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Big Butt Queen Ch. 03

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Many thanks to Tyjala for his ideas and to editors Ray Ball and Oedipus Rex for their editing assistance.


Part 3: The confrontation

Ultra-voluptuous Keri arrived at our place one hour late. Rita, my wife, was already angry for the situation she was in, but the delay infuriated her even more. As soon as Keri entered our apartment, Rita started shouting foul things at her, most of which involved the obscene size of her body. Keri, however, walked in like a real queen. She didn’t even look at Rita.

Keri’s bulbous butt was prominently on display. It was jiggling, bouncing and stretching the boundaries imposed by the dress. She carried her massive body with so much pride, emphasizing her healthy size and pronounced curves. Plus, she was dressed like a total whore. Knowing that Rita was a lot smaller in the chest area, Keri played a low trick by wearing a tight low-cut halter-top that little was doing to hide her very opulent breasts. She was wet around her nipples, as if milk dampened the cloth of her dress from the inside. She looked like she was very comfortable in exposing so much of herself.

Rita continued to insult her. To make a long story short, she told Keri that she should just leave myself alone, because I was already taken. Keri responded in a very confrontational way.

“I can’t help it if he likes my big curves, bitch! He began staring at me from the first moment we met! He couldn’t keep his eyes off me, did you know that? He really loves these mountains of cellulite, right here on my big booty and on my thighs. Look at them…

“Hon, grab some flesh from these fat hams. Come here, touch them, squeeze them… feel how large and meaty they are!”

I was amazed by her audacity. She lifted her skirt to show off her bare legs. I reached over and squeezed handfuls of her flesh, filling up the palms of my hands. She was so beautifully fat, I couldn’t resist her. Rita went ballistic and yelled at me everything she could think of. She went on and on and on but I just couldn’t help myself.

After more animated discussions we came up with a plan. We set up a competition of sorts. Keri and Rita would take turns and try to seduce me and whoever would be unable to make me cum, would lose. Keri agreed to give Rita an advantage by letting her start first.

Rita walked over to me fast, shaking everything she had. She was wearing a miniskirt that was really tight around her hips. Her top was also tight, no sleeves, and showing a nice cleavage, closed by a kind of knot. A string was dangling down her chest, inviting me to pull it.

She started with a lap-dance on me, slowly lifting that short skirt. Her thighs emerged in all their glory and I got so hard just looking at how round they were. I swear, her legs are never ending. At some point she couldn’t move her skirt up anymore: her hips were just too large. She removed the skirt, and got on top of me on the large chaise I was laying down on. She was wearing nothing underneath. She was ready for me. She took my hands and she put them on her chunky hips, pressing them down on her flesh. Then she slowly rubbed my hands along her thighs, and, oh my god, was she hot.

“Feel my curves… squeeze me… My thighs are thick… and so round for you, look at these curves here, squeeze them, aren’t they juicy… they are just for you,” she said, rubbing my hungry hands all over.

She started rubbing herself on my cock. She bent over and pulled the strings of her shirt. The tip of my cock penetrated her very slowly. She was like a gushing river. She outstretched her legs as much as she could, and inch after inch she swallowed all of my cock. I always loved her cunt. She fucked me slowly at first, but soon enough she was pounding on me hard. I kept my hands firmly around her hips, occasionally squeezing her thighs, watching her thick hourglass body riding mine. I came hard right inside of her, and she kept going and going like she wanted to milk me dry.

When she walked away my cum was oozing out of her pussy. I slowly went to the bathroom to clean myself and get ready for the next “session”. I wanted to take a little break, but I just laid down on the chaise waiting for Keri.

As soon as I saw Keri walking toward me, my heart jumped up to my throat. She was walking slow, so I had a lot of time to look at her. Between the room where she came out of, and me, there was a fairly long corridor. Even from so far away her figure was staggering. I saw the enormous slopes of bolu seks hikayeleri her hips and the huge breasts bouncing up and down. With just a glance, I could clearly see the amazing hourglass of her body and the abundance that made her so unique.

