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Breaking The Sex Barrier

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Big Cock

Chapter 1

(Some of the names, except for one friend who is now deceased, have been changed to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this story, you can call me Dan.)

I know most of the stories here are fiction. This one is true and I’m writing it because it’s the sexiest thing that ever happened to me. I’ve been sitting on this story for 14 years and now I have to tell it.

I’m not a swinger, and don’t have that great of an imagination for kinky sexual activity. My wife Bonnie is the same way.

Up until the incident I shall relate, my sex life was good, but pretty humdrum ‘normal’. And though my sex life did improve measurably after the event I will describe, even today, all these years later, what I experienced on a backpack/camping trip with friends still gets me extremely aroused because nothing I have experienced since comes even close to it.

It was in the late summer of 2000, my wife Bonnie and I had recently completed an introductory backpacking course put on by a local club: Columbus Outdoor Adventures. Our friends Jerry and his wife Linda, longtime members in the Sierra Club, had noted with keen interest our progress and had coached us throughout the course as to what gear we should purchase. When the course ended, the group celebrated by doing an overnight hike and campout in a local state forest. Bonnie and I completed the graduation campout with ease and planned our own big trip out west to utilize our newly found backpacking skills.

Jerry and Linda, who we continued to get closer with on day Sunday hikes led by the local Sierra Club chapter, had been dropping hints that we might like to go on a little backpacking camping adventure with them, and soon. It was after a hike Jerry had led while we were riding in his Suburu Outback on the way back into town, that he brought up the subject again.

“Linda and I are pretty impressed with how fit you two have become. And we are equally impressed that you completed that backpacking course. We didn’t think you’d do it.”

Bonnie and I looked at each other, smiling. It had indeed been a challenge and we were proud of ourselves. “We weren’t sure at times, either,” Bonnie replied with a laugh.

“But the course was such fun, the instructor kept us coming back,” I added.

There was a lot of light hearted banter about aspects of backpacking most people never think about such as where and how one went to the “restroom”, the art of bathing oneself when there was little water, and reduced privacy when backpacking with a group of friends. And my personal favorite: inspecting a person’s body for ticks. At this point Jerry and Linda had twinkles in their eyes that I was trying to evaluate.

“Jerry and I think you two are ready for our annual fall backpack trip to the Daniel Boone Wilderness, the Red River Gorge area,” said Linda turning around to face us in the backseat.

“It would give you two some valuable experience before your trip out west,” added Jerry.

“You guys will love it,” said Linda. “We do hiking of course, but a lot of swimming, rock climbing on Indian Staircase, but mostly just chill out. All you have to bring is your gear and your food.”

“Sounds great!” I said.

“Who all is going?” asked Bonnie.

“Bob and his girlfriend Lucy. And another couple you haven’t met yet, Roger and Jen,” replied Linda.

Bonnie and I really liked Bob, and Lucy who we had only met a couple of times on hikes, seemed really nice. And, though I never said it out loud to anyone, she was a gorgeous somewhat buxom blonde.

“So, is there like a swimming hole where you guys go?” asked Bonnie.

“Yeah, it’s great. No one knows about it because you have to hike off trail a good part of the way. It’s very private,” said Jerry.

I noticed the twinkle in his eye had returned. My wheels were turning. “Private enough that you guys skip with the swim suits?” I asked.

“Bingo!” Linda laughed.

I looked at Bonnie’s face. It was turning red. We had never been skinny dipping with other people before. It was now dawning on me what the eye twinkles meant. I have to confess my mind instantly went to Bob’s girlfriend Lucy. In addition to being gorgeous, she had full breasts that looked amazing when covered by a tight fitting T-shirt. I could feel myself starting to get aroused imagining her splashing around in her birthday suit.

“A wet swim suit is really a drag to deal with on a backpacking trip,” added Jerry. “And you dry off a lot faster once you’re out of the water if you have nothing on.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Bonnie.

“Air drying in the sun is the only way to do it,” winked Linda.

“Sounds really sexy,” said Bonnie softly, looking at me wide eyed.

“Yeah, because if the weather is really nice, we sometimes don’t even bother to get dressed again,” added Jerry with a smirk.

Linda just turned around to us with a wide grin.

