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Catching Taboo Ch. 03

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Arriving at Jan and Dave’s house, Jan unlocked the front door silently. As we tiptoed into the living room, we could head moans and grunts coming from the bedroom, even with its door closed.

Jan whispered, “They’re clearly still at it. Do we bust right in or get naked first? Make it crystal clear we want to join them?”

“Good idea,” I whispered back, beginning to take my office clothes off again as Jan did the same. We lay our clothes over the arm of the couch as we approached the bedroom door. My cock was already getting stiff, just hearing Abby and Dave fucking, when I had not been able to hear them via the spycam feed we had been watching at the hotel.

Jan looked down at my groin and smirked as she ran her fingertips along the shaft. “I’d ask if you’re ready, Jack, but I guess this is my answer.”

“Let’s do it, funny girl,” I said back.

Just as we heard Dave cry out that he was cumming, Jan opened the bedroom door with a loud click and we stepped through. “Got room on our bed for two more lovers?” she asked, as both Dave and Abby spun their heads towards the noise. “Or is incest not a group sport?”

After a quickly muttered, “June 4th, again,” that made no immediate sense to me, Dave was the first to overcome the shock. “What the fuck, Jan? I thought you were in Denver this week? You lied to me?”

“Oh, spare us the fake indignation, Dave,” Jan said. “I only lied about going out of town because you were lying first. Open your eyes, though. If Jack and I were here to rant and rave about the two of you cheating on us, would we both be naked right now? We want to join in.”

“What?” Abby asked. “You’re not mad?”

Jan sat on the bed and caressed Abby’s left arm before answering, “A little mad, but I think I can forgive you, if you stop lying from here on out. I’ll tell you the same thing I told Jack, earlier. You are the only woman I would ever be willing to share Dave with – if you’ll share Jack with me.”

Abby blinked hard, then asked, “You and Jack? When did the two of you start committing incest?”

Jan replied, “In my fantasies? Years ago. For real? About 6 o’clock tonight. When we watched the two of you start up in a 69, Jack got more turned on than he got angry, like I hoped he would. Once his cock was stiff, it was pretty easy to use ‘getting even’ as an excuse to have him fuck me, just like I fantasized.”

“Hang on,” Dave said. “You watched us? How?”

I walked over to where I spotted the charger-camera and unplugged it to show them. “This has a camera inside. I loaned it to Jan when she suspected you were having an affair during her business trips. It’s WiFi-enabled, so she could watch it from her laptop. When she saw you lighting candles tonight, she called me over to her hotel room downtown to see what happened after that. While I was surprised to see Abby, the turn-on of watching you together erased most of my anger and I admit what turned me on most was the taboo that you’re brother and sister. That made it fairly easy to admit that I’m attracted to Jan, too, but would never have made a move on her on my own. After a round together in bed, we decided to come over here while you two were still together and get the air cleared between us.”

Jan added, “We wanted to know if the two of you are okay with a foursome or at least allowing some spouse-swapping to go on, without sneaking around. First, though, I want to know what you meant about ‘June 4th, again,’ when we first came in. What’s the ‘again’ about?”

Abby pulled herself off of Dave’s cock, to let Dave sit up against the headboard, while she snuggled against his side, between Dave and Jan. I joined them on the bed, sitting at the foot.

Dave said, “Ten years ago today was the first time Abby and I ever had sex. However, we were almost immediately caught by our mother and I wound up banished to Oregon to keep us apart. It’s damned peculiar that we would get caught again on that anniversary.”

Abby touched Dave’s arm to stop him from telling more of the story and said, “As big as this discovery is, I have even bigger news that I better deliver right now. I just found out today that I’m pregnant, Jack. And I’m not sure which of you is the father.”

I’m shamed to say my initial reaction wasn’t excitement. “Oh, shit. If we hadn’t caught you in the affair, would you have ever told me it wasn’t my kid?”

Abby cringed at my tone. “I’m hoping it is yours, since that lowers the genetic risk. The fact of the matter is I just don’t know. I had sex with both of you the week I probably conceived. I swear to you that this wasn’t something I planned. I was still taking my birth control pills. But, you’re right. The baby’s paternity would have become part of the incest secret that I’ve been keeping since before we met. Not just to protect Dave and me from incest charges, but to be sure that you wouldn’t reject the baby. The birth certificate needs to have your name on it and Dave can only be its uncle, both officially and practically.”

