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Can Everyone Tell? Ch. 02

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This is a direct sequel to the events from ‘Can Everyone Tell?’ To fully get everything that’s going on, as well as all the characters’ relationships to each other, you should read that story first. I hope you enjoy it, and respectfully ask you to comment and vote.

Can Everyone Tell — Part 2

“So what kind of car are you gonna get?” Tilda asked her friend, Tandy, as she slipped smoothly through traffic.

“I’m not sure,” answered Tandy. “I’d like something like this,” she said, indicating Tilda’s sleek Mercedes convertible, “but I ain’t got it like that.”

“Girl, what?” replied Tilda. “You have a good job now, plus you still live at home, not paying for rent or bills. Go get something nice!” she added.

“Til, this is a $90,000 ride. I am not rolling at that level!”

“Look, my dad told me, you can spend $20,000 on a brand new $20,000 car, or you can spend $20,000 on a $90,000 car that’s a few years old. That’s all I did. Leigh did the same thing.”

“I hadn’t thought about it like that. Me and my dad are going car shopping next week, maybe we’ll look at doing that. Thanks for the tip!” said Tandy.

“No probs. How is your dad?” asked Tilda.

“He’s pretty Zen, you know. The grass grows, he gets to cut it. He’s pretty happy.”

“Hmph,” replied Tilda. “All that fresh air, physical labor, always out in the sun, all sweaty… no wonder he always looks so good.”

“Girl, will you stop leching on my dad? That’s ‘sposed to be my job!” laughed Tandy. Both young women knew of their friend, Leigh’s romantic and sexual relationship with her father. Tandy had recently admitted to wanting something like that with her own father, though Russ Ralston had so far been able to resist Tandy’s subtle overtures.

“What?!” said Tilda. “Your dad is hot! Leigh’s dad is hot, too! My dad’s a good man, but he looks like the missing fucking link. So I have to get my daddy-daughter thrills vicariously!” They both laughed “Anyway, how’s that going, by the way?” asked Tilda while she smoothly executed three lane changes at eighty miles an hour.

Tandy was used to Tilda’s aggressive driving style and didn’t bat an eye even as the Mercedes nimbly changed lanes again, seemingly inches from a suddenly slowed semi. She shrugged noncommittally and said, “Well I haven’t exactly told him outright how I feel, but I’ve gotten really flirty, and a lot more touchy-feely. I mean, it’s hard, you know? How does a girl seduce her own father without him freaking the hell out? It’ll get there. I just can’t rush this.”

“I guess,” conceded Tilda as she took the exit to I-Drive. She turned away from Universal Studios to the very touristy area of International Drive. As she cruised down the road looking for the restaurant, it was good to see so many tourists once again crowding the drive. “It’s gonna be good to see Leigh again. I can’t wait to grill her ass about going radio silent for almost a month. She better have a good reason! Is it just her or is Nick coming, too?”

“Nick?!” exclaimed Tandy. “You mean Mr. Westen? Leigh’s dad?”

“Hey!” said Tilda, pointing at Tandy. “When he was just her dad, yeah, he’s Mr. Westen. But if you’re fucking my best friend, I can call you by your first name!”

Tandy said, “Well, to be honest, I think they’re way more involved than just ‘fucking.'”

“Still!” insisted Tilda. “And if you and your dad do start hitting it, you can bet your ass Im’ma be all, ‘Hey, Russ, how you doin!'” as she pretended to wave coquettishly.

Tandy was laughing her ass off at Tilda’s observations. Tilda pulled into the restaurant parking lot and parked right next to an SUV that she knew was Nick’s car. “Maybe Nick is here,” said Tilda. “That’s his car, right?”

“Looks like it,” agreed Tandy as they walked toward the restaurant. They spotted Leigh in a booth sitting by herself and headed to her.

Leigh spotted her friends and squealed with excitement, standing to greet them with enthusiastic hugs. “OMIGOD!! I missed you guys so much!” she exclaimed.

“It’s your own fault, bitch!” answered Tilda. “You’re the one who disappeared! Been gone damn near a month! No notes, no call-backs, what, you couldn’t even shoot off a text saying kidnappers had your ass? What the fuck?!” she scolded playfully as they all got seated in the spacious booth.

“Yeah,” agreed Tandy, “everything’s going along great, and all of a sudden, poof! You’re nowhere to be found. What’s up with that?”

Tilda added, “And in your absence, stuff’s been happening in our lives, too, you know? Don’t you care?”

Leigh raised her hands in surrender. “Fine, fine! You’re right, I’m a horrible person. I’ll tell you guys everything, and hopefully, once you hear me out, you’ll be able to forgive me, okay?”

