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At The Cabin with Daddy

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After six years of study, I was approaching graduation. In a month I would have my Master’s degree in History in hand. As well, I had an employment contract to begin teaching high school the following fall. With celebration in mind, I went out for a mother/daughter evening with my mom.

At her favorite bar, we spent the evening listening to a local singer/songwriter, chatting, and drinking rum and cokes. As mom had begun spending more and more evenings at bars and night clubs following her divorce with dad, she seemed to drink three for every one that I drank. As the evening past she became chattier, broaching subjects WAY out of my comfort zone. As she led our conversation to very personal topics, I kept bringing it back to vague plans for the future. One example of this was how I answered an inquiry as to whether I would be finding a lover for the summer, explaining that I would probably head West for a visit with Dad instead.

This brought about an even more uncomfortable dialogue from Mom. Her eyes began to become tear filled as she reminisced about their marriage. She told me how sorry she was for destroying their marriage and how I got my love for academics, hard work, and spirituality from him. With a sad laugh she told me how it was so ironic that her affair had cost her the best lover that she had ever had. “Nobody has been able to satisfy me, except your father. He was amazing in bed. Just thinking about him inside me makes my body tremble.” On that note, I took her home leading her into our house and tucking her in bed.

It had been a rough flight following an exasperating hour getting through airport security. At the Denver airport luggage claim area I sat with tears in my eyes. Only my smaller suit case had arrived. My main bag had not made it out of Atlanta. My father’s arm around me was soothing and comforting.

Driving to his house in the foot hills, he consoled me and rebuffed each of my concerns: “You can borrow some of Jenny’s warm clothes.” As Jenny was his girlfriend, only a few years older than I, this was not a pleasant thought. But he continued to calm each of my breakdown worthy realizations of what was missing. “We will buy you a new bikini, besides it is not like Colorado has a beach.” “You are absolutely beautiful without make-up.” “Underwear? I do not think your Mother ever wore underwear in her whole life.”

Dad and I had amazing conversations that evening. I even found his girlfriend very nice and intelligent as she was a professor at the State University here in Boulder. I could see how he and mom really had nothing in common, except for me. Oh yes, hearing mom’s voice in my head, apparently the sex was good. It was not hard to believe seeing that he was still attractive, kept in good shape, and most of all was caring and compassionate.

Once in my bedroom, I phoned Mom. She needs reassurance quite often and this time away would likely be difficult for her. As I consoled her, in a manner that reminded me of Dad, I began hearing noises of Jenny and Dad making love coming through the A/C vent from his room next door. Foolishly I answered Mom truthfully when she asked what the background noise was.

Once again she told me just how wonderful he is in bed. She became completely graphic describing him eating her pussy and the feeling of his cock spreading and filling her labia. Unable to refuse my Mother, I ended up holding the phone up to the vent so she could hear them more clearly. With the thought of trying to explain what I was doing if caught ran through my mind, I pulled the phone down and cut off the rest of the call. Ankara escort As if she minded, her breathing indicated that she was busy pleasing herself rather than talking to me.

Dad woke me up early ready to begin our road trip. He instructed me to make reservations for a two room cabin, he had to finish some quick business before we hopped in the car together. I was relieved when he left me to my assignment as I had been dreaming and my pussy was soaking wet. Having fallen asleep to the sounds of Jenny’s moaning and repeated orgasms, this filled my dreams. Only it was not Jenny it was my Mother I dreamed about Dad making love to. What embarrassed me most upon Dad waking me up was that I had been with them in bed.

Dressed in a tight low cut “beater” shirt, usually worn under another shirt, and short shorts, I began loading the SUV for our trip. Noticing Dad’s gaze at my titties, I was being to become thankful that the airlines had lost most of my clothing. Without actually being sorry, I apologized that he would be stuck with me wearing little more than this or a mini skirt for our road trip. I would have fun teasing Dad on our little trip together. What is the harm, he is my Father, we can not fuck?

Blushing, he turned away explaining that he did not remember me being so curvy during his last few visits. I was glad he noticed. I was probably the only girl who developed in graduate school. High School locker rooms were horrible. Even today my pubic hair is not very full and even my C cup breasts are crowned with puffy nipples reminiscent of my friends in 7th grade.