The dress she was wearing was fantastic. It was a black silk chemise, with cascading ruffle trim along her legs and long criss-cross ties around her chest. Her huge tits wanted to escape the restraints of the lace so badly that there was nothing they could do but to push on the ties and overflow from the top. The bottom part of the chemise was hanging loosely, emphasizing the shape of her enormous ass.

She came close to me, standing high in front of me. She slowly released some of the straps containing her jugs, letting her sea of breasts expand, and expand, and expand. It was an ocean of jiggling flesh. She kept walking all around me making sure I saw all that. Then she lifted her skirt to show me how large she was around her butt. Her thighs were carrying enormous waves of fat, mountains of the most beautiful lard. I wanted it. I couldn’t wait anymore. It was all I wanted. I started following her, ogling her from really close.

At some point I smacked her booty to feel how soft she was. “Don’t do that. You have to ask,” Keri said, slapping me on my cheek. Apparently I wasn’t allowed to touch her. I ignored her, but when she told me the second time I stopped for a second and waited in front of her.

My cock was sticking out hard in front of me, throbbing. I looked at her again and whispered, “Can I touch you?”

She smiled and took my hand, accompanying it to the tip of her left hip, “Touch here.”

I thought I almost died feeling how soft she was. She had a mountain of what I think was the purest, most delicate flesh, the most abundant amount of pleasure I ever experienced. I squeezed, I kissed, I adored, I explored her large curves as perversely as I wanted, as lasciviously as I desired, as much as I wanted.

As much as I was in love with Keri’s bottom curves, I couldn’t forget her boobs either. She had the biggest udders a human female could have. And they were full of life.

“You look hungry… have some warm milk,” she said, grabbing the enormous boob and offering it to me. Huge quantities of breast-flesh overflowed along the sides of her hands. She juggled her own teat to put it back onto her arm and hold it in some way. Milk started to drip out of her nipples and her breasts’ flesh splashed with big fat waves. I thought about milk tossed inside a jug.

I sunk my entire head into the ready-to-be-milked breasts. As I moved closer to her I felt my fully erected cock sliding between her thick thighs and being enveloped by a paradise of cellulite. It was so soft that my cock just slipped inside like butter. It was snug and tight.

I hugged her putting my hands around her waist and butt. She had such a big curvy body. I grabbed her, groped her, and squeezed her as much as I could. She was so… much. So much taller and bigger than me. Her waist was probably 60, 65 inches but it was nothing compared to those hips. How large were they, 100, 110 inches?

Keri was incredible. I stood there fucking her thighs while sucking her milk. I was just hugging her and I was perfectly happy. If I wanted more tits, I could simply reach over and squeeze some more tit flesh. If I wanted more flesh in general, I just had to push myself against her and I’d be sure to land on something soft.

At one point I wanted more milk. I moved both my hands around the breast that was nourishing me and I squeezed gently. More milk came out. I indulged myself on the sheer size of that cow-sized udder, grabbing her from different positions, just to get an idea of her size. I can safely say that she was large enough that I could move my hand around the girth of her boob and still be unable to feel my other hand on the other side. I adored this carefree abundance.

Keri’s chest was so prominent that it would cast some distance between my body and hers, even if my face was sunk into it. Aware of this distance, Keri did something that made me her slave for eternity. She wrapped her thick, comfy arms around me and hugged me tighter against herself. Her movement was strong and quick. My face got completely smothered against her boob including my forehead and chin. I instinctively sucked as hard as I could from her big nipple, which was thick as a thumb. My fingers sank into the copious tit flesh even more. My cock penetrated deeper inside her massive thighs, which she had naturally opened a little bit. I moaned loudly as I continued to mindlessly squeeze the huge boob and drink her maternal nectar. I felt at home inside that fleshy heaven, it was so divine. I was very close to coming in that sensory overload.

