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Bi Swingers Private Club – The Initiation

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Rick and Susan Peterson were very nervous as they approached the front door of the beautiful large house that their directions had led them to.

“Are you sure this is the right house, Rick?” Susan asked her husband.

“It is, according to the directions that Tom gave me,” Rick responded.

Tom and Beth Roberts were their best friends, and were the people who had told them about this very private club. Even though they were best friends, Tom and Beth had only very recently shared that they were not only swingers, but they were also both bisexual, and part of a private group of like-minded people that got together for parties on a regular basis. The more Rick and Susan thought about that, and talked about it, the hornier they got. They had been fucking like teenagers ever since they found out, and finally asked Tom and Beth if there was any way they could join the group.

“Yes, but your first time there, you will have an initiation. It’s nothing too bad, and we’ve all been through it ourselves,” Beth had told Susan. “You will be told at the time what the initiation is, and you can decide if you want to go through with it or not. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do,” she explained.

They had agreed to that, and here they were, about to enter a whole new world.

They rang the doorbell, and after a very short delay, a distinguished man dressed in nice, but casual clothing opened the door. He smiled, and said, “Hi! You must be Rick and Susan. My name is Andrew Wallace. Please call me Andrew. Come in, come in! Tom and Beth told us about you, and we’re all looking forward to getting to know you both.”

He shook their hands and led them to a comfortable sitting area, and had them sit down. Susan asked, “Where is everyone else? We were expecting several other people to be here.”

“They will be here soon. I just needed to be able to talk to you a bit before the party starts to make sure that you understand and agree to what we will be doing here today,” Andrew said. “First, you know this is a swngers’ group, and that people will be having sex with people other than their spouses or partners, right?” Rick and Susan both nodded. “Good. That said, You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. ‘No’ means ‘no’, whether it’s you telling someone else ‘no,’ or someone else telling you ‘no.’ Second, are you both bisexual?”

Susan said, “I played around with other girls when I was in college, but it has been a while. I still enjoy remembering those times, and I look forward to playing with girls again.”

Rick said, “I have never actually had any experiences with other men, but I have fantasized a lot about giving blowjobs, and maybe even getting fucked in the ass. I may have to work up to that, though. I will say, however, that kissing another man doesn’t hold any attraction for me.”

Andrew reassured Rick, “That’s no problem. Not all bi men want to kiss other men. Have you done any swinging before?” Rick and Susan shook their heads.

“Tom and Beth have persuaded us to spend some time nude with them, which is great, but we haven’t tried swinging,” Rick replied.

“Okay, a word about swinger etiquette: Always ask permission or wait to be invited before joining into any activity. Sometimes folks just want to concentrate on the person they are with right then, and don’t want to be interrupted. Again, ‘no’ means ‘no.’ Also, don’t forget to stay connected to your mate while you are playing with others. You don’t want to damage your marriage for an evening’s fun. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re within touching distance, but you need to be able to check to see how your other half is doing. If anything gets too uncomfortable, try to get back to each other and talk about it. Do whatever is best for the two of you, even if that means leaving early.”

The couple relaxed a bit after getting this advice. Andrew asked them, “Did Tom and Beth tell you about your initiation?”

“Yes,” Susan said. “Beth said that we would be told tonight what the initiation would be, and we could decide whether or not to do it. She said that it wouldn’t be too bad.”

“That’s right,” their host said. “Once everyone is here I will tell you what we will ask you to do. Then it’s up to you. We’ve all done the same initiation, even me, and my wife and I started the group. Do you have any questions?”

Susan asked, “Will there just be couples tonight, or will there be singles, too?”

Andrew replied, “That’s a reasonable question. Mostly it will be couples. I am the only single member, since I lost my wife a few years ago. Do you have any other questions? Rick and Susan shook their heads. Actually, they both had tons of questions, bahis siteleri but they weren’t sure what to ask.

