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Breezier Than You Think

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“Hang on, hang on, you said nine months? Nine? I’ve had a longer relationship with the coffee in my pantry,” the tan businessman said to Nate as they laughed with each other across glasses of cheap beer.

“You heard right.” Nate ticked off fingers as he recounted. “Three years with his ex, right?” He lifted the first finger. “Break up in college,” lifted a second finger. “Met his fiancee like four minutes later,” ticked up his third finger. “Six months pass and they get engaged,” he raised his fourth finger. “And getting married right here, this week,” he shook his open palm towards the stranger before grabbing his beer dramatically and drinking more of it.

“Did anyone tell them that’s a terrible idea?” The businessman couldn’t stop laughing, and it was rubbing off on Nate. Nate originally actually didn’t think it was that silly, but this man, easily twice his age, had been friendly to talk to and seemed full of wisdom. A good guy.

“I guess not.” Nate smiled up at him again. “I’m sorry man, we’ve been talking for -” they both glanced up at the clock outside the bar in the hotel lobby. “Fuck, 45 minutes now. What was your name again?”

“Stephen, and you’re Nathan, and your friend is Kyle, and he’s marrying Shelby and you are here as his only friend because Ashley is a bitch.” He spoke quickly, stood, finished the rest of his beer, and dropped $20 on the table. “Old sales trick, listen twice as much as you talk. Listen kid, you have a nice time, I’m getting off to a meeting.”

Nate stood up when the man did. “Oh, should we meet up later maybe?” Nate wasn’t really sure how to connect with strangers all that well.

The older man looked back at him. “Single-serving friends, kid. Remember that, just like in the movie. You have a good week. Make some memories.” And with that he grabbed the bag next to his chair and turned, waving, to walk back into the hotel lobby and out the doors.

“Single serving friends,” he said to himself, quietly. Nate would think about that phrase a lot over the next few days. He glanced at his phone. He had been here for about an hour, his room should be ready by now.

The flight there had been longer than he expected. Sure, it said six hours on the ticket, but still it was a subconscious surprise. After getting his key and unpacking his things, he laid down for just a few minutes and woke up a couple hours later. The time difference wasn’t much, Long Beach to the Hawaiian islands only had a two hour difference, but it was enough for a nap to be restorative. He figured that Hawaii would be full of tourist traps but he had never been here before, so he should make the most of his vacation.

He had been told a few things before he left by another friend. Nate was instructed to not call pineapples “Hawaiian,” and that he shouldn’t expect to get anywhere fast because people aren’t punctual. He was told to learn a few words, especially “mahalo” and “aloha” but also something like “makai” and “mauka” were used for directions a lot. “Wahine” and “kane” were mens and women’s bathrooms, so he really needed to know those for sure. But more than that and it would be rude. What Nate had not been ready for, in any way shape or form, was that when he went into little shops, there were long low shelves by the doors that were filled with shoes. On entry to his third shop, he finally bought some souvenirs for home and asked the clerk.

“What’s with the bare feet, man?”

The cashier looked up at him as though he were asked this question a dozen times today. “People take their shoes off in lots of places,” and that was that – he offered no further information, just stared at Nate as the items were on the counter.

“Got it, thank- mahalo, right? Do you have a bag though?”

The cashier shook his head again and pointed to a rack with cotton shopping bags behind him. He saw no plastic bags, but now he saw – everyone was carrying their own bags.

Nate returned to the hotel, carrying his shoes in his hands with the items tucked into his shoes as a makeshift bag. He passed the bar and saw that it was nearly empty, it wasn’t even sundown yet. Nate had planned an extra few days before the wedding to go do touristy things but it was his first night here and he had a long flight, plenty enough to make anyone lose their mind and need some time to decompress. So, back to the hotel bar. The catalytic event for the entire weekend.

“Ashley?” Nate asked, clearly ankara eryaman escort and loudly. He took a few steps forward and saw her blonde head turn to face him.

“Oh good. I was wondering if I would see you here this week.” She twisted back towards the bar, slouching forward so her butt looked extra plump squished under her against the barstool. Her voice was practically dripping with sarcasm. Even the walls of the hotel could tell there was no love lost between Ashley and Nate with just that handful of words.

“They invited you?” Nate came up behind Ashley, setting his shoes down on the barstool next to her. Ashley didn’t look his way, staring across him at the glassware behind the bar, the tender nowhere to be seen at the moment. She was chewing on a straw idley, bored even.

“Yup” she said with her supple lips, making the “P” pop at the end. She clicked her tongue and continued “Shelby thought it was important that Kyle,” she elongated the word into two spiteful syllables “should have me here, since its,” she raised her hands up and made exaggerated air quotes “important to have people from your past here.” Nate moved his shoes from the stool next to her to one more over and made to sit down.

“Mind if I join you?”

“It’s a free country,” she gestured apathetically with her wrist.

“Why does nobody ever say that if it’s something that will make people happy?” Nate said as he straddled the stool next to her. “It’s never ‘Hey, mind if I pick up the bar tab? Oh no, go ahead, it’s a free country.’ It’s always something that makes people grumpy.”

