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Birthday Fantasy

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Yes, another birthday was rapidly approaching and being in my mid – forties I wasn’t thrilled about it. I hadn’t mentioned anything to my wife, hoping that no big to do was going to be made. She in turn didn’t seem to realize that my birthday was soon arriving.

On a side note let me tell you a little something about my wife. She is a short (5’5”) blonde in her mid-forties also, with a beautiful face and a body that won’t quit. She has a really nice set of tits, they aren’t real big, but they are very perky and more than a handful. She has an unbelievable ass that begs to be fucked that she lets me have every once in a while. She’s fairly liberal and every so often she’ll let her hair down and have a good time.

O.K. back to the story. My birthday was in a couple of days and fell in the middle of the week, so I didn’t think that much about it. My wife, Cindy had come to me the day before my birthday and said that because it was on a Tuesday that we were going to wait until Friday night to celebrate it. She also said that she had invited a couple of close friends to our house for that evening and that it was just going to be a casual thing. I told her that I didn’t want some big surprise birthday party and that if she was planning one, to stop right now. She assured me that she wasn’t and not to worry, but that I would be surprised.

Friday rolled around; I had gotten out of work, and was pulling into my driveway when I remembered that some people were coming over for the evening. I didn’t want a bunch of people over tonight, but just wanted to relax. Cindy greeted me at the door. She was all perfumed up and dressed for the evening. She was dressed in jeans and a tank top with a button up shirt over the tank top, but none of the buttons were buttoned. She was certainly dressed casual, but I noticed some subtle differences that were more than just casual. She had on long hanging earrings, red lipstick, and eye shadow, and her hair was fixed up nice. She also had on real tight jeans, fuck me pumps, and she had no bra on underneath the tank top, not that any of this was unusual by itself, but when you added it altogether, something was amiss and I wasn’t quite sure what.

I blew it off right away, because she told me to go get my shower and that everyone was coming around 6:30. I asked her where our son was and she said that he was staying over at a friend of his house for the night. I didn’t think much more about it and went to get my shower. While I was in the shower I thought I heard the phone ring. When I got out and dressed Cindy told me that Mark had called and wouldn’t be able to come, because his boy had a hockey game he had to go to. That left only Billie and John that would be coming.

At about 6:45 Billie knocked at the door. I let her in, but only Billie came. I asked where John was, or if he was arriving later. She told me that John had to go on a truck run and wouldn’t be back until Monday. I helped her take off her coat, gave her a hug, and noticed that she had a video tape in her hand. I asked her what it was and she said it was home movies and that we would watch it later. So now it was down to Cindy, Billie and I. I should have noticed that something was up right then, but it flew right past me again.

We sat down at the dinner table and had a great meal. Cindy had taken the leaves out of the table since it was only us three and we were sitting in fairly close quarters. We had lots of wine and we were all feeling it by the end of the meal. During the meal Billie kept playing footsie with me, running her bare foot up and down my leg. She would pause at my crotch and massage my dick through my pants. This made me extremely uncomfortable sitting beside Cindy, trying to pretend nothing was happening as I got a raging hard on. Intermittently Cindy would bring her hand under the table and massage my thigh working her hand to my crotch. I was wondering what would happen when she felt Billie’s foot rubbing against my leg, but that never happened for some reason. It was like they knew exactly when to do it so the other wouldn’t notice.

Cindy had felt my erection, my dick was big enough to bust through my pants, that both of them had caused. She looked at me slyly and said. “What’s this?” I didn’t know what to say so I blurted something stupid out. The next thing I felt was Billie’s foot come up to where Cindy’s hand was and rub against my cock. They both started laughing good hard laughs so I finally got it that they were working together teasing me. I told them that it was very funny, dismissed it as too much wine, and nothing eventful happened the rest of the meal.

After the meal we all sat down on the couch with me in between Cindy and Billie. Billie got up and put the video tape into the VCR so we could watch her home movies. The movie started to play and the opening scene was of our living room, with Cindy and Billie sitting on our couch. They both had on skimpy negligees that were crotchless and also exposed their breasts. Cindy’s negligee was a deep red, almost a maroon Demetevler Escort teddy with matching lace panties and stockings. Billie had on a black leather one piece S and M out fit with a choker, wrist, and ankle straps. Cindy was on one end of the couch with her legs spread wide. Billie had her head buried between Cindy’s legs eating her out with a fury. Cindy was writhing around in ecstasy, pushing Billie’s face into her crotch with her hand. Her other hand was propping up her own head as she watch Billie lick.

