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All Tied Up Ch. 03

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Quick addition to the series.

It had been a week since Catherine had found her naked son tied helplessly to a chair in her ex-husbands office. His girlfriend had abandoned him when she had come home from a bust of a date. She thought back to that magnificent cock and how quickly it came to life as he drank in her body. The vision of Jeff’s cock spraying cum all over her nylons was cemented in her brain and the speed at which he regained an erection made her pussy drip. She couldn’t believe how being sprayed with her sons cum had turned her into a total slut for him. That same night she had all three holes filled as she climaxed over and over again on his big beautiful cock. Catherine couldn’t think back to the last time she’d been fucked in the ass, let alone by something that huge. She loved it and couldn’t get enough of it.

Catherine thought about all of this as she hung helplessly in a sex swing in the middle of her bedroom. Her hands were bound by restraints above her head and her legs were spread open with her feet tied at waist level into what resembled stirrups. A padded strap supported her lower back so that she could hang there for some time without too much strain on her arms and legs. This was good because Catherine was unable to move against the restraints- not that she wanted to.

Apart from the black straps holding Catherine’s arms and legs in place, she was wearing black nylon thigh high stockings that were held up with a black lace garter belt. The panties that matched the set were soaking wet and so tight that she could almost feel her swollen clit pulse against the lace material, she relished the feeling of the thong pulled tight between her butt and high on her waist. The bra Catherine wore had an open cup and lifted her ample breasts while showcasing her succulent nipples.

Catherine knew she looked good and couldn’t wait for her young lover to enter the bedroom. The insatiable appetite of an 18 year old was almost too much to keep up with but she loved it. They’d been fucking each other all week and it was natural for Jeff reminisce on how things all started. Jeff confided with his mom about how he wasn’t the one that was usually being tied up, but that it was something new that he and his former girlfriend decided to try. After that Catherine admitted to a fantasy of being suspended from the ceiling in a sex swing, totally immobile while her lover took her any way that he pleased. A quick internet search for sex swings and along with drilling an eye hook in her bedroom ceiling built loads of sexual tension for the couple.

Jeff was coming home from the gym the day that the sex swing had arrived. He knew it was due soon and couldn’t keep his mind off it so he decided to get a workout in to distract himself. While he was gone, Catherine had returned home from work to find the package on the porch- she quickly opened it, read a bit about how it worked and then prepared for a night of mind blowing sex. She peeled off her work clothes and stepped into the shower, soaping up her bronzed athletic body, eager to have young hands all over her. While she shaved her pussy she couldn’t resist the urge to rub her clit. She made small circular motions above her pussy while she gently pinched her nipple with her free hand. She bit her lip as she moaned wanting so bad to push herself over the edge. She could feel herself dripping between her legs but decided to stop herself and save the orgasm for her hung son. After the shower, Catherine did her makeup and donned the sexy lingerie which she had bought in secret earlier that week. Using a chair she hung the swing in the middle of her room, and waited in heat for her baby boy to come home to fuck her brains out.

Jeff came home about half an hour after Catherine had finished preparing. He entered the kitchen through the garage and his jaw dropped when he saw his mom standing at the counter, sipping a rum and coke in the stunning negligee.

“Hey baby, I was wondering when you’d be home” Catherine greeted.

“Fuck, mom you look so sexy- is that a new outfit?” Jeff asked.

“Hmmm do you know my lingerie drawer by heart?” Catherine quipped.

Jeff grinned as he walked towards his sexed up mom, he wrapped his arms around her and pawed at her toned backside while he kissed her deeply. His cock at full mast, pressed against Catherine’s stomach and made her weak in the knees. She kissed him back as she pulled the elastic band of his gym shorts and snaked her hand inside. She wrapped her fingers around her sons hard cock as he thrust it against her. She loved how hot and hard it felt in her hand as he fucked against her. Jeff moved one of his hands from her ass around to her front and gently rubbed her pussy through her garter and panties. She moaned into his mouth as he broke the kiss, bent down and took one of her rock hard nipples into his mouth.

“I want you so bad right now” Jeff groaned into his moms breast.

“Mommy wants to show you something first, baby” Catherine Beşiktaş Escort replied.

Catherine took Jeff by the hand and took him to her bedroom, Jeff couldn’t keep his eyes off his mothers sexy ass as she led him through the house. When she opened the door, Jeff saw the sex swing hanging in front of her bed in the middle of the room and his cock throbbed with anticipation.

