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Buffy’s Adventures Ch. 01-02

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I expect this to be a long series that I will expand upon over the next few months. I have included Chapter 1 and 2 with this first posting because Ch. 1 is mostly backstory with little in the way of intense sexual dialogue. If that bothers you, either skip the first chapter or skip the whole story. Both of these chapters are really just laying the groundwork for Buffy’s other adventures! Hope you enjoy…

Hi, I am Buffy. Well, actually my name is Julie, but at some point my friends started calling me Buffy to tease me. They said that if anyone ever looked like they should have been named Buffy it is me…blonde hair, perky boobs and a bubbly personality.

My husband has always enjoyed having me tell him stories of my rather sordid past so I have decided to share some of them in writing. They start when I was 18, a senior, and a cheerleader in high school. At the time I was 5’4″, around 105 pounds with blonde hair past my shoulders. My breasts were 34B and although not large, they seemed to get plenty of attention. What got the most attention though was my ass. Since my figure first began to develop, I have always had an ass that turned heads.

By the time I was a senior I had been with two guys sexually. The last of whom I was still dating when what I call my ‘adventurous period’ began. My virginity had been surrendered uneventfully to a guy that I was only casually dating although I had known him for a long time. He was soon followed by Andy whom I was more seriously dating. I would say my sexual experience was pretty average for the time and my age. At our age and level of inexperience, our idea of kinky was when we would do it doggy style. He would very occasionally go down on me and I fairly regularly gave him blowjobs, but usually just as foreplay and never letting him cum in my mouth.

My relationship with Andy was tumultuous at best. He was extremely jealous in nature. He was also a cheerleader. I know that has a connotation of being a less than manly endeavor, but the truth is that they had a great job. They were on the team to do the tosses and catch us so they were extremely fit and just as strong as most guys on the football team. Only while the football guys were running plays and patting each other on the butt, the male cheerleaders had their hands up our skirts on our asses every time they caught us and had a bird’s eye view up those skirts on a daily basis in practice and at games. I know which job I would choose if I were a guy.

Anyway, back to Andy and our difficult relationship. He was the type who started an argument every time another guy looked at me or talked to me. At the beginning it didn’t seem too abnormal since it seemed most guys were similar in their insecurities at that stage of life. The longer we dated, the worse it became. I don’t know why we girls stick with guys who treat us badly, but it just seems that we do sometimes.

There were two things that coincided with the beginning of my ‘adventurous period’. The first was the return of Coach Jay. Actually, he was returning as Coach Jay after four years away at college and one year playing pro football. I was in Junior High when he was a local hero leading our town high school team to its first state championship. He went on to have a good enough college career to get drafted in the pros, albeit nowhere near a first round pick. Unfortunately for him, he injured his knee in his first season and was never again going to play professionally.

Though I was only in junior high when he played for our high school, his reputation as a playboy was legendary. He had apparently been the quintessential high school quarterback. A perfect athlete’s body and hometown boy’s charm had made him the ultimate catch and he reportedly took full advantage of that status. It was strongly rumored that he enjoyed not only most of the best looking girls in school, but also at least a few of the local moms and wives.

The second factor contributing to my corruption was coincidental in timing and totally unrelated to Coach Jay’s return. This one could be blamed, although indirectly, on my best friends parents. Kelly and I had been best friends most of our lives. We were on the cheerleading squad together and we would go to her house most afternoons after school. On one of those afternoons Kelly excitedly showed me the extensive collection of porn she had discovered in her parents’ bedroom. It was fairly clear that it was their collection, rather than just his; because once we looked further we found movies and magazines in some of her mom’s drawers as well as her dad’s. Just the fact that they would watch that stuff together, combined with the extensive collection of toys we also discovered, challenged my naïve perception of the possibilities for an exciting sexual relationship.

I have teased and tormented my husband many times with tales of Kelly and I watching those movies in our cheerleader skirts; becoming so hot and bothered that we eventually explored each other’s bodies with our fingers and tongues. While antalya escort we have fun with those stories, they are not exactly the truth and he knows it. We did, however spend many hours watching scene after scene and I did spend many nights masturbating to what I had seen earlier in the day.