“You Escort Bayan Gaziantep think I’d do that?” I asked. “That I would punish a child out of anger at you? Anger I’m not even feeling, to be clear? I get the need for you to keep secrets about incest and Jan and I decided to forgive the lies you told, during the drive here. I just hoped I would be someone you could trust with your secret. Now that it’s in the open, you don’t have to hide any more. Not from the two of us, at least.”

Abby relaxed a little. “Jack, how could I take the risk? Even before you started the police academy, you were a very law and order kind of guy.”

I asked, “Since Dave was in Oregon all through college, I assume you didn’t repeat it during that time?”

“The wedding was the very first time I’d seen Dave since that day.”

“Four years happens to be the statute of limitations in Tennessee for adult incest, so that expired just after you graduated college, before our wedding. If you had told me after it expired, I couldn’t have arrested you and I would have forgiven it. Now, I’ve committed the same crime and I’d be a fool to report all four of us.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that. Either about the expiration or you forgiving me. At the time it happened, Mom came really close to reporting us before Dad came up with the compromise of sending Dave to Oregon early and refusing him the permission to return until we graduated and one of us was married. I wonder if Dad knew that his leverage over us went away after four years. Before you ask, I did not marry you so that Dave could return. Initially, my plan was to head to Oregon to join Dave as soon as I graduated, even if it meant never seeing my parents again. Falling in love with you changed those plans, totally. But loving you didn’t erase my love for Dave.”

Jan asked, “So, did the two of you pick up again once Dave got back? While he and I were dating?”

Abby replied, “No, we weren’t really alone together for several more years as we rebuilt our parents’ trust in us, thinking that they could still turn us in. Not until your job changes resulted in your trips and Jack working some nights. Two Augusts ago, I used the fact that both of us were going to be home alone on the same night as my excuse to keep Dave company, when completing what we’d started at 18 was my main goal.”

“Completing?” Jan asked.

“Yeah. We didn’t get to finish our first fuck before Mom caught us. We were having sex by the pool in cowgirl position on one of the loungers. She yanked me off of Dave by my hair before either of us could have an orgasm, then spanked the hell out of me as she pulled me into the house.”

“Oh, gawd, I can totally see Gloria doing that,” Jan said. “It must have been terrifying.”

“Not as terrifying as Mom threatening us with jail, but it was pretty bad.”

Dave said, “While Mom was doing that to Abby, I panicked – got dressed as fast as I could and drove away from the house,” Dave said. “I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to Abby before I left for Oregon. Dad arranged my flight while I was still hiding out, trying to figure out what to do next.”

I said, “Maybe you can tell us the full story later on. The first question Jan asked still needs an answer. Shall we continue committing incest but do it together?”

Abby answered first, “It will certainly be good to stop lying. I’ve shared guys with Jan before, so I have no problem with the idea of a foursome. I love all three of you. I played matchmaker between Jan and Dave, because I knew I wouldn’t feel jealous of her being with him. I’ve had a few fantasies about threesomes with her and either you or Dave, but never imagined a foursome.”

Dave said, “I’ve never been in a group scene before.”

“Neither have I,” I replied. “But it’s certainly been something I’ve fantasized about from time to time. I’m straight, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“I’m not worried, either way,” Dave said. “It would be okay if you were bisexual, so long as you respect my boundaries in terms of contact, which I trust you to do. I’m just not entirely sure where those boundaries are, how much contact it might take before I’m bothered by it, if I even am. We’ll see. I’m willing to try. Since, ummm, you and Jan say you’ve already watched the two of us on that spycam, can we start by watching the two of you, while I recover another erection? I had just orgasmed when you came in.”

“Yeah, we heard both of you. Sounded hot, especially since the spycam is video only,” I said, arching my eyebrows. Turning to Jan, I asked, “Are you ready to be watched, sis?”

Jan countered with, “Is it okay if I ask Abby to join in, so you and Dave can see that, too? Once she met you, we stopped having threesomes. I’ve really missed that.”

Abby said, “I’ve missed you, too, Jan. But I’d rather hold back and just watch the two of you, then maybe we can all get some food before you and I pair up for the guys to see? I was supposed to be heading home to a chicken dinner in a little while, so I haven’t eaten since lunch.”