“Okay, then! We usually get things started out by the pool. Even though it’s an indoor pool, There is a cabana where you can leave your clothes. Though sometimes we have themed dress-up parties, everyone will want to be completely nude tonight.”

Andrew led the couple out the back of the house to the indoor pool and showed them to the cabana.

“The sides are labeled ‘Men’ and ‘Women,’ but that doesn’t matter for this party. You can both go into whichever side you want. There are also restroom stalls in both sides, but they are enclosed for whatever privacy you want. The others will be here soon, so I will leave you to take your clothes off, while I go to my bedroom to do the same. I frequently answer the door nude for these parties, but I stayed dressed this time because I didn’t want to scare you off. The others sometimes leave their clothes in their cars and come to the door nude, or sometimes come to the cabana to get naked. Don’t be surprised either way. When you are nude, grab one of the towels for each of you to sit on, and come out to the pool chairs. I will see you in a few minutes.”

With that, Andrew headed back into the house, and left them to go into the cabana.

Rick and Susan went into the side marked ‘Men’ and started taking their clothes off.

Susan asked her husband, “Are you getting as horny as I am?” Her nipples were as hard as they could be, and she was already feeling her pussy getting wet.

“Oh, yeah!” Then he took his pants off, and showed her how hard his cock was.

She gave it a few playful strokes, but told him, “If I do too much right now, you might cum before anyone else even gets here!”

“You’re right about that! I guess I’ll just have to wait,” he agreed.

They finished undressing, picked up a couple of towels, and went to sit by the pool. Fortunately, the next couple to arrive was their friends, Tom and Beth.

“We’re so glad you got here before anyone else!” Susan told Beth.

“Yeah, we made a special effort to get here early for your sake,” Tom told them. “Give us a few minutes to get our clothes off, and we’ll be back out to introduce you to everyone as they arrive,” Beth said.

A few minutes later, Tom and Beth came back out of the cabana nude and joined their friends by the pool.

“Isn’t this a great house?” Beth asked. Rick replied,

“Yeah! I especially like this indoor pool. It’s nice and private, and it looks like it can be used all year.”

“It can,” Tom said. “We have the group’s parties here all of the time. It’s fun to be nice, warm, and nude in here, knowing that it’s cold outside.”

Just then a couple came in from the house, already nude.

“You must be our new couple!” the man of the couple said.

Tom started the introductions, “Bob and Cathy Thompson, meet Rick and Susan Peterson.”


“Nice to meet you!” They all spoke as they shook hands around.

Tom suddenly exclaimed, “I was so excited that you were here that I forgot to ask if you wanted anything to drink! What can I get for you?”

He took everyone’s drink order and headed back into the house. Cathy came along to help while Beth and Bob kept Rick and Susan company.

Before they got back, another couple came out to the pool.

Beth called out to them, “David, Amy: come over and meet our friends! This is Susan Peterson, and her husband, Rick. Susan and Rick, meet David and Amy Johnson.”

Once they had all greeted each other, the Johnsons went into the cabana to get undressed.

Tom and Cathy came back with everyone’s drinks and passed them out. A few minutes later Andrew came back out of the house with another couple.

“Rick, Susan: let me introduce you to Jim and Connie Wilson. Jim, Connie: meet Rick and Susan Peterson, Tom and Beth’s friends that are here tonight to join our group. Once Jim and Connie get undressed, we will get this party started!”

A few minutes later, Jim and Connie returned to the group, now nude, like everyone else.

Andrew started things off. “Welcome, everyone! Especially, welcome our new couple, Rick and Susan!” He turned to the Petersons,”Now, I know the two of you are probably more than a bit nervous about what your initiation tonight will be, so I’ll end the suspense now. What we are going to ask you to do is simply this: we ask both of you to kiss, lick, or suck the pussies and cocks of all of our other members. You don’t have to get everyone to cum, with the exception of your sponsors, Tom and Beth. We would like to have you give them your first orgasms in this group. Do you canlı bahis siteleri both agree to do this?”

