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Better the Second Time Around Ch. 03

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Author’s note: This chapter starts with background information that helps us learn more about Dave, such as the community he lives in, his financial status, and a description of his house, which Dave just skip down to the paragraph that begins “Her first words…”

This is the paragraph where Lisa begins to tell Dave about Alexa. If you have no idea who and what I’m talking about, then you didn’t read the first chapter, you naughty boy or girl! Go ahead; read it now. I’ll wait.

Chapter 3

Lisa tells Dave what happened with Alexa

The Saturday morning after the photo shoot found Lisa driving back to Dave’s house. She felt herself getting nervous, even though she loved it there.

Once they were engaged, they spent more time at Dave’s house than at hers and that was fine with her. Her house was nice, but she had to admit, there was nothing special about it. It was where she had raised her kids and it was home, but it was a bit small, and how was it the real estate agent put it when she listed it at a lower price than Lisa expected? “It lacked character.”

Dave’s house on the other hand, was everything she had always wanted. He brought her there on their second date and in truth, she may have fallen in love with his house before she fell in love with Dave. When he proposed, there was never any doubt about where they would live when they were married.

Dave lived out in the country about fifteen miles from the city, close to a small town. His children, Melissa and Chris, had gone to school there. It was the kind of small community where everyone seemed to know everyone else. The population was around 2500 which was enough to support four churches and several small businesses including a grocery, a pizza place, a car dealership and of course Prestige Printing & Photography, the business Dave ran with Chris.

Dave’s house was on 40 acres a couple of miles outside of town. His parents were farmers and Dave and his brother Chuck had inherited 800 acres when their parents died in an auto accident about 20 years ago. Even though he wasn’t a farmer like his brother, Dave kept his share of the land and Chuck farmed it for him. When Nancy got sick, he decided to sell the land, thinking they might need money for medical care for Nancy and because his business might suffer from him being off work a lot. Chuck had asked him the year before if he would be willing to sell his acres to him and his son, who was just getting started in farming.

The value of the farm land had risen significantly since he inherited it and Dave was surprised when after having it appraised, Chuck offered him $3,500,000 for 360 acres. They agreed to a down payment of $700,000 with the balance to be paid over 25 years at 5% interest. This provided Dave with a little over $150,000 per year after taxes. Dave kept 40 acres; 5 acres where the house and buildings were located, 15 acres of pasture where he kept a small herd of cattle as a hobby and 20 acres that was wooded.

Sadly, Nancy’s cancer was aggressive and she died just a few months after her diagnosis. Insurance paid most of her bills so Dave didn’t have to use the money from the sale of the farm.

The year after Nancy died was tough on Dave. He kept busy at work but the kids were away at college and since he hated to go home to an empty house, he stayed at his office long after closing time. Needing something to occupy his time, he began to study the stock market and got good at “paper trading.” After a few months, he began investing for real, starting with $250,000. Before long, he had invested all $700,000. Since he didn’t need the farm income to live on, each year he used the contract payment to add to his investment account. He got good at researching and buying undervalued stocks then selling them for a significant profit when they reached their full value. His success had doubled his total investment and the account was currently worth around $2,000,000.

Including the remaining balance of the land contract, the value of his business and his home & 40 acres, his net worth was over $5,000,000. Meanwhile, his printing business was better than ever because of Chris’ marketing efforts and the addition of internet sales. With after tax disposable income of between $200,000 and $250,000, Dave had told Lisa that she could retire from teaching anytime she wanted to, money would not be an issue. He expected to work until he was 60 and then turn over the business to Chris but he also planned to start taking more time off after they were married.

Lisa remembered her shock when Dave told her all of this after they were engaged. She knew he lived a comfortable lifestyle but it wasn’t extravagant, so she had no idea he was what many would consider wealthy. She immediately offered to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before they married but he had refused explaining, “I know your heart is in the right place malatya escort in offering, but a marriage has to be built on trust. I trust you with everything I have and everything I am. I’ve experienced how fragile life is and know that neither of us are guaranteed a long life. Making sure you are financially secure if I die before you is important to me. There should be plenty left for the kids when we’re both gone.”