I could feel beads of persperation coming off my brow. It wasn’t from the heat because the esenyurt escort car’s AC was on.

The rest of the car ride was in silence. Bonnie and I both were feeling totally out of our comfort zones. But we really trusted Jerry and Linda and knew we were going to follow through with their invitation.

Chapter 2

We arrived at the trailhead late in the afternoon. The wooden sign told us we had arrived in the Daniel Boone Wilderness in Kentucky.

Jerry parked the Suburu and as we began unloading Bob and Lucy pulled into a place beside us in his Camry wagon and also began pulling out the gear.

Once we had donned our packs, the hike from the trail head to the place where we set up camp was surprisingly easy as it was mostly slightly downhill into the gorge. It took about three hours as I recall.

On the trail I made several small adjustments to my backpack, which made it a lot more comfortable. Bonnie shifted items in her pack to better distribute the weight. From the standpoint of getting in some practice, this trip was making perfect sense. My new hiking boots certainly needed to be broken in.

Beyond that all I could think about while walking through the green tunnel of trees was when we were all going to get naked. Did everyone strip down the moment that they arrived? I didn’t think I was ready for that.

When we finally arrived at the campsite Jerry was looking for, I knew it was too late for skinny dipping. The sun was too low in the sky. Bonnie and I were a little relieved.

We had finished setting up our tents, unrolled our sleeping bags and started a fire for cooking when Roger and Jen announced their presence with loud shouts. “Hey! We made it!”

I was filtering water for drinking from the crystal clear stream and stopped to look up to see two extremely fit looking people. Roger was tall dark and muscular.

Jen was stunning with short cropped raven hair. Her white tight fitting cotton T-shirt showed off her tall slender form. It was wet in several places from sweat and thus quite transparent. Even with a just a glance it was easy to tell she was braless, as her dark nipples clearly showed through the fabric. Everyone acted as though they didn’t notice. Well, everyone except me. I admit that I could have been more polite with my looking. Bonnie gave me a cross look at least three times.

Jen must have noticed my stares. As soon as the tent was set up, she announced she need to put on something dry. I thought I had been busted good as she was looking right at me when she said it.

Digging through her backpack, she found what she was looking for, a simple flannel long sleeve shirt. I figured she was going to duck inside her tent and put it on but instead she peeled off her T-shirt and turned towards me as I walked right past her carrying some kindling I had gathered for the fire. Her nipples were fully erect and puffy at the base like a chocolate kiss. She caressed them a couple of times and smiled at me before putting an arm in the flannel shirt. It was what she didn’t do next that got me full aroused. Except for the very bottom button, she left it completely open.

Her partner Roger didn’t seem to mind. Perhaps he enjoyed giving his own show to the women campers as he remained shirtless until well after dinner. Even Bonnie made a comment about his well formed biceps, chest and ab muscles.

By the time dinner was finished, it was totally dark except for the campfire that we were gathered around. It was a warm evening and except for Jerry and Linda the rest of of us were wearing brief shorts or cutoffs, notably Bob and Lucy. Their denim cutoffs were as short as one could possibly imagine to the point that both of them bragged about how they had cut the pockets out.

Bob and Lucy sat open legged toward the fire right in fron of us and I could tell Bonnie was feeling embarrassed by frequent views of his ‘junk hanging out’ as she put it. As for Lucy, her cutoffs were tailored so that the crotch was down to just the single seam where the legs joined.

To this day, I have never seen such obscene cutoffs, as that thick seam pressed deep into her slit and fully separated her labia causing them to droop and hang down on each side. Without staring too much, as far as I could tell in the fire light, her pubic area was free of any hair. I figured that mystery would be solved the next day. Lucy’s thin tight T-shirt left nothing to the imagination. Her large breasts were spectacular!

Jerry and Linda had changed into what appeared to be just long T-shirts. I knew Jerry was not wearing anything else when he stepped away from the fire to pick up some kindling, exposing his bare rear end. Someone made a comment about there being a full moon tonight.

I assumed Linda was dressed the same way, but I couldn’t tell because she was sitting next to me on my left. There was no doubt she was braless as her pointy nipples poked the fabric of her shirt as her breasts swayed underneath when she moved. The T-shirt could zeytinburnu escort have made a super short mini dress. Bob, sitting across from her, had the best view and he wasn’t being shy about looking at her very open legs. It made me wish I could trade places with him, but I didn’t see how I could without being totally obvious.

