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Bob and Sara… and Theresa

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Theresa has been a long time friend. I shy away from the “friends with benefits” title so commonly used to describe relationships because she has been so much more. A mutual friend introduced us at a party about ten years ago. I drove her home after the party and ended up spending the weekend. We share a lot of interests including swinging together and separately. We are together more often than not, but careers and family obligations have kept us from moving in together.

She is five foot tall and about 100 pounds. She was a gymnast in her teens and twenties, and her body still shows it. Her muscular legs and bubble butt drive me wild. Neither having two children nor being 50 have taken anything away from her. She is still extremely flexible which I (and several others) enjoy tremendously. Short raven hair and some very full C cups round out the description.

I called Theresa after my day with Bob and Sara. She knew of my plans to meet them and was waiting anxiously for the details. She came over for happy hour and started peppering me for specifics almost immediately. We know pretty much everything about each other, including our past experiences. We discuss our fantasies often and she knows all of mine, so her questions went straight to Bob. I gave her all the details, especially as they applied to my fantasies. When I got to the DP part of the story she went down on me. I didn’t last long and she swallowed it all. That led to a fairly wild evening of sex and we discussed what we would like to do or see with each other and Bob and Sara.

Bob and Sara were open to me bringing Theresa to the Saturday we had already planned. We went over in the afternoon and met them by the pool. Bob and I were sunning and enjoying a beer while the girls got to know each other in the pool. Occasionally I would catch them close to each other whispering and often giggling. I think all of us were looking forward to our evening. Sara prepared some light appetizers that were waiting for us in the apartment and a pitcher of sangria. They had some nice music playing and we enjoyed the sunset together. Shortly after the sunset Sara and Theresa began to slow dance with each other. Bob and I sat next to each other on the couch to watch the show.

About half way through the first song, Sara leaned down and started kissing Theresa. Theresa responded and soon she was on the receiving end of those aggressive kisses from Sara that I shared with you earlier. They were feeling each other all over as the erotik film izle music played and Sara soon peeled Theresa’s blouse away revealing her lovely tits to all of us. Theresa made eye contact with me and her lust was written all over her face. Sara started licking Theresa’s nipple while Theresa was unbuttoning Sara’s shirt. Soon they were topless and ravishing each other. Theresa’s hand soon found its way into Sara’s shorts, drawing more moans and increasing the intensity of the show. As they eased their way down to the carpet they removed the rest of their clothes. I then felt Bob start rubbing my hard cock through my pants. I returned the favor.

Sara wound up on her back with Theresa on top of her sucking back and forth on her lovely tits. Sara’s nipples were very erect and she was moaning loudly. Theresa kissed her way down across her stomach and in between her legs. She buried her face in Sara’s pussy and inhaled deeply. She had Sara spread her legs wide and began licking up and down the length of her pussy and possibly all the way to her ass, but I couldn’t tell from my angle. When she saw Sara’s very large clit she locked eyes with me again and sucked it into her mouth. Sara responded loudly and began squirming her hips around in a circular motion. Theresa sucked on it like it was a small cock, bobbing her head up and down while sucking.

Bob unbuckled my belt and opened my zipper. I stood and removed all of my clothes and Bob did the same. I sat back down to further enjoy the show and Bob lowered his head to my lap and took me in his mouth. I sighed and laid my head back enjoying both the treatment from Bob and the show in front of us. Sara was getting louder and soon came. Theresa didn’t miss a drop. When Sara could take no more, Theresa looked up and asked me if I would suck Bob while she watched. Bob got on the floor next to Sara and I knelt in between his legs. Theresa rubbed his cock a few times up and down and held it straight up for me. She watched intently as I slowly took Bob’s fat cock between my lips. I went all the way down until my nose was on his belly. I pulled all the way back to the tip before sinking back down to the base. I stayed in that spot and began working my tongue up and down and that made him squirm. Theresa was still close and leaned in to lick and suck at his balls. I heard her gasp and noticed that Sara had made her way down to Theresa’s pussy.