This was just one of the many times Dave’s kindness, consideration and love for her had brought tears to her eyes.

Lisa turned into the tree lined lane and headed up to the house (Dave had corrected her when she called it a drive, saying if it is long and in the country, it’s a lane.) The house sat on a hill, surrounded by mature trees. She thought again about how much she had grown to love it here. It was an old farm house built over 50 years ago by Dave’s parents and he had grown up in it. It was two stories, white with black shutters, and had a wraparound, open porch like you see on farmhouses in the movies. The double front door was to the far left of the porch and next to it was a swing facing the road to the north. There was a small table with four chairs in the rounded corner of the porch and four “Cracker Barrel” style rockers on the west side, gently rocking in the breeze that kept the porch cool during the lazy summer afternoons. Ceiling fans were spaced evenly to move the air in the evening when the wind often died down.

While the front of the house had retained the farmhouse charm of Dave’s youth, before moving into it after his parents died he had remodeled the inside and added to the back, creating a modern house that fit the needs of an active family of four. Walls were removed to create the open concept his wife desired so that regardless of whether they were cooking, eating or watching TV, they could be together. It was big enough to host friends and family members with ease and as many kids as might follow their children home on any given night. A master bedroom and attached bath had been created on the first floor. The other 3 bedrooms were on the second.

Dave explained that Nancy wanted their house to be the one all the kids hung out at, and it had been. She had insisted on a rec room above the large three car garage they had added to the back of the house. There was plenty of space for a pool table, an air hockey game, a couple of sets of tables & chairs, a couch and comfortable chairs and a large TV with an attached video game console. A couple of years later, Nancy convinced Dave to put in an inground swimming pool protected from the wind by the corner formed by the garage and the back of the house. On the side of the pool opposite the house, Dave had converted an old farm building into a combination pool house/photography studio. The fourth side was bordered by a growth of Thuja Green Giant evergreens, creating a private pool area.

As she pulled up to the house, Lisa dreamed of a few years from now when the house would be filled with their grown children, spouses and lots of grandchildren for Dave and Lisa to spoil. Because it was a beautiful spring day, Lisa stopped the car in front instead of driving around back to the garage even though Dave had “officially” given her a garage bay and door opener for her car. As Dave came out of the house, Lisa’s anxiety grew. Today was the day she would tell Dave about her experience with Alexa in the clothing store. She promised herself she would do it when she first arrived so she wouldn’t have to worry about it all day. Now she began to wonder if this was the right time. Shaking her head to clear the doubt from her mind, she got out of the car and met Dave. She reached up, touched his face and stood on her toes to give him a kiss.

Her first words caused his blood to run cold, “Dave, we need to talk.” Lisa had no way of knowing, but those were the exact words Nancy had spoken the day she came home from the doctor’s office with the cancer diagnosis. Seeing his face pale didn’t help Lisa’s anxiety, but it did strengthen her resolve. “Don’t worry. It’s nothing terrible, honey, just something I need to tell you.

Dave’s sigh of relieve was audible followed by, “Let’s go up to the porch. I’ve got some iced tea waiting for us.”

They climbed the porch steps, hand in hand and sat down on the swing. Lisa turned to Dave, took a deep breath and began. “It’s about the shopping trip when I bought the lingerie and dress that you seemed to like so much,” she said with a brief smile.

“I liked the lingerie and dress,” he replied, “but not nearly as much as I love the woman who wore them. They were pretty sexy though.” He punctuated this with a wink and continued, “I really have to meet Alexa someday so I can thank her.”

Pushing forward, Lisa said, “Yes, well it’s Alexa I wanted to talk to you about. I um, I—I didn’t tell you everything that happened malatya escort bayan that day and I don’t want to keep any secrets from you so if you’ll just let me talk and don’t say anything until I finish, I want to tell you everything.”

Honoring her request, Dave nodded with a smile.

