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“Click, Click, Click”

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Edited by ‘larryinseattle’ without whom these stories would never be as good.


Like most guys, I love the sight of a beautiful woman in high heels with a garter-belt and hose. And like most guys, I’ve seen more than enough of them on the Internet and in porno movies. And I’ve jacked-off to my share of fantasies about making love to one of these beautiful women, that is until several years ago when things changed. Now I can fulfill my fantasy as often as I want with one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known.

She is slightly older than I am and she loves to wear sexy lingerie and heels all the time. I can’t imagine seeing her without the accompanying ‘click, click, click’ of her heels. Now I’m not talking about 1-inch “flats” or a 2-inch pseudo heel I’m talking 3 and 4-inch heels all the time. It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing; jeans, a dress, a nightgown, or absolutely nothing at all she always wears heels. She wears them when she goes shopping, over to a friend’s house, around the house, or when she’s fucking my brains out. Yes, you read right ‘around the house’ or better yet I should say ‘around our house’ because she’s my step-mother or rather my ex-step-mother.

This whole thing started just after my 17th birthday. I had sensed that things weren’t going well between my parents for quite some time but never even considered how bad it was until one night when they had a fight and my mom said she’d had enough of my dad spending so much time at work.

Right away he started to defend himself by saying he was doing it for the sake of the family and that he wasn’t having an affair or anything like that, at which point she started to laugh.

She told him she knew he wasn’t having an affair because he was too committed to his job to take time off for such a thing. The simple fact was that she’d found someone else and she was the one having an affair. The man had asked her to move in with him and she wanted a divorce.

You may note that he asked ‘her’ to move in with him not ‘us’. So there I was, 17 years old and living with a father who was never home. It’s not like I minded or anything since he had never been around before the divorce but about a year and a half later things changed.

I was almost 19 and had just graduated from high school. I had decided to take a year off before leaving for college on a partial swimming scholarship and had absolutely nothing planned except to enjoy life. That was when Dad brought Constance home.

Constance, aka Connie, is 5-foot, 6-inches tall in stocking feet but as I said she’s always wearing heels so she’s actually closer to 5-foot, 9-inches. She was 25 years old when I met her and a research assistant at the company where my dad worked. Her hair was a soft auburn and her eyes were the color of a sweet milk-chocolate. Her skin was creamy-white with freckles, though they are hard to find now because of the ‘all-over tan’ that she’s acquired. And to make her even more of a young man’s ‘wet dream’, her measurements are 36D-27-38 (though I didn’t find that out until later) perfectly balanced on a pair of statuesque legs.

When dad brought her home for dinner that first night she was dressed in a form-fitting green dress that exposed more than enough of her cleavage to instantly give me a hard-on. She also wore coffee-colored hose and green heels to match the dress that clicked from the instant she got out of the car. I barely remember what we talked about as we sat around that table. In fact, the only thing I remember is fantasizing about what she was or wasn’t wearing under her dress. Needless to say, I excused myself as soon as we were done and spent the rest of the evening with my hand vigorously running up and down my swollen member.

The next morning I got up early, hopped in the shower and was just heading back to my room when she came out of my dad’s room. I had no idea she had spent the night but it was pretty obvious since all she was wearing was one of his white dress shirts, which was only being kept closed by the lower two buttons, and her heels.

“Good morning,” she said cheerfully as she stretched her arms above her head.

The very sight of her sent my hormones into a whirl as her breasts were pressed against the shirt, outlining her distended nipples. The shirt had climbed upwards until it scarcely covered her womanly treasures. At the same time. the heady aroma of her womanhood flooded my nostrils as I mumbled, “Morning.” As fate would have it, it was at that exact moment that my towel slipped loose and fell to the floor revealing my growing hard-on.

Instinctively, her eyes were drawn to it. “Nice,” she whispered as she unconsciously licked her lips.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it when a woman complements me and my ‘stuff’ but Connie was a ‘woman’ in every sense, not just a high school girl, and she had just spent the night with my dad. Embarrassed, I scooped up the towel and wrapped it around my waist as I spun and almost sprinted for my bedroom.

