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C’mon, Let’s Spice It Up Ch. 06

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Over the past few weeks, ever since I discovered that my wife Tina was indulging in erotic fantasies and self gratification, our marriage seemed to have taken an exciting new twist and turned into a sexual roller-coaster ride.

Our latest escapade, which had been intricately planned and arranged by Tina, got us embroiled in a pleasurable experiment replete with illicit fantasies and elaborate role play. And, as a fringe benefit, my wife even took advantage of an unexpected opportunity to get physically familiar with a total stranger – a young stud by the name of Paul – on the dance floor.

Now, one week after the latest adventure, Tina and I had shared our thoughts and feelings about her encounter with Paul, and she had expressed tremendous excitement about the prospect of her making out with him.

As we made our way up the stairs, I asked Tina how she felt about her upcoming meeting with her latest dream guy.

“I can’t wait to be taken by him,” she confessed, talking very slowly, “It’s been building up, and now it’s become unbearable. I want it even more badly now, darling, knowing that I have your full support.”

When we reached the landing at the top of the staircase, we stood facing each other for a while. Tina looked beautiful, and she looked so innocent and helpless, like a sacrificial lamb resigned to its fate.

“You’re going to be a whore for a nineteen-year old kid,” I taunted her, as I took hold of her long teeshirt by its hem and pulled it up and off over her head. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. “You’re going to be his naked whore.”

Tina was startled at being unexpectedly disrobed and instinctively moved one hand down to cover her naked crotch, while her other hand tried to cover her breasts.

“Skip your little act of modesty. It’s a little too late for that. Your young friend is going to have every part of you. No point trying to hide anything now. Just wait here while I check to see if he’s ready.”

I headed for our bedroom door, bringing her teeshirt along, leaving her standing stark naked in the corridor.

Once inside the room, I opened my briefcase and took out the extra large dildo that I had picked up from the neighborhood sex shop. It felt very fleshy to the touch, just like the real thing. I placed the dildo on the bedside table. Then I took a soft scarf from the wardrobe drawer and brought it along with me.

As I walked out through the door, I turned to look back into the room and said, “Relax, dude, she’s going to be all your’s. I want you to give it to her real good.”

My wife stood faithfully exactly where I had left her. She was still trying to act coy, her hands placed over strategic areas to safeguard her modesty. But she looked somewhat puzzled about what was going on.

“I’m feeling nervous,” she said as I approached her, “He’s so young and full of lust. I hope he doesn’t hurt me.”

“Don’t worry,” I reassured her, “You should be able to handle him.”

“What’s that for?” she asked, looking at me folding the scarf into a narrow band.

“A blindfold. To cover your eyes. I want you to enjoy all that your young lover has to offer, but I don’t want you to see him. It will be purely physical sex.”

“Oh?” she murmured, turning around to let me tie the scarf over her eyes.

“Feels comfortable?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” she responded, as I took her hand and led her towards the room.

Entering the bedroom, I helped Tina get to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed, looking quite lost.

“Okay darling, I’ll leave you now with your lover. He’ll take care of you,” I said to Tina, gently rubbing her on her shoulder, “I’ll be downstairs catching up on some reading.”

Then, after a little pause, with my hand still resting reassuringly on her shoulder, I said, “Okay, dude, she’s all yours. antalya escort She’s my wife, but now she’s gonna be your woman. And while she’s yours, give her all you have.”

I took my hand off her shoulder and went to the door. As I slammed it shut, I heard my wife exclaim, “Oh my god … “

I walked slowly back towards the bed. Along the way I picked up the dildo from the bedside table.

“Paul?” she whispered, “Is that you, Paul?”

“Yes,” I answered, very softly.

“Has my husband left the room, Paul?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

I sat down beside her on the edge of the bed, placing the dildo just next to me on the bed.

“Paul,” she whispered, “You know how much I’ve been thinking of you? You know how much I’ve been longing and yearning for you?”

I stretched my hand out to take her hand in mine and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Oh, Paul,” she said, turning towards me, “Put your arm around me, Paul. Put your arm around my naked body. Hold me, Paul. I want you to hold me.”

Still holding her hand in mine, I wrapped my other arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me.

“It feels so nice, Paul,” Tina whispered, “It feels so nice to be in your arms. I really missed you, Paul. I really wanted to be yours that night. Kiss me, Paul, kiss me on my lips. I know you wanted to kiss me that night. I’m sorry I didn’t let you. Kiss me now, Paul. My lips are all yours.”

