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Bride of Jesus

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Mike didn’t want to get involved with a catholic girl. That was just how it turned out. He met her in a dance club one night when a mutual friend introduced them. Her name was Prescilla, and he liked the way she spoke with a clear, calm voice and also the way she looked. He had always had a weakness for dark features and he thought her nose, which had the slightest bump in it, was extremely sensuous. But it wasn’t until they danced together freestyle to a rock song that he became obsessed with her. She had the ability to let herself go with the music completely and get lost in it. He found himself just watching her after a while as she drifted away and held her arms up and twirled and shimmied. And then when they played an old Lionel Richie love song and he got to hold her to him, the pressure of her body and the sexual overtones of her body’s natural scent gave him an instant erection.

She was from good, common Spanish stock; farm people actually. And as he got to know her, he found out she was tough-minded and real- so real she liked to go around naked a lot and leave her body to its natural inclinations. She let her tits hang free at all times and left her pussy untrimmed. She also didn’t bother to wash on a regular schedule, waiting instead for her B.O. to drift up before she did something about it. He discovered all this the first time she invited him to her apartment. She opened the door and he saw that she was dressed in nothing but a wrinkled muscle shirt and panties, her hair still a mess from sleep. At that moment Mike’s adrenaline pounded up into his throat and stayed there. She invited him in and he sat on the couch while she made coffee.

“Would you like cream and sugar?” she asked as she appeared from the kitchen and lifted her arms to put her thick, shoulder-length mane in a ponytail.

Mike froze as he took in this image of her. It was as if time had stopped as he got to scan her entire body in all its detail at once. The first things that couldn’t be ignored were her dark, hairy armpits which then directed the eyes to her up-sweeping breasts and prominent nipples. From there the eyes followed the mid line of her belly down to her perfect navel now barely revealed and then continued down her treasure trail over a very slight belly bump to her panties, and then to her protruding pubic bush that pushed out of the sides of her underwear. Finally they moved to her tan, somewhat chunky thighs.

“Ah, sure!” he replied. “Cream… sugar too!”

When she came out with the coffee, she stood right next to him and put the cup down on the low table and he swore he felt her body heat. A tingling came over him then being in such close proximity to a woman who projected such overt sexuality, but also to his amazement her scent was still as strong as it had been on the dance floor the previous night! This made him shiver. Why was she dressed like this, he wondered? What was she trying to do? This had to be a seduction he finally concluded. After she served the coffee and sat down next to him, he was unable to take any more. He took a sip from the cup and then moved to her and grabbed her tit and kissed her. To his extreme surprise he was met with a slap on the face. He pulled back stunned and confused. She stood up.

“I really don’t appreciate that, Mike!” she told him.

Mike flushed.

“Shit! I’m sorry.” He said, “I don’t usually do things like that. Sorry.”

He got up and left after that, but two days later she called him and they went out to a museum and then stopped in a park. Her scent was still going strong and it took a lot for him to keep away from her as they sat in the car. She was wearing a tight-fitting, knit dress that broke at mid-thigh and this didn’t help his willpower. They talked for ten minutes about their families and then the topic turned to religion, strangely.

“You’re not catholic, are you?” she asked.


“I was just wondering because you remind me of a priest I used to like.” She said.

Mike didn’t know if this was good or bad.

“Oh wow, I never saw myself as a priest!”

“Why not? I think you’d make an excellent priest!” she insisted.

This comparison didn’t sit too well with him. What was she trying to tell him?

“You think?”

“Oh yes! You have the authority, but you’re approachable too.”

Mike didn’t know what to say. Was she trying to explain why she didn’t want to have sex with him?

“Well, maybe I should look into that.” He blurted for want of a better reply.

“You should!” she said with a weird excitement.

She moved closer to him then and a gleam filled her eyes. There was something to this he realized.

“I think I will!” he stated resolutely then.

“I’d attend every mass you held!” she promised as her excitement led her to grip his arm.

“Hmmmm… Father Mike,” he thought aloud, “I like the sound of that!”

“Oh- so do I!” she said as she shifted over and leaned into him.

