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Bound Angel

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Angel laid on the soft satin sheets. Her long black hair spread over the pillow. The only sound in the room was her own short breaths. She wiggled her fingers and pulled gently on the silk scarf that bound her wrists to the headboard of the large brass bed. The silk scarf covering her eyes, as a blindfold brushed her cheek as she moved her head.

The click of the door opening perked her ears. He was finally there. Her heartbeat leapt as she heard his footsteps cross the room, approaching the bed. He was still, she could feel his eyes roaming over her nearly naked body. Her face felt as if she was as red as her bra and matching thong panties.

His hand made contact with her tummy and goosebumps sprang up all over her body. She could hear the smile on his face as he spoke softly to her,

“Relax, love. This will be good for both of us,”

His voice sounded slightly familiar, but she couldn’t place it. He was, after all supposed to be a stranger. Her Unknown Lover.

The sound of his falling zipper was the next sound that hit her. Then his jeans fell to the floor. Followed by another sound of fabric hitting the floor, she took that as his shirt. Then the bed moved as he climbed on and hovered over her. She could feel only his warm skin, no fabric at all. She felt his hot breath as his mouth hung inches from hers, then his lips were on hers.

She tensed at first then melted into the passionate kiss. Her lips parting as his tongue found it’s way inside her mouth and tangled with hers. He pressed into her mouth harder, giving her a deep, wet soul kiss. She felt the wetness begin to pool in her pussy and her nipples begin to harden.

His stiff cock brushed over the mounds between her thighs and a small moan fell into his mouth from hers. Then his hand followed the same path. His fingers danced over her thigh then moved izmir escort to the panties covering her pussy. He rubbed slightly, feeling the wetness beneath the thin material.

He moved from her lips, kissing down her chin, her neck, her chest, until his lips found one hard nipple. He gently bit into it through the fabric of her bra, then ran his tongue over it. Pulling the fabric aside to taste her skin, a muffled cry escaped her. He glanced up to see her biting her bottom lip. He smiled to himself as he unhooked her bra. His hands cupping her now exposed breasts as his tongue played from one nipple to the other.

The feel of his body lightly pressed against hers and the feel of his hands on her body, where almost too much for her. She began to squirm and moan under his powerful and sensual touch. He slowly moved down her body with his mouth. His tongue leaving a trail of fire as he moved. He stopped and dipped the tip of his tongue in her navel before moving down to her throbbing clit.

He gently bit into her quivering flesh and she bucked up from the bed as a cry of pleasure escaped from her lips. He circled his tongue around her clit through her shimmering red panties. He run his fingers up her thighs and hips and hooked a finger in each side of her panties and slowly slid them down as she lifted her hips to assist the removal.

Then suddenly his mouth was covering her hot, wet, throbbing pussy. His tongue darted in and out of her, circling and tasting her inner walls. Her moans and cries excited him as much as her taste, and sweet, sweet scent. He moved his tongue up and ran it over her clit. Driving her closer and closer to exploding. Feeling her passion reaching it’s climax, he pulled away.

“Not yet,” he whispered, and she heard that smile on his face again as he antalya escort spoke.

He moved and swung his leg over her body. His hard cock fell between her breasts. She lifted her head suddenly needing to taste him more than she needed her next breath. He glanced back at her waiting mouth and moved back until the head of his cock touched her mouth.

Angel opened her mouth and slowly let her tongue out. She wrapped it around the head and slowly pulled his cock into her mouth. She sucked him deep in her mouth and she heard a deep, thoaty moan come from him as he lowered his head to taste her sweet honey again. She moaned deep in her throat against the head of his cock.

He lifted and braced himself over her head. Slowly he thrust his cock in and out of her hot, wet mouth. She sucked deeply, stroking her tongue up and down the shaft. He picked up the pace, fucking her mouth harder and faster as he licked long slow circles around her swollen clit.

He slowed his pace as he felt the pressure built deep inside. She closed her mouth and sucked only the head, running her tongue over it rapidily. He moaned deeply again as he burried his face in her pussy, sucking deeply and licking feverishly. The taste of her and her skilled tongue on his too sensitve cock head, was driving him closer to his own orgasm. He had to stop before this ride was over too soon.

He pulled himself up and moved to kneel between her legs. Firmly he gripped her ankles and bent her knees up to her chest. With one quick, smooth, powerful thust he plunged deep inside her tight, wet pussy. A scream of sheer pleasure erupted from her as her walls gave way to accept his thick, hard cock.

Her tight pussy clenched his shaft as he drove into her deeper and harder. He felt as if he couldn’t get enough of her sweet kayseri escort pussy. He slammed into her, dragging hot, deep moans from her, that mixed with his own moans of pleasure.

With each thurst his thighs slapped against her. She lifted her hips to meet each of his downward motions. Her moans became muffles again and he looked down to see her biting her bottom lip again. Her beautiful breasts bouncing, her hands bound, her biting her lip, the whole scene was so damn sexy to him.

He slammed harder and harder into her. His own legs getting weak. He tightened his grip on her ankles as he felt her squeezing his shaft and her breathing changed. He knew she was getting close, as was he.

She felt his cock swell inside her. She could feel him holding back, she felt him straining to keep the pleasure going. Softly, weakly she finally spoke to him,

“Please,” she begged, “Please cum inside me,”

Her soft, sweet begging set him off. With one more hard drive into her, and a gutteral growl, he exploded deep inside her. His hot cum bathing her tight walls. The feeling was so powerful, she erupted in her own orgasm, crying out in pleasure and passionate relief.

He leaned forward and kissed her passionately as he slowly slipped his cock in and out of her pussy, slick with their mixed juices. He laid out on her, weak and spent, running his fingers down her cheek.

“Was that what you wanted of me?” he whispered.

“Yes,” she replied, barely able to speak.

“I hope you enjoyed it, love,” he kissed her again.

He slowly pulled from her and sat up. He moved to the side of the bed. He looked back at her sweat covered body. He stared at her chest moving as her breathing returned to normal.

“Do you still not want to know who I am?”

“No,” she said. “That’s what we agreed. I can’t know who you are,”

“Ok, love,” he said as he stood. “Good-bye, my Bound Angel.”

He leaned down and kissed her softly on her lips. He gathered up his clothes and moved across the room. She heard the door open and close and she could feel that yet again, she was alone. Her unknown lover forever burned into her memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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