Bonnie and I had made no provisions for wearing scanty attire — no one told us! — around the campfire and we were now feeling a tad out of place, both of us sitting there in our new Rail Rider pants and Coolmax T-shirts, still looking quite official in our hiking attire.

“You two need to get comfortable,” said Jen looking right at me as she leaned forward to poke a stick into the fire, totally exposing her right breast and nipple as she bent over. “Tell ’em Roger.”

Roger was wearing what appeared to be sheer boxers with a generous opening in the front. If he got between you and the fire, they seemed totally transparent.

“Aww, they can wear what they want Jen. We’ve got all weekend here. I mean tomorrow we won’t be wearing anything at the swimming hole.”

“I hope you guys like being naked,” Jen teased.

“We sure do,” added Roger.

My mind was racing as to how I could fit in. The only thing I could think of was a pair of thin running shorts I had brought with me to sleep in. I had cut the crotch out of them, and made the slits in the sides deeper to make them more comfortable, but they were much too short to wear around other people I thought. I felt like I would be totally exposed whenever I sat down.

“I could wear my Grater’s Ice Cream T-shirt,” Bonnie whispered in my ear. My Dad had given it to me when he “won” the shirt for having frequented the ice cream store so often a few years earlier. It was too large for me, but Bonnie said she wanted it for a night shirt to sleep in.

“Yeah, let’s go change,” I said. “We’ll be right back.”

Bonnie and I walked to our tent and I watched her carefully to see how much she would take off. She shyly only dropped her panties only after her large T-shirt was in place. The shirt was old and raggedy, sporting several holes including a large one by the right arm pit, partially exposing Bonnie’s breast. I stuck my finger in the hole and gave it a little tug. Now I could see almost to her nipple. At least she was wearing what Linda was wearing, I thought. I thought it made Bonnie look pretty slutty to be dressed that way and found it very arousing.

I located my skimpy running shorts and dropped the hiking pants. I never wore undies when hiking so the switch was fast. My problem now I thought was that the T-shirt I was wearing only came down to just below my waist, and my semi-erect penis was pushing out the thin fabric of the shorts. If I stood in front of people at the fire, they would be fully transparent just like Roger’s sheer boxers. Was I ready to do that? I didn’t think so.

My heart was racing a bit as we walked back to the fire. “Woo hoo! Nice legs!” Jen cat called at me.

“And that’s not all,” added Linda, looking right at the swelling fabric of my shorts.

“Yeah, check out that package,” agreed Lucy.

“Hey, staring isn”t polite,” I objected.

“Like you don’t do that!” scolded Jen. “I saw you checking me out.”

I wasn’t fully erect, but I was close. The outline of my large mushroom head was far too visible I thought. It was something I felt self conscious about because over the years, I discovered a few women I dated didn’t like it. For a few, like my wife Bonnie, it drove them crazy. I wondered if the three other women would love it or hate it. There never was any in-between.

“I can’t wait to go skinny dipping tomorrow,” blurted Lucy eyeing my crotch, opening her legs wide toward me. It was all I could do to tear my eyes away from the glistening flash of pink she exposed when she touched herself.

At this point I wondered what we had signed on to.

“Now that you guys have joined the party, I have some peach brandy for all of us,” said Jen opening a large bottle and taking a swig. As she leaned back, she unbuttoned the bottom button and her now totally open shirt fell to each side totally exposing her chest and pert breasts. She smiled then put her fingers to her right nipple stroking it. I could feel my heart start to race. She was essentially topless now in front of the whole group.

She passed the bottle to Roger who took a swallow then adjusted the opening on his white sheer boxers. The women were watching his rising manhood press against the slit exposing a thick shaft. Bonnie seeing this, unconsciously reached between her open legs to touch herself briefly. There was sexual tension in the air you could cut with a knife.

By the time the bottle got to me my thin red shorts were tenting out, and feeling embarrassed I adjusted the fabric so my penis wouldn’t poke out through the short leg hole. I kept having to do this over and over, as the cloth wouldn’t taksim escort bayan stay adjusted. I’m sure the women got plenty of good looks at my manhood. Finally, after a few more hits of peach brandy I just gave up and let it all hang out, or rather stick out. It seemed Jen was giving me approving stares. Did she like my mushroom head, I wondered. I wanted her to like it so badly.

