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Asian Sleepover

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“Have a nice time Johnny,” screamed my mom as I walk away from the car. “And don’t forget to say thank you.”
“I won’t,” yelled John as he ran towards his friend’s house, he was 15 years old at 5’10” 130 pound frame with white skin and brown hair.
John approached the front door and knocked. His friend’s mother answered the door. She was 35 years old and about 5’4” and about 100 pounds, I couldn’t believe her husband would divorce her. She had a knockout frame with long, shapely legs leading up to a full, round ass. All of this was accented by her pretty, little Asian face framed by long, black hair that went down to her protruding boobs that Daniel guessed to be a high B-cup to a low C-cup.
“Hello Daniel, you can come in, David is in his room,” said David’s mom, Moon.
Daniel walked down the hall and entered a room 2 doors down on the right. Once inside he saw his friend playing a video game. His friend was 15-years-old, an Asian like his mom and around the same height while he weighed 120 pounds with the same straight black hair.
He joined in until they got tired of it and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. They took their snacks into David’s family room. Once inside, Daniel set his sites on one of the most beautiful things. Moon was sitting there on the seat watching television. As Daniel took his seat on the couch next to David he was glad he brought the bag of chips with him. Moon and David was concentrating of the television, but Daniel could careless. He was looking over at Moon who was wearing a small, kimono style top and a pair of matching short shorts. Daniel sat there his erection causing a tent in his basketball shorts, which he blocked by the bag of chips.
“Well, guys I’m going to turn in,” said Moon as she got up and walked toward the hall.
“G’night, Mom,” said David.
“Good night, Ms. Wu,” said Daniel as he watched her round ass sway side to side as she walked to the hall.
Daniel and David sat there for another half hour until David got up and started walking towards his room so Daniel followed. Once inside David turned on his computer and went onto the Internet. Daniel saw him go onto a porn website.
“What do you want to look at Daniel?”
Daniel looked over the categories and chose the Asian page.
“Your racist,” joked David.
They looked at all different kinds of Asian women. Some big, some small, some with cocks in some of their holes, some just posing by themselves, some with hairy bushes, some with no hair, some with huge tits and some with small tits. After about a half hour David said he had to wank one off, but Daniel said he wanted to save it cause he joked that he was going to get some action sometime soon. Daniel turned on the television while David behind him had whipped out his cock and soon he started moaning softly. Daniel turned around and was shocked at what he saw. There was his friend wanking his erect cock with a mass of black hair and swinging balls when Daniel thought he went to the bathroom to do it. David was really pumping his cock furiously now and then his cock started to spasm. His cock started to pump casino siteleri out pearly white cum flying all over his stomach while the rest dribbled down his cock. David got tissues and started to clean himself off while his cock went limp.
After that it was really awkward watching television. About an hour later Daniel looked over at David who was sound asleep. Then he turned around as he heard the door click open as Moon looked in to check if they were awake. She saw David asleep and Daniel looking at her.
“Daniel, come here,” whispered Moon.
Daniel got up and walked out the bedroom door to where Moon was waiting for him in the hall.
“Daniel my feet really hurt and I really need a massaged, if this isn’t too awkward can you do it unless you don’t want to,” said Moon.
“I’ll do it Ms. Wu,” said Daniel.
“That’s great Daniel, now follow me and you can call me Moon.”
Daniel followed her to the door next to David’s room. As he entered he realized it was Moon’s bedroom. She lay face down on her bed, her tits squishing against the soft mattress as Daniel walked over. He took the first foot and started to rub it. Moon was letting out soft moans as Daniel worked his hands over her smooth feet. After Daniel worked over both her feet for no reason he could realize he sucked each of her toes.
“Can you please rub my back also?” moaned Moon.
“Okay,” said Daniel.
Daniel worked her back until every inch was massaged.
“Uh Daniel you don’t know how bad I needed that,” said Moon.
“Anytime,” said Daniel.
“Let me ask you a question Daniel.”
“Okay Moon.”
“Well, how big do you think my breasts are?”
Daniel was shocked, but he answered. “I think they are a high B-cup or low C-cup.”
“Really, because they are actually 34D.”
“No way.”
“Yeah they are look at the tag on the back of my bra,” said Moon as she took off her kimono top to reveal a tiny little red bra. Daniel looked on the tag and read “34D”.
“Holy crap they are huge,” said Daniel, but he was really happy about the better view of her tits as his cock started to rise.
“Thank you,” said Moon while giggling like a little schoolgirl.
She turned back around and looked at Daniel. Daniel looked at her beautiful face and at the moment she moved in and started kissing him. Their tongues were battling inside each other’s mouth. They made out for about 10 minutes until Moon broke it off. She started removing Daniel shirt and in doing so revealed his 4 pack. She ran her hand over them and moaned in approval. She then pulled down his shorts revealing his boxers. She then took off her short shorts revealing a tiny little red thong. She laid back and told Daniel to come and get it. So Daniel went over and massaged her shoulders then went past her tits to rub her stomach and licked her navel. He then went past her thong and thong and massaged her legs. He then ripped off her bra and out popped the two most beautiful tits Daniel ever saw even counting from the porn sites. They were round with no sag, which was weird since she was aging, but then again she didn’t age much canlı casino either. They had brown areolas with long half-inch nipples. He massaged each of them then he went and sucked them. He sucked on the nipples and licked every inch of each of them. He then went down and pulled off her thong. That revealed the prettiest pussy ever that had just a small bit of hair above it. He fingered her for a little, each time he entered she let out a small moan. Then licked around her lips until he started tongue fucking her. He kept fucking her with his tongue until she started shaking violently.