Phrases like, denizli seks hikayeleri “Perv, asshole, dipshit,” and others flooded my mind as I thought about what had just happened. That is, until I remembered what she’d done … or what she hadn’t done. She didn’t get upset or yell, she hadn’t even seemed embarrassed, instead she had complimented me. Instantly, my cock hardened again and I spent the next hour ‘jacking-off’ as my mind imagined me making love to her instead of my dad.

After that first dinner together, Connie became a routine fixture around the house until one evening dad announced that she was moving in and they were getting married. I swear you could have heard a pin drop, until I finally muttered, “Ok, whatever makes you happy.”

Dad’s face seemed to beam at my response, while Connie smiled an impish grin that revealed absolutely nothing at all.

The next Saturday morning the moving truck appeared and I spent most of the day helping haul boxes and furniture into the house. When everything was done, dad ordered pizza and we headed for the pool in the backyard.

Since I had been wearing shorts all day I instantly dove in and began to swim laps. Shortly afterwards I heard the distinct ‘click, click, click’ of Connie’s heels. When I looked up she was stretched out on a lounge chair wearing a deep blue bikini and, of course, matching heels. The very sight caused me to choke on some water.

“Are you ok?” my dad asked.

“Ya,” I replied but when I looked at Connie all I saw was that impish grin again.

Two weeks later they were married. Time flowed by as Connie settled in. Each day she and dad would drive to work together, leaving me a list of chores or favors to do. By 5 o’clock, one or both of them would be home and we’d have dinner, followed by ‘family time’ as we’d discuss the day’s events before heading our own ways for the rest of the evening. Yet, there were subtle changes taking place as well.

I’m not sure if my dad noticed it right away but as soon as they got home Connie began changing into ‘something more comfortable’ which usually meant something with less material. Tube-tops, ‘Daisy-dukes’, peasant tops, hip-huggers, all of them worn with a matching pair of heels and usually without a bra, or so I thought. It was during this same time that I saw her ‘impish grin’ more and more frequently.

By the end of the second month, I was honestly thinking of moving out. The combination of hearing their bedsprings squeaking several times a week along with her impish grin was driving me nuts. The fact that she had almost caught me checking out her lingerie drawer several days before may have also had a little to do with it too.

That night I went to bed early trying to figure out how to explain to my dad why I was planning on moving out. Several hours later I awoke to the sounds of squeaking bedsprings and the headboard knocking on the wall that separated my room from theirs but something was different.

The sound of her voice was muffled as if filtered through the wall “… don’t stop. Fuck me. Make me cum. I want to feel your cum filling my pussy. Harder … harder … no … not yet … just a little bit more … not yet … almost there …” Then I suddenly heard her cry out, “NNNNOOOOOO,” in anguish. Afterwards the springs stopped squeaking and the house went silent. After several moments I heard their muffled voices again and slipped from my bed. Tip-toeing down the hall, I listened.

“I’m sorry, baby. You just get me so turned on I couldn’t seem to hold back,” I heard my father almost pleading for forgiveness.

“I understand but it’s getting to be an every time event,” Connie retorted. “You get your rocks off and now I’m stuck here like this. I almost can’t remember the last time I had an orgasm.”

Shocked at what I was hearing, I started to head back to my room only to be betrayed by a creaky board in the floor.

“What was that?” I heard her whisper.

Once again, the bedsprings squeaked as I quickly scurried into my room, just making it as I heard their door open. In a whisper I heard my dad call my name but I didn’t reply.

Afterwards, I heard more muttering before everything went silent.

My dreams that night were even more intense and detailed then they had been in the past and when I woke up I found that I needed to change my bed sheets as well as get washed up. When I was done, I headed for the pool only to find Connie already there.

Approaching her from the rear, all I saw was the top of her head as I called out, “Hey. Don’t you have work today?”

“I called in sick,” she replied.

“Is everything ok?” I asked, not really paying attention. “No,” was all I heard as I dove into the water and began to swim my usual 25 laps.

When I was finished, I pulled myself up to the side of the pool only to see one of the most beautiful and alluring sights of my life. Connie was stretched out on the lounge chair but this time she was wearing a black sling swimsuit made entirely of mesh. To say it hid everything and nothing would be a good description. Instantly, my cock began to harden.

