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Caroline’s Mom Ch. 03

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As we sat close together at breakfast, Rachel made it known to the others that she intended for me to be her lover on a permanent basis. Her hands caressed my arms and chest throughout breakfast. She kissed my cheeks and pressed her body to mine. She smiled at Caroline and thanked her for fixing her up on this blind date.

Afer breakfast we drove to Caroline’s sorority house to bet Rachel’s suitcase. When we got to the room, she unlocked the door, and gasped. She pulled me inside, and there was her daughter kneeling on the floor, sucking Jeff’s cock.

“That looks like fun.” As she got down on her knees in front of me. Her hands went to the zipper of my pants, and she slowly tugged it down. Her hand went inside and caresses my hardening cock.

“No more hand jobs for you. I have better uses for your cum.” As she looked at me and licked her lips. Rachel struggled to remove my hardness from my pants. Once she slipped it out, she kissed the tip, and licked the drop of pre-cum off. Then she licked around the corona, and down the vein at the bottom. She withdrew my balls from my pants and licked my scrotum. Her mouth opened and she took one of my balls into her mouth, filled her mouth with saliva and bathed it with her tongue. She then treated the other one to the same bath. I wrapped my fingers in her hair and held her like that for a while. When I released her, she took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked it gently.

Slowly, teasingly, she took more into her mouth. She licked it with her tongue Inch, by agonizing inch she took more in. Finally her lips were at the base of my cock. She stuck her tongue out and licked my balls. Rachel withdrew slowly and went down again. Just then we heard Jeff moan. I watched as Caroline’s head Antep Escort Bayan bobbed faster and faster. He grabbed her head, and Pumped her face as he came in her mouth. The both turned to watch Rachel’s performance. He began to suck in earnest, her cheeks hollowing. She sucked harder and faster, until I erupted into that hot wet chasm. She moved the head of my cock to the inside of her cheek so that I would not spurt down her throat. Rachel got up and went to Caroline and kissed her open mouthed, sharing my cum with her daughter.

“Thank you for finding me such a wonderful boyfriend.” She said to her speechless daughter. Then we packed her stuff, and left the sorority house.

“Did you see her face when I did that?”

“Now she knows I’m not a prude.”

“Do you know she swallowed your cum?”

“Rachel, why did you do that?”

“I was just testing her. If she ever breaks up with Jeff, she is going to want to fuck you.”

“Would you like a mother daughter threesome?” She grinned at me.


” I wouldn’t do anything with her, but you could do us at the same time.”

“Don’t tell me the idea of having two women at once doesn’t turn you on, especially if they are mother and daughter.”

“It will never happen, Rachel.”

“Never is a long time, and I would do it for you.”

“Maybe after I get admitted to college we can make a baby. A brother or sister for Caroline.”

“Rachel, I can’t support us.”

“I can, I’m wealthy. We can live in an off campus apartment.”

” What would Caroline say?”

“Nothing except that she might want to get pregnant too.”

We arrived at the frat house and unpacked her things. I then drew her to the bed and removed her pants and panties. I began to repay her for the wonderful blow job she had given me. I spread her legs and kissed her inner thighs as she moaned. Slowly kissing my way to her labia, then kissing her lower lip sucking and licking it.

“Oh, that’s so good Alan.”

“Don’t stop, you have a magic tongue.”

My tongue entered her cavern and she moaned slightly. Her juices soaked my tongue and saturated my taste buds. I drank her wine and she produced more. Rachel’s hips thrust into my face. Her thighs clamped down on my ears as she had a series of small orgasms. I brought my tongue to her clit and licked it. I sucked it into my mouth, and caressed its tip with my tongue.

” Oh shit, I’m gonna cum so hard.”

” Alan please.”

“Oh baby, don’t stop, suck me eat me make me cum on your tongue.”

“Suck my pussy honey. I’m Cumming.”


Her hips thrust to my mouth as she screamed. The whole frat house knew she was having an orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, she crawled up and kissed my mouth and whispered.

“I better go on the pill or I’ll be pregnant before the first month is over.”

“I would have let you mount me right now except that my clothes are on.”

“If I had been undressed, I wouldn’t take the time to insert my diaphragm.”

“Is there a gynecologist here on campus?”

“Yes there is, but he is only for students.”

“Let’s find a gynecologist today and you can take me.”

Rachel found a gynecologist, that could examine her almost immediately. We went arrived at the office and saw the sign. ” Ruth Fisher MD Obstetrics and Gynecology.” As we entered, we met the very young new doctor, and she led Rachel into the examination room. I sat in the waiting room. The doctor came in and said that my girlfriend insisted that I be with her during the examination. As I walked in, I noticed Rachel nude, in the stirrups. The doctor examined her breasts, and explained what she was doing. Rachel asked the doctor to teach me to examine her breasts. The doctor had me stand next to her as she guided my hands over Rachel’s lovely breasts. She explained what I was feeling for and when I was to do it. My cock started to get hard as I had my hand guided over the breast of one woman by another. Rachel glanced at it and smiled. Then the doctor got the speculum and began to examine her vagina. After the doctor finished I was really hard. This didn’t go unnoticed by Rachel. The doctor left us to go to the next patient and also so Rachel could dress. As soon as the doctor left, Rachel unzipped my fly and fished my cock out.

” I always wanted to get fucked in the stirrups.”

“You’re not on the pill yet.”

“So pull out when you’re ready, and cum in my mouth.”

I entered her in one quick, hard, deep stroke.

“Hurry we haven’t got much time. I’m almost there.”

She started to keen.

“Oh Alan, Oh it’s so good. I’m Cumming now.”

“Cum on my dick honey, your squeezing it, so good.”

“I’m gonna cum now open your mouth darling.”

I quickly pulled out of her. When I brought my cock to her mouth, she sucked it right in, and I began to shoot immediately. Rachel sucked and swallowed till I finished Cumming, then she licked me clean. After getting her prescription, we left. Went to the drugstore and got it filled. While we were there, she got some tampons and sanitary napkins. She whispered in my ear that her period was due tomorrow. Then she told me that if I didn’t mind the mess it wouldn’t change our sex life. If I did then I would have to settle for oral anal or perhaps a titty fuck.

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