I had had enough to drink that I wondered if what I was seeing was the real thing or not, but couldn’t determine how they would have faked it. I looked at Cindy with a questioning eye, only to have her give me a mischievous grin and wink at me. While I was looking at Cindy, I felt Billie reaching for my belt and start to undo it. I was quite surprised by what was going on, but decided to go with the flow. Billie finished with my belt and unzipped my pants and reached in and grabbed hold of my already stiffening dick. Her long fingers wrapped around my cock and started to pump me to a full erection. I shifted my hips forward till my ass was almost on the edge of the couch and my pants fell down to my ankles. I laid back, resting my head on the back of the couch and relaxed to enjoy the movie and being masturbated. Cindy came over beside me and whispered “Happy Birthday” in my ear and gave me a long passionate kiss. I felt Billie’s lips wrap around the head of my cock licking and sucking as she pumped her hand up and down. I felt Cindy’s hand on my dick as Billie let go with her hand, but she didn’t stop sucking on the head of my cock.

This went on for a little while, Cindy joined Billie sucking my dick, taking turns both sucking and pistoning my cock with their hands. I was getting close to cumming when they both stopped abruptly and got up. Cindy went to the bedroom and I could see that Billie had gone to the bathroom. I sat there wondering what was going on, but my attention quickly went back to the video of them having sex with each other. On the video, Cindy had switched positions and was now 69’ing with Billie, Cindy being on the bottom. I could clearly see Billie licking on her pussy now. Billie was teasing her clit and cunt lips with her tongue, occasionally sticking her tongue as far into Cindy’s pussy as possible. While I couldn’t see what Cindy was doing to Billie, the look on Billie’s face was ecstasy, so she must have been getting similar treatment. It wasn’t long before Cindy was bucking her hips in an apparent orgasm and you could hear her screaming out in pleasure. They broke their embrace after Cindy’s orgasm subsided.

Billie had taken the original position that Cindy had had, laying back on the couch legs spread wide with Cindy between them. Out of the cameras view Cindy had picked up one of the dildos that we occasionally use and stuck it into Billie’s pussy. It was the double headed dildo that was about 16 inches long. She crammed almost half of it into her pussy as she licked and sucked on her clitoris. She gave Billie the cunt eating of a life time. Billie was massaging those big tits of hers and pinching hard on her nipples till they were swollen and bright red. I could see Billie tense up all over as she arched her hips in the air, giving Cindy better access. Cindy was ramming that dildo in and out of her cunt as she punished her clit with her tongue. Billie was into a full intense orgasm all at once and Cindy pushed her to an ever increasing climax. When Billie’s orgasm was over Cindy sat in an upright position leaving that dildo still jammed halfway up her pussy. Billie was a sight; her whole body was in a flaccid state, except her nipples which were still hard little marbles on top of her firm breasts. The dildo was snaked out of her dripping pussy in the best porno scene I had ever viewed.

They weren’t done though. Cindy got up on all fours and so did Billie. They were ass to ass and I saw Billie sticking that double headed dildo between their legs. First I saw it get buried into Billie’s pussy and then Billie apparently put it into Cindy’s pussy. I couldn’t really see it in Cindy, but I had to assume so because their asses were touching each other and I could no longer see the dildo. Just as this scene had started Cindy and Billie came out of the rooms they were in and entered the living room. They both had on their respective negligees that they had on in the video. Cindy was obviously in charge of the evening because she told Billie to finish taking of my pants and underwear. Then she told her to kneel in front of me and suck my dick again.

