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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 23 – Ethan, let”s go to your bedroom.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Boys are to be loved, cherished and cared for. Never hurt!

New website for Grizzly Valley is coming – Covers the town, the people and places. Bruce”s Dojo, Tech Tribe, Liams Automotive, Grizzly Baptist Church, Laundromat, Mac”s Diner and more. You”ll see Mark, Jamie, Bruce, Liam, Taylor, Sebastian, Andrew, Ethan and the rest of the town.

Chapter 23 – How do I pay Ethan back? I have an idea.

“Yes son, it is. Lincoln was my boy. He”s Ethan”s older brother. I was a terrible father. I didn”t know what I was doing and I fucked up.”

Andrew looked at him in shock. Yes, he was a grown up, but he was swearing badly.

“I”m sorry Andrew, I shouldn”t swear around you, but telling this story always makes me hate myself for what I did. It”s all my fault.”

“It”s okay, Mr. Thomas. I understand. I”m sure you know what kind of life I had, so swearing doesn”t bother me, I”m used to it.”

“You see, Lincoln was a good boy, but when he was about your age, he got into some trouble at school. He was kind of a rebel, but I loved him. I never hit him, never called him names, but one day he got suspended from school.”

“What did he do?”

“He was struggling to be popular. The friends he was trying to impress weren”t really that bad, but their idea turned out to be not so funny and hurt someone. They dared him to help them fill several lockers in the main corridor of the school with marbles. Sounds innocent, right? Funny, stupid, whatever. So they figured out how to pop a couple of lockers, put some poster board over the locker while one of them dumped marbles in. They slammed the door and pulled out the poster paper.”

“That sounds funny. How did it become bad?”

“Well, the next break was lunch, so everyone was hurrying to throw stuff in their lockers and get to lunch. Several of the lockers were opened, releasing the marbles. Everyone was laughing as they scattered everywhere. There were thousands of them rolling down the hall, and then someone slipped on them and fell. Kids trying to help slipped too. They weren”t hurt bad, a few sprained ankles and wrists, but that was enough for the school to react, especially when their star football player was injured and going to miss the rest of the season. The four boys, including Lincoln, were all pulled in and suspended.”

“So what happened next?”

“They called me and I had to leave work to go pick him up. On the way home, I yelled ankara escort at him and sent him to his room. I told him how disgusted I was and that I was going to ground him for a month. I told him I was in trouble at work for having to leave. I told him he”s lucky no one was hurt any worse.I was upset, but I didn”t mean for it to go so wrong, just like he didn”t mean for his prank to hurt anyone. Now I have to live with that.” He started crying.

“But you were just grounding him, right?”

“Yeah, but I told him I was disappointed in him. In fact, I said I was disgusted with him. That must have really hurt him. I had never said anything like that to him, and I don”t know why he was worried about my love for him, but somehow he thought he was no longer loved.”

“Sounds like he really needed your approval. I know what that”s like. I had to have sex with my dad to get any positive approval from him.” Crap, Andrew realized. He was telling him too much. He told himself “Don”t be stupid, Andrew. Don”t talk, just listen like with your Johns.”

Ignoring the revelation, he continued. “Well son, you”re right, Lincoln must have really needed my approval, and I didn”t think that what I said would be the last thing I got to say to him. You see, that night he packed a backpack, wrote a note, and climbed out the window to run away.”

“I”m sorry he ran away.” Andrew was thinking about when he left, but this was different, wasn”t it? His dad really didn”t love him, he used him just like the men on the street.

“We figured he would be home the next day, but when we called his friends, nobody had seen him. We told them if they were covering for him it was fine, but let us know he was okay. Nobody had any idea where he was.”

“Did he come home?”

“No, Andrew, we haven”t seen him since. We haven”t found his body, we haven”t heard from him, we haven”t found any trace of him. I kick myself every day, wondering why I didn”t show affection to him or show my approval. I was a crappy father. I didn”t want to make that mistake with Ethan, and I needed to make amends for what I had done.” He paused. “Andrew, do you know what closure is?”

“No, I don”t think so.”

“Closure is when someone who has dealt with trauma, loss, or any other major event can come to terms with what happened and be comforted about the situation. If someone dies, it”s important to know why and to have a funeral for them, right? That”s closure. You know what happened and that they are now resting. Well son, we don”t have that for Lincoln, so every day we help someone. We are trying to provide someone else with that closure.”

“How do you do that? I mean, I am on the streets for a reason, and I never want to go back to my parents. I won”t go back. I would run away again. My parents don”t deserve any closure for what happened to me.”

“Andrew, they may have been good people and just made a mistake, I don”t know your story, but for the boys and girls we help, we make sure that the parents know that their child is alive and well. Sometimes we will reunite them if they all agree, but only after some long counseling sessions. Other escort ankara times we will get parental rights signed over to foster care or an adoptive parent and be the communication path between parents and children with the hope that some day they can reconcile. In some cases, the parents are cold hearted and don”t care. In those cases, if they won”t willingly surrender parental rights, we use a judge. The important point is that we do everything we can to protect the children and help the parents understand. We believe in what”s best for the child, though. Thankfully, in many cases, we do get the parents and children back together, but it”s hard.”