I brought my lips to meet hers, and she received them passionately. We kissed long, and we kissed deep, I probed the sweet recesses of her mouth with my tongue, and she let her tongue wrestle with mine.

“Oh, Paul,” she murmured, as my lips finally parted from hers, “I love your young lips. You kiss so well.”

Now Tina let her arm creep over my shoulder and around the back of my neck. My own arm tightened its hold around her slender waist. I felt very excited playing out this fantasy of my wife’s encounter with her young friend. My crotch was already beginning to ache from the strong erection that was gripping me.

Tina let one hand wander to the bulge in my pants. She gave my cock a little squeeze through the material of my pants.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, “You are already so big and hard. This is the same monster that was pressing against my tummy that night. Why don’t you take off your clothes, Paul? I want you to be naked like me.”

It didn’t take me long to get out of my clothes. Then I picked up the large dildo and held it in front of my lower abdomen.

Now Tina’s hands began to explore my body, feeling my naked chest and abdomen. As her hand moved lower down, I let her get hold of the dildo. She was startled by the very size of it.

“Paul!” she exclaimed, “You are so huge! You’re so much bigger than my husband!”

Tina bent forward to take the dildo in her mouth. I thought that she would choke when she shoved a substantial amount of the dummy male flesh into the depths of her oral cavity. Then, withdrawing it from her mouth, she began to lick the head and then the shaft right down to the balls.

“Fuck me in my mouth, Paul,” she begged, as she lay back on the bed, “Fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

I got onto the bed, straddling her chest. She brought her hands up to hold me at my hips. I grabbed the dildo from her, brought it to her mouth and let it probe between her closed lips.

“Open your mouth, honey,” I ordered, “Let me fill your mouth with my cock. Let me give you a good fuck in your mouth.”

As soon as her lips parted, I shoved the rubber cock into her mouth. She gasped at the suddenness of the intrusion.

“Let me show you what a real cock is,” I said, as I moved the shaft back and forth, in and out of her wide-open mouth. I was surprise by the amount she could take in her mouth. Only once did she alanya escort gag slightly when I pushed the tool a little too deep into her throat.

After a while I handed the dildo to Tina to let her play with it at her own pace. In the meantime I shifted my attention to her breasts, giving them a good massage before taking them with my mouth.

“Suck them, baby,” I heard her say, “Suck all the milk out of them. They are all yours, baby.”

I worked on her breasts one by one – sucking, kissing, licking, nibbling and biting – till Tina was in a state of ecstasy. She winced and screamed in pleasure and pain as I gave her boobs all I could.

“I’m not going to let you off so easy today,” I told her, as I took the dildo back from her and placed it between her milk bags, “I want you to give my cock a good massage with your lovely boobs.”

Tina placed her palms on the sides of her breasts and pressed them together, squeezing the artificial cock between them. Then she began to knead her breasts vigorously while maintaining pressure on the dildo. I moved the dildo rhythmically back and forth along its axis.

“How does it feel, Paul?” she asked, “How does it feel to have your cock roasted between my boobs?”

“It feels real good, darling,” I said, “But I don’t want a repeat embarrassment of that night. I want to deposit my sperm in the right place and at the right time.”

Then Tina took hold of the toy and began to rub it over her breasts, and I decided that it was time for me to move down south. I brought my lips down onto the upper part of Tina’s tummy and traced a trail of kisses down to and around her belly button. Then I moved my lips further down to the area just above her tuft of pubic hair.

As I kissed and licked her smooth abdomen, I began to stroke the inner side of her white thighs. Tina shivered in excitement when my hand found her very wet pussy. Two of my fingers separated her pussy lips and slipped into her well-lubricated vagina.

“You are really wet, aren’t you?” I commented.

“You are the one who’s making me wet,” she retorted, “You really know how to touch a woman. And I thought I would have to teach you. Where did you learn how to play such games?”

“Oh, I have a sister, two years older – sometimes we just play around with each other, that’s all. She’s quite experienced in this game.”

Now I took the toy cock from Tina. I looked at it briefly. It was really big and I wondered if it would fit in her vagina.

“You want my big cock inside your pussy?” I asked.

“Oh Paul, please…” she murmured, “My pussy is longing for your cock.”