Tilda spoke up, “Of course we’ll forgive you, you’re our girl. Our weird, perverted girl who’s fu—”

“Alright, alright, enough of that,” interrupted Tandy, feeling Tilda’s good-natured jabs might be hitting too close to her one-day home. She continued, Küçükçekmece Escort “So what’s been happening, Leigh? Whereyubeen?”

“No, no, you guys first. I’m the one who went missing, so bring me up to speed first!”

Tandy started, “I’ll go first, since mine’ll be the shortest. Works going great, and I’m still staying at home with my dad. He’d been great, and he’s really helping me to come out of that shell I climbed into after, you know…”

Both girls nodded in sympathetic agreement.

Tandy continued, “Anyway, I feel like a new woman, and as long as I have you guys, I’ll be fine. I really can’t really thank you guys enough for being there for me.” They all gripped hands in solidarity for a moment.

Tilda said, “Well I’m starting a new job.”

“Wait, you’re leaving Tech-Tel?” asked Leigh.

“Yeah,” answered Tilda, “and you better polish up your resume, too. Last month I heard that Tech-Tel planned some layoffs for later this year. Nothing’s really wrong, apparently, they just wanna save money and pad their bonuses. Assholes. I tried to get in touch with you, but I couldn’t get a hold’a yo ass ’til now. Anyway, I started looking for my next landing spot. Came upon a company called SynthWorks. They do some major AI stuff. I went after it and they gave a girl a home. I ‘m gonna be a Project Manager in software development. Some hard coding, but a lot of it is managing other coders, making sure everything works together. It’s a really sweet gig. Plus, I’m making more money. I start a week from Monday.”

Leigh sat back, impressed. She reached for Tilda and hugged her, saying, “You go ‘head, girl. Women in tech… FUCK yeah!!”

Tilda looked a little bashful. “I was scared you’d be, you know, jealous, you know?”

“Jealous? No, sweetie, you’re my girl, and I couldn’t be happier for you,” answered Leigh.

Tilda continued, “Right now, they’re only hiring one person, but as soon as—”

“No,” Leigh interrupted. “Don’t. I have quite enough going on in my life… I do NOT need to be interviewing for a new job right now. I think I’m just gonna ride this out and take every cent of severance I can get. Later this year, right? That’ll be perfect!”

“Okay, Beyonce,” joked Tandy. “Then just what the hell have you been up to for the past month?”

In answer, Leigh simply raised her left hand as if to stop them from talking, and then dramatically turned her hand around so they could see the engagement and wedding rings adorning her finger.

Tilda gasped, “Is that a wedding ring? How are you married? What the hell?!” They both ooohh’d and ahhhh’d appreciatively over her rings and were suitably impressed with the diamond. Leigh was happy that the ring was BFF-approved. She took the next few minutes telling them about their trip to the Caribbean, and how she and her dad exploited a loophole in French law so they could get married, more or less legally. As she talked, she noticed that while both Tilda and Tandy seemed very happy for her, Tandy seemed a little wistful.

Leigh noticed and asked her, “You okay, Tandy? What’s wrong?”

She sighed, and answered, “Nothing’s wrong. I’m really happy for you. I just know now, for sure, that that’s exactly what I want. I just don’t know how to make it happen.”

“Girl, what the hell is wrong with you?!” Leigh exclaimed suddenly. “You’re a beautiful, sexy woman, and no man alive has enough upper-body strength to push away a hot, willing woman who’s all up on him. Even if it’s his daughter. Go get your man, Tandy!”

She still looked unsure. “I don’t know,” she began.” I mean, what if he just doesn’t want me?” she asked, sounding a little whiny.

“Of course he wants you!” insisted Leigh. She lowered her voice so only her friends could this scandalous conversation. “What he doesn’t want is to hurt you, or make it seem like he’s taking advantage of you. As your father, he feels like his number one job is to protect you from harm, even if he’s protecting you from himself. And as his daughter, he loves you more than anything, and it’s not a huge leap to go from fatherly love to romantic love. You just have to make sure he knows that you absolutely want this, and that you are absolutely sure. Tell him! Spell it out! No more flirting and pussy-footing around! You’ll see… you’ll be stuffed full of paternal pecker before your panties are all the way off!”

Both Tilda and Tandy burst out laughing at Leigh’s declaration. Tilda said through her laughter, “Girl, that daddy-dick has drove you crazy!”

Leigh just nodded enthusiastically.

“I couldn’t ever do it, but more power to your horny ass!” replied Tilda.

