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Club Rendevous

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The neon sign lit the street in front of the doors and the pounding music crashed through them, a tidal wave of notes bombarding those waiting to enter. The night air caressed her face, the chill causing her to shiver slightly. She shook herself a bit; long black hair falling loosely over her shoulders. The line moved and she moved with it, surveying her look in her mind. Her trench coat, the one she had gotten from an Internet navy surplus store, draped about her ankles leaving her shiny, yet creased, wingtips showing. Her black linen pants clung loosely to her legs, caressing her calves and thighs. A thick satiny material clung to her breasts and stomach, robin egg blue to bring out the blue that lay dormant in her green eyes. It would have been almost indecent except for the black button up she wore over it, sleeves rolled loosely at her elbows.

Finally making it in she checked her coat, tucking the token in her front pocket. She moved directly to the bar and ordered an exorbitantly priced Kamikaze. It was after this shot she scanned her surroundings, slowly letting her eyes drift over the occupants of the bar. Her eyes stopped at the far left end of the bar where an impossible tall man stood, Budweiser in hand, watching the dancing. His dark features made him almost intimidating in the dimly lit room. She watched him as he watched the dancers, slowly sipping his beer. Motioning to the bartender, she ordered a Killians and slipped through the crowd to get a better viewing position.

Finding a table off to the side of him she sat down, kicking another chair out from the table for her feet. Sitting there she sipped her beer, and watched him. She half listened to the throbbing beat of the music, her fingers idly tangling in her hair. He barely moved, and she was sure that he wasn’t really watching the dancers at all, in fact to her it seemed that he wasn’t really watching anything. She shrugged and proceeded to thoroughly explore him and admire his aesthetic beauty. Dark jeans complimented a white shirt with a South Pole logo, and his sneakers, most likely name brand, were hidden under the slightly bagging hang of the pants. The one ear she could see was pierced, but the other one she wasn’t sure. He began to turn to the bartender and she calmly turned away like she hadn’t been staring, trying to devour him with her eyes. She scanned over the room, taking her time, and then turned slowly back to where he had been standing. He was gone! She sighed, sipped her beer, and turned her attention to the sensuous movement of the dancers under the colored lights.

“Do you mind if I sit?” a deep, silky, voice said softly, breath teasing her ear. She was so startled she almost choked on her beer. Coughing a bit, she swallowed hard and looked back. The object of her viewing pleasure was leaning negligently against the conveniently placed post behind her table.

“Not at all”, her words were slightly choked still.

“I didn’t think you would, not after the way you’ve been watching me since you sat down.” She looked at him, his dark gaze meeting hers, teasing her.

She blushed. “How’d you know?” she asked, her voice husky, canlı bahis sexy.

“Peripheral vision.” He smiled. She didn’t know what to say, he’d caught her and now the object of her perusal was sitting no more then three feet from her. So silent she looked him over yet again, admiring the austere fineness of his features, and noticing that his other ear was pierced as well. He stared right back, enjoying the mutual check out, taking in her full lips, cute nose, and green eyes slightly hidden behind sexy glasses. Slowly it happened, as she had known it would, his gaze drifted to her cleavage and the first signs of a smile appeared.

“I’m Rachel,” she said, drawing his attention back to her face, “I see you’ve already met the twins.” She raised an eyebrow and smiled sardonically at him. He laughed then, not an annoyed laugh or grunt, but a truly amused laugh. She dropped any sign of being pissed, and smiled openly, his laughter making her feel more flirtatious. When he stopped laughing he was still smiling, a slightly mischievous grin that seemed to light up his face.

“Troy,” he said, sipping his beer. They slipped back into silence, watching the play of the strobe lights on the dance floor. Moments later a song that she couldn’t bear to sit still to began to play. The beat intoxicated her, bringing her to her feet. Omarion’s “Touch” pounded through the speakers, and without even asking if he wanted to dance, she moved to the dance floor. In a relatively empty spot she caught the beat, riding it with her body. She moved sinuously with the music, caressing each note with her movements. She closed her eyes, aware, without seeing, of her surroundings. The song changed, the beat flowed, and the music burned in her blood. Smiling brightly she continued to dance with exuberance, song after song until the sweat soaked her hair. Out of breath she returned to her table to find a fresh beer. She sipped it slowly, savoring it, thanking him with her eyes.

“I would have joined you but I only do reggae.” His voice slid across her skin like silk.

“It’s alright, you just would’ve held me down anyways.” She winked at him and held the cool bottle against the front of her chest, letting the condensation cool her skin.

Their eyes met across the table, his intense gaze searing her skin. It followed the trail of condensation to where it disappeared deep in the valley of her breasts.

“I’ll hold you down, ” he murmured, “but I may never let you back up again.”

She didn’t hear him, her body still throbbing from the music. She watched the lights dance on the floor and her mind danced with them. Raising her drink to her lips, she glanced at Troy, smiling slightly as she took another drink. Her eyes glowed when she looked at him, looking like emeralds in the dim light, the silvery eye shadow she wore brightening them. His eyes wandered over her body, admiring her frankly, just as she had him. Setting down her beer she moved a bit closer, her fingers trailing casually over the back of his hand, waiting for his reaction. He turned his palm up, and she let her fingers draw a lazy circle in his palm before leaning bahis siteleri forward and placing a gentle kiss on his wrist. Looking up at him, his eyes darkened with desire, she almost shivered. He was so large, so incredibly gorgeous, and if she was right he wanted her at least half as much as she wanted him.

