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Black Satin

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I enter the room and see you seated on the sofa. You are dressed as per my instructions: White silk blouse, a black satin floor length skirt, slit to the thigh, matching jacket, black satin gloves, black seamed stockings, and black high heels. Your face is elegantly made up and your hair falls loosely on your shoulders. I pour two glasses of champagne and give you one. I sit opposite you in the wing chair and sip my wine.

We do not speak because there is no need for words. You know what your task is and I know the role I am to play. You rise from the sofa and walk away from me down the room to the window. My eyes follow you, admiring the smooth swell of your bottom as it sways beneath the shiny, black satin of your skirt.

You draw open the curtain, letting the light of the room out into the night and the eyes of the night in. You walk back to the couch. Standing beside it you remove your jacket. I gaze at your full breasts, straining under the sheen of heavy white silk. I can just make out your nipples pushing the cloth into sharp points. You turn your back to me and my eyes wander down to your ankles, highlighted by the seams of the sheer nylons. While your back is turned, you slowly unbutton your blouse and push it down your arms. My eyes sweep across your shoulders, down your back and over your ass. You can feel my eyes on you, caressing your flesh.

The blouse lands on the couch and you turn, your hands, still in the black gloves covering your breasts. The lacy black bra you are wearing only supports your soft flesh, it does nothing to conceal it. Your palms brush the crinkly tips of your breasts through the bra, teasing the points into a harder state. I can feel that hardness reflected in my own flesh, straining against my clothes.

You turn again, concealing your breasts. Your hands go the zipper of your skirt. Drawing it slowly down, the sound of metal teeth loud in the room. You unbutton the waist band and ease the satin gently over your hips. The skirt falls to the floor and you step out of the ring of material. My eyes travel from your ankles up the smooth swell of your legs. I revel in the soft flesh of your thighs above your stocking tops and the sweetness of your ass barely covered by a pair of filmy black panties. They are stretched tight over your butt and I can see the dark crease between your cheeks. You turn and face me, dropping your hands to your sides, posing, one leg slightly forward, your head high, your shoulders back. You are now completely revealed to me but still tantalizingly concealed by the lingerie: The soft mounds of your breasts with the points of the nipples hard and crinkled, expectant, waiting for the touch of a finger, a tongue. The swell of your belly, naked, wanting the touch of flesh. Your pussy, shaven smooth under the panties, the tender lips barely parted and just visible through the transparent cloth. My eyes devour you, probing, memorizing every inch of your flesh.

My own flesh hardens in my trousers, wanting the touch of you, knowing that the waiting will be worth every agonizing second. My breath comes more quickly in my throat and I sip champagne, trying to dampen the fire within me.

I nod to you and you remove the bra, revealing all of your breasts. You cup edirne escort them in your hands, teasing the nipples. You squeeze them together, massaging and kneading your own flesh. You each down, and push the panties slowly to the floor. You bend over showing me the firm flesh of your butt, the dark valley and the pouting lips between your thighs. You pose again, more provocatively this time, letting me see more of the treasure between your legs. You stand quietly, displaying yourself to me, one hand gently cupping a breast, your thumb brushing across the erect nipple. You raise your leg and place your foot on the couch. Now I can see between the parted lips of your pussy. The pink tip of your clit is peeking out, glistening in the candlelight. With your other hand you stroke your leg, over the shimmering black nylon and up to the pale flesh of your thigh, moving slowly, savoring the feel of the satin on your skin.

You tease yourself, not touching the parted, hairless lips between your legs, massaging the top of your mound instead, then reaching around to grasp your own ass. You slap your ass hard with your hand, the sound echoing in the room. Moving both hands both hands to your breasts, kneading them together, deepening the valley between them, you finally lift them up, showing them off to me. Your tongue slips between your lips and you bend your head forward as your hands lift your breasts even higher. Finally your tongue makes contact with the erect tip of one nipple and I see you shiver with the feeling. I know that you want my tongue and lips in place of your own. You want to feel me holding your tits, squeezing them, lightly biting at the soft tight flesh. You want to feel my tongue lashing at those dark wrinkled tips. You want to feel my mouth sucking the tender weight of you, getting you wet, making you hot. I watch as you work your mouth over your own flesh, moaning softly, your eyes closed.

My own mouth is dry, excited at the spectacle of your sensuality. I want to relieve the hot pressure in my flesh but also want desperately to play out this scenario. I don’t want it to end too soon, but I am impatient to see the next act. The feelings you are generating in yourself finally overcome you and you slowly sink to sit on the couch. You continue to kiss your own tits as you sit, your legs pushed wide apart, displaying the wet interior of your pussy. You release one breast and trail your fingers slowly down your body, over your chest, your belly, your smooth naked mound and finally to the prize of your soft, open sex. Your fingers pull the lips wider and your other hand reaches down to caress the shiny tip of your clit. When your finger makes contact, your push your hips off of the cushion, straining to increase the feeling of the black satin on the seat of your pleasure. You rub slowly and whine deep in your throat. Your body starts to shake and you move your ass up and down on the couch as your finger rubs over your clit.