“Are you going to help mommy get in?” Catherine asked and she sauntered across the room.

Jeff helped his mom get into a comfortable position in the swing, taking every opportunity to run his hands up and down her sexy stocking clad legs. After she was seated comfortably, he adjusted the feet stirrups so that her legs were spread wide apart, then he tied her wrists above her head so that she was totally immobile. Jeff stood back in awe of how sexy his mom looked tied up in the swing. He slowly spun her around, cupping her ass and pressing the palm of his hand against her panty covered pussy and asshole.

“Fuck baby, I love the way you touch me” Catherine groaned.

“Let me grab something real quick- I’ll just be a minute.” Jeff replied.

“mmm don’t make me wait forever baby.” Catherine mewed as she watched her son walk out of the room.


Catherine couldn’t believe how wet she was- almost to the point of soaking completely through her panties, feeling totally exposed and helpless, ready to be used. She couldn’t wait for her son to get back and fuck her senseless. She loved the idea of being a fuck toy for her baby and was getting anxious for his return.

When Jeff walked back in the room, he was fully naked, his mammoth cock stood straight out in front of him and Catherine licked her lips at the sight of it. He walked over to the wall and plugged in a wand vibrator which he had secretly purchased online to make the night extra special. He wanted to take full advantage of his moms hot body and felt like the vibe might take her orgasms to the next level.

As Jeff slowly walked up to his mom, taking in her sexy lingerie with his eyes before running his hand down her leg and firmly gripping her tight ass. He leaned forward to kiss her as his cock ground into her mound. He pulled her body into him as they made out, Catherine could feel his cock desperately trying to penetrate her. The stiff member pressing against the panties pulled them tight against his moms clit and made her moan with pleasure.

“Ohh fuck baby you feel so hard” Catherine groaned into his mouth.

“You look so sexy all tied up like this, I can’t think of what I want to do first.” Jeff replied.

“Anything for my baby, I just want you to use me anyway you want.”

Jeff continued to press his cock against her soaping cunt as he explored her ass, occasionally running his down over her pussy and then back up over her thong covered asshole. The sensations made Catherine squirm with pleasure. Using his opposite hand, Jeff placed the vibrating wand just above his moms swollen clit and turned the device on. Waves of pleasure shot through Catherine as she felt her clit vibrate. The steel cock pressing into her along with the prolonged arousal made her cum almost instantly. Catherine’s pussy squirted through her panties, soaking Jeff’s cock as her body convulsed in what was sure to be the first of many orgasms that night.

“Fuck I love the way you squirt, mom”

“I love the way you make me cum!” Replied his mother breathing heavily.

Jeff stepped back to take in his sexy moms body. Her stockings complimented her bronze skin perfectly and her panties were so wet he could see her slit behind them. Unable to resist the sight, Jeff dropped to his knees and in one motion ripped his mom’s panties clean off. He pulled her body into his face and started lapping up the juices from her first orgasm.

Catherine was in pure ecstasy, she could feel her sons face pressed into hot pussy as he devoured her.

“That’s it baby, eat mommies pussy. Fuck that feels so good.” Catherine groaned as she felt Jeff’s lips surround her clit and begin to suck.

As Jeff worked his mom’s clit with his mouth he slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy. Working them slowly in and out of her wet hole. With his other hand he pressed the vibrator firmly against Catherine’s naked asshole and turned it up.

“Cum for me, mom.” Jeff commanded as he worked his fingers in and out, hitting her g-spot with each insertion and slowly picking up pace. As the vibrator became lubricated with Catherine’s juice, he pressed it harder against her asshole.

Catherine held her breath in anticipation as she felt another orgasm build. Her pussy began to spray around Jeff’s fingers, filling his mouth with her sweet honey. Her legs shook uncontrollably as the orgasm racked through her milf body. Jeff pulled her body further forward and ran his tongue down the length of her slit and eventually to her Beylikdüzü Escort tight rosebud. He firmly pressed his tongue against her asshole and it slid inside as she continued cumming.

“Ohh fuck baby, eat mommies ass!” Catherine screamed as her climax amplified.

