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Cassie’s Love Ch. 10

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“Well, it’s rest stop time. Anyone want to get it on in the bathroom?” Hector asked Cassie and Margie as they stopped at a local service station at last.

“Hell, yeah!” Cassie and Margie said in unison, laughing as they grinned and winked at each other.

Before Hector knew it, he was inside the unisex restroom with both ladies, as they took him inside their throats to the root. This was just to fluff him, to get him nice and excited. It led to him spreading Cassie’s cheeks to rim her for a little while as his twin did the same for Margie. For the moment, at least, all was fun and games between the trio, as long as they didn’t think of the accidental death of Dan and his wives, parents to the twins.

In the back of both Hector’s mind and Cassie’s, though, there was some doubt as to whether they could handle this kind of sharing after being exclusive for so long. Was it just a crazy fluke or could they make it last with three instead of two, given their jealous habits of the past? They were flying blind into a new reality, a new life, and maybe it was too much change at once. More to the point, were they monogamous in the past only because of Dan or was there more to it than that? Was it fair to Margie, or would she always be a third wheel in the world of the twins?

For now, though, they relaxed and enjoyed their threesome. Hector in particular loved the taste of Cassie’s bottom and she didn’t mind how Margie tasted, either. Whatever else happened, poly or mono, the twins knew that they include rimming as a regular feature of their lovin’. It was literally too delicious to avoid it.

Hector soon found his cock buried inside Margie for a couple of strokes, and then Cassie for some more. This kept up, back and forth, something that he had never tried before, of course, since he had always been as faithful to his sister as she had been to him. Antep Escort Bayan Once again, this was fun, but he had real doubts and anxiety growing in the back of his mind. What if she decided that she liked pussy more than dick and just wanted to be with a woman? What if she turned out to be gay? He would be crushed by that.

Of course, Margie also felt something … off about this threesome, as great as it was. She enjoyed it, but it was just … weird somehow. It felt almost robotic in some ways, not as playful and wrought with feeling as the first time. And then it hit her … the first time was an innocent act of curiosity as part of a typically monogamous couple’s experimentation. That was why it felt so great, so sensual and fun. This act felt … stilted … forced … as if they were trying to prove something that just wasn’t true.

“Stop!” Margie shouted rather abruptly, shaking up both of the twins.

Hector immediately pulled out of Margie and stared at both her and Cassie.

“Look … this was a fun little experiment … a nice little item to scratch off your bucket list, okay, but it’s just … it’s not right, and all of us know it. I was convinced that it would be great for the three of us, but it just … it feels like forcing something, like a square peg in the proverbial round hole. We’ve been kidding ourselves … and you know it. I know it. Cassie knows it, don’t you, Cass?”

Cassie blushed and nodded, in spite of herself.

“Sorry, Hector … babe … you know that she’s right. It’s not … immoral or anything. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing intrinsically, inherently evil or sinful or wrong about sharing, if that’s what best suits everyone. But it doesn’t, and we all know it. Don’t we, Hector? We’re our own little world, aren’t we, dear? It was a nice treat and trial … a little game, sure, but we all know the truth. You … and me … both of us … we belong together … just you and me. One girl, one boy.

“Remember that song… ‘Happy Together’? The lyrics … not just the great rom-com with Patrick Dempsey and Helen Slater, though that film rocks, of course. But the song, by the Turtles? That’s us. It’s like Ross and Rachel. I’m your lobster, as Phoebe would say. You’re mine, too. We should finish this threesome, but that’s it. Okay? Come on, bro. Let’s wrap this up … but that’s it. Kiss it goodbye. I can’t do this. I have to have you all to myself … and be only yours in turn. That’s the only way that I know how to love … and to live,” Cassie pleaded her case with her twin.

“Well … we’re twins, so what you feel … you know that I can feel. That explains why I started having doubts … nagging doubts … anxiety … misgivings. It’s true. We belong together, just you and I. We’re … just not cut out for this. It was a nice little tryst … but, sorry, Margie … sorry to raise your hopes, only to dash them. Sorry to play with your head. It was never my intention. It’s … just, well, you know. I let my doubts about monogamy fool me, due to thinking that it was all just in my head, that it was all Dad messing with us … he had psychic powers, after all,” Hector blushed now.

“Hey, nothing to be sorry about … happy to help you two find yourselves … your true selves and knowingly embrace what brings you joy. You’re young. You make mistakes. Hell, I’m older and I made the same mistake … of getting caught up in the moment. But, yes, this is the last time for us. No more. We finish up this threesome, and fast, before someone kicks us out and has us arrested. But that’s it. Friends?” Margie offered as they formed a train, her tongue up Cassie’s snatch while Hector bottomed-out inside hers.

“Friends,” Hector agreed, even as Cassie moaned her climax from Margie’s oral favors one last time.

One last time, Hector erupted inside another woman’s twat and this time he swore to himself: never again. He would never again fuck or make love to another woman. He would never be intimate with anyone but Cassie, his own twin sister, ever again. The experiment was over. He now knew for sure that it wasn’t just his old man that was behind the monogamy. Dad simply encouraged what both of them already felt deep inside, that they were part of each other, one soul in two bodies, and that they had their own little world.

This time, though Hector kissed Margie, he didn’t use tongue. It was much more of a familial kiss. The same was true when Cassie kissed her, but when Hector kissed his twin, all of the usual passion and ardor came back out to play. Their old magic was back. And it took an outsider, a third wheel, to see it … but what would this mean for them and Margie, if she was only that?

Almost as if reading Hector’s mind, Margie told him, “Just call me ‘Aunt Margie’ and let me be that to you two. Aunt, mentor, friend. Don’t worry about me. I’ll find love. I didn’t find it with Christ or with you, but I can still find it in time. How does that sound?”

“Well, I could always use another friend … and certainly an auntie,” Cassie smiled broadly at that.

“What she said,” Hector grinned now as they hugged it out and left the restroom to look for snacks for the rest of the trip.

As they walked through the convenience store part of the service station, that same song that Cassie recalled went through Hector’s mind and he started humming it … well, at least these lyrics.

I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you

For all my life

When you’re with me, baby the skies’ll be blue

For all my life

Me and you and you and me

No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be

The only one for me is you, and you for me

So happy together

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