Theresa stopped licking Bob and moved over Sara to sit on her face. I gave Bob a few more film izle sucks and then I crawled between Sara’s legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. She moaned and I pushed my way in. She raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist. I leaned forward and started licking my way down towards Theresa’s ass. Sara and I continued licking Theresa and she was moaning loudly. When I heard her moan become muffled I knew Bob was in her mouth. I looked up and he had his hands on both sides of her head and was fucking her face. She likes being throated and with what Sara and I were doing, it started to have the right effect. I saw Sara zero in on Theresa’s clit and Theresa exploded. I kept my tongue in her ass until she rolled away. I then put Sara’s legs on my shoulders and pounded away. She leaned her head back and opened her mouth. Bob was right there. He slid in and out of her mouth a couple of times and then presented the head to me. After I sucked it a few times, he went back to Sara. I got closer to her face and he continued alternating between our mouths. The more her did that, the closer he was getting. When he put it back in my mouth, I went all the way down and tongued the underside. He shuddered and came in my mouth. Sara pulled at his dick and sucked the rest of the cum out of him. When he pulled out she attacked me with her strong kiss and we shared the reward. That pushed her over the edge and she came on my throbbing cock.

By now Theresa was ready for more. Since I was still hard, Theresa came over and started licking Sara’s juice from me. She went from licking to sucking, and edged me a few times. She then climbed on top of me and sat down, taking me in her all in one lunge. She was soaking wet and glassy eyed. She looked at Sara and said: “Get Bob ready, I want him in my ass.” I knew from her reaction to hearing about Sara’s DP that she wanted one, and she was about to get it. She slowed her work on me waiting for the prize. When Sara had Bob hard she used some lube on Theresa’s ass and Bob’s cock. Sara started with one finger and pushed it in and out. She added another and finally a third. When she was pushing the three fingers in and out, she started intentionally rubbing my dick. I told that she had to stop before I came! She did stop and led Bob by the dick and rubbed it in Theresa’s ass. Bob pushed forward and I felt it when he popped in. Theresa went wild and was slamming her ass back against Bob’s thick member. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and Bob seks filmi izle and I held on for dear life. Her legs started shaking and she was screaming. That pushed us all closer to the edge. I think I came just before Theresa and I could feel Bob throbbing through the thin membrane that separated us. Theresa collapsed on me and I could feel Bob softly thrusting as he finished.

Sara was near us, leaning back on the couch rubbing her clit furiously. Bob pulled out of Theresa’s ass and dove face first into Sara’s pussy. I was still semi-hard and Sara’s clutching pussy was getting me harder. Bob kissed his way up, lingering at her tits for a few moments before shoving his dick inside her. I watched Bob fuck Sara for a few minutes and I became fully hard. I rolled Theresa off of me and got behind Bob. I lubed us both and slid in. I slowly pushed my 7″ deep into his ass with one stroke. Bob groaned when I bottomed out. I started fucking him with more gusto, holding him by the hips. As I pushed into him, he would push into Sara. When I pulled out he would wait and then thrust back onto me, then we would push into Sara again. His ass felt great and we all fucked for maybe five minutes. Theresa joined us and started kissing Sara and then Bob while playing with Sara’s big tits. Bob was getting closer to a prostate climax as I hit it on every stroke. Theresa reached down between Sara and Bob and found Sara’s big clit. As Sara peaked, Bob went with her and came deep in her. I was getting close and Theresa reached behind me and fondled my balls while I continued fucking Bob. When she pushed a finger in my ass I came as well, and pumped Bob 4 or 5 more times as I came.

I rolled off of Bob and he rolled off of Sara. Theresa started licking Sara’s pussy immediately. She licked deep in that pussy trying to get all of the cum that was already dripping out. When she could find no more, she went after Sara’s clit. I watched intently as she sucked on Sara’s clit again. Sara was playing with her own tits, so I decided to help out. I licked and sucked and nibbled on nipples. As Theresa brought her to another climax, I hugged Sara and kissed her deeply. Sara was exhausted, as we all were. There was lots of touching and cuddling until we all fell asleep on the floor.

When we woke several hours later, Sara handed out towels and pointed us to the spare bedroom. Theresa and I showered together and spent the night alone in the queen-sized bed spooning. Sometime during the night I woke with a hard on and I slid it into Theresa’s welcoming pussy. We fucked slowly for a few minutes but eventually fell asleep with me still in her.

Bob came into the room sometime after daylight to say good morning, but that is another story.

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