Glancing up, I once again saw her impish grin as she said, “Do you like what you see?”

“Aahhh … mmmm … ya, I mean, I guess so.”

Looking me straight in the eyes she replied, “I think you should come up here and join me. We need to talk … especially after last night.”

“Last night?” I answered, trying to act as if I didn’t know what had happened.

“YES, LAST NIGHT,” she repeated in a stern tone.

Reluctantly, I climbed from the pool glad that the cool water and the tone in her voice had helped to deflate my cock from its growing state. I grabbed a towel from the drying line and wrapped it around my waist before taking a seat on a lawn chair facing her. “Ok …?” I started.

“Listen, I know you were outside your dad’s and my bedroom door last night and that you obviously heard what was said.”

Acting the innocent I didn’t say a thing.

“I also know about you sneaking into the bedroom and going through my lingerie drawer as well as why you spend so much time in your bedroom and the bathroom!”

“Wha …? How …? I ahhhh …” I trailed off unsure of what to say.

“Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s hear the truth about last night. Were you or were you not outside the door?”


“Ahha. And did you or did you not hear what was being said?”

“Ya, I heard.”

“Good. Finally some honesty,” she said haughtily. “Then you know your father and I are having some problems in bed. Don’t get me wrong, he is a very considerate lover but he’s … well … he’s getting older and that means that there are certain things he’s not able to do or at least not as often as he used to. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Ya,” I said, though I wasn’t actually sure.

“Ok then,” she sighed in relief. “The problem is that I’m just coming into my peak of sexuality while your father has past his. He tries his best to please me and quite often he’s able to do it by … ummmm … other means,” she continued as she stuck her tongue out and acted as if she were licking something.

Blushing, I looked down at the ground while thinking, “TMI.”

“Last night was one of those nights when it wasn’t enough and, unfortunately, those nights are becoming more and more frequent.”

My mind spun as I tried to take it all in. “Ok, so my dad’s not able to totally satisfy her but what does that have to do with me?”

Everything went silent as she sat there apparently trying how to continue. “So … ummm … your dad and I … well … we talked and … ahhhh … I might be spending some time away to … ahhhh … take care of my needs.”

Shocked and angry I jumped from the chair. “So what you’re saying is that because my dad ‘can’t take care of your needs’ you’re going to be going out so you can cheat on him and get fucked!!”

“IT’S NOT CHEATING,” she retorted. “We talked about it and he agreed.”

“Ya, right!!” I fumed as I walked away from her and into the house.

Shortly afterwards, I heard the clicking of her heels as she entered the house, heading directly for my bedroom door where she stopped briefly, before going back into the living room.

Dinner that night was subdued, to say the least. The three of us sat there hardly saying a word until my dad brought up the topic we had all been avoiding.

“I understand you and Connie had a talk today.”

Surprised, I replied, “Ya,” before even realizing I had opened my mouth.

“I also understand you weren’t exactly thrilled by what you heard.”

“That would be the polite way of saying it,” I snarled as I looked at Connie.

“May I ask what you’re so upset about?”

Flaring, I answered, “She’s talking about cheating on you and letting some other guy fuck her. THAT’S what I’m upset about!!”

“Hmmmm, so what if there were another solution?”

“What?” a look of surprise filled our face’s as Connie and I asked in unison.

Sitting back he looked at both of us. “Let’s be perfectly honest here. Connie, you’ve been teasing Jim since the first time you met him. I’m not blind nor stupid. I’ve seen the way you dress or rather undress when you’re around him and I’ve seen the way you look at him when you think I won’t notice. You on the other hand, Jim, have spent so much time jacking-off in your bedroom I’m surprised you haven’t worn yourself out or broken a hole in the wall.”

Neither of us were sure what to say so we sat there silently until dad finished.

“Sooooo … the obvious choice is for the two of you to become lovers.”

“WHAT???” I yelled as I jumped up almost knocking the table over.

“You heard me,” he replied. “I think maybe the solution to this problem is right here in this house. Connie needs a lover. One capable of taking care of needs that I can no longer totally satisfy and you need … well … you need an outlet for the desires you’ve developed since Connie moved in.”