Their video collection was pretty diverse in themes and opened my eyes to things I had never even imagined and each of her parents seemed to have favorite genres. Her dad’s included a lot of what I would have imagined as typical, you know…ones with no story, just endless scenes of hot girls being complete sluts, ones with two girls and such. Some showed married couples seducing the young coed next door…that sort of thing. A lot of them from her mom’s drawers were more ‘story’ centered. However, each of them had some that to this day make me wonder exactly how kinky were her parents. They both had numerous movies from a “Screw My Wife” series and the like. A couple of large toys along with several movies on her mom’s side featuring women fucking particularly large cocks, especially black ones, had us giggling knowingly about her seemingly straight laced mom.

I can’t say that one type excited me more than another. The thing that was eye opening was simply watching the girls in the films who seemed to be really, really enjoying themselves! I had masturbated occasionally for years, but we watched those videos almost every day for weeks and there was not a single night that I did not pleasure myself before going to sleep. After watching the first movie I went home and could not even wait for bedtime. I slipped into my room and played with myself while I pictured the things I had seen.

Then a change started to happen in me that I didn’t recognize at the time even though I could feel it happening. We had watched several scenes of a video featuring supposed college coeds seducing various men with their sluttiness and perfect young bodies. One scene in particular was a girl who looked barely, if at all, older than me and with a similar build. I can still picture her taunting and teasing the pool guy in her bikini. She wasn’t bashful or coy….she was, quite simply, slutty in her come on to the young stud. The pretty actress either was a true slut or a great actress; because I can still recall the look of pure lust in her grin when he surrendered to her teasing and she pulled his shorts down to reveal his massive cock. I still get wet recalling how desperate she seemed as she sucked him and eventually begged him to fuck her.

The big change was what was going through my mind all evening. I wasn’t just picturing the scene from the movie…I was imagining me in it. I imagined it was my lustful grin and hungry eyes watching his face as I licked his balls and then slipped my lips around the head of his dick. It was my voice telling him how good he tasted and that I couldn’t wait to feel it in my wet pussy….my voice begging him to fuck me harder.

I could hardly wait to crawl into bed that evening and give myself some relief. It was the first time that I believe I was truly horny. Sure, I had wanted to have sex at other times, but I think mostly because it was just fun to be naughty and Andy always wanted it. This was the first time that I felt truly desperate for cock. When I finally slipped into bed that night I was wetter than I had known possible. My nipples were sticking out like it was freezing in the room and when my finger slipped past the lips of my pussy it was so soft and wet that it was like I was dipping them into warm pudding.

My first orgasm that evening was earth shattering! I don’t remember having ever made any noise when I masturbated, but I was moaning and panting like the paid film sluts I had been watching perform. I had always gone quietly to sleep after bringing myself to orgasm, but I didn’t stop until I had enjoyed my second and third…each one as strong as the last.

The next day was a ‘game day’ Friday and I knew Andy and I would go out afterwards. We would almost always sneak away from our friends early enough to go somewhere and have sex before I had to be home. We had still been having sex pretty much as often as we could throughout these couple of weeks. That meant only a couple of times a week most of the time since we still had to sneak around for the opportunity. We did go out with our friends after the game as expected and we did eventually leave and go to one of our usual spots.

I seemed to be in an eternal state of horniness and was more excited than usual to get around to that part of the evening. Part of me was still trying to show some constraint, but I am sure that my eagerness showed. Still, there was no denying that in my mind I was craving the kind of fun I had been witnessing on Kelly’s TV screen the last couple of weeks.

My parents lived a ways out of town and there was a secluded place where we would usually go on the way home. I had not changed clothes after the game and Andy had one hand under my little cheerleader kemer escort skirt and the other squeezing my tits almost as soon as we parked. Typically, we would kiss and make out while he would methodically remove my clothes and eventually his own. I was always willing and compliant, but never took the active role of pulling and tugging to get his or my clothes out of the way.