“Are you seeing anyone?” she asked, her voice slightly hesitant, not wanting to break the spell that seemed to be weaving around them.

“No, are you?” he asked.

“Yes, but he knows about things like this. It’s my night out, when I’m out, I’m free to play.”

He looked at her now, appraising her, wondering if maybe he should stay away. A woman like her, if she was as promiscuous as she sounded, could have something he didn’t need.

“Don’t worry,” she said, as if reading his mind, “Although I’ve had the option I haven’t wanted to use it, till now” she looked up at him, her eyes betraying a slight vulnerability that was otherwise masked by her confident approach.

He smiled then, and stood, offering his hand. Taking it, she stood, and smoothed her pants. He led her to the exit, and stepping outside with him, she shivered and realized she’d left her coat.

“I need my coat,” she said softly, looking up at him. “Would you mind waiting for just a moment?”

“No, ” he said, shaking a cigarette out of pack and lighting it. “Go get it.”

She ducked back inside to the coat check, and turned in her token. She wrapped her coat around her and walked back outside, ready to go.

He looked at her, and took a long drag of his cigarette. “Set?”

“Yeh, I’m set.”

Walking side by side, he adjusted his stride so it fit hers as best he could manage. God she was short, short and curvy, just how he liked them. She seemed content to follow wherever he led and so he led her to the park. They walked down the pathway and he finished his cigarette, dropping it as they walked on. A small clump of trees stood just off to the side and that was where he led her.

“Here?” she whispered, her voice breathy in the silence. Without a word he pulled her towards him, bending to kiss her. He backed her up against a tree, his hand slipping inside her coat to cup her breast. She undid the tie of the coat and let it fall to the side, her hands sliding up under his shirt, settling against warm skin. Her short nails dragged along his skin, his tongue slipping between her lips, tangling with her own to explore her. He tasted like beer and cigarettes, his complete maleness driving her to almost madness. She kissed him boldly, letting her hands drop to his hips, her fingers dipping into his waistband as she pressed herself closer to him. His lips slid from hers down to her neck, softly caressing the sensitive skin there. The contrast of his warm lips and the cold wind was a complete turn on and she moaned. His hand had undone the buttons of her shirt while she was otherwise occupied and now his hand slipped inside her shirt, covering her breast. His thumb brushed over her nipple, lightly at first and then harder, his lips wandering her neck, his breath hot on her skin.

Her fingers fumbled slightly with bahis şirketleri the button on his pants and then getting it slid the zipper down, her hands finding their way inside his clothes. She caressed him through the cloth of his underwear, her fingers tracing the line of his hardening cock. His hand stilled on her breast, his breath shortening a bit as she explored the long length of him. His teeth bit sharply into her neck and she slipped her hand inside the waistband of his underwear, pushing them down, and freeing him from the confines of clothing. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked him slowly from base to tip. His lips brushed along her collarbone and then his lips were covering her nipple, his tongue teasing it to hardness. She stroked him quickly, and squeezed lightly. He batted her hand away and backed her up hard into the tree. His fingers on the tie of her pants, he pulled and they fell away revealing a black satin thong. His fingers traced the outline of her pussy, pushing the flimsy panties out of the way; he thrust a finger up into her, his eyes watching her face. Her head rolled back and she closed her eyes as his thumb caressed her clit. She reached blindly forward fingers brushing lightly over him, but he pulled away, not letting him touch her.

His lips hovered near her ear. “You like that don’t you, yeh I know you do. Little slut.” She moaned louder at his words, her body arching to meet his hand, her pussy clenching around his exploring fingers. His teeth bit into her ear, almost hurting her and she moaned again. Her fingers digging into his shoulders, she turned her head, lips blindly seeking his. He pressed his lips to hers, taking her mouth forcefully as she moaned, cumming hard against his fingers. He pushed back from her, and pressed on her shoulders, dropping her to her knees. She pressed her lips to his cock, her tongue darting across the tip before wrapping her hand around it and beginning to suck him. Her tongue swirled up and down the length of him, and she took as much of him as she could, gagging around him. Her fingers stroked him in rhythm with her mouth and his fingers buried deep in her hair, holding her lightly to him. She sucked a bit faster now, taking less but moving quickly, her tongue moving erratically over him, pressing the head of his cock on every upstroke. He let her go a little longer and then pushed her away, she fell back, watching him.

“Take them off.” His voice was low, thrumming with pleasure. She slid her pants off and left the panties. “I want you on your knees.” She obeyed wordlessly, position herself so he could slip in to her from behind. She felt his fingers again, dipping into her and then he was there. Thick, hard, and hot he slipped into her, stretching her. “God you’re tight,” he muttered, pulling back and thrusting in harder, deeper. Soon a steady motion was established and he reached around her, rubbing her clit. She cried out, her pussy clenching around his cock. She heard him moan a little, and then she cried out again, when he slapped her ass. Soon the air was filled with soft moans, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Finally with a long moan she felt him spasm inside her, and he was still. Pulling out, he fixed his clothes and waited for her to do the same. Dressing quickly she ran a hand through tousled hair and tied her coat.

“My place or yours?” she asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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