When the bottle had been passed around several times, Jerry and Roger entertained us with past camping adventures, some of which were deliciously bawdy, notably the time Jen remained totally naked around camp an entire afternoon and evening — because of the heat she said — and feeling tipsy kept asking the three men to keep her slathered in bug repellent much to their eager delight.

Now sitting there essentially topless, with her shirt totally open, I imagined myself being included in doing that, wondering how it would feel to massage lotion into her swollen nipples, and bare open thighs and even between her legs.

I knew Bonnie was feeling good now when she looked down at my fully erect member poking up through the leg hole. Grabbing my penis with one hand and touching herself with the other, she announced that she and I needed to retire to our tent, but not before giving everyone a spread eagle view of her crotch, while she massaged my cock head to its full mushroom size, as if to say to everyone: “See what I’ve got?” The peach brandy had fully taken effect!

“Thanks everyone for getting Dan warmed up,” she laughed as we left the heat of the camp fire, leading me away by my swollen penis.

“My pleasure,” said Jen wide eyed.

“Remember, sound carries through those flimsy tents,” teased Jerry.

“I’ll do my best to keep you entertained,” I laughed.

Chapter 3

Yes, the sex between Bonnie and I was terrific that night. Perhaps it was knowing we had an audience who we could hear laughing, joking, and sqealing around the camp fire. We both had some remorse about leaving the fire ring early, but as neither of us ever drink that much I felt we were smart to leave when I knew I could still keep it up and perform like a sex master.

I will leave all that to the imagination of the reader, only to say that we did every imaginable thing that night. It’s like the sex of 100s of other stories you’ve read here. Bonnie likes doggy style then missionary position. Sometimes I like to cum outside her on her belly. The usual.

As good as all that was, the reason I’m telling this story is to relate the highly unusual kinky incident that happened to me the next day. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Even Bonnie still does not know about it as she was not involved. And you may have never heard of what I will relate. It’s that unusual.

It was after a late breakfast, we were still breaking through the fog of hangovers with strong coffee. Jerry stood up and dumped the dregs of his coffee cup.

It was time, Jerry announced, to prepare our day packs. Suddenly everyone was humming excitedly about our little trek to the naked swimming hole — where we would all turn into nudists, presumably. There was electricity in the air as we packed lunch and snacks to consume later on what Jerry described as a small but delightful little beach area where we could lay out together and catch some rays, while occasionally rubbing each other down with sun screen.

Bonnie and I were back into our newly purchased hiking clothes. In fact everyone was now wearing proper hiking atire, well, everyone except for Lucy who insisted on wearing her slutty little cutoffs. Her rationale seemed reasonable. “We’re all going to be naked soon anyway.”

After the high tension tease fest around the camp fire from the night before I wondered if today would be just one big naked orgy at the swimming hole. As it turned out a naked orgy is pretty pedestrian compared to what happened to me when we got there.

The hike in was more rigorous than I anticipated. We were off trail a lot and for parts of the hike we were hopping rocks in the stream that led out of the swimming hole. It was so rocky the footing was often unstable and I was glad to be wearing pants that might prevent me from getting skinned up in case I slipped and fell, which indeed happened several times.

Jerry and Linda were leading followed by Bob and Lucy. Roger and Jen were right in front of Bonnie and I. Jen seemed to enjoy turning toward me in her thin T-shirt giving me generous view of her perfect firm breasts. Her nipples seemed to always be hard. Or were they hard for me, I wondered.

Every time we would stop at the stream for a little break, she would splash her chest until the fabric became transparent. She would turn to face me to make sure I got a good look. Soon Bonnie was doing the same thing. It seemed now like a competition and I was the winner.

After about an hour and a half of hiking we came to a high rock overhang that opened into a clearing of small pebbles, sand and water. The swimming hole! From the top of the rock overhang dribbled a steady stream of water that splashed into the inviting pool far below. It wasn’t a waterfall exactly, but you could stand under it and show off your slippery wet body as you cooled down. I imagined Jen doing just that.

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