It wasn’t a conscious thought, but looking back I can recall the differences in my behavior that night. My hands reached out and began stroking his cock through his pants just as quickly as his had slid under my skirt. The first buttons of his jeans were undone by my fingers even before his own began to tug my panties down my legs. He groaned as my cool fingers reached in and grasped his already hard dick and began stroking it.

As he removed his jeans continued my initiative by pulling my panties the rest of the way down my legs and undid my bra without removing it completely. On these nights we usually fucked without any oral play because we were in a hurry and it was easy to just lay out the best we could on the bench seat of his truck and let him take me until he was done. My hands hardly ever even touched his member on those occasions, but that night I reached out and began stroking him as I leaned forward. He instinctively leaned back. If he wondered what was going on, he didn’t say a word. As I took him in my mouth I wanted so badly to look into his eyes let him see how badly I wanted it in my mouth the way the young video slut had done, but I couldn’t muster the courage.

Part of me was so thrilled at the little initiative I had taken. My pussy felt as though it were tingling at just my little bit of braveness. He raised my shirt and his hands softly squeezed my breasts as I moved my mouth up and down on him. I knew that he would cum quickly if I didn’t stop and I did not want to go another night without feeling him inside me so I pulled off and laid myself back across the seat with my legs spread. I pictured the young video slut splaying her legs for the pool guy and begging simply…. “fuck me”. I wanted to say it so badly…the words were in every thought in I was having, but my lips wouldn’t let them escape.

They almost escaped the prison of my mouth as my lips parted just enough to gasp when I felt him press into me. They barely had another chance as apparently my enthusiasm had affected Andy more than anticipated. He began to groan and tense after just a few quick strokes and I could tell he was going to cum. Though I am on the pill and have let him occasionally, he always pulls out and cums on me when we are having our rendezvous quickies so that it is easier to clean afterwards. My hands grabbed his ass, pulling him as hard as I could into me, hoping against hope that the last few pushes and feeling him squirt inside me would push me over the edge.

I had always been completely mute in our lovemaking so I’m sure Andy felt like a hero instead of a letdown when I let out a gasping moan as he stiffened and I felt his cock spasm inside me. He probably still doesn’t know that it was a moan of frustration. I was so close to the edge and yet wasn’t going to get there. I had so badly wanted him to pound me until I came that I was as furious as I was disappointed.

Less than thirty minutes later I was lying in my bed, still in my uniform, with my hand inside my panties furiously working toward the satisfaction he had failed to provide. It was the first time I had ever let anyone cum inside me without immediately cleaning myself. I had simply pulled my panties over my dripping pussy and ridden home with his juices soaking my panties and the back of my skirt.

I found that I like the feeling of my fingers playing in our juices even though I couldn’t bring myself to imagine that it was his. The feeling of my pussy so used and wet was exhilarating. Usually I just rubbed my clit to orgasm, but I had several of my fingers plunging in and out of my hot, wet hole. I wanted a big hard cock inside me so badly that I felt as though I would positively die without it! My left hand squeezed my tits so hard they were sore the next day as I fucked myself with the left. In my mind I was screaming the words I wanted so badly to utter earlier in the night.

Finally, I raised one of my wet fingers to my lips and hesitantly tasted it. It was my first taste of cum…and I drifted off to sleep imagining in great detail how Coach Jay had given it to me.

Ch. 2

Kelly and I had been through most of her parents’ videos after the first couple of weeks so we quit watching them every afternoon. I think neither of us wanted to admit to the other that we were watching because we were turned on by them. We both wanted to pretend it was just out of curiosity, and perhaps it was for her. Personally, I would have given anything to have a way to watch them in privacy every night. Regardless, the images continued to fuel my fantasies and had me playing with myself almost every konyaaltı escort night and during the day on several occasions.