Connie slowly stood and looked as my father before saying, “This is ridiculous.” After which, she turned and left the room.

That night I heard them talking long into the night before finally falling asleep and when I got up the next morning the house was empty except for a note I found on the kitchen table.


Sorry if what I said last night shocked you. It’s simply that I’ve become more and more aware of my ‘limitations’ in the bed since Connie moved in. I guess your mom was right when she said I spent too many of my younger years at work. I was just being honest and looking for something that would work for all involved.



That evening dad didn’t come home, instead he called and left a message saying he had work to do on a project and would see Connie and I the next day.

As usual, Connie came home just after 5 and instantly got into ‘something more comfortable’ which tonight consisted of a loose-fitting white top, a cream-colored skirt, and, of course, flesh-colored hose with heels.

You could feel the tension in the room as we ate dinner and it wasn’t until we had finished that Connie started a conversation. “You know, your father’s right. I have been teasing you almost since the first time I met you.”

“Can I ask why?” I enquired trying to pretend indifference in her answer.

“That’s kind of a long story.”

“Then give me the short version.”

“It started when I was in high school. I was a ‘late bloomer’ as the saying goes. A lot of the other students teased me and I hated it. A boy who I had the biggest crush on was the worst. He was a swimmer just like you. Then during the summer between my sophomore and junior year I blossomed. My tits grew, my hips developed curves and I found that I loved to wear heels. The first day I returned to school you can only imagine how many of those same students just stared when I walked by. The same boy who just months before teased me now wanted to be my boyfriend. It made me realize just how much power a woman can have if she has the right assets.” She finished with a flourish of her hand over her body.

“It was the same with you when I first started seeing your dad. After the first night when you pretended not to notice or be interested in me, it became a contest. I enjoyed trying to catch you watching me. Then later on it became more of a challenge. I knew you understood what I was doing yet you still tried to hide it. That is when I started wearing less and less around the house. I figured if I couldn’t catch you watching me, at least I’d know you had been by your body’s reaction.”

“What reaction?” I asked trying to pretend I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“This,” she murmured as I suddenly felt her nylon-covered foot rub across my lap under the table.

For an instant I thought of pulling away but then I remembered how she had just said that she had felt this had become a challenge … a challenge I was going to do everything in my power not to lose. Gritting my teeth, I tried every trick I could think of to avoid responding to her touch … everything that is except leaving.

Unfortunately, there are times when no amount of will power overrides the body’s natural responses and I soon felt my cock begin to harden under her touch.

“Mmmmmm … that feels nice,” she crooned as she continued to rub across my lap. “I remember the first time I saw it … nice and long and thick,” she finished as I saw her shiver.

Surrendering to the needs and desires she had awoken, I stood and walked around the table to where she was sitting. “Care for a closer look?”

“Yessssss,” she sighed as she reached for my belt. Within seconds it was opened as were my pants which now lay pooled around my ankles.

The next thing I felt was her hand wrapped around my cock sliding up and down its length and the warm, wetness of her mouth as it engulfed it. Once in place, she released my cock and placed her hands on my ass cheeks using them to pull me forward, driving my cock into her mouth and throat. A sloppy, gurgling sound filled the room as her saliva coated my member and dripped down it.

Instinctively, I wrapped my hands in her hair as I pumped in and out of her. Several times she seemed to gag yet she never stopped. When she did finally pull away, she quickly replaced her mouth with her hand as she pleaded, “More … more cock … treat me like the slut you think I am.”

Pulling from her grasp, my cock now hard and pointing directly at her, I replied, “Do you remember what you said about being teased … how much you hated it but that in the end you won?”

Her only response was a glazed look in her eyes and a slight nod of her head.

“Stand up,” I commanded.

As she stood, I grabbed the front of her blouse and yanked it. Buttons flew everywhere as they gave way exposing her bra. My cock jerked at the sight. Unable to go without at least something to hold her massive breasts in place she wore a black, lace half-cup bra which revealed her nipples. Even more enticing was the sight of a blue rose tattoo on her right breast.

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