After pushing the cooler into the back, I remained on my hands and knees with my ass up waiting for him to look. After a minute, I spoke, forcing him to look my way. “Not your little girl anymore?” He remained silent and blushing.

The day of travel was wonderful. Our conversation was easy and interesting. We took pictures of wildlife and scenery, taking the time for a couple of short hikes. Though I was aware of how handsome and masculine my Pop really is, my mind rarely went back to overtly thinking about sex.

Well it did a couple of times. His comment that I smelled good and asking what perfume I was wearing became a missed opportunity. My mind raced as to what to say, knowing that I was not wearing anything except my own musk from my pussy being constantly wet. I was also left speechless not knowing how to tell him that the cabin I reserved was a single room. Unfortunately it had two beds, but still a single room left open opportunities. Especially with the private hot tub.

Having picked up the keys to the cabin at a bar in a small town, left me nervous as we drove the last eight miles up to the cabin. It was beautiful. We were alone in the woods over-looking a valley with a large river.

Looking around with a sense of awe, breathing deeply, Dad told me I had done well. Stepping in the door, he gave out a small laugh. “How are we going to avoid my beautiful daughter becoming the great view inside? I will have to hang up a blanket. I know you are still my daughter, but I am just a man and you have grown up very sexy.”

I hugged him tightly. “Relax Dad. Remember how you used to tell me about when you were a little boy going to the family cabin? You, your sister, cousins, mom, dad, aunts, and uncles shared a one room cabin with an open outdoors shower. It is all natural. And by the way, I will be insulted if you do not spy on me like you did Aunt Carla!”

As we were both tired, there was not much more conversation. While Dad stepped outside, I showered. The little bathroom Ankara escort bayan was very small giving me the excuse to step out into our bedroom to dry off. I was disappointed to see that Dad was still outside giving me privacy. Such a courtesy that I would not return. I laid in bed with a thin sheet over me waiting for dad to step out of the shower. He emerged with the towel over his head drying his hair. The towel moved down to his torso away from his face. When our eyes locked, he smiled. Had the taboo of father and daughter seeing each other sexually been broken?

It had not. I awoke with Dad already dressed leaving the cabin for me to get dressed. We began our day climbing boulders behind the cabin up towards the summit. Once again my mind was only slightly removed from the ever growing attraction I was feeling. Dad’s arms were so powerful helping to pull me up some of the harder climbs. On dangerous spots, that wrapped around me, holding me close and safe.

Reaching the top, the day had warmed. The sun was shining brightly, the view was amazing. Dad handed me our bota of wine while opening our fruit and cheese picnic. We lunched on a large flat rock that was warm against my bare legs.

As Dad finished his last bite of cheese and began repacking, I undressed laying down on the warm rock to sun bathe. With my gaze protected by my sun glasses, I watched dad undress. His cock was much larger than I had expected. The boyfriend I stroked in high school and those I had seen in college paled in comparison. I rolled onto my side, placing my head on his chest when he stretched out beside me. I watched the breeze blow through his pubic hair stiffening his cock.

Hearing voices climbing up towards us, we laughed that they would see us in all our glory. It was too beautiful of a day to disturb with clothes. Looking over the edge to see that it was a troop of of young cub scouts changed our mind. We reluctantly dressed and headed back down.

It was a surprise for me to learn that in some ways going down can be as much of a work out as climbing up. With each step I felt my sore muscles stiffen. Our conversation turned to the hot tub waiting for us. Dad laughed that we would soon be san clothing on the front porch of the cabin in warm soothing water. Adding: “I do not care if a bunch of cub scouts come by selling cookies or not.”

The water felt even better than I imagined. The jets on my back felt so good. With pouting lips I begged Dad to join me. He could never resist that look on his little girls face. Glass of wine in hand, my eyes devoured his body, his semi-hard cock. My lips elicited a growl of hunger as I exhaled, betraying a hunger for my father.

Too quickly, Dad told me it was time to be getting out. We had been in well over what we should, especially with me drinking wine.

