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An awakening.

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This one is not a true story but one of experience, of emotions and of true feelings. Inspired by some emotions I have known but have become very reacquainted with in the past few days. As always comments and such are more than welcome and I look forward to comments and emails from any and all. Kisses Stormy.

Carol stood transfixed staring at her daughter showering. She wanted to make sure there were enough towels since the two had to share the master bath for a few days while the other was repaired. Megan was behind the clear water splattered glass lathering her teenage body with soap unaware that her mother was even there. Naked, toned and ever so shapely in a subtle way Megan had grown into an attractive woman and Carol had just noticed.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Carol turned her eyes away and went about setting the towels down when her daughter’s voice stopped her. “Oh mom, can you hand me my conditioner? it’s there on the counter.” Carol saw the bottle in question, but saw the dripping wet body of her eighteen year old daughter standing there in front of her, framed in the open door to the large shower.

Her long brown hair was soaked and hanging perfectly straight down and just barely hiding the girls breasts. A long narrow arm ended at a perfect petit hand waiting for the bottle. Carol handed it over and watched Megan go back to showering uncaring she was being watched, studied……lusted after?

Carol snapped her mind back and rushed from the room to make herself busy knowing her body had reacted to what her eyes had just seen. That evening she would lay in bed, naked under her covers and for the first time since since her husband had passed away masturbate. It was what she pictured that caused her conflicting emotions as she rubbed her hard clit and fingered her wet pussy to images in her istanbul escort mind of her daughter naked and dripping wet.

For the next several days Carol watched her daughter closer than ever before. How the tiny girl moved and dressed. Her smile and just cute little things that had gone unnoticed for so long. Megan did notice her mother’s attention and found it enjoyable as being a very geeky teen she had so few friends.

Carol masturbated again that evening but was a little loud and Megan heard her. Peeking in the cracked bedroom door the teen stared through wide eyes as her naked mother kicked the sheets off so she could spread her legs further. Never would she have imagined her mother doing this but there she was, pussy neatly trimmed and her fingers plunged in deep. The moans of joy made Megan wet, the look on her mother’s face brought a smile to her face. “Good for you mom.”

Megan sprinted to her room where she slipped out of her night things and there in the meager light given off by her muted T.V. the eighteen year old began to masturbate like she had seen her mother do. Carol had finished and slipped on a robe and stopped in the hall on her way to get a drink. There was light from Megs room, and a sound.

Carol stood with her mouth open, body still on edge from her orgasm seeing her daughter naked again, this time biting her lower lip as she rubbed her clit and moaning. Carol could see little droplets of juices flying as Megan worked herself into a frenzy before finally arching her back and squirming on the bed in the throes of climax. After this Carol sat in the kitchen sipping a tea and plotting just how she could have her daughter.

For the next few days both women would masturbate to thoughts of the other as they were watched unaware of each other’s actions. During the day whenever she avrupa yakası escort could carol began a ritual of complimenting her daughter on something, her hair, the way she was dressed, and how the light looked in her eyes. For her part Megan smiled and giggled but went out of her way to touch or bump into her mother, this causing Carol to up her game. Carol found that it was so exhilarating to stand behind Megan brushing her long hair and talking. Megan had to work hard not to moan since having her mother touching her was making her so very horny.

The two did this for over a week. Brushing each other’s hair, helping each other dress and making each other crazy. The masturbation was now a nightly thing for both with each getting louder and having more intense orgasms. Carol finally brought out the big guns and ordered them both some new bras and panties from Victoria’s. Megan squealed in joy when handed the package and pulled her mom by the hand so they could try them on.

Suddenly the two were naked together, both trying and failing to look at the other. Once they each had on the matching garments carol managed to speak. “Oh sweetie, that looks so lovely on you. It fits so perfectly and just makes your body so much lovelier.”

It was then that Megan knew. Her mother was having the same thoughts, the same feeling as she was. “oh mom. I know. I know what you’re feeling, thinking.” Carol only stared into the mirror, still taking in her young body. “I don’t think I know what you’re talking about Megs.” “Yes you do mom, it’s me you masturbate too every night just like it’s you I am masturbating to. When did it start for you mom? When did you suddenly find me attractive?” Carol had tears rolling down her cheeks now. “When you were showering, and I brought in towels, and saw you bahçelievler escort dripping wet as I handed you shampoo.”

Megan grinned but turned and walked away. Carol stood unable to move because she thought it was all over, all ruined. But she heard the shower start and then her daughter’s voice. “Well? Aren’t you going to join me in here?” Carol moved like a zombie, sure she imagined those words only to find Megan standing under the flowing water, staring at her mother, water cascading off her nakedness.

Carol slipped out her bra and panties leaving them on the floor with her fears. The water felt good as she entered the shower but her daughters embrace felt much better. The kiss that followed made them both slip into a bliss that brought them to the wet floor as they explored each other’s bodies.

Megan had no idea having only ever kissed two guys she had dated but nothing more. Carol had never done a single thing with another woman but the two didn’t let that stop them. Under a steady stream of falling hot water Carol slipped between Megan’s legs to find her pussy warm, wet and wanting. Megan was soon moaning and begging for her mother to not stop as she felt her pussy invaded by a tongue and finger and her clit sucked to two orgasms.

Carol kissed her daughter before laying back and feeling so much love and attention she wondered where this had been for her entire life. Megan just did what her mother had quickly figuring out what buttons her mother really liked and discovering that she really went nuts if she hit her tight little asshole with her tongue, then a finger. Mom was soon arching her back shoving her pussy into her daughters face as her body rocked from orgasm after orgasm, Megan not wanting any of it to end and enjoying the taste of her mother’s juices.

No words were said as the two toweled each other dry before walking to the bed hand in hand. There they would continue to explore both their bodies and their sexuality in multiple orgasms in various positions. The two would fall asleep together wrapped in each other’s arms and their mutual love each felt for the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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