Lisa began, avoiding Dave’s eyes and rushing her words, “I was really nervous when I got to the store. I had never purchased a bra and panties like the ones you wanted me to wear. I was looking through the racks and couldn’t find anything I thought would look good on me and Alexa came up and asked me if she could help. At first, I said no but then I blurted out everything. I told her what I was looking for and why I was looking for it and that I wanted to make you happy and—well I guess I was babbling kind of like I am now.

“Alexa took pity on me and quickly picked out some bras and panties and took me back to the dressing room. I didn’t think to bring the dress with me, so she left to get a dress for me to try on to see how the bras looked with a V neck. I made sure the curtain was closed and then took my clothes off, put the panties on and was getting ready to put on the bra when Alexa opened the curtain a little to ask how I was doing. I started to cover myself but she told me to relax, no one was there except her.

“Before I knew it, Alexa was in the dressing room with me, helping me into the dress and putting her hands inside it to arrange my boobs. She told me how sexy I looked and then told me try on another set and she would be right back. She came back quicker than I expected and I was completely naked when she opened the curtain. I tried to cover myself again but she told me I didn’t have anything she hadn’t seen before and even suggested that you were a lucky guy.

“I tried on three sets and the last time when she helped me put on the bra and panties and the dress I ended up buying, she kind of reached in to move things around so they would fit right. She was touching my boobs and her fingers brushed against my nipples. She also touched my rear when she adjusted the panties. It all seemed innocent though, and I think it started that way, but when she brushed my nipples, it kind of excited me and they got harder. Then Alexa told me to lean over, I think to see how much the bra and dress showed. It wasn’t even really a request, more like a command. I leaned over, facing the mirror, and the dress fell away to show my boobs practically falling out of the bra. Alexa said something like, “That is a beautiful sight.” I thought she was looking in the mirror at my boobs but when I looked up, I realized she was looking at my rear, which was pretty exposed because of how short the dress was and how brief the panties were. By now I think we were both getting excited.

“Anyway, I told her I would take the bra, panties and dress and she told me to take them off so she could wrap them up for me. Part of me didn’t want to get naked in front of her again, but the um, naughty part of me did. So, I took my clothes off while she watched. Alexa picked up the clothes and started to leave but then dropped them, turned back and said, “I’m sorry, I just have to do this.” Then she shocked me by kissing me on the lips and touching my naked breast with one hand and my bottom with the other. It only lasted a few seconds and then she was gone.”

Lisa stopped to take a breath and looked at Dave to see if he was mad. He had a funny look on his face but he didn’t seem mad so she continued, “But that’s not the worst part. When Alexa left with the clothes, she left the curtain open and I began to—to touch myself, you know, and before I knew it I had a… I had an orgasm.” She almost whispered the last word.

She took a quick look at Dave and saw he still had that funny look on his face and was now kind of squirming a bit. “I’m afraid there’s still more. I think Alexa saw me. I mean I had my eyes closed and so I didn’t see her but I kind of felt like she might have been there, watching me, and I didn’t care if she was. In fact, I think I wanted her to watch.” She paused and looked at Dave again and now he almost looked in pain.

She rushed on, “I’m sorry, sweetheart! I don’t’ know what got into me. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I guess I liked the thought of dressing sexy for you and Alexa said I looked sexy and I felt sexy and then her hands were touching me and she kissed me and well—it just happened. When I went to the cash register it was awkward and she apologized and I said it was ok, that we both just got carried away. Then as I was leaving she handed me her card and well, that’s when she told me I should let my sexy side out to play sometime and that you would like it if I did. And then she said, “I know I did.” That’s when I knew she must have seen me um, take care of myself. She even told me if I wanted to play again sometime to let her know.”

Now escort malatya worried about the look on Dave’s face, she said, “Don’t be mad at me honey, I promise nothing like this will ever happen again. I’m sorry!

I’m sorry,” she repeated in a whisper, now nearly in tears.

Dave struggled to get himself under control and then asked, “Can I talk now?”

“Oh, of course, I’m sorry. Yes please!”