“I feel bad for you, Til,” said Leigh, “’cause you just don’t know what you’re missing!”

Tilda just shrugged, but Tandy leaned in to Leigh and said, “Well I can’t wait to find out!”

As they laughed and caught up, Leigh thought about how lucky she was to have such great friends. Most importantly, Maltepe Escort friends with whom she could be totally upfront about her relationship with her father. Nick was the whole world to her, and although she knew she couldn’t just shout it to the world, she was glad she could be open and honest around Tilda and Tandy. While Tilda still had misgivings about incest, Tandy was apparently ready to join her kinky little club. And while they were busy fawning over the fact that she’d managed to marry her own father, they hadn’t noticed that she didn’t have a drop of alcohol.

After lunch, they made plans for their next get together, and Tilda drove Tandy home. As Tilda pulled up to Tandy’s house, Tandy was happy to see that her dad wasn’t home yet. She hoped she had time to get ready. Wasting no time, she said ‘bye to Tilda and practically jumped out of the car. As she rushed into the house, Leigh’s words resounded in her mind… ‘Go get your man!’

Tandy had made up her mind. She was gonna get him. Tonight, the gloves (and the panties, too, hopefully) came off. She rushed into her bathroom, stripping off her clothes as she went, and turned on the shower. While the shower was warming up, she went into her bedroom and grabbed some sexy aqua-colored French-cut lace panties and the matching bra and laid them out on her bed. She knew her dad’s favorite color was aquamarine, and she planned to create an irresistible offering of all his favorite things. She selected a black button-down blouse and a black, short, pleated skirt, and laid them on the bed as well along with a pair of black silk stockings. The shower was nice and hot now, and she got in and lathered up with her favorite body wash. It always seemed to make her dad inhale her scent when she used it. While shaving her legs, she thought about shaving her neatly trimmed pubic hair, but decided against it. With what she was trying to accomplish tonight, a grown woman with curls around her willing pussy might be more persuasive than some baby-smooth little girl. As she caressed her own soapy curves, she was so excited for tonight, it was all she could do to resist teasing herself to an easy orgasm. But no… she was determined that the next person to touch her pussy would be her dad. So she finished showering, horny as fuck.

Before getting dressed, she dabbed a fingertip-full of favorite perfume on her neck, under each perky breast, down a line through her belly button, and a fingertip full in each thigh crease next to her anxiously waiting labia. She quickly applied her makeup, paying special attention to getting her eyes just right… she noticed that he always seemed to notice women with well-applied smoky eyes. Hey, whatever turned him on, she was going to offer tonight.

She brushed her hair and pinned it back not only to show off her pretty face, but also that when she let it down, the overall effect was that much more alluring. Nothing could be left to chance. She finished her hair just as his truck pulled into the garage.

Russ Ralston walked into his home, tired from a long day with his lawn crew, but grateful that it was finally the weekend and he could relax for a bit. He noticed Tandy’s shoes haphazardly dropped on the floor, as if she’d been rushing to get to the bathroom. “Tandy?” he called out. “You here, baby? I thought you were going out with Tilda.”

She kept her door closed, not wanting him to see her yet. She wanted to make an entrance… no, she wanted a presentation. She answered through the closed door, “I’m home, Daddy. They wanted to go over to City Walk, but I really just wanted to spend some time with you. You don’t have plans, do you?”

Russ answered, “That’s great, sweetie! No, I don’t have any plans. Honestly, I was just gonna chill in front of the TV, maybe order some food or something.”

“Or,” offered Tandy, “You could come back and chill after you take your daughter out for a nice dinner.”

Russ walked up to her closed door and said, “So I get to take you out to dinner, and I get to pay?”

“Mmm-Hmm!” she replied.

“Well how can I say no to that offer!” he joked. “You’re in there getting dressed right now, ain’tcha?”

“That’s right, dear father. I’ll be a few more minutes, so you go shower and change, and let me know when you’re ready to leave. And dress nice, okay?”

“Alright,” said Russ. “Gimme fifteen minutes to clean up.” Russ headed to his bedroom and started the shower. He was tired after a week of work, but the prospect of spending a nice evening with Tandy quickly gave him some instant energy. He knew all about the crush she had on him, and she had lately been very affectionate… flirty, even. But she was his daughter, his only child, so certainly nothing inappropriate would ever happen. But her extra-sweet, attentive disposition made her an absolute pleasure to be around, even if she did cause the occasional unwarranted stiffy. Tonight was going to be a nice evening, even Mecidiyeköy Escort if he ended up half-hard the whole time.