Jeff continued to lash his tongue into his mom’s anus as she squirted all over his face. Her legs trembled in the stirrups and her hands gripped the bindings until her knuckles turned white. Jeff’s naked 18 year old body was soaked with Catherines spray. It dripped down his chin as he continued to rim her.

Catherine breathed heavily as she came down from her orgasm. She couldn’t believe how hard she had just cum from his hands and mouth, his cock hadn’t even penetrated her tight snatch yet. She hung there recovering from the onslaught her body had just received, wishing she could return the oral favor and deep throat her baby boys beautiful cock. She desperately wanted to suck him off until he sprayed a big hot load down her throat. Table that idea for now she figured, as the position in which she was tied would make it impossible for her to suck him off.

As if reading her mind, Jeff stood up and kissed her deeply. Catherine could taste herself on her sons tongue as he maneuvered some of the ropes above her head. After untying a knot above the harness, Jeff was able to invert the swings position- lifting his mom’s feet higher in the air while dropping her head to waste level. Catherine was basically upside down and knew exactly what was going to happen.

Jeff spun the swing 180 degrees so that his mommy’s face was in line with his cock. Catherine gazed at the glorious appendage as she felt him pull her onto his cock. She opened her mouth as wide as she could as he slowly fucked inside of her mouth. The swollen head of Jeff’s cock slid past Catherine’s lips as she tongued the top of his cock. Slowly pumping in and out Catherine salivated around the phallus.

Getting her face fucked by her son was an incredible turn of for the horny mom. She loved how he was firm yet gently while forcing his cock down her throat. Often times she would rub her clit and get off while she was going down on him. The orgasm would make her whole body tense as her lips wrapped tightly around him. She could often cum more than once this way and Jeff loved how it made her needy pussy so wet and ready for a deep fuck.

Jeff picked up his pace as he simultaneously pulled his mother onto his cock and thrust deep into her mouth. He caught his mom off guard when he pressed the vibrating wand against her swollen clit. Catherine moaned around her sons cock at the sensation of the vibrator against her clit. Deeper and deeper Jeff pumped into his moms mouth until he was fucking her throat.

Catherine gagged on her sons massive cock while the vibrations from the wand coursed through her body. She felt like a total slut hanging there, being throat fucked by her son and she absolutely loved it. That combined with the sensations being delivered through her clit made her cum again.

“UGGGGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Catherine groaned around her sons cock as her pussy sprayed across the room.

Jeff rubbed the wand through her slit and deflected the spray onto his body. He watched it drip down onto his moms face as he fucked it. He could feel her juices, combined with her saliva covering his cock and lubricating it for easier entry into her mouth. His balls started to tingle as he felt his own orgasm imminently approaching.

Jeff pulled his mammoth cock out of his moms mouth and lewdly slapped her on the cheek with it. Catherine loved feeling the weight and stiffness of it, she could feel her saliva being smeared across her face, ruining her makeup and it made her feel so filthy. She opened her mouth and tried to take him back down her throat.

“You love sucking my cock don’t you?” Jeff asked

“I love it baby, You’re big penis makes mommy hot when you put it in my mouth” Catherine gasped.

“You look so sexy with your lips wrapped around my cock”

“Put it in mommy’s mouth baby” Catherine begged.

Jeff slid his cock back into Catherine’s mouth and started fucking it. Watching her sexy body tense with each thrust was almost enough to put her over the edge.

“Oh fuck, you’re mouth is so hot, mommy” Jeff grunted as he face fucked his mother. “You’re gonna make me cum with those sexy lips.”

A few more strokes between his mom’s lips and Jeff started draining his heavy balls into Catherines throat. He pulled out of her mouth and jerked his cock, spraying cum all over the sexy moms tight body. Blasts of cum hit her in the face and tits, mixing with her own juices and making her feel absolutely filthy. Catherine gasped for air as she watched the impressive cock pump cum all over her. As Jeff came down from his orgasm he pressed his cock against his mother lips and let her lick him clean with her delicate tongue.

“It Beyoğlu Escort turns me on so much to suck you, baby. I love it- it’s as if my mouth was made to take your cock.” Catherine panted.

“I know mom, I love how wet it makes you.” Jeff replied.

“I need you inside of me baby boy, mommy needs you to fuck her so hard that she won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” Catherine said, taking a breaking from letting her tongue graze over Jeff’s cock.

“And then I want you to fill mommy with your hot cum until it pours out of me.” She continued.

