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Birthday Surprise

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Night begins to fall as he lays in bed on his phone, looking at the pictures she had just sent him. His birthday is just a few days away and she been talking about getting him something. He figures this is what she must have been talking about. She is being very naughty, kind of out of character for her, he thinks to himself. His cock hardens at the sight of her naked body on his screen. He pulls his boxers down, so he can stroke his rapidly hardening cock.

He knows her body so well, he thinks to himself, I know what she likes and doesn’t like, I know how to make her cum, his thoughts continue. These thoughts are accompanied by images of the last time they had sex. She sends more and this time she is playing with her very wet pussy. He is surprised by her brashness, but he knows she trusts him completely. She would never tell him, no she rather show him. He continues to get more pictures from her. He still can’t believe it and continues to stroking his hard, throbbing, and aching cock as he looks at the pictures of her. This time he sees that words have found their way with the pictures.

Her: “I know what you are doing.”

Him: “Do you?”

Her: “Are you stroking your cock for me?”

Him: “Yes. So, is this my surprise?”

Her: “No, just part of it.”

Him: “Really?”

Her: “Yes, but I want something too.”

Him: “What’s that, beautiful?”

Her: “You inside me.”

Him: “I’m on my way over.”

Her: “Good boy.”

Him: “See you in about 20 mins.”

Her: “I will show you when you get here and I have a surprise for you.”

Him: “More?”

Her: “Yes, more. Get here.”

Him: “OMW.”

He pulls his pants back on as fast as he can and packs a bag. He runs out the front door as if the house were on fire. Then gets into his car and drives as if the devil himself were chasing him. She calls and he picks up as he speeds through his hometown on the way to her.

“Hi, Kitten.” He says softly.

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m naked and playing with my toy. I want to cum so bad, baby. But I am holding off for you till you are inside of me.” She tells him with so much sexuality he starts to get hard again.

He asks her, “What other naughty things are you doing?”

She groans and tells him, “Pictures are being taken, baby.”

He asks in the same tone, “How?”

“Get here and find out.” She tells him as she hangs up the phone.

He continues to drive and wonders what she meant. It brings a smile to his face as he pulls into her parking lot. He gets out of the car and grabs his bag. He doesn’t knock; he just opens the door and tosses the bag to floor. He looks down the hallway and sees the cool glow of the TV. He hears moaning and laughter, from two different voices.

It must be the TV he thinks as he walks down the hall removing his shoes. The moans become more urgent as he removes his pants. “We have to wait for him.” He hears her whisper, as he finally takes off his shirt. He steps into the room in nothing but his boxers as he sees her lying there on her bed as a busty, naked, blonde wielding a seven-inch dildo works her wet as a waterfall pussy.

The blonde stops as she sees him, and then brings her lips down to the ears of the woman lying there.

“Oh, Lilly?” She whispers.

“What?” Lilly groans with protest of the blonde stopping.

“You guy is here, and those pictures you showed me didn’t do him justice.” The blonde continues her soft tone.Lilly opens her eyes and sees him standing there in his boxers, hard cock pointing out like an extra limb or a towel rack.

She lays there as she points as she tells him, “Scott this is Michelle.”

Scott extends his hand forward for a handshake. Michelle moves over takes his hand and grabs him around the wrist as she moves in for a kiss. Her mouth open and lust seeming to be the only thing driving the kiss. Michelle pulls back after a few minutes and wipes her mouth, as she ankara escort bayan looks at Scott.

“Boy, you can kiss, Lilly should have invited you to join us a week ago.” Scott looks at Lilly stunned. Michelle continues, “She said she wanted you to join us and wanted her first threesome to be with you.”

Lilly moves on the bed in a sitting position as she tells Scott, “I’m not so sure I want you giving her everything you give me, baby.”

Michelle looks at Lilly and tells her, “Oh come on you have been bragging about how good he eats you out, so I want to find out for myself.”

“Maybe next time?” Lilly asks meekly.

“Oh ok, but we still get to share this?” Michelle asks as she moves off the bed and grabs Scott’s hard cock through his boxers.

“Yeah, I want to see him fuck you.” Lilly says as she looks at Scott.

He’s been standing there this whole time not able to speak a word, just lost in the situation. Michelle kneels down in front of him and pulls the boxers down. She looks at his dick, and then sucks the tip into her mouth.

He moans as she begins to take more of him down her throat. Lilly starts to instruct Michelle on how to blow him and she complies. He moans louder as Michelle does it again. Michelle sucks the tip of his dick hard then swallows it down and does it again.

“That’s it honey, make my baby cum.” Lilly tells her as she moves off the bed and towards Scott. Lilly looks into his eyes and sees herself in them.