Ashley chewed on her tongue a bit and looked at him, exasperation on her face. “What do you want, Nate?”

“Just thought I’d come say hi to an old friend.” Nate said, casting a conversational line out to see if she’d bite.

“We aren’t friends,” she responded, making it very clear that Nate cast that conversational line into an active volcano. “I dated your best friend, who turned out to be a prick, and he invited me to his wedding.”

“Then why are you here?” Nate glanced around before reaching over the bar to get a bottle of something – he couldn’t see what he was reaching. But he poured some of it in Ashley’s empty glass. An olive branch, at best.

“Thank you,” she said quietly before looking at the bottle. “Ugh. Tequila?.” She sniffed at it and took a sip. “I’m here, because Kyle begged me to come to the wedding and be in the bridal party.”

“Wait, you’re in the bridal party too?”” Nate almost laughed but stopped himself, fortunately.

“Yup,” she popped the “P” again. “Kyle doesn’t have many friends.” She finally looked Nate in the eye and smirked a little bit. Those beautiful green eyes looked up at Nate and she pursed her bottom lip like she was sad. “Isn’t that sad?”

Nate wasn’t dumb enough to say his thoughts. He doesn’t have any friends because the last year you were with him, you made sure he didn’t make any friends. You kept writing mean shit on his Facebook to people he met in college until they didn’t want to be friends with him at all. Nate thought better of this. “It’s just one week. You can do it.” When you broke up he needed to rent a truck because he didn’t have any friends left.

Nate settled into the stool a bit more, looking Ashley up and down quickly, almost subconsciously. It was a surprise to nobody that he thought she was attractive. It’s true, she was, and she knew it. But she didn’t really care too much about looks like that, instead she was much more interested in getting her way. Her body might have been a diamond but her personality was abrasive as broken glass. Nate took a shot at that olive branch again though.

He reached over and took her glass, taking a big sip from it and sliding it back. “We didn’t really get along great while you were with Kyle. But here’s the thing. You just weren’t good with him. He’s not going to lay down and take orders.” Nake looked over at her, his face caring and neutral, almost compassionate. “But it’s over, and you’re young, and you’re hot, and you have your whole life ahead of you. Besides, he and Shelby got engaged a half a year after you two split. That’s a mess waiting to happen. So, I suggest you finish your drink, go check into your room, order a pizza, and watch a movie about how stupid love is while thinking about how lucky you are that you dodged this bullet.” She opened her mouth to snap at him, he could see it in escort elvankent her eyes. He cut her off, loudly continuing. “Because really, you wanna be with a guy who gets married less than a year after he breaks up with his ex? Huh? Who do you wanna be in this equation, Ashley? Or Shelby?” Nate finished his rant, realizing his voice has gotten louder as he spoke.

She was quiet for a minute, she turned back to the bar “Fuck you, Nate. He’s a jerk. But he was my jerk. And I want to be me, but this is,” she hesitated and trailed off.

“This is fucked up.” Nate stood up and reached for the bottle to fill her glass a bit more again before depositing it back from whence it came. “No debate there.” Nate took the glass away from her and started to walk away. “Come with me,” he said simply. It wasn’t a question or a discussion. She caught up with him and he grabbed her hand, then gave her back the drink as they walked.

Within five minutes Ashley and Nate were behind the hotel on a private sandy beach. The sunset was glinting towards them off the ocean, lighting the way across the water and casting long shadows of a day’s worth of footprints across the powder-fine sand. It made Ashley’s bleached-blonde hair shimmer in the dying light of the day, and Nate’s scruffy stubble looked refined. Ashley stared out over the water, watching the waves collide with one of the most beautiful places in the country, and she cried out suddenly and gripped Nate’s short earthy hair as he dove deeper between her legs, having yanked one of her legs free of her pants right there on the beach. His tongue was reaching deep into her pussy, and he was moving and gripping her with the energy of someone who wasn’t trying to please her; he was trying to win. She bit her bottom lip. She was trying to win as well, and she pulled his face closer with one hand pulling on the back of his head.

“Fuck,” she gasped softly, closing her eyes and letting the sun shine on her. She ground herself against his face. “Fuck!” she said a bit louder, as her climax came closer, like the waves cresting on the shore, little by little just a bit further every lick. It was just a matter of time. She fell back against the sand and grabbed at her tits, still in her t-shirt and bra, and squeezed, gripping him hard “Fuck! Eat me! Eat me like you love me, bitch!” she finally snapped, grunting powerfully and showering his face with her cum. Nate drank it up quickly, easily – ravenously. He was determined to win their contest, and he’d be damned if she didn’t think about him every day of this vacation. He pulled away and unbuckled his pants, just pulling them down far enough to pull out his cock. Ashley didn’t even get to look at it before he slammed inside of her, scooting her butt further back on the powdery beach. He was taking her right there.