“What would my mommy like filled first? Her delicious ass or her beautiful pussy?” Jeff asked.

“mmmmm take my butt, baby- make it yours.” Catherine answered without a second thought.

Jeff re-adjusted the swing from the inversion so that Catherine was in the original seated position. He stood back to take in the view. His petite, athletic mother was tied up, in front of him- totally exposed with no panties on. The stockings she wore glistened with their mutual juices and the bra lifting her perfect tits was soaked as well. The sexy mom’s nipples were hard as rocks and her breasts heaved with each labored breath as she continued to recover from the string of orgasms her own son had just provided. Her ass stuck out from below the strap that supported her lower back looked ready to be fucked. She looked like his own personal fuck doll and the thought of his cock sliding into her tight asshole had him hard again in a matter of seconds.

Jeff walked over to the nightstand and pulled the bottle of lube out. He squirted some on his fingers and rubbed it all over his moms clit and pussy, then further down to rub her anus with the pads of his fingers.

“Ohhh fuck baby I love the way you touch me” Catherine groaned.

“I love touching you, you’re such a sexy mommy” Jeff replied as his fingers explored her beautiful rosebud, teasing it with gentle pressure before inserting his index finger into his moms ass at a painfully slow rate. Catherine’s toes curled with pleasure and her eyes squinted shut at the feeling of her sons finger entering her. She loved the feeling of his strong finger sliding into her, lubricating her butt and preparing it for his meaty cock. She could feel her ass almost sucking his finger, begging for more. While Jeff worked his finger in and out of his moms horny asshole, he slowly coated his cock with lube.

Jeff slowly withdrew his finger and gripped his cock tightly, moving between his mothers legs he pressed the head against her tight butt. Catherine could feel her asshole start to stretch to accommodate the monster cock as her son pulled her onto it.

“Ohhhh fuck baby, that’s so good” Catherine moaned while Jeff pressed his cock against her asshole.

“Your ass is so tight, mom- I fucking love it.” Jeff responded.

“My ass is tight and your cock is huge, baby. I love the way you fill me up.” Catherine continued as Jeff pressed harder into her butt.

With a gentle thrust, the head of Jeff’s cock slid into Catherine’s anus. Jeff looked down to marvel at how engorged his cock looked lodged in the sexy moms asshole. Her pussy just above that was literally leaking juices down onto them both and her sexy tits were still covered with his milky cum.

Jeff pulled his mother closer to him, thrusting his cock deeper inside of her making her moan with pleasure.

“That’s it baby, filly mommy’s ass with your big cock.” Catherine coaxed. “My tight butt belongs to you baby, take it- make it yours.”

Jeff thrust deeper, advancing his cock into her until he was balls deep in her ass. He slowly started pumping in and out of the hot mommy’s tight rectum as it squeezed his hard cock.

“Fuck, mom- I can’t believe how much of a slut you are for my cock.” Jeff groaned as he pumped in and out of his wet mother.

“I’m your slutty mommy baby, don’t stop fucking me.” Catherine screamed as her son pounded her asshole.

Jeff was simultaneously pulling the swing into him while thrusting towards her-pistoning his cock in and out of Catherine’s ass. Catherine could feel another Orgasm building slowly as her body began to tense up. Catherine loved the outrageous sensation of her ass being fucked, each thrust rippled through her body. Her pussy was on fire and she could feel her G-spot being pummeled each time her son bottomed out. Catherine came violently as her son fucked her tight asshole.

“Fuccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk” Catherine screamed, her pussy spraying a torrent of her mom-cum all over her son. The squirt hit Jeff in the chest and covered them both, making their bodies glisten as the wet slapping sounds became more prominent. Jeff loved the feeling of his mom’s squirt dripping off his swollen balls and watching her squirt while she came made him want to fuck her harder.

“God baby you fuck mommy so good, don’t stop!” Catherine moaned.

“Tell me what you love, mom.” Jeff commanded.

“I love being yours baby, I love the way your cock fills me up and makes me cum harder than I ever imagined. I love being your slutty mommy and I want to live to serve you.” Catherine babbled as Jeff pounded her tight ass.

The hot mom’s whole shook with each thrust. Jeff relentlessly fucked his mom’s tiny asshole as he felt his own orgasm building.

“Oh fuck, mom I’m gonna cum again” Jeff yelled.

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