She smiles and moves in for a kiss, a passionate, lustful, loving, and hot as 1000 burning suns kiss as their mouths meet and their tongues dance a familiar step. She reluctantly breaks the kiss after a few minutes and brings her hot mouth to his cold ear as she whispers to him, “I want this mouth of yours where it belongs, on my wet pussy.” He groans at the thought as Michelle continues to work his cock, now with the added help of her hand moving in a counter motion on his wet with spit dick. Lilly bends down and suggests they all move to the bed.

Scott lays down in the middle as Michelle takes up not only a seat between his legs, but also what she was doing to him when he was standing. Lilly moves to the bed and looks at Scott, as he motions for her to sit on his face. Lilly moves above his face and faces the wall, as she carefully lowers her pussy down to his mouth. His tongue begins to dance its way around her clit, and makes several dips into her hot wet hole.

He is just enjoying her taste, how wet he can make her with just a few licks, and her moans. His hands grab an ass cheek as to pull her so he can get a good taste of her, but she fights with him a little bit as he continues his assault on her pussy. She starts to feel herself giving into him as she ascends the mountain of orgasm. She tries to fight it, she wants it to last, but his mouth is working wonderfully on her.

Lilly knows she isn’t the only one getting close as she can feel in between the licks and sucks from Scott, are his moans. “Michelle?” She whispers as Scott is moaning. “Yes, Lilly?” Michelle responds as she takes her mouth from Scott’s cock and now strokes it vigorously. “Don’t let him cum, ok?” Lilly asks softly. “Sure.” Michelle tells her reluctantly.

Lilly bends down and causes her lower body to slide down Scott’s. She gets her pussy just above his cock and looks over her shoulder and she says to Michelle, “Put him in me, please.” Michelle gives Scott’s dick one finally tug and guides into Lilly’s warm pussy. Lilly looks down at him and moves in for a kiss, a long wet, hot, and burning kiss. They both moan as she begins that familiar rhythm and Scott thrusts up to meet her.

Lilly breaks the kiss and sits on top of him, grinding her self on to his dick. Michelle moves up and kisses Lilly on the lips, their tongues moving around in each other’s mouths. Lilly breaks the kiss with a loud moan and whispers, “Oh Baby, oh Scott, oh fuck.” As she ascends to orgasm ankara bayan escort and Scott looks at her, surprised, he hasn’t heard those words from her in a long time. Just as he opens his mouth to moan, Michelle’s mouth and tongue meet his. He is surprised again and little disappointed, as he wanted Lilly’s mouth on his.

Lilly continues to ride Scott for all that he is worth and lets out a final, “Oh Scott.” As she cums on his cock, she feels him release inside of her. She would have bent down to kiss him, but Michelle is still kissing him. Lilly thinks maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, but it’s been fun so far. Lilly wants to feel Scott inside of her again, with him on top of her, because she knows this man can make her cum like no other, and she knows she does the same for him.

Michelle breaks from Scott’s mouth and looks at Lilly who is still sitting on top of him, his softening penis still inside of her. “I’m not done with you, Baby.” She tells him, as she looks down at him. Michelle looks at Lilly, a little hurt at those words as Lilly bends down and finally has her kiss with him and Scott knows what she wants. He makes sure her arms are wrapped around him and rolls her on to her back, Michelle moves off the bed at this action and watches as Scott beings to grind him self into Lilly.

She responds by matching his rhythms and his cock starts to get hard once again. Lilly lets out a moan, “Oh Baby”. He doesn’t let up as she moans more, “Oh Scott.” “Fuck!” She says as Scott pulls out and begins to tease her. After a few moments he plants himself hard into her. This time the actions he is taking are slower, as he begins to lean in for a kiss and Lilly readily accepts.

Lilly’s moan breaks the kiss, as she feels him hitting all the right spots. She reaches up to him again and brings him for another kiss. He moves one hand down to grab her ass and the other to one of her nipples.

Her other hand moves to his side and begins to touch him lightly along his rib cage and for some reason this turns him on more and he increases speed and depth. He has never had anyone touch him in such a way. He starts to feel Lilly’s pussy contract around his hard cock. Lilly breaks the kiss, and lets out another, “Scott, Baby, oh that’s it, don’t stop, fuck me.”

“Yes Kitten, oh god.” He replies.

They both start to come together again lost in each other’s pleasure. Scott doesn’t stop fucking Lilly as she tries to push him off, but she still feels him so hard inside of her. She stops fighting and lets him take control once again, as she feels her orgasm taking her over once again. “Oh, fuck, baby, I’m not going to be able to take anymore.” She tells him. “We both know you can take more, Kitten.” He tells her.