Cindy in turn stood on the couch facing me and straddled my head, pushing her pussy onto my mouth. I licked her cunt and all around her cunt. She barely let me breath she was grinding herself into my face with abandon. She used her hands to hold her cuntlips spread apart to make it easier to get at her clit. I shoved my tongue deep into her pussy, she, fucking my Otele gelen escort tongue with her pussy. The whole time I was eating Cindy out, Billie was sucking my dick like a lollipop. Billie was never very good at deapthroating, but she was doing a pretty job this time (apparently she had been practicing.) I could feel more and more of my cock going into her mouth. While she couldn’t take as much of me as Cindy could, it didn’t matter at this moment, because I could feel the cum building up to an explosion. I tried to concentrate on pleasuring Cindy as much as I could, but to no avail. I busted loose with a spurt of cum that I thought was going to gag Billie. She did great though and swallowed it with out missing a beat. I let blast after hot blast of cum coat the inside of her mouth and I swear I could hear her gulping as she swallowed every last drop. She sucked on my cock hard like she was trying to milk it out of me. My efforts to eat Cindy had waned though as I relaxed into orgasmic bliss.

My cock started to go flaccid in Billie’s mouth while she was still trying to suck the last of cum out of me. Cindy had given up on me trying to satisfy her and told me to grab a chair and watch the real show. I did as told, not wanting to mess up their plans. I moved the rocking chair to a better position to see the both of them as they got on the couch. Cindy told Billie to finish what I had started with her and Billie obeyed everything she told her to do. I watched as Cindy got up on all fours and faced the picture window with her ass jutting out towards me. Billie got behind her so that her ass was almost touching me. She started to eat Cindy out licking her slit from her clit to her ass. I was really enjoying this show. Cindy rotated her ass slowly in a very sensual way. She started to moan in low long tones and I knew she was getting off on this treatment. I was getting turned on myself watching this live sex show.

I played with Billie’s ass and pussy as she went at Cindy in earnest. I stuck a finger in her ass and one in her pussy and pumped them in and out in a slow rhythm. Billie was moving her ass back and forth in rhythm to my assault on her pussy. This was a scene better than any porno movie, but I couldn’t get a good view of what Billie was doing for Cindy. I took my fingers out and patted Billie on the ass and told her to eat Cindy out from underneath so I could get a better view. Billie responded by rolling around so her head was laying on the edge of the couch facing up so Cindy could sit on her face in the same position she had been in. She apparently was going to do anything Cindy and I were going to tell her.

I shoved some pillows underneath Billie’s back so she could comfortably eat Cindy out. I had a good view watching her massage Cindy’s clit with her tongue. Her tits jutted out in this position and her pussy was exposed to the world when I spread her legs. She wrapped her arms around Cindy’s legs for support and her tits stuck out all the more. I grabbed hold of those things and kneaded them as I watched her work that magic tongue on Cindy’s pussy. I would occasionally reach up and fuck Cindy’s ass or pussy with my finger. Cindy was really getting aroused by the tongue action, so I decided to concentrate on giving Billie some pleasure. I got between Billie’s legs and gave her some tongue lashings of my own. It wasn’t long before I had her revved up to speed. I could tell Cindy was close to orgasm and punished Billie’s clit all the more. I heard Cindy cry out in an ecstatic orgasmic rush and no sooner did she start to cum when I brought Billie to orgasm. They both moaned and writhed in unison to the waves of pleasure that had enveloped them. After a few moments they succumbed to total muscular relaxation as their orgasms subsided.

We all sat on the couch and finished watching the tape. I told them that I was curious about their using the double dildo and would like to see that in action as soon as they had rested up. I suggested that we go to the bedroom where we would have more room to maneuver. We all lay in the bed together, me in the middle, of course. We started to talk, I had a million questions. They told how they had planned the whole thing, how the Friday before they had gotten together while I was at work and made the video, reminding me that on the tape it was still daylight out. Cindy had taken the day off and so had Billie. Mark was never going to come to dinner and Billie knew that John was going on a truck run.

While they were telling me about their covert operations Cindy placed her hand on my dick and brought me to another erection. Billie instinctively got into a comfortable position and sucked on my now stiff member. She was laying on my stomach licking and sucking the head of my dick while Cindy was talking and kissing me. Cindy asked me what I would like to do next in my fantasy birthday night. I told her that I had always wanted to screw her in the ass while someone ate her out till she had an orgasm. Balgat Escort I also told her that another one was to take turns screwing them both in the ass while the kissed and fondled each other. She said that it sounded good to her and asked Billie if she understood what she was to do. Billie answered by saying “Your wish is my command.”