The one constant seemed to be my growing fixation on Coach Jay as the object of my fantasies. In real life I kept having sex Andy, which wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t at all like what I imagined each night as I slipped my fingers inside my pajamas. I wanted so badly to let what I began to think of as my ‘inner slut’ come to the surface when we were together, but several things prevented it. Part of me was simply still hung up on the inhibitions with which I had always been so comfortable. The other factor was that I was sure if I really turned loose he would have a jealous fit wondering where I learned all my tricks rather than simply enjoy it.

Every time that I gave him a blowjob I would still pull off before he came and let his cum shoot out into the air and coat my hand. Each time I would secretly hope that when I tried to pull off he would push my head down until I felt him throb and shoot into my hungry mouth. I wanted to feel him groping and squeezing my tits rather the gentle rubbing and massaging that his hands gave them. When he was fucking me doggy style I wanted so badly to feel the sting of his hands smacking the cheeks of my ass as he fucked me. He would invariably utter the same words each time that I felt his cock start to pulse and knew he was about to cum…. “can I?”…meaning he wanted to know if he could fill my cunt or if I wanted him to pull out. What I really wanted was for him to be so overcome that he left me no choice in the matter….either choosing to fill my young pussy or even grabbing my hair to spin me around quickly so he could splash his juice across my pretty face and into my open mouth.

The more desperate I became, the more I fixated on Coach Jay. I don’t know why, but in my mind I had idealized him as my perfect ‘porn star partner’. He starred in my fantasies on a daily basis. It seemed so logical to me that someone with his experience and confidence would be everything I dreamed.

My fantasy world inevitably affected reality. There is no reason for me to lie when I say that I honestly had no intention of actually seducing him. That doesn’t mean, however, that I didn’t very consciously fuel my imagination by flirting and teasing him mercilessly. It was near the end of our senior year and graduation was approaching, but our cheerleading squad still practice most days just for the fun of it. A girl can do the same things she always does and have very different results when she wants. For example, he was usually in the gym or on the field with the team at the same time our squad was practicing. Every girl on the squad can be stretching, doing splits, etc. at the same time. Any straight, red blooded man I have ever met would let his eyes scan the entire group of us. What we know instinctively as girls is that his eyes will stop and fixate on the one who is pushing her ass or tits out a little extra. It became a regular part of my stretching routine to wait to feel Coach Jay’s eyes on me as I was stretched out in the splits. I would lean forward slowly toward my toes and arch my back while letting my hips rock slowly back and forth as though I were riding one of the blades of grass beneath my crotch.

There was certainly no coincidence that I suddenly seemed to find myself in more conversations with him. He seemed to always have something to say to me. Whatever it was he said I almost always greeted with a schoolgirl giggle and at least a few hair tosses. I always thought that he was watching me, but wasn’t sure at first if that was wishful thinking. It didn’t take long until I had the answer to that one. My flexible young body was stretched out just as I described when I decided to turn and look in his direction one afternoon. None of us on the squad was unfamiliar with guys nervously casting their eyes quickly in another direction when you turn and catch them staring. I guess that is what I was expecting.

With my legs spread completely open and pressed against the ground I slowly turned my upper body with my breasts pushed as far out as I could get them. When I was turned in his direction I quickly shot my eyes toward him wondering if I would catch his eyes running from the scene of the crime. My heart stopped abruptly in my chest before starting again at a pace faster than had I been running when his eyes locked onto mine instead of hiding shamefully. He stared deeply with the most sinister of grins on his face for several seconds before breaking his eyes away from my own. When they did leave my face it wasn’t to seek the safety of looking away innocently. I watched, paralyzed as his eyes molested the rest of my body. I swear that I could actually feel my breasts get warm from the heat of his stare. I had become frozen in place with my hips no longer undulating seductively back and forth….until I felt his stare warming my ass. The grin on his face widened noticeably when I started moving them back and forth under his gaze. He finally glanced briefly at my face before casually moving on. With only a month or so left of high school, we eventually quit going out to practice every day. I still felt his eyes on me every time I passed by him, but the intensity of that moment was never duplicated.

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