Her scent and body pressure made him dizzy at that moment and he was forced to kiss her. This time she returned bursa escort the kiss and he was soon delving into her mouth like a starving animal. As her sex-musk rose into his nose, he pulled the back of her dress up with his right hand and squeezed at her rump, discovering only then that she was wearing no underwear.

“Oh, Father Mike!” she opined like a good catholic girl, “What are you doing!”

“Grabbing your ass, my dear!”

He slipped his hand up into the crack of her ass then and was met by the ass trail of her hairy pussy. Her pheromone spewing hole was close! In the meantime she had taken hold of his prick through his pants and was working it up and out. His eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned as the situation became more and more critical. Soon she had his zipper down and her hand in his jockey shorts.

“Oh, Father Mike! I don’t want to get pregnant!” she explained as she pulled at his fully engorged member.

“No, my Child, we can’t have that.” He managed to say as they licked and sucked at each other’s faces.

Mike couldn’t figure out where all was coming from, he just knew it was working. His fingers between her legs were damp now from her seeping hole, but the pleasure her hand was giving him wouldn’t be denied. She switched her grip and stroked him faster.

“Oh Father! Your staff is so long!” she said, “So big and hard!”

Mike was moaning uncontrollably now and running his hand up and down the side of her body from her tit to her hip.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck!” he called out.

Prescilla pulled him into her chest and cradled his head with her left hand as her right hand finished him. Moments later she jacked him off into his underwear. Mike howled and a few park-goers turned and looked. She continued to stroke him out nonetheless.

“Oh, Father, yes! Give it all to me for contrition!”

And so began their relationship.

This religious role playing became central to their sex life ultimately. It would always begin with the same line from her:

“Oh father! What is that bulge that I see under your robe?!” she would ask when he emerged from the shower with a towel around his waist.

“That is my staff, my child.” he would respond on cue.

“Oh my! What do you use it for?!”

“It leads me to the promised land.”

At this point she would pull her legs up and incidentally reveal her hairy groin under her nightgown.

“Do you see the promised land yet?” she would ask.

“Yes, my child!” He would say as he dropped his towel and let his prick spring out stiff and purple veined.

Then he would always be able to penetrate her immediately by simply moving over her and aiming roughly into her bush.

“Ahhh!” she would gush with a smile as his prick pushed into her slick, brown hole, “Oh father! Your staff has been faithful again!”

He would pound her then as she held onto his shoulders and stared dreamily into his face.

“Oh fa-ther!” she would pant between the collisions of their bodies, “Show- me- the- way!”

Her sweet stink would waft up to him as he worked over her and make him even more aroused. He would sift her aroma through his nose and drift away in his mind.

“Oh father! Are you almost there?” she would ask almost mockingly.

“Yes, my child! I can see the valley!”

“Oh good!”

And from his steady pounding they both would climax together.

“Now do you see what happens when girls don’t wash their pussies!” he would scold after his load had been dumped deep inside her.

“Oh yes, Father! Thank you for showing me the error of my ways!”

And this was how they lived for a time, happily. That is, until Prescilla announced that she was pregnant. After that a series of events unfolded that quickly culminated in their marriage. Of course, this required that Mike become a catholic himself since her family insisted that they marry in the church, but he was philosophical about it. After all, it was just a ceremony. But then Prescilla started to make him attend church services on a regular basis and get into all the associated rituals like saint worship and confession and he began to worry.

After six months passed and Prescilla’s belly got big, he was amazed at how much their life had changed. She now seemed to have turned into the perfect, pious catholic girl on him. She even insisted that he go and confess his sins!

“What sins?” he asked her with indignation.

“What about the sin of pre-marital sex?!” she reminded him.

And so he went and was instructed by the priest to say ten Hail Marys and donate fifty dollars to the church athletic fund for penance. And that was that. But as Prescilla’s belly grew bigger still, her piety also seemed to increase. Soon she frowned on their sexual role playing completely, saying it was rude and disrespectful to the clergy. This concerned him, but not as much as the attention she started paying to one of the younger priests at the Saints of our Sisters church. She always went out of her way to speak with him after each service as bursa ucuz eskort Mike looked on.

“Oh father, I was so inspired by your sermon today!” she would expound with a weird gleam in her eyes.