Michelle watches as Scott fucks Lilly, again and again, when finally the two just lay there in a heap. Michelle suddenly feels out of place, like she watched something she shouldn’t have. Lilly and Scott look at her as they both move around on the bed. Scott gets up and makes his way to the bathroom, when Michelle stops him for a kiss and gets it. Scott enters the bathroom and shuts the door as she decides to sit on the bed with Lilly.

Lilly takes a cigarette from the pack, picks up her lighter, brings the cigarette to her mouth, and then lights it. She takes a long drag as she looks at Michelle and tells her, “Sorry, but Scott and I have been having sex for awhile and sometimes we get caught up in each other.” Michelle looks at her, “Maybe next time?” Lilly smiles, “Sure.” Michelle thinks about telling what is bothering her, but just as she is about to, Scott comes back into the bedroom and plops on the bed.

Lilly hands him the ashtray, lighter, and a smoke, without being asked too. Scott takes it and follows the same pattern as Lilly did with her cigarette.

Michelle breaks the silence, “You two are awesome together, I have never watched anyone fuck like you two do, and it’s like you were both made ankara escort bayanlar just to fuck each other. Now I wonder if I can even hope to find a guy that gives all that you do during sex. Or even if I am going to get a turn with him.”

Lilly looks at and tells Michelle, “I’m still willing to share him, just not everything. Yes, I still want him to fuck you, but I just want you to know he is mine.”

Scott has never heard Lilly speak this way about him in awhile, and smiles at the comment. Lilly turns towards her attention Scott and tells him, “Baby, don’t go thinking this is going to happen often, but when you feel up to it and if she still wants to, fuck her.” Scott tells her, as he puts out his smoke in the ashtray, “Sure, Kitten.”

“Just remember, Baby. You are mine.” Lilly tells him as she moves in for a kiss.

Lilly moves between Scott’s legs and tries to bring his cock back to life. Michelle sees a chance and moves in herself to give Lilly a hand. They both work over his cock with their mouths and hands. Stroking him, keeping his cock wet with spit, sucking on the tip of his dick, and playing with his balls. They look at each other as his cock becomes harder and harder. Lilly whispers to Michelle, “Lay down.” Michelle moves up towards Scott and lies beside him.

Lilly continues to suck Scott’s cock down her throat. Michelle moves her head towards Scott’s and kisses him. Scott moves his hand down to Michelle’s pussy and fingers it, already finding her very wet. Lilly stops working his cock and tells Scott, “Fuck her, baby.” Scott moves on top of Michelle and just glides in. Lilly watches, as Scott doesn’t seem to know what kind of rhythm to take with her. He finds one as Michelle moans. Lilly unable to sit still any longer moves over and takes one of Michelle’s nipples into her mouth, sucking and tugging on it. Michelle moans louder as Scott pounds his cock in and out of her.

She feels herself getting close, very close. Scott is nowhere near cumming and moves in to take the other nipple that isn’t getting any attention in to his mouth. Michelle begins to cum; Scott feels her pussy contract on his dick, not as hard as Lilly’s. Michelle yells out, “Oh god, fuck.” She lies there, as she feels Scott inside her still hard. Michelle tells Lilly, “I see why you want him for yourself.”

Lilly begins to stand and tells her, “One fuck is all you get.”

Scott moves and lies beside Michelle on the bed, catching his breathe, and looks at Lilly who walks over to the side he is laying.

“I love you, baby. Happy birthday.” She tells him as she moves in for a long kiss. She looks at Michelle, and tells her, “Sorry, sweetie, but you have to go now. I don’t want to kick you out, but I want to cuddle with my guy here.”

Michelle gets up and gets dressed with out a word, like she knew this was going to happen. Michelle tells them goodbye and kisses them both deeply. Lilly looks at her and tells her, “Next time, there will be more, I promise.” Michelle replies, “I don’t think there is going to be a next time, cause if I had a guy like that, I wouldn’t want to share him.”

Lilly finally says to her, “We will see, but I think you are right.” Scott just lies there with out a word, he is speechless, and he never thought Lilly would do anything like this. Even though they both have talked about it many times before.

She leaves and Lilly moves over and cuddles with Scott as he brings the covers up over them both.

She looks up at him and smiles, as he looks down at her the same way.

“Where did you find her?” Scott asks.

“At the Lion’s Den one night. I went there awhile back and I bought some things for us to use. We started talking and I kept going back. I thought she was hot and she told me she was bi and looking for a threesome. She told me, I was beautiful.”

“Oh. You are. So, what did you get for us, Kitten?” Scott asks.

“Just some lube and toys.” She responds.

“So someone else thinks you are beautiful, eh?” He tells her.

“Yeah, but you are the one who counts.” She replies.

“Good night Kitten.” He tells her, as he shakes his head.

“Good night Baby.” She replies as she moves in and gets her long and hot kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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