Rick looked at Susan for a moment, then nodded. Susan nodded back. Rick answered Andrew,”Yes, we are both willing to do that.”

“Great!” Andrew said,”Let’s get started, then! Would you rather start or finish with Tom and Beth?” The couple looked at each other again, and chose to finish with their friends.

Andrew had them kneel side by side on folded towels and had the club members line up. He headed the line, himself. He stepped up to Rick, first. Rick carefully took Andrew’s hardening dick in his hand, and nervously gave it a few strokes to get it as hard as he could. Rick leaned over and gave the head a tentative lick. He told himself that he could do this, and he had already committed to it, so he took the cock head fully into his mouth for a couple of seconds, then pulled it back out, and kissed the tip.

“Something like that, Andrew?” He asked.

“Perfect!” Andrew replied before stepping over to Susan.

Susan told Rick,”That was so HOT, honey!, that has gotten me really wet!” Rick was slightly surprised that he enjoyed licking and sucking his first cock as much as he did. He looked forward to the rest of the initiation.

Susan also licked, sucked and kissed Andrew’s cock, as her husband had done, as Cathy stepped up to Rick.

Rick felt more confident now, so he spread her labia open with his fingers while he licked as far into her pussy as he could, then he sucked on her clit for a few moments before kissing her mound.

“Very nice! I am looking forward to playing with you more as the evening progresses!” Cathy told him. Then she stepped over to Susan and her husband stepped up to Rick.

Susan put her hand on Cathy’s cunt and stroked it a few times before she spread the lips and licked inside her folds. Then she took her clit between her lips and pulled on it a little before she pulled off and kissed her on the clit.

Meanwhile, Rick took Bob’s already hard dick in his hand, and licked the tip to try to get any precum that might have seeped out. Then he took about half of Bob’s average sized cock into his mouth, and closed his lips around the shaft. He sucked a little on it as he pulled it back out with a slight “pop.” Then He kissed the cock head, as he had done with Andrew’s cock.

Bob moved over to Susan, and Amy stepped up to Rick. Rick stroked between her legs for a moment, then licked as far between her lips as he could. Then he bathed her clit with his tongue, and kissed her on her clit.

Susan licked the wet head of Bob’s dick, and took the head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, then pulled it out of her mouth and kissed it on the slit.

Amy moved over to Susan, and David came up to Rick. His cock was slender, but it was a little longer than average.

Rick took the mostly hard dick in his hand, and licked around the head before taking it into his mouth. He could only take about a third of David’s cock into his mouth without it going deeper than he was comfortable with, yet. He pulled it back out and kissed it, as he had done the others.

Susan ran a finger through Amy’s slit, and rubbed her clit for a moment before she reached out with her tongue and licked where her finger had just been. She sucked Amy’s clit between her lips and flicked it with her tongue a few times. Then she gave it a kiss.

Connie was next up for Rick, as David moved to Susan.

Susan took David’s cock in her hand and licked it all the way from the base to the head, and took it into her mouth. She was able to take his cock over two thirds into her mouth before she pulled back to the head and swirled her tongue around it for a few moments. She took it out and kissed it, and David moved away.

Rick lavished the insides of Connie’s folds with his tongue, then flicked her clit with his tongue as he sucked on it. He gave her mound a kiss before she moved over to Susan.

Jim was the last of the club members in the line. Rick licked around his cock head and took the head into his mouth. He sucked gently on it for a few seconds, then took it out and kissed it.

He looked over at Susan and saw that she was still licking and sucking on Connie’s pussy. She finished with a quick kiss, and Jim stepped over in front of her.

She licked the wet head to see if Rick had left any precum behind. She didn’t fine any, so she sucked Jim’s cock almost all of the way to the hilt, then pulled it out and kissed it.

Rick and Susan were a little confused that Tom and Beth had not come through the line, but Andrew told them that they were just waiting for their turn.

“Take canlı bahis a short break, get up and move around, and rest your tongues and mouths for a couple of minutes first,” he told them. “The next part will take more time, since you have to make them cum.”