“Thank you, Prescilla!” the square jawed priest would reply.

In the meantime, Mike was forced to stand off to the side and smile like an idiot. What was happening to her? She was transforming into someone he hardly recognized. She even chafed and pulled away when he got her home and gripped her tits from behind.

“I told you they’re sensitive now!” she chastised, referring to her tight, bloated melons.

He shrank back and felt betrayed and neglected. But then came the revelation that he never could have been ready for. The day he came home and found her crying in the living room alone.

“What is it?” he asked with fear in his voice.

“There’s something I need to confess to you.” she said as she wiped away the tears.

Time went into slow motion. He sat down.


She sniffled and wiped her nose.

“I was raped by a priest when I was fifteen.” she announced.

Mike’s mind tumbled.

“What?! Where?!”

“At the church we were going to then.”

“Who was it?!”

“Father Bartlett.”

“Did you report it?”

“No! Of course not!

“But how? Where did this happen?”

“In the church!”

Mike couldn’t believe his ears.

“Oh my god! Is he still there?”

“No, they transferred him.”

Mike sat there stunned and tried to think.

“You need to report this and have him thrown in jail! The guy’s a fucking pedophile!”

Prescilla shook her head and wiped her face.

“It’s too late for that! I just wanted you to know!”

Mike was dumbfounded.


“It happened in the vestment room… he asked me to go in there with him to get something. And then… he started petting my hair and smelling me.”

Mike felt his entire body go stiff.

“Smelling you?” he repeated.

“Yeah, it was weird.”

“I bet.”

“And then… he… started fondling me.”

Mike gulped.

“Shit.” he said in almost a whisper.

“And then he started… humping my leg.”

Mike felt a tremor go through him. He wanted to ask more specific questions, but he knew they would only upset her and make it harder for her to say what she needed to say.

“For fuck sake!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, but it was worse the second time.” she continued.

“Second time?!”

“Yes, that was when he… penetrated me.” she admitted with more control now.


Mike realized then that Prescilla had lost her virginity to a priest! He seethed.

“The third time I didn’t even feel it. I just let him sniff and grope and hump all he wanted.” she said as her tears returned.

Mike wanted to ask her why she had gone back? Why she hadn’t run? Why she hadn’t screamed? But he knew that would be wrong. He went over to her and held her.

“It must have been terrible for you to keep this secret all these years. I’m so sorry, baby!” he told her, “Just remember that none of this was your fault.”

She broke down again in sobs.

“And when I told him I was pregnant he just gave me a doctor’s name and a hundred dollars.”

“What? He got you pregnant!”


Mike shut his eyes tight and gritted his teeth.

“I wish I knew where he was!” he told her.

“No, forget it, Mike. We don’t want to cause more problems for the church. We just need to keep our faith.” she insisted.

This seemed counter-intuitive to him, but he swallowed it.

“Okaay. If that’s what you want.” he told her.

And that’s how they left it. They held each other in bed that night, but he didn’t try to go any further. Perhaps this had been the reason for all the cold treatment she had been giving him. He was relieved in a way. At least it didn’t have anything to do with him, but he felt weird now about their sexual role playing. In fact, it disgusted him in reflection.

They went to church the following Sunday as usual and heard a sermon on self-respect from the young priest. Prescilla started to cry at one point, but with a very inspired look on her face. After the service was over, she waited in line and hugged the priest at the door.

“Oh Father Manford! Your sermon spoke to me so personally today! Is there any way I can set up an appointment for counseling?” she asked.

“Certainly, you can stop by on Saturday. I’m free from five to seven!”

Thank you so much, Father!”

Mike shook hands with the young priest and followed Prescilla outside.

“Why are you going to counseling?” he asked as they made their way to their car.

“I think I need to find a way to get more involved with church activities and get closer to Christ.”

Mike had to sympathize. Maybe this was what she needed to get over her trauma.

“Bible study?”

“Yes, maybe, but we don’t do a lot of bible reading in the catholic church, bursa anal yapan escort Mike, We commune with God through rites and rituals.”

“Oh, I see.”

And so Prescilla kept her appointment with Father Manford and returned home with a faraway look on her face that evening.