At that point Keri also tightened her thighs one against each other, literally smothering my cock with her thick layers of fat. Oh my god, I can’t even describe how that felt. Every little square inch of my cock was stimulated by the abundant, super-creamy texture of her inner thighs. But it’s the way she did it that made me reach the top. At first she closed her thighs just a little tiny bit. My cock was already pretty tight inside those mountains of flesh, so I could feel every little movement she was making. After that tiny bit, she added more pressure. And then more pressure, and then more, and more and more… how much flesh did she still have?? I couldn’t hump her anymore for the massive fat load pressing on my cock. She just kept squeezing me so hard yet so softly, so slowly yet for so long.

I came just like that, in the most intense orgasm I can remember. When I started to come she hugged my head to herself as hard as she could, and gave the hardest squeeze on my cock I can imagine. Then she released her grip for a fraction of a second, only to squeeze me back again. She was milking my cock just using her thighs. My body shook vigorously but my jolts of pleasure all ended against the abundance of her softness, like a fish in the water.

When my orgasm came down, I heard Rita screaming in the background, “Let him go, you fat bitch!! Let him go!!”

Keri had to gently push me away because I was the one who didn’t want to let go. I wanted more. I didn’t want Rita’s beautiful curves, I wanted Keri’s outrageous curves, I wanted her marvelous heaps of lard! So even if Rita was actually closer to me now, and calling me, I ran toward Keri, begging her to take me again.

“I want your fat, Keri, I want your thighs, your milk…” I moaned as I was running toward Keri.

Nobody stopped me, so I basically splashed into her. Keri had a sultry smile on her face. I dived into her and sank my hands in the ripe folds of her waist. I grabbed huge chunks of meat with lust. I was home again. I just had an orgasm but I was still hard and I knew I could have another one with Keri.

She leaded me to the couch and made me sit down before she sat on top of me to fuck again. I loved the weight of her body. Keri lifted her breasts and put them over my shoulders, all around my head. Then she bent over, pressing her belly against me while I was resting my arms around her waist. I leaned back and enjoyed the ride, comforted by the massive bulges of her hips overflowing around me.

I was completely oblivious to the furious rage still coming from Rita. “You fucking bitch!! How dare you stealing my man! How dare you!”

Truth is, I couldn’t even see Rita. My entire body was buried under Keri’s. All I could see was her udders quivering around my head like huge balloons full of milk.

Keri looked at her while she was fucking me, “Maybe he just likes a bigger woman. Maybe your ass is not fat enough!”

“Maybe you should just fuck off, bitch!!” Rita shouted with anger.

“I don’t know dear, I can’t stop him… he just wants more of this,” Keri said while breathing heavily. “Honey, do you want more flesh?”

Keri’s sweet voice always turned me on. I mumbled affirmatively.

“See? He likes it!” Keri exclaimed, guiding my hands down to the mountains of her hips and making sure to sink them into those soft bulging heaps. My cock jolted violently and uncontrollably under another intense orgasm.

“Oh my, he’s coming again, look at him,” Keri said with passion. “Oh yeah, baby, squeeze me, squeeze my fucking hips!”

Even if she could hardly see my body beneath Keri’s bulging mountains, Rita couldn’t help to notice the violent shaking of my body during my climax. I jolted back and forth with the utmost pleasure, occasionally splashing against her bosom.

Rita was really furious. “You’re such a fucking whore! You’re a fucking disgusting whore with the boobs of a cow, you bitch!!!”

She couldn’t accept the fact that a bigger, fatter, “unfit” woman was giving me so much pleasure. Although Keri was quite fit, in her own way. For some reason Rita was accusing Keri instead of myself, while it was clear that I was responsible of my very own weaknesses. The thing is, I never felt anything close to this and incidentally, I just couldn’t stop being hard! I don’t know what this woman was doing to me, but she kept riding me.