A few minutes later, fully dressed, he added a touch of after-shave and headed out of his room. “Okay, T, I’m ready to leave!” he shouted from the living room. “I’ll bet you’re not even halfway dressed!” he joked. “I’ll just watch TV until you come out,” he said, reaching for the remote. He heard her door open and looked towards the hallway to greet her… and froze.

His daughter looked like a wet dream come to life. Her outfit was classically simple. She was wearing black silky button-down blouse and a very short black pleated skirt. The hem was only a couple of inches below her pussy, tantalizingly just hidden from view, making him wonder what she had on underneath. The hem of the skirt was even with the lacy tops of the silk stockings she wore, making her legs look impossibly long and oh, so sexy. The hidden tops of her thighs promised an enticing gap to be explored. For a few seconds, he just stood there, speechless.

“How do I look, Daddy?” she asked softly as she walked toward him, reaching forward and taking his hands in hers. “Do you like it?”

All he could think to say was, “Jesus, baby, you look amazing! You’re wearing that out?” Now that she was close to him, he could also smell her… she smelled like roses and honey… she smelled like girl.

Tandy said, “You know, Leigh and her dad just came back from a really nice vacation. She said they went to the Caribbean. Just the two of them.” Tandy sat on their new sofa and pulled her father down to sit beside her. “Doesn’t that sound nice?” she purred.

“It does,” admitted Russ, taking a seat beside his incredible-looking daughter. As she sat, he saw a flash of lacy aqua under her scandalously short skirt. He loved that color! And now that she was sitting so near him, her scent became even more provocative… in addition to the floral scent of her body wash that he loved, he also detected some very alluring perfume, feminine and seductive. But, most alarmingly, as she sat and her knees parted just a bit, he also got the faintest whiff of something more, something erotic and musky, something singing in sensual harmony with her perfume. He knew… he was smelling her. It was completely intoxicating. As he tried mightily to focus, he continued, “Leigh and her dad are really close, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are. And you could have the same thing right here. What they have is exactly what I want for us. I know it’s not what everyone else does, but it works for them. I’ve never seen Leigh so happy. And I just know that we would be just as good together. Please, Daddy, let me love you. We both want this,” she said. She was ready for all his arguments. Bring it on, she thought.

Russ shook his head gently and started, “Sweetheart, I already told you how I feel about fathers and—”

“No,” she interrupted. “That’s not true.”

“Yes, it –” he tried to retort, again cut off by Tandy.

“No, you’ve told me how society feels about it, or how a whole world full of strangers feels about it,” she said earnestly, “but you’ve never said how you feel about it. You never said whether or not you want this.”

“What’s the difference?” he responded. “Either way, it comes down to the same thing… baby, it’s wrong.”

“Wrong?” she asked. “Why, Dad?”

“Why?! Because it is! I’m your father, you’re my daughter. That’s incest, and incest is wrong,” he declared, as if that settled the matter.

“But why?” she insisted. “Who’s being hurt by us getting together as a couple? Who’s being harmed by our loving each other?”

“What?” Russ asked, stalling for time. “That’s not the point,” he protested weakly.

“Dad, that’s entirely the point. Look, lying, stealing, and killing are wrong because people get hurt in real ways. So I’m asking, who is being hurt by us going to bed together?” Tandy was choosing her words carefully, patiently implanting images of them together in Russ’s mind. It was working.

As soon as Russ heard the words ‘going to bed together,’ his mind conjured an image of the two of them embracing under the covers, moving together. He struggled to remember what Tandy had asked him. He looked into her soulful brown eyes and saw the love and desire simmering there, and he knew she saw the same in his. “You, baby,” he finally answered. “You’re who I’m worried about getting hurt.”

“Me?” she asked. “Daddy, let me ask you, if we did have sex,”

Immediately, in Russ’ mind, now he saw himself above his daughter, both of them naked, her thighs spread wide, her hand pulling on his hard dick about to guide him inside her…

Tandy continued, “Would you just hit it and quit it? You know, just drop me the next day since you got what you wanted?”

Russ looked aghast. “Of course not! I’d never do that to anyone, but especially not my own daughter… That’s horrible!”

Tandy smiled and continued, “Okay, then let’s say we’re sleeping together, in a real relationship…”

Russ imagined waking up with his naked daughter asleep in his arms, every morning…

“Are you gonna cheat on me? Go find somebody younger and hotter? Pretend you have to mow lawns at night? Break my heart?”

“What?! No! Hell no! I would never do that to you, Tandy. I love you! I’d never hurt you like that, baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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