Billie gave my cock a quick lick of her tongue and moved over to let Cindy at me. Cindy got up grabbed the lube and put generous amount on her hand. Then she pumped my dick covering me with the lube from top to bottom. She straddled me with her back to me placing the head of my dick at the entrance of her rosebud. Slowly she sat down on me as my cock entered her ass an inch at a time until it had disappeared up to the hilt. She then laid back so that her back was resting on my chest. She moved her hips around and up and down in a sensual rhythm screwing me with her ass in an excruciatingly slow manner. She spread her legs wide and told Billie to lick her pussy.

Billie responded as ordered by laying face down burying her head between Cindy’s thighs. I could tell every time that Billie flicked her tongue across her clit, because Cindy’s ass would clench my rock hard cock. Billie reached under and cupped my balls and started to massage them ever so gently. I was in ecstasy, being able to enjoy my fantasy to such a realistic degree. Cindy’s breathing got very heavy and her body became very relaxed against mine as Billie’s tongue worked its magic on her cunt. She slowly gyrated her hips in my lap sliding my dick in and out just an inch or so in rhythm to Billie’s tongue.

I mauled Cindy’s tits as she lay against me. I could tell she was really getting worked up and this made my dick all the harder, to the point that I thought I was going to burst a nut. I felt Cindy tense every muscle in her body and I knew that she was going to cum hard. Her ass kept clenching and releasing my cock as she built up to an incredible orgasm. She let out a guttural yell “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and this sent me over the edge. Billie ran her tongue up and down Cindy’s slit in response to her yell. I in turn pumped a healthy load of my own cum deep into her ass. She relaxed and lay against me again as Billie finished her off. I was dumping the last of my cum into her, she sat up and drove her hips into my dick sending it even deeper into her ass. I was spent, but Cindy continued to drive her ass into me until I was limp.

We all took a shower and a break to get something to eat and drink to rest up for the next fantasy I wanted to try. The evening was still young it wasn’t even 10:00 pm yet. I suggested we watch the video again so I could see the scenes that I had missed. We sat on the couch and watched the tape for a while, until I started to get aroused again. I looked at Cindy; she was playing with herself, so I knew she was getting excited. I looked over at Billie and she too had her hand on her cunt, with a glazed look to her eyes. Yes, they were ready for round three. I reached on either side of me and grabbed a tit in each hand, squeezed them playfully, signaling that it was time to go back into the bedroom again.

This time I was giving the orders. I told them to lay face down beside each other, but to get on their knees and put their asses into the air. Being obedient little sluts they did as they were told. Their asses were touching each other they were so close together. Cindy reached over and fondled one of Billie’s tits and gave her a long passionate kiss on the mouth. Billie reciprocated feeling up Cindy’s firm tits and returning the kiss. They were French kissing and tonguing each other. This brought me to full attention; my dick was now hard as a rock again. I got some lube and first rubbed it on Cindy’s ass and pussy, plunging a finger deep into her ass. I lubed up my cock real good and placed it at the entrance of her pussy, shoving it balls deep in one motion. I pumped in and out of her pussy while putting lube on her ass getting her ready for my next maneuver. The lube ran down her crack and around my dick lubricating it even more.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and inserted it into her ass slowly until I had half of it in her. It was fairly easy going since I just screwed her in the ass an hour or so ago. I plunged it in and out inserting a little more with each lunge forward. The whole time Cindy and Billie were sucking face and massaging tit, thoroughly enjoying themselves. It was Billie’s turn now, so I applied lube liberally to her ass and pussy, ass I continued to slowly screw Cindy. Billie responded by gyrating her ass inviting me to continue.

I didn’t want to cum in Cindy’s ass this time so I pulled out and positioned my self behind Billie. I was well lubed at this point and so was her asshole, so I lined up and put the head of my cock in her puckered rosebud. It was a little harder going even though we were both lubed up real well, because I hadn’t fucked Billie in the ass as I had Cindy earlier. She was willing though, I felt her pushing back trying to get more and more of me into her. Finally I was making full length thrusts into her pulling back out with each thrust till I almost came out of her ass. While Cindy and Billie were necking and making out I could hear Billie give a little grunt of pleasure as I plunged into her. I felt Billie’s hand rub against my balls as she played with herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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