“Ok, first I want to show you something” He looked out toward the road, 50 yards away, to make sure no one was coming and then to Lisa’s surprise, unzipped his pants, pulled down his underwear, and showed her a very hard penis.

“Now, does this look like I’m mad?”

Her eyes wide, Lisa let out a nervous laugh, “Uh no, I guess it doesn’t.” A pause. “Unless of course you were mad at me the other day in the studio,” she added, now with a twinkle in her eye as she moved her hand to cover his cock.

The both shared the release of a good laugh, Lisa’s hand never leaving Dave’s lap.

Dave began to talk, “How do I put this? OK, you do know that every man’s fantasy is to see two women together sexually don’t you? Especially if one of those women is his wife—or fiancé,” he said pointedly. Seeing the confused look in her eyes, he asked, “Didn’t you and John share your fantasies with each other?”

“No, I guess we never felt comfortable with that.”

“Nancy and I didn’t at first but we eventually realized how important it was to a healthy sex life. Of course, most fantasies aren’t meant to be acted on, they’re just a fun way to share something intimate—and to get the juices flowing, too. On the other hand, some fantasies might be acted on, if both agree it’s ok.”

“I’m not sure John and I ever had a healthy sex life. I guess that was part of our problem.”

“I probably should say I’m sorry for you, but I’m not really, because if you had, you might still be together and then you would not be marrying me.”

At this, Lisa gave his cock a squeeze, reminding him that he was still exposed to the world—and causing a reversal of the shrinking that had started while they were talking about John and Lisa’s sex life.

“Thank you, that’s sweet. I hated the idea of divorce when it happened, but now that I have you, I see that good things can come from bad.” A pause, then, “So, what is this about two women together?”

“Ok, I’ll try to explain. For some reason, which I may never fully understand, men seem to be hardwired to enjoy seeing women together in sexual situations. This might be full blown sex or just petting and kissing. Again, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s double the fun of seeing one naked woman, or maybe it’s that women are more sensual than men and seeing them together magnifies that sensuality. Whatever the reason, that’s just the way it is. Some men may claim they have never had this fantasy but my thinking is if they will lie about that, they will lie about other things too.” He smiled.

“But don’t they get jealous seeing, or imagining their wife—or fiancé with another woman? I mean, they certainly would be jealous seeing their wife with a man—wouldn’t they?

“Well, some men might not, but that’s a different fantasy and we are not going to talk about that one now,” he said with a smile. “As for guy fantasizing about his wife being with another woman or even actually seeing her with another woman, well, for most men jealousy is not really an issue. Maybe they don’t feel threatened by a woman because they have something the woman doesn’t—a penis. Whether it’s pride or arrogance or what, I think men feel that since they have a penis and the other woman doesn’t, there is no reason to be jealous.”

Lisa thought about this for a moment and felt her naughty side begin to emerge. “But apparently, there is a reason to be… Oh, what’s the word I’m looking for?” With a grin, she looked down at her chest. “Oh yeah! Titillated. So, you’re saying a man might be titillated by seeing two women’s tits pressed together?” she asked, pleased with her pun. Again, she squeezed his cock, enjoying keeping it firm and to her surprise, enjoying the conversation as well.

He laughed. “Yeah, I think you’ve got it now. Anyway, when you told me about you and Alexa, it didn’t make me mad, it… Well, it turned me on!”

“Yes.” She squeezed again. “I can tell.”

After a pause, Lisa continued, “Thank you for explaining and thank you for understanding too. I can’t tell you how worried I was about telling you. To find out that not only did it not make you mad, it turned you on; well I guess that makes me feel better about being a bit turned on myself that day.

“I mean it was kind of exciting. I’ve never been kissed by a woman before. Or been naked with a woman—well, except in the shower with the other girls after high school gym class, but that doesn’t count.” She raised her hand to her breast and began to tease a hardening nipple, continuing, “I’ve never had a woman touch my breast that way. And except for Thursday night with you, I’ve never played with myself in front of anyone before. And even though Alexa had assured me that she was the only one in the store; in my mind, there was always the possibility of someone else coming in and seeing me naked.”

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