The first orgasm is quick, intense and not complete. You moan with frustration and immediately start to caress yourself again. You insert two fingers, still in the black gloves into the tight hole between your legs. Your other hand working at your pearly bud, escort edirne pulling it, tweaking, rubbing. Your head thrashes back and forth, your mouth open. Little sounds come from you as you strive for your cum. Another finger is pushed into your canal and you fuck yourself hard with your own hand. I am excited by this display, even more so than I was. Desperate now, I release my cock from my pants, afraid that the friction of my clothes will trigger my own release. The tip of my cock strains upward, shiny with pre cum. The air is cool on it and I keep myself from grasping the shaft. I know that if I do I will shoot my seed in two quick strokes. I watch as you again climb towards your pinnacle. Your fingers pushing deep into your pussy, your thumb a blur on your button. I am riveted by the sight of you exciting yourself, fucking yourself, opening yourself to me. At last your breath becomes ragged, you push another finger into yourself and you pinch your clit hard between your fingers. A high wail comes from your throat and your hips rise again from the couch, moving against your thrusting hand. You cum, your orgasm at last fulfilling you and you slump back.

You continue to touch yourself, but gently now, soothingly. Slowly your hand is removed from your pussy, the fingers shining with your moisture. I move from my chair, my cock still hard, pushing through the fly of my pants. I take your hand and suck your sweet moisture from the fingers of your black satin glove. My mouth sucks your fingers, my tongue never ceasing to move over the satin elegance of your glove. I taste the juices of your sex, mingled with the perfume that you earlier dabbed on the soft skin of your groin. You reach up to catch my cock, but I’m too fast for you and hold fast to your wrist. You sigh in frustration, your eyes pleading, wanting to hold the hard flesh protruding from my trousers. I step back and unbuckle my belt, allowing my pants to fall to the floor. Now I am wearing only black silk briefs. The waistband is pulled down and rests under my balls, pulling them up, causing my prick to point upwards. You open your mouth, the tip of your tongue brushing across your scarlet painted lips. You are about to speak. I stop you, placing the tip of my finger on your lips.

I sit at the end of the couch and face you, one foot resting on the cushion. You turn and mirror my position, opening your center up to me once more. I can smell your musky scent and see the glint of viscous excitement on your swollen pussy lips. I reach into the end table. Your eyes widen when I remove a dildo from the drawer. It is not an anatomical replica, but a stylized cock. It could pass for a piece of modern sculpture in one of the more daring galleries. The silicone is smooth and black, the tip vaguely mushroom shaped, the base widening so the whole thing can sit on a table, and there are ridges running from the base to the tip. Reaching into the drawer again I take out a tube of lubricant. I squeeze the clear gel over the dildo, then over my own cock. I hand you the silicone replica. I stare at the parted lips of your pussy and then at the plastic you hold. Your eyes ask me if this is what I want. I nod. Tentatively you spread the soft, shaven edirne escort bayan lips between your legs, and place the tip of the surrogate cock at the entrance. I grasp the tip of my own organ and draw the skin up and down. I watch as you slowly push the dildo inside yourself.

Your eyes close and you sigh, the walls of your canal spreading to accommodate the intruder. As you push it in, you rotate it, caressing every inch of your interior with the cool thickness. Finally the dildo is in your pussy as far as it will go. You let go of it and proceed to rub your clit with your glove clad fingers. The picture you present to me is exciting, sensual, kinky. I want to see you cum again from your own efforts. You become hotter, your fingers caressing and pulling your clit and you grasp the base of the dildo again. Your hips arch up off the smooth leather of the couch, straining to increase the depth of contact. Slowly you stroke the sleek replica in and out, savoring the fullness. I am fascinated and run my hand up and down my own flesh. I am aching for you, wanting to plunge inside. I long to feel your velvety lips sucking me into you, the black nylon stockings rubbing my legs, the weight of your luscious breasts filling my hands and mouth. I yearn to thrust deeply into your welcoming canal, fucking you. However, we are going to play this fantasy to the end. Each of us will satisfy ourselves, by ourselves, only observing the other, finding our pleasures vicariously.

Slowly you increase the rhythm of your strokes, plunging the warming plastic into your juicy slit, seesawing it up and down to contact the hot button at the top. Your fingers spread the plump lips, allowing me to see the lewd spectacle in full detail. My own hand is hot on the stretched skin of my shaft, my fingers grasping and pulling. I can feel the heat building in my scrotum, as my own peak approaches. I slow, wanting to explode but also wanting to prolong the rising warmth. Your eyes narrow and watch my hand as I watch you. You have almost reached your own pinnacle. You writhe and twist on the cool leather, one hand roaming over your sexy body, kneading, caressing, pinching. The other hand pushing the dildo deep into your heated sex. The scent of lust rises from us both: Musky, raw, tangy. Our strokes speed up, and you begin to moan, deep in your throat. I also am moaning now, wanting to see you climax for me, wanting to release my own orgasm. Our hands are a blur, our hips rising, thrusting at the other. Your head thrashes on the black leather, and you are in the throes of your orgasm. Your scream of release is loud in the quiet room. I feel the blood rush to my head and grasp my balls with one hand, kneading and fingering them. My other hand grips the shaft of my penis. We both watch as my cum spurts from the end of my cock, splashing milky beads on the couch. My breath is ragged and I groan at the hot intensity of my climax.

You giggle, lean forward and scoop some onto your hand, then gently rub the pearly liquid into your still erect nipples. You slowly remove the dildo from the tight haven of your pussy and hand it to me. I run my hand along the shaft catching your moisture in my palm. Then I lick the viscous fluid, tasting the residue of your lust. We gaze at each other, contemplating our bodies and our pleasure, knowing that this was a fantasy fulfilled for each of us.

We rise and dress, still looking and savoring the other’s body. Finally dressed, we stand together and kiss for the first time. We are satisfied, complete. And we know that more delights await us another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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