“Oooh girl, this man just can’t stop being excited! He is so fucking hard! But maybe you’re right, maybe we should just ask him if he has had enough.” Keri said with sarcasm, “Honey, are you tired of my fat body? Should I get off you?”

I mindlessly pulled her closer to me, grabbing her huge rolls with lust. Rita replied with more insults, this time directed at me.

“Oh, I think he likes it!” Keri said with delight.

“Oh baby, I love you too… here, take my boob… suck some milk, look, it’s dripping out…” she continued, before turning back to Rita to mock her one more time. “I’ve got so much of it!”

I took the giant juicy breast with both my hands and squeezed the nipple into my mouth. Her precious nectar was delicious and rich. While I was sucking I admired the vast boob hill in front of me. Even her breasts had beautiful fatty dimples all over the place.

It was clear that Keri had won at this point. Keri even cared to explain the bare facts of her victory, with a calm and relaxed voice.

“You see, if I want him to cum all I have to do is squeeze him closer to me,” she said, pulling me closer into her chest.

She was like a mother giving me more nourishment. My cock became hard in a way I could not hold it much longer.

“I can either use my tits or I can use my butt.” She continued turning back to me,

“Baby, you like auntie Keri’s hips, don’t you… they are really, really large, just for you. Push as hard as you want… I know you like them, there’s so much cushion,” she said with a sweet voice.

Without giving me time to realize what she was doing, she lifted the mountains of flesh protruding from her hips and mimicked the act of weighting them. I watched the enormous ocean of fat wobbling all around me. She was showing me how abundant she was. I felt as the richest and most powerful king of the entire world to be allowed to fecundate such a magnificent woman. Then, when I realized how incredible this was, Keri released those wonderful hips, abruptly. As soon as I felt the amassment of flesh splashing down on me, my cock contracted hard to the point of no return once more. At the same moment I felt Keri’s kegel muscles grabbing my cock, milking me, literally squeezing my cum out of me. After so many orgasms my cock was so sensitive that my body jolted really wildly. Keri continued to shake her body, occasionally raising and plunging it on mine. I came carelessly inside of her, comforted by the big waves of fat splashing all around me.

Oh my god, I never had an orgasm so full and overwhelming. My entire body was stimulated by Keri’s jiggling fat. Rita was in disbelief but I couldn’t care less at this point. It was just too good.

Keri decided to mock Rita some more. “You know girl, I really think he loves my fat, he can’t stop coming!”

“Maybe because you’re such a fucking whore!” Rita shouted.

“Let’s ask the guy how he feels then,” Keri proposed. She pulled out of my tight embrace (I was still humping her) and stood up next to Rita.

“Honey, do you prefer to go with lovely Rita and her shapely booty,” she asked, outlining the firm curves of Rita’s body before being pushed away. “Or do you prefer staying with Auntie Keri, between my large hips and my huge bosom?”

I hesitated for a little bit, but all I could really see was Keri’s jiggling fat. There were no doubts. I quickly glanced over to Rita one last time. We both knew I never had this many erections in such a short period of time with her. Then I hurried between Keri’s tits once again. I couldn’t help it.

“Oh I want you, Keri… I love these huge ass hips… you’re so large and fat, take me between your flesh, I wanna squeeze you, and love you some more,” I whispered.

“I really think you’re not fat enough, Rita girl,” Keri said with an evil smile. “I would say go eat some more, but I don’t think you will ever be as big and curvy as me, honestly!”

“My butt is nice and big too, bitch!” Rita screamed with disdain, “And you asshole, this relationship is OVER!”

Then she swiftly walked away, leaving us alone in our perverted sex. Keri had already thrown me on the ground and was about to jump on top of me. I barely had the time to see Rita’s thighs jiggling under her heavy stomps, before Keri wrapped her large hips around me and buried my face between her boobs one more time.


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