Rick and Susan got up and walked around for a minute to stretch their legs after kneeling for the first part of their initiation, and drank a little more of their drinks before Andrew explained how the next part would go.

“Tom and Beth will be sitting next to each other, and we want you both to pleasure each of them. You have the option of working together on each of them in turn, or each of you start with one and swap to the other.”

A quick whispered conference brought them to the decision to work together. They started with Beth, since Rick would be more comfortable with her, then would move on to Tom.

They knelt between Beth’s spread legs, and started by each of them giving her a full-mouthed kiss then kissing their way down to her breasts. They each took a nipple into their mouths and lovingly sucked on her tits, flicking the nipples with their tongues while the suction kept her tits nice and sensitive. Beth moaned in pleasure and brought her hands up to cradle their heads while they sucked.

Tom’s cock had already been hard from watching them earlier, but now it was as hard as it had ever been in his life from watching their best friends making love to his wife! The other club members were enjoying the show, too. Everyone was stroking either themselves or someone else (or both!) while watching the wanton display.

Tom wanted to jack his cock, too, but he knew that he would not be able to keep from cumming if he did. Oh, Fuck! He was about to cum without even touching his dick!

They enjoyed her breasts for a few more minutes, then they started kissing their way further south. Just before they reached her pussy, though, Rick decided to make a detour. He picked up Beth’s right foot, and started kissing up under the arch of her foot. Susan quickly followed suit, and they started working their way up her legs. Beth was getting a little frustrated, but at the same time, she was nearly delirious with pleasure as they approached her dripping cunt.

Rick and Susan met in the middle, and let their tongues play with each other right on Beth’s pussy lips. Beth moaned and started panting while they both licked her juices. Then Susan took her clit between he lips and sucked on it, and played with it with her tongue. Beth flopped her head back, and started convulsing in orgasm. They kept licking until she gently pushed them away.

“Wow! That was worth waiting for!” Beth exclaimed, gasping for breath. Then she gave each of them a hug, and said, “Now it’s Tom’s turn.’

As Rick and Susan were moving over to Tom, Rick told him, “I’m not going to kiss you!” They both laughed.

“I will!” Susan chimed in, and proceeded to kiss Tom enthusiastically. They didn’t know if Tom’s nipples would be as sensitive as Rick’s were (Rick always loved for Susan to lick his nipples during sex play), but they started there, as they had with Beth. Tom’s nipples weren’t that much of an erogenous zone for him, but he still enjoyed it. It also gave his hard-on a chance to rest a little before they started in on it. This time, they moved directly from Tom’s nipples to his groin.

Rick took Tom’s cock in his hand, and held it for Susan to lick, while Susan caressed Tom’s balls. Then Rick leaned in and started to lick, too. Their tongues fenced around the head of Tom’s dick. Susan took the head into her mouth, and Rick continued to lick further down the shaft.

After a few moments, Susan pulled her mouth off of the head, and started licking down the shaft to his balls. Rick licked up to the head, and swirled his tongue around the wet cock head, then took it into his mouth. He sucked it in until he could feel the head at the back of his mouth. He started to bob his head up and down on Tom’s cock, enjoying the thought that he was giving his very first blowjob, and his best friend was the recipient!

Susan kept licking and sucking at Tom’s balls while she watched her husband suck his first cock. She was getting hornier by the second! She sucked one of Tom’s balls into her mouth, and ran her tongue around it, then popped it out and took the other one in for the same treatment.

That was enough for Tom! He called out, “I’m about to cum!”

Rick decided to go all in, and take Tom’s cum in his mouth, so he kept on bobbing his head on his best friend’s cock until the cum exploded into the back of his throat. He pulled back a little, and let the spurts of cum fill his mouth. He took Tom’s cock out of his mouth, and bent to kiss Susan. He surprised her by sharing Tom’s cum load with her. They ended their kiss, and both of them swallowed the cum in their mouths.

They looked up from their kiss to the applause of the rest of the club.

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