“Works for me,” Jan said, turning to crawl across the bed to me. Reaching me, she took my cock in hand, still half hard, and lowered her mouth to take me in. I caressed her shoulders and back as she took me deeper.

“Fuck, sis! That feels incredible,” I said.

“Better than my blowjobs?” Abby asked. Jan froze, then pulled off to await an answer.

I looked Abby in the eyes and said, “I’m not answering that. I’m not ranking the two of you, ever. I said it felt incredible because it did and because it’s the first time Jan has ever sucked me, so I’m excited about that. What happened to not being jealous of her? Or does that only apply to her being with Dave and doesn’t extend to me?”

Abby sputtered for a couple of seconds, before saying, “I’m sorry, Jack. I’ve never felt like that in any of the threesomes we had in college. Maybe because I wasn’t in love with those guys, like I am with both of you. Your opinions of me matter more, I think. As for Jan being with Dave, I’ve never watched them have sex together and I’m a little nervous about seeing that, too. It was more of an abstract idea before now.”

“Insecurity and jealousy aren’t going to get us anywhere,” I said. “I can see that Dave has a thicker cock than I do. If I get insecure and ask whether you or Jan prefer his over mine, none of this is going to work. The good news is that you don’t have to pick. You get to have both of us. And Dave and I get to have both you and Jan. Okay?”

Abby let out a breath she had been holding in and said, “Yeah, sorry again.”

Jan looked up at me and grinned, before slipping her lips over my glans again. Her tongue slithered against the ridge and my cock finished getting hard. Slowly, she took more of my cock into her mouth, as her hand alternated between bobbling my nuts and stroking the base of my penis behind them. I resumed stroking her back and reaching around to caress her small tits while I watched Dave lazily stroke Abby’s nipple as he watched his wife blow me and Abby stroked life back into his cock.

I wondered whether Jan would try to take me into her throat, but she didn’t, instead beginning to bob up and down over my groin as her hand shifted to stroke the part of my shaft that she was leaving outside.

As I began to feel my jizz gathering at the base of my cock, she started kissing her way up my stomach and chest, still stroking slowly with her hand. Was she already reading my signals to know how close I was to shooting off?

When her lips reached mine and she kissed me, she straddled my hips and rubbed her pussy against the underside of my cock, dragging her engorged clit along the shaft. I felt the hood drag across the sensitive part of my glans before Jan’s hand slid it through her labia towards her opening. She wrapped her other arm around my neck as she lowered herself onto me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth as my dick entered her.

I grabbed onto her butt with both hands and helped her rise and fall against me, maintaining a pace that kept me on the edge of orgasm while her left hand was between us, rubbing against her clit so she could catch up to me. All while still making out with me.

I couldn’t see past Jan to see Dave and Abby watching us, but could still feel their gaze. Then I started to hear the clear sounds of them fucking again. I pulled away from Jan’s kiss just long enough to look over her shoulder at them. Dave was still leaning against the headboard, his legs out straight, with Abby straddling them with her hands just above his knees. She slowly thrust her ass back at Dave’s groin while both stared at us.

I whispered to Jan, “They didn’t wait for dinner. Want to turn around to watch or keep going?”

“Cum in me first,” she answered, breathlessly. “I’m close, too.”

I doubled the pace of thrusts into Jan’s hot pussy as her hand whipped between us. “Oh, god,” I cried. “Here it comes, sis!”

“Ungh, ungh, fuuuccccckkk!” she responded, as I felt her wet sheath start to spasm around me seconds before my cock swelled and launched several volleys of sperm against her cervix. My hands shifted to her lower back as it rippled, to keep her from falling.

I had a momentary flash of vision, of seeing Jan pregnant, standing next to Abby’s hospital bed as Dave and I stood on the other side, watching Abby nurse a little girl with blond hair. It faded as quickly as it had appeared and I wondered where it came from. Did the blond hair indicate that Dave was more likely the father? Did it represent what would happen or just what I wanted the future to be?

As I stopped shooting off and Jan ceased shuddering in my arms, she pulled her hand out from between us and used it to help pull herself off of me. She turned around to sit between my legs, facing her husband and my wife. I saw her hand sneak between her legs and come back coated in my seed. Abby looked on as Jan stuck those fingers in her mouth. When she had licked them clean, she asked Abby, “Just how hungry are you?”

“Oh, fuck,” Abby grunted. “It’s been years since I had one of your cream pies.”