“I’m going to cum!” said Moon.
She then let out a loud moan as her juices flowed out all over Daniel’s face and her thighs. Daniel thought she tasted sweet and finally the juices stopped flowing.
“You don’t know how long it has been since someone else brought me to an organism,” said Moon.
“I’m so glad I could do it for you,” said Daniel.
“Well now it’s my turn,” said Moon as she pushed Daniel over. She slowly pulled down his boxers and out popped his cock.
“Oh my look at this, that is one big cock,” exclaimed Moon.
She then slowly took her soft hand and ran it up and down the long cock. Daniel shuddered in sheer bliss as she worked his cock with one hand and the other worked his large, hairy balls. After awhile she slowly licked a bead of precum off the head of his cock. She then licked the whole head and all around the shaft. She then sucked each ball one at a time in her mouth. Then she slowly went down on his cock. She went down and down until her nose was in his curly, brown pubic hair. She then sucked him deep throat until his moaning got faster and faster.
“I’m cumming!” exclaimed Daniel.
She took the cock out of her mouth, started stroking it and opened her mouth awaiting the cum. The cock spasmed in her hand as cum shot out, the first shot hit her nose, the second her cheek, and the last 3 into her mouth then she took the cock and sucked it dry. Moon looked so hot with her face covered in his cum.
“Yum that tastes so good,” said Moon.
“Uh that was the best blowjob ever,” said Daniel.
Daniel was still partially erect, but then Moon made sure he was hard. She took his cock and played with it until it was hard.
“Fuck me Daniel,” said Moon.
Then Moon squatted over Daniel’s cock. She slowly impaled herself on it until it was stuffed to the hilt.
“Oh God Daniel it feels so big.”
“You like that don’t you, you little slut.”
Daniel loved the site of Moon rocking up and down and the way her boobs shook up and down.
“You love how my tits bounce don’t you, you stud.”
Right then Moon had an organism.
“Oh you love my cock don’t you, you organism whore.”
Moon cummed 3 more times until Daniel felt that familiar tingling in his balls. After a couple of minutes Daniel couldn’t hold back.
“I’m going to cum Moon.”
“Cum in me, fill me with you sperm.”
Daniel shoved his cock to the hilt and let loose. His cum flowed into her pussy while her cum flowed against it. Moon let out a scream at her biggest organism kaçak casino of the night.
“Uhhhh, that was amazing,” said Moon.
“Yeah it was,” said Daniel as his limp cock slipped out of her pussy.
She then took his cock and sucked the cock clean. She continued playing with it until it was hard then the door clicked.
“I heard you scream mom is everything all righ…” said David as he walked in and saw his mom stroking his friend’s cock.
“Daniel! I know you said you would get some action soon, but I didn’t think it meant tonight,” joked David, “Mom if you doing him you going to do me to.”
“But that would be incest,” said Moon.
“But your doing it with a minor,” said David.
“Fine then come here,” said Moon.
He walked over, took off his clothes and climbed onto the bed. His stiff little cock sticking straight up.
“Daniel take out the KY in the dresser,” said Moon.
He got the KY and asked where. She said her ass as she turned over and went on her hands and knees. He saw her beautiful round ass and her cute little brown star. He took the KY and fingered her little asshole. Meanwhile, he looked up and saw her sucking her son’s cock. After awhile she stopped and David asked why.
“Well, you can fuck my pussy and Daniel can fuck my ass.”
She got off the bed and stood there and Daniel and David came over. David slipped his cock in quick because the whole was still stretched because of Daniel, but Daniel slowly entered her ass to cause he less pain. When he was fully in David and Daniel both started fucking their hole. They felt each other’s cock through the thin layer of skin, which made it hotter. After 10 minutes David cummed and Daniel was still going. After his mom sucked him clean David said he was done so he went back to bed and Moon said she didn’t want it up the ass anymore.
“Where should I put it?” asked Daniel.
“Fuck my tits,” exclaimed Moon.
So she went to the bed and lay down. Daniel then sat on her so his cock was between the 2 massive globes. Moon pressed her tits together and Daniel rocked back and worth. He loved the feeling between her tits, but he felt the familiar sensation and said he was cumming.
“Stand up and cum on my tits.”
So he stood up and felt all-powerful when he looked down at the cut little Asian watching him stroke his long, white cock. He then let loose all the cum he had left in his large balls. His first 2 shots hit her in the directly in the face while the last couple landed on her tits. She sucked the cock dry and didn’t clean her face or tits. They lay down on her cum covered bed with the scent of sex in the air they fell asleep.
Daniel woke up the next morning with a cute little Asian in his arms. She woke up and she turned around. He saw her face with dried cum on it and her huge tits with dried cum too.
They heard knocking at the front door.
“Must be my mom.”
“Ok well I hope you can sleepover many more times.”
“I’ll be sure to.”
After putting on his clothes he walked towards the bedroom door. Remembering what his mom told him.
“Thank you.”
He walked out the front door.
“Did you have fun honey?” said Daniel’s mom.
“You bet I did and they said I can stay over any night I want.”

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