“Take my cock like you love me, bitch” he twisted her words back at him and she grabbed his face, pulling him close for a kiss, inflamed by growing fury and anger and the spirit of sexual competition. She bit his bottom lip and clawed at his arm, demanding that he move faster. “Say it! Say you love it!” he growled at her as he moved fast. They were both pent up; they were both ready to explode at the slightest provocation.

His cock slammed into her, he shifted his hips to push as deep as he could into her. There was no love here, there was domination of each other’s bodies, and she grabbed him to kiss him again, biting more this time. “I’m going to make you cum to me. I’m going to fuck you until you love it.” They both thought this as they slammed their bodies together, and Nate spit the words at her. “Fuck me like you mean it, like you need it to live!” they moved faster and her voice and words sliced through his mind. The island breeze swept across their skin as Nate’s cock stretched her just slightly and perfectly, and she gripped and ground into him, pulling his shaft into her deeper. She was about to wrap her legs around him when he suddenly gained the upper hand.

He pulled out and tossed her violently over, her ass in the air towards him. He loved that ass, the way it curved up at the bottom to make just a little bit of a peach. Nate was an ass guy and he took charge, spanking her roughly as he shoved his face into her ass, feeling the sand fall away from her peachy ass around his stubble. He started eating her ass, nearly biting at her and moaning. She could feel his voice vibrate etimesgut escort bayan against her as she felt this new action. She had never done this, and it shook her. Shivers raced up and down her spine and she planted her head on the sand, barely able to keep herself up – overwhelmed with a bombardment of feelings all over her body. He squeezed her ass tightly, holding her body close as he could, spreading her ass, leaving thin scratches on her plump ass, until he moved up, growled fiercely one more time, and shoved himself into her, his full length disappearing inside her greedy body in a flash.

“Oh yea! Fuck me like you hate me!” she cried out. He did, he moved with the fury of a demon, his hips were an engine piston slamming into her again and again, his balls heavy with cum slapping her and making a clapping sound as their bodies collided together with a wet clap. He slapped her ass again harder, groaning as she lowered her face and shoved her ass back towards him, fucking him as much as he was fucking her. She threw herself back at him and turned her face to look at him then closed her eyes. She moaned out “Fuck me Kyle…yea, just like that!” She squealed as Nate reached forward and grabbed her hair, tugging her head back roughly.

“You’re going to pay for that, slut” he growled and he reached up to slap her ass with all the strength he could bring down. His hand stung and she yelped in pain before slamming back onto him again.

“Harder!” she was nearly shouting at this point, and he slammed into her and hit her ass again, almost immediately turning her pale, thick ass red. She growled like an animal. He reached forward and yanked her shirt and bra up over her body, her tits swinging free now as he pounded into her from behind. They were both still mostly dressed but they were thrusting against each other like it was a race and they were neck and neck.

He obliged and pulled her hair again, fingers digging into her skin and gripping hard as he fucked her. They were angry sex incarnate; they were fighting at the exact spot where his cock kept slamming into her, almost hitting her cervix when he started going faster. She wanted it to hurt and he wanted to hurt her, and finally he did. He pulled her hair, and reached forward, grabbing one of her swinging tits and squeezing as he thrust in as hard as he possibly could, his cock stretching her pussy as he pulsated. He pulled out too late, and a dribble of cum flowed from her abused pussy, while pearlescent ropes of cum covered her ass as he stroked fast. Thick globs of cum landed right on her as she shivered, shuddering, twitching from cumming so hard in the sand. She collapsed without Nate holding her up and in a few moments it was over. He collapsed next to her, his cock still out, resting on her cum-covered ass and she was panting as she could feel her pussy dripping out onto her thigh.

Several long moments passed before they could sit up, they were both sweaty and sandy, brushing themselves off and looking at one another. “Well. Should probably get to our rooms to clean up,” Ashley spoke up first, and they started the walk back up to the hotel.

They walked in silence until they got to the elevator. “You know. You’ve really cleaned up since high school,” she said to him. “You lost some weight, and your beard looks better now.”

“Yea I stopped trying to grow a full beard,” he chuckled quietly as he put his hand behind his head and slid his hand forward across his scruffy stubble. She looked up at him for a moment, holding her shoes in front of her. For a moment Nate thought that she might be feeling something for him. The elevator stopped and opened. She got off and looked back at him.

“See you at the wedding,” she said, quietly. Then leaned as the door closed. “Thank you,” she said, getting cut off as the door closed on her. Nate sighed and leaned back against the wall, looking up at the buttons as the elevator continued to rise to his floor. She was trying to be nice. Maybe that’s all she needed, to be roughly fucked? Nate looked down at his phone. They were outside for almost an hour.

He went into his room and looked out the window, opening it to get the nice island breeze. Tiki torches were being lit in the community, people were heading down to the sandy beach for some night activities. It looked like a small party. He inhaled the salty air deeply and looked out over palm trees and a community overrun with tall trees, bushes, winding streets you couldn’t drive very fast on, and beaches. It was more comfortable here than he thought it would be. And as he undressed and saw the scratch marks on his back, thighs, neck, and arms, he realized it was going to be a very unusual week.

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