Jan moved over and lay down with her ass between Dave’s feet and Abby lowered her torso to dip her face between Jan’s legs. Jan looked over at me and said, “Let me clean that cock off for you, big brother. If you can get hard again before Abby makes me cum, you can fuck my throat. Abby shouldn’t be the only one to swallow one of your loads.”

Jan tilted her head back as I approached her with my wet cock, beginning to deflate slightly. She sucked and licked our combined juices off of me, as I watched my wife’s tongue travel all over my sister’s labia and dive deep into her pussy in search of my cum. I couldn’t see Dave’s cock going in and out of Abby, but could hear the squish as Abby dropped her hips onto him and he drove his up into her.

I was momentarily amazed that all four of us were joined into our first group position, but was too mesmerized by what Jan was doing with her tongue to do anything but add my moans to everyone else’s. My shaft returned to stiffness in a couple of minutes and Jan reached her hands to my hips and pulled me forward. I let my knees spread further apart as Jan tipped her head back and swallowed the tip of my cock into her throat. I slid the rest of the way in until my pubic hair was pressing into her chin and my balls were against her face.

I began a slow rhythm of pushing into her mouth and throat, making sure she could grab a breath every few strokes, while she let her tongue work against my glans when I retreated. If I hadn’t just cum minutes before, I’m not sure I would have lasted very long. Her throat felt even tighter than her pussy, making me wonder whether Dave could even fit. After what I had said about insecurity, I wasn’t about to ask. I was sure I’d eventually witness it if we kept getting together for foursomes.

After about five minutes of being sucked and swallowed, the volume of grunting in front of me increased. It took a moment to figure out that it was mostly coming from Abby, the sound escaping around her tongue, which was flicking over Jan’s clit. Dave had shifted his knees around Abby’s torso, drew his feet in and rolled onto his knees behind his sister. He was thrusting like he was about to cum, although he hadn’t gotten much louder. Abby had a hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit, as she was pushing two fingers of her other hand into Jan.

Jan pushed me away and screamed, “Abby, right there, sweetie. Oh, fuck!!” Ten seconds later, Jan’s whole body bucked as she began to writhe against Abby’s mouth and fingers, equal to one of Abby’s strongest orgasms, although I had not experienced enough of Jan’s to know whether this was extreme for Jan or not. I wished it was me giving Jan that kind of orgasm, realizing that I still hadn’t gone down on her. That would need to change, hopefully soon.

As Abby lifted her head, she was the next to scream, “Fuck me, Dave! Harder!” Looking over at my brother-in-law, he grabbed Abby’s hips and pulled Abby back as he thrust forward, slapping their bodies together so hard that I worried they would bruise each other. A dozen of these thrusts and Abby screamed in orgasm as Dave grunted, clearly cumming himself.

I’d been stroking my own cock as I watched them intently and caught myself by surprise when I suddenly shot a stream of cum over Jan’s body before she grabbed it and sucked the head into her mouth again, getting the next four spurts.

When I was done shooting, Jan whirled around onto her knees and faced Abby, opening her mouth to show my load inside. Abby immediately kissed her and the two of them exchanged my cum back and forth for a minute before both swallowed.

Dave said, “Holy… I never thought I’d see that in real life. I feel like I’ve been teleported onto some porn set and keep waiting for a director to say, ‘Cut!'”

“I’ve never heard of an incest porno featuring two pairs of married siblings, though,” I said. “Probably too much plot and they usually pretend to be step-siblings, anyway.”

“Is that what you watch when I work late?” Abby asked.

“Sometimes,” I conceded. “Usually, I try to get chores done, so we can have some ‘us’ time when you get home. Only if everything’s done do I check some of the free clips. I’ll admit to watching some of the brother-sister clips and thinking about Jan.”

Jan blew a kiss my way and said, “Not sure if that’s sweet or a bit creepy.”

“What form did your fantasies about me take, then?” I asked.

She glanced over at Dave, then answered, “Sometimes when I have sex with Dave, I’ll imagine it’s you. Or if I masturbate, particularly when I’m traveling, I’m as likely to think about you as him. Sometimes, the thought of the two of you double-teaming me would get me really hot.”

The rumble we heard coming from Abby’s tummy reminded us that we needed to eat. Jan and Dave loaned us robes and the four of us headed to their kitchen to see what we could scrounge in terms of leftovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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