To emphasize her point, Tina spread her legs even wider apart in total surrender. I aligned the head of the rubber dick to the opening between her sex lips and applied a little pressure. I didn’t want to hurt her. As the head sank into her opening, her tissues stretch tightly around the toy.

“Slowly, Paul, slowly, please … you are so big … give it to me, Paul … give it to me all the way … I want it all the way in … fuck me with your big young cock … I want your big strong cock deep inside me …”

As the tool slipped further in, Tina arched her back and shook her head from side to side. I was afraid that she might be in pain, but she did not seem to resist the huge penetration. Once the full length of the shaft was embedded inside her, I moved up to give her a deep loving kiss on her lips.

“You told me that you were a virgin,” I teased her, as my lips parted from hers, “What kind of virgin would have a husband and two kids?”

“What I meant was that I was a virgin outside my marriage. I’ve never had any cock inside me other than my husband’s. Anyway, with your huge cock it was like getting it for the first time.”

As we spoke I caught hold of the belek escort dildo and began to bang it in and out of her cunt. Her tight pussy gripped the shaft well, but the excellent lubrication facilitated smooth piston-like movement.

As the intermittent pumping action picked up pace, Tina began to squirm and writhe uncontrollably. She gave an occasional scream of unbridled pleasure.

“Don’t stop now, Paul,” she begged, “Don’t stop fucking me with that big cock of yours. Fuck me, darling … fuck me, baby … fuck my brains out … I’m all yours …”

My own cock was throbbing on the verge of bursting. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold back my juices.

“I’m cummmmmming!” my wife suddenly screamed, and she went into an orgasmic spasm. I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and in a split moment I was between her legs. I plunged my stiff member into her gaping cunt and, with Tina in the throes of a violent climax, I only had to give a few strong thrusts with my pelvis before I shot my full load into her depths.

It took quite a while for the tremors gripping Tina’s body to settle down, leaving her lying exhausted under me. I clamped my mouth over hers in a kiss that went on and on. She just lay there with lips parted, passively receiving all the love from my mouth.

“That was simply great,” she whispered, as I slid off her body to lie beside her, “You are so big … you are huge … and you poured out so much of sperm into me … no wonder you drenched my dress on the dance floor that night …”

“I’m only nineteen,” I told her, “My balls are still loaded with plenty of young sperm. My sister jacks me off sometimes, and she says that she’s never seen another guy let out so much sperm.”

“You mean your sister sleeps around with more than one guy?”

“I told you she’s quite experienced, didn’t I? She’s got one steady boyfriend, but she’s got quite a few admirers, and she’s quite sporting in the game of sex.”

“I still cannot forget the first time you touched my bottom on the dance floor. I wanted you to move your hands even lower. I wanted you to touch me in all my intimate spots.”

“I got so excited looking at you that night. I tried to imagine you without any clothes on. I never thought that I would see you naked. And I never thought that I would get a chance to give you a fuck. I just couldn’t control myself anymore when you suggested that you would like to give me a blow job.”

“How did my husband get to contact you?”

“He went to the washroom, right? I was still there trying to recover from my traumatic experience.”

It was quite a while before I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Tina just lay sprawled naked on the bed while I put on my clothes. She looked simply irresistible and, still blindfolded, she looked very vulnerable.

“Okay, darling, ” I said, as I put the dildo away into one of the side drawers, “I’ll have to go now. Let’s hope we’ll get another chance to be together again soon.”

I took Tina by her hand and helped her off the bed. Then I led her out of the bedroom, still naked and blindfolded, and took her downstairs to the living room..

“Here’s your lovely wife, Tom,” I announced, as I helped her settle onto the sofa, “You are a very lucky man to have her as your wife.”

I bent down to give Tina a gentle kiss on her lips. “Bye, darling,” I said to her, “Take care and don’t forget, I love you very much.”

Then I marched to the front door, opened it, and slammed it shut again before making my way back to Tina. I undid the knot at the back of her head and took off her blindfold.

“Hi,” I greeted her, “You’re looking great.”

Tina gave a broad smile. She looked a little dazed after being blindfolded for so long.

“I’m feeling great,” she said, taking my hand and pulling me down onto the sofa. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and gave me an incredibly passionate kiss on my lips. I was left gasping for breath as she kept grinding her mouth against mine in appreciation of my role in her sexually rejuvenating experience.

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