minutes then I pulled away and asked “May I lick your bum again?”.

“Oh yes” he replied.

“Can you kneel up?” I asked

In reply he knelt for me.

What a sight! My gorgeous young lover on his knees in front of me, his legs slightly parted and his anus slick with the oil I had put onto it. I bent my head and licked him, pushing my tongue deeper into his anus than it had ever been before. He was definitely more relaxed than he had ever been.

“More oil?” I asked.

“Yes please” he replied.

This time I used my index finger and to my surprise he opened easily to me. When I had been taken the first time I had been so tight that my lover had found Etlik Escort it hard to get his fingers into me. He was much more receptive than I had been. My thumb is quite small so I slipped that in and he took that so easily that I knew I could fuck him without hurting him.

“Alan, I want to fuck you. Would you like that? I asked.

“Yes Chris” he said.

The moment had arrived. My cock was rigid and I poured some oil onto it. I moved to him and placed the tip of my cock at his anus.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yes fuck me Chris” he said.

I pushed forward and the tip of my cock slipped into him. He groaned so I pulled back a little, poured a little oil on my cock and pushed back in again. This time I went an inch or so deeper and he groaned again. I pulled back again, more oil then push and half way in this time. No groan more of a moan this time. This was it I thought and I pulled back, poured a little oil and pushed hard all the way in until my balls bounced on his bum.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“It’s wonderful, Chris” he said “And you’ve been enjoying having this for weeks now!”

“Yes, it’s been great but we can share it now.” I said.

I picked up the tempo a bit and fucked him with long strokes. His anus was tight but yielding and held my cock like a warm glove. Added to the pleasure of being inside my lover the sensation was almost unbearable. He moaned and started to encourage me.

“Oh fuck me Chris” he moaned. “Fuck me harder.”

I fucked him ever faster now and then I shouted “I’m coming” and with a rush shot my cum into his bum.

He shouted himself and he also came shooting his cum onto the bed covers. I rested for a moment and then pulled out of him and went to the bathroom to wash my cock. When I came back he was lying on his back with a huge grin on his face.

“You look like the cat that got the cream” I said.

“Well I did, didn’t I?” he replied.

I lay down beside him and we kissed with the gentleness of true lovers.

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