My whimpers and complaints that my muscles were still sore fell on deaf ears. His wonderful arms scooped me out of the tub. He carried me into the cabin laying me on the bed. My head swam wondering if he was going to be making love to me. Instead he rummaged through the cupboards returning with olive oil. Rolling me onto my stomach, his strong oiled hands began massaging my aching back.

His hands were amazing. Working each set of muscles with expertise, the soreness evaporated, the tight muscles relaxed. My mind wandered on the edge between dreaming and reality. Was his hands rubbing my ass cheeks and thighs, or was this just my dream? I heard the sounds of my Mother’s orgasms from the dream of a couple nights before mixed with my own moans of pleasure.

His Escort Ankara hands still on my thighs rolled me over onto my back spreading my legs. His breath was warm on the insides of my thighs. Daddy’s lips and tongue began kissing and massaging my swelling labia. I felt his hair between my fingers as I pulled his head tighter between my legs. Losing all sense of reality, I felt his tongue licking, swirling, fucking my pussy. I felt my hips bucking up against him, I heard my screams of passion. This must be an orgasm. It went on and on, so amazing, the room swirled going dark.

As the room began to fill with light again, I could feel daddy’s mouth moving up my stomach. His mouth on my breasts, first kissing then sucking. Moving up my neck to my mouth. I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy and running up past my belly button. So big, so hard, so warm and throbbing.

I began to whisper, “I wish Daddies could fuck their little girls.” It was cut short by his mouth kissing covering mine. But, I needed to tell him that I really do wish we could fuck. I wanted to beg him to at least let me suck his cock, to taste his cum.

He would not let me speak. I was becoming frantic as I felt his pelvis lifting up off of mine. My hands grabbed his ass, fingernails digging in, pulling him back against me. “Please, please” I begged “If I cannot feel your cock inside me. Keep it pushed against your baby’s little cunt.”

His hands engulfed my wrists, pulling them away and above my head. Helpless, unable to move, I felt his cock lift up away from my clit. “Please, please, please” escaped my lips. His cockhead, big and swollen rested between my pussy lips. I thrust my hips up, needing to feel it spread my outer lips stretching them apart as Mom had described. If only for a second before he pulls away.

Yes, I could feel my cunt stretch against his cockhead. Feeling a sense of satisfaction, I began to relax. As my ass collapsed back down into the bed, Daddy’s cock followed me. Continuing to gently push. His cock spread my labia, entering so slowly. With his cockhead just inside of me, I felt so full, I felt resistance that he could go no further.

His movement stopped, kissing me softly, he whispered into my ear. “Relax, relax, relax. My little girl did not tell me she is a virgin.”

“Take it please. Enter me now. Please daddy, fuck me,” I begged lifting my hips to try and force him.

“Relax my Baby” he repeated. “Just relax, or it might hurt, breath and relax.” I could not, with my legs wrapped around him, I pulled him deeper kissing and sucking on his muscular shoulder. He pressed harder, pushing deeper, with a quick sting I felt the pressure ease. Stopping to analyze I began to assess how I felt no longer being a virgin. I felt amazing, my pussy was so full. I could feel Dad’s pubic mound pressing on my clit. He was not moving allowing me to relax and recover. I could taste iron, it was blood. Are you supposed to taste the little bit of blood released?

Slowly I realized that I had bit dad’s shoulder. It tasted oddly delicious. I began moving my hips in time to my sucking. He felt so good inside of me. I begged him to fuck to me. His movements against my clit was indescribable. We moved in unison, slow grinding motions. Pure heaven. My mind began fading as the room spun again. I could hear my moans becoming louder turning to screams.

I commanded him to “FUCK me NOW!” Again biting into his shoulder, I dug my fingernails into Daddy’s back. Losing control I begged “Use your Little Girl’s pussy, Fuck me now, Fill me with your cum, Daddy, NOW!” I bucked my hips against him as he fucked me harder and harder. His hands lift my ass higher and higher against his thrusts.

I heard myself scream as I gave way to the waves or orgasm and the blackness of sleep that followed…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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