“So how did it go?” he asked her.

“Ohh, he is such a soldier of Christ!” she replied.

“Glad to hear that.” he said, even though he wasn’t.

The next day at church Prescilla excused herself during the service and still hadn’t returned by the closing prayer. Mike got up and made his way back to the sanctuary behind the altar in search of a familiar face after that. He saw a woman he had been introduced to by Prescilla the week before and asked if she had seen her. She hadn’t. He went down a side hallway next to an area that was quiet and deserted and read the plaques on the doors. One read “Library”, another read “Storage”. Finally, he came to a door labeled “Sacristy” and heard strange noises coming from inside. He put his ear to the door and heard what sounded like heavy breathing and a vague slapping noise. The first thought that crossed his mind was that people were having sex on the other side of the door, but then he dismissed the notion as highly unlikely. Maybe it was just another one of those weird catholic rituals that was beyond his comprehension he finally concluded. He started back down the hall and after another twenty minutes of touring the church spotted Prescilla out front in the parking lot, her belly and big, pointy tits popping out plainly from beneath her loose, ankle-length dress. She looked strange to him.

“Where did you go?! I was looking all over!” he said as he scanned her up and down.

“Oh sorry… I got into a long conversation with an old friend from school.” she explained with a distracted expression.

“Oh. Well can you let me know where you’re going next time!” he complained.

“Yeah, I didn’t think I’d be gone so long. Sorry.” she replied as she pulled at the shoulder of her long dress.

When they got home she immediately took a shower, which he thought was unusual. After she was done he went in to use the bathroom and searched for her cast off underwear which she always left on the floor, but to his surprise they were missing. He was in the habit of smelling them as he sat on the toilet and using them to get himself in the mood. It was another secret way that they communicated- but not today. He asked her about them as soon as he was finished.

“Where are your panties?”

“Panties?” she replied with a flushed face, “I put them in the hamper. Why?”

“Oh, so are you getting neat and proper on me now?” he half joked.

“What do you mean?”

“You usually leave them on the floor in the bathroom.”

“Oh really.”


“Well maybe I am getting neat in my old age.” she replied as she continued to comb the tangles out of her wavy, wet hair.

He wanted to ask her for them right there, but decided against it. He waited until later and checked her hamper himself. Inside he found a pair that were completely damp, as if they had been rinsed and wrung out. He brought them to his nose and discovered that they bore absolutely none of her scent. They had been washed! He felt cheated.

One month later Prescilla had the baby and Mike became the proud father of a new baby girl. She had her mother’s light brown eyes and thick hair and a pair of lungs unmatched.

“She’s going to be an opera singer!” he declared whenever she bawled.

“No, she’s going to sing her praises to God in the choir!” Prescilla would correct every time.

And so Mike became the doting father, especially on Sundays when they paraded his baby girl in front of all the other parishioners at Saints of our Sisters. But to his dismay he was often left to tend to the baby alone as Prescilla attended to her church social life. This was how it continued until a few months later when as they were leaving church and pulling out of the parking lot, Mike thought he smelled Prescilla’s scent more than usual. He leaned over close to her and sniffed.

“What are you doing!” she charged as she shifted away from him.

“What? I’m smelling you!”


“Because I like it!”

“Well stop it!” she complained.

This troubled him to such a degree that later when they arrived home and put the baby down he attempted to force himself on her. She resisted and they struggled.

“What’s going on with you?!” he demanded when he was forced to step back.

“I don’t want to be mauled by you!” she retorted.

“Funny, you used to love it!”

“Well not anymore!”

“Look! You know what your scent does to me! It was pouring out of you in the car! I’m talking “fuck” scent!


“So now I want to fuck you! Is that so hard to understand?!”

“I object to your use of the word “fuck”! Okay? A good catholic man doesn’t speak that way to his wife!”

“Oh! Forgive me! Do you want me to start pretending to be a priest again?!”

“Go to hell!” she shouted before bursting into tears and retreating into the bathroom.

Mike rolled his eyes and gripped his forehead. He walked to the bathroom door and spoke through it.

“Look, I just want to know why we haven’t had sex in four months! Okay! Is that so wrong?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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