“Wow, that sounds like a lot of work, but why?”

“Andrew, I do it so that maybe someday I will feel closure for losing Lincoln by helping others. I can hope that Lincoln found a good life and is happy, but my darkest fear is that Lincoln just wanted to get away to think, and running away was his way of telling us he was upset too. Usually, kids will do that and come back the next morning. The fact that we found no trace of him makes us think that he was abducted, or abused, then murdered and buried somewhere. Someone probably picked him up as he was walking.”

Mr. Thomas was full on crying.

“Andrew, I want to be able to help you, but you”re going to have to trust us. I hope you will see that we don”t want to hurt you or take advantage of you. I”m sure being on the streets was not fun or easy, and based on what Ethan told me about your friend, it sounds absolutely terrifying. I”m also very sorry that two of your friends may not have made it. Those poor boys and their parents will never have a second chance.”

Andrew didn”t know why, but he was compelled to go hug Mr. Thomas. He looked like he needed a hug. It felt nice to both of them. Andrew missed getting hugs, and Mr. Thomas felt comfort as he hugged back and patted Andrew on the back and rubbed him up and down. It felt so good to both of them, even with only one good arm.

Andrew”s mind jolted like a bolt of lightning hit him, and he panicked and pulled back. He moved away from Mr. Thomas to the other side of the couch and was shaking.

“Andrew, Andrew, what”s wrong?” Mr. Thomas moved over and was holding him. Andrew was shaking uncontrollably.

“I…, I…” sigh, “was as throwaway. On the night of the fire, we were sure they were going to kill us. I thought Ricky was dead and I was next. I”m sorry, Mr. Thomas.”

“Andrew, I”m sorry if I triggered you. I didn”t mean to.” Mr. Thomas had experienced this before with kids. They want or need affection like a hug, but then it triggers bad memories. “Andrew, I”m not going to hurt you. I”m sorry if I brought back some bad memories. Please forgive me.” He pleaded.

Andrew sat there for a while. Mr. Thomas moved away and gave him some space. He went in and got some Milk and Oreos and brought them out. Andrew looked like a zombie. He had his knees pulled up to his chin and was rocking back and forth. His face was streaked in tears and red. His eyes were focused on infinity and he was in outer space.

“Andrew, here, I brought ankara escort bayan you some milk and cookies. I”m sorry Ethan doesn”t have anything else, but as you know, he”s a fire fighter and works out more than anyone I know, so he rarely keeps treats around. But who doesn”t like milk and Oreos? Please son, have some and relax.”

Andrew didn”t move for a few minutes. Mr. Thomas brought over some tissues. Andrew felt his tears soaking through his new shorts and running down his shins. Tears were pooling on the purple cast. It looked kind of neat. When Andrew felt the boogers starting to drip, he grabbed a tissue. He took a deep breath and then let his legs down from his chin and sat like a normal person. He mumbled, “Thank you,” to Mr. Thomas.

Andrew dunked the cookies and ate them. For a moment, he forgot his situation. He was calming down, which is what Mr. Thomas intended.

Mr. Thomas got up as he saw Ethan leaving the bathroom and heading to his room to dress. Mr. Thomas told Ethan what had just happened.

Andrew could have run but had no idea how he would deal with his cast and what to do until he healed. He just thought that maybe he could get healed here and then take off. He can”t really earn money with sex since nobody wants to fuck a broken boy.

“So, I hear you and my dad have been talking. Let”s say enough of the talking and figure out something we can do that”s fun?” Ethan was standing there looking hot in his jeans and polo.

“Um, what can we do? I don”t have one arm and can”t really walk. We don”t have to do anything.”

“Andrew, I know I don”t have to, but I want to. We can do something when Dad goes back to the foundation. How about a movie? That way, you don”t have to talk, but you can have some fun. I”ll get you some popcorn and a drink.”

“Whatever.” Fuck, he was blowing it. He keeps reverting and not trusting these guys. Ethan is being strong, and he”s really trying.

Andrew thought, “Why can”t I be nice, I do it for my Johns.” He smiled and said, “I mean sure!” He tried to spit it out with a happy tone, but it was a bit forced.

Ethan simply ignored his attitude and changed the topic. “So, do you like the front of the theater or the back?”

“I like the middle to back, that way I can see everything.”

“Ok, so let”s look at the listings.” He sat on the couch, and they picked out a movie at 7 PM. They just had pizza, so Ethan suggested hot dogs at the theater for dinner.

“That would be nice, but you don”t have to.”

“Nonsense, I gotta eat too, you know. What would you like to do until the movie?”

Andrew wasn”t sure where this was going. Did Ethan want something from him? He did think he was hot and with all the stuff he got for him, he should pay him back.

“I could pay you back for everything. We could go to your room.” Andrew stood up from the couch and reached his hand out to Ethan.

End of Andrew”s Misplaced Trust